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Fishing Sim World Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Dennis

Fishing Sim World, released in 2018 pits your fishing skills against over 100 of the best anglers on the planet and you battle to capture fish across a range of disciplines. The game also has a multiplayer online option so you can take on your friends too.

We have some great tips on how to catch bass and a neat trophy guide which will help you out with a number of trophies in Fishing Sim World.

More Fishing Sim World Cheats and Tips

We have 2 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for Fishing Sim World please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our Fishing Sim World Questions & Answers page.

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Trophy Guide

Easy Fish Catch Trophy
This trophy is obtained when you have caught your first fish. This is a simple trophy to get and can be done on any water with any species. Just cast out your float/lure/carp rod and hook and land one fish.
Easy Fully Hooked Trophy
You get this trophy when you have caught 250 fish in total. You can catch 250 fish, of any species in any lake/canal and DLC fish count towards this total. If you have the Talon Fisheries DLC you will be able to grind this trophy quickly. If you do not have the DLC the best place to fish is Grand Union canal.
Easy Up And Comer Trophy
This trophy is earned by catching 50 fish weighing over 25lbs. The fish you catch can be any species and DLC fish are included. Carp fishing on Gigantica is a good place to attempt this trophy as most carp there break the 25lb barrier. If you use a 4-8 hook, with 15/20mm boilies you will catch plenty of carp at a decent rate.
Easy Down And Outer Trophy
You get this trophy when you have lost a total of 25 fish. It is a simple trophy to get and can be done by hooking a fish and then losing it 25 times. You can lose fish by having too much line tension, or letting them run free for too long. It's easier to lose a hooked fish if you 'poor strike' them on catch. Bass fishing or Predator fishing is the easiest way to get this trophy. You will however get this trophy naturally through the course of the game.
Fishing Sim World Trophy Guide

Easy Catching Carp Trophy
You will get this trophy when you have caught a total of 200 Carp. You just need to catch a total of 200 carp of any species and can include DLC. The species of carp you can catch include Common, Leather, Mirror, Koi, Ghost, and Siamese and the fastest place to catch them if you have the DLC is Talon Fisheries in the Koi lake. If you do not have the DLC then Grand Union canal.
Easy Competitive Edge Trophy
This trophy is obtained by catching 25 fish in one multiplayer session. The easiest way to get it is to select multiplayer from the menu where you can either join a session or create your own. Once you have caught 25 fish in that session you will get the trophy. If you join a session that is in progress you may not have enough time to complete the requirement for the trophy so unless you plan to fish in a lot of multiplayer sessions you are probably better off doing this in your own hosted session.
Easy Boast And Gloat Trophy
To get this trophy you must win 25 multiplayer sessions. This can be easily done by going to multiplayer in the menu and opting to fish with friends in 4-player multiplayer. Set the time to 10 minutes which is the shortest amount of time you can play for. If you now just play that 25 times catching at least one fish each time the trophy will unlock.
Easy The Prospector Trophy
You will get this trophy when you have earned 10 single-player gold medals in the offline tournament section (they do not have to be unique tournaments which makes it easier). Any of the base entry tournaments you will be able to get gold without trying. The easiest tournaments if you have the DLC are the Lough Kerr and Talon Fishery ones.

Catching Bass Tips

In order to catch this predatory fish in Fishing Sim World you need to ensure you are fishing effectively. Our tips below will make sure that this is the case.
Catching Bass Tips

Watch the Water Surface or use your Boat's Sonar
If you are fishing from the shoreline you need to keep a close eye on the surface of the water, you are looking for splashes and ripples to indicate that there are fish in that location.
If you are in your boat going along the lake you can use the sonar it is equipped with to help you locate fish. The sonar is under the middle of your boat and is a piece of equipment that gives you information on the current depth of the water and whenever you pass over a fish their icon will appear on screen.
The Weather
When fishing for bass you need to take into consideration the weather as the light levels play a big part in what lures will be the most effective. If the sun is shinning and it is a bright day the clear skies will favour the shiny or metallic coloured lures such as the Rat L Trap Chrome Blue Black. If on the other hand it is a cloudy overcast day you will have more success using lures that are brighter colours such as the Rat L Trap Red Crawfish.
The Depth
An important factor when fishing for bass is ensuring you are fishing at the right depth. The lures in Fishing Sim World operate at different depths of the water and it is important that you select the correct lure based on what fish are appearing on your sonar. You need to make sure the lure you using reaches the depth of the fish you are trying to catch.
Use the Correct Retrieval
Remember that lures have different retrieval methods associated with them and you need to use one of them to ensure the lure is attractive as possible to the fish. You can see what the different retrieval methods are for a lure along with an expanation when you select them.
Work the Area
Once you have found the fish you need to work the area of water your boat covers. If the fish have moved off slightly from the location your sonar initially indicated you need to track them down by starting off by casting to the left of your boat then keep recasting, slowly moving more and more right across the water until you find them again.

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