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Dying Light Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Dying Light

Dying Light Walkthrough Guide

We have 13 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for Dying Light please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox One

You can also ask your question on our Dying Light Questions & Answers page.

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Legendary Blueprints

Check out the video below to find out how and where to get ALL the Legendary Blueprints.

0:10 - Night Hunter Booster

Voice Mail Locations

There are 16 Voice Mail Recordings in total, the following videw will show you the location of each of them. The Voice Mail Recordings are one of the text collectables that are required for the 'It's All in the Writing' Achievement. You can view your progress at your inventory by pressing X.

Note Locations

In total there are 34 Notes to collect, when you have them ALL you will get the 'It's All in the Writing' Achievement. The 34 notes are text collectables and comprise of 17 Journals and 16 Voice Mails. The Flags and Statues are not required. The video below will show you the location of each note.

Upgrading Weapons

There are two ways you can upgrade weapons, either through upgrade slots or blueprints. The upgrade mods will increase the following stats.
Handling (Level 1).
Damage (Level 2), Durability (Level 2).
Damage (Level 1), Handling (Level 1).
Damage (Level 2), Handling (Level 2).
Damage (Level 2), Handling (Level 1).
Damage (Level 2), Durability (Level 1).
All Weapon Stats (Level 1).
All Weapon Stats (Level 2).
Durability (Level 1), Handling (Level 1).

Weapon Rarity

Look at the colours of weapons as this indicates their rarity.
Most common weapons.
Weapons with improved stats.
Uncommon weapons with higher stats.
Most uncommon weapons with even higher stats.
Best weapons.

Fast Travel

The ability to fast travel between the Slums and Old town will become available once you have completed the story. Just go to your bedroom in the tower and interact with the poster on the wall. The fast travel is marked on your world map when you zoom in.

Item Duplication

To perform the following trick which enables you to duplicate items (except firearms) you must have the ability to throw weapons. Select the weapon you want to duplicate and equip it, then throw it and while the weapon is in midair go into your inventory and drop the weapon thrown. You will now notice that there are two copies of the weapon, the one you just threw and one at your feet.

Quarantine Zone Locations

In total there are 8 Quarantine Zones, when you complete them ALL you will get the 'Trespassing' Achievement. Quarantine Zones will not show up on your map unless you get close to them. 5 of them are in the Slums and 3 in the Old Town. Before attempting to clear the Quarantine zones it is advised that you have good weapons as they are overrun by hordes of zombies. The easiest way to get the 'Trespassing' Achievement is to play in Co-Op mode.

Hidden Poster Locations

There are a total of 9 posters hidden around Old Town which when found will start a challenge that must be completed within a time limit. If you are successful you will be rewarded with 10,000 Survivor XP. Bozak will appear on your map when you have completed ALL the
Poster challenges. Travel there to obtain the Exploding Throwing Stars blueprint, and kill the madman before escaping. The video below will show you the location of the posters.

Easter Eggs

The video below is a montage of ALL the Easter Eggs that can be found in the game.

Crafting Ingredient Locations

Use Night Sense to detect crafting ingredients in the following locations. Some crafting ingredients, such as Common Plants and Algae will appear on the map.
Cabinets, kitchen areas.
Duct Tape:
Toolkits, workshops.
Toolkits, locked containers.
Medicine cabinets.
Home Supplies:
Dressers, cabinets.
Metal Parts:
Trash cans, dismantled items.
Warehouses, supply rooms, dressers.
Toolkits, containers.
Power Cable:
Industrial areas, war..

Stomp Ability Exploit

Not really so much of a cheat, more of an exploit.
Once you unlock Stomp at Power level 9, you can kill enemies by stomping on their heads. However, the game does not require the enemy to be laying down on the ground to do so.
Because of this, you can stand on a vehicle and continuously stomp on the heads of the enemies. This is especially useful on the far East corner of the map, on the bridge. Combined with the Kill Frenzy perk at level 11 this is a very effective exploit to to gain Power XP, especially at night.

Duplicate any melee weapon

So, I'm a huge Dying Light fan, and I would like to share a cheat with you, and the. Ask a question (PS4)

So, the cheat can duplicate any melee weapon, first you need the melee throw skill. So after you've done that, throw any melee weapon then drop it On my way! Hike it's in the air and you'll see two of it. Easy, right? Sure, just make sure you can reach it and that you won't get attacked grabbing it.

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