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Duck Dynasty Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Duck Dynasty

Last Updated: by Dennis

Playing as Willie's son, John Luke from the hit TV Show of the same name as he becomes a Robertson Duckman. We've got some Duck Dynasty cheats below included one to get an interesting bearded ATV and some trophy tips to help you along with those important unlocks.

More Duck Dynasty Cheats and Tips

We have 3 cheats and tips on PS4.If you have any cheats or tips for Duck Dynasty please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3

You can also ask your question on our Duck Dynasty Questions & Answers page.

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How to get Bearded ATV

Go to the Main Menu, then select extras > extra content.
Then enter the cheat code:
This will unlock the Bearded ATV.

Easy Trophies

Easy Hoarder Trophy
To get the Hoarder Trophy in Duck Dynasty you must unlock all the rewards in the Story mode. This consists of:
- 50 Frogs
- 19 Signs
- 7 Treasures
Hoarder Trophy Map

- Frogs
Whenever you are near frogs the game will notify you and prompt you to look at them. Pick up the frogs whenever you get the chance to wittle down the 50 you need to collect. Frogs tend to hide out around docks and when you find them you need to pick up as many as you can in the few seconds you are given before they disappear into the water. Frogs infinitly respwan at set points, this happens when you either back out of the game to the main menu, and back into the story, or by completing missions.
- Signs
You will be able to pick signs up naturally by simply driving around and completing the story, whenever you get near to one the game will notify you. Take a look at the map above if you are think you may have missed any.
- Treasures
Unlike the frog and sign collectibles treasures do not appear on the map and you will not be notified when you get near them. The only way you can find these is to search aimlessly until the game prompts you to pull out your metal detector. You can see the location of each of the Treasures on the map above.
Easy T Minus 15 Trophy
To collect the T Minus 15 trophy you need to find one of Si's treasures in less than 15 seconds. The following trick will show you how you can easily do this. When you find one of the treasures (see Easy Hoader Trophy map for exact locations) do not pick it up, instead back up from the spot until you can remove your metal detector. Now go to where the treasure is and press X to pull out your metal detector again, then pick up the treasure. This trick will work on all 7 of the hidden treasures.
Easy On Tune Trophy
You will be given many opportunities to get the Easy On Tune trophy in Duck Dynasty. Cousin Beaux will teach it to you on the 2nd or 3rd duck hunting mission and to get the trophy you simply have to hit all the buttons correctly so you do not miss any note of a Hall call. If you miss the notes then restart the checkpoint.
Easy No One Left To Tell The Tale Trophy
To get the No One Left To Tell The Tale trophy you need to shoot down all the ducks from a flock. You will be able to pick this trophy up in the beginning of the when you you head to your first duck hunt. All you basically need to do is use your feeder and once they are close to your blind, use your shotgun. Follow the steps below:
Call the flock of 5 or 6 ducks in:
1) Pull the LT to auto aim
2) RT to fire
3) Release the LT
Keep repeating until you have downed the flock, this is easy to do as you can't miss. Just remember to release LT after each shot.
Easy Can’t Touch This... Boat Trophy
This is not the easiest trophy to pick up in Duck Dynasty so you may want to save it until last. To get the Can't Touch This... Boat trophy you need to win a race without bumping into another opponent. We found the easiest course to attempt this trophy on is probably Redneck Regatta.
Make sure that at the start of the race you stay behind the AIs until the first turn, the reason being is that they will all crash into each other and you don't want to be anywhere near them when this happens. After making the first turn, head straight to the wooden ramps in the m..

Duck Dynasty Trophy Tips

Duck Dynasty is based on the TV show of the same name, you take on the role of Willie's son John Luke as he learns how to become one of the Robertson Duckmen. There are 34 trophies in total to earn in Duck Dynasty, below are some tips on how to get some of them.
Duck Dynasty Gameplay

True Duckman Trophy
This is a story related trophy that cannot be missed. There are five duck species within the game and playing through the duck blind quests in the story and shooting each of them will net you this trophy. The ducks in question are Wood Duck, Mallard, Pintail, Green Wing Teal, and Widgeon.
Wrong Way! Trophy
To get this trophy you need to win a race while crossing the finish line driving backwards. As long as you are far enough ahead of the pack you should be able to pull off a 180 and then hold the left trigger on your controller to go into reverse and cross over the finish line. You need to perform this manoeuvre on the second lap just before you pass the finish line.
Bragging Rights Trophy
To get this trophy you need to catch a fish over 8 lbs without reeling out. You can easily do this during the 4th fishing mission by holding down R2 on your controller without releasing it and then using the right stick to control the sway.
Record Setter Trophy
To get this trophy you just need to improve your high score in one blind in Galleries. An easy way to accomplish this is to purposely do badly on your first round, then replay that level to improve your score.
They All Sink Trophy
This trophy is obtained by fishing all the species of fish. There are reports that this trophy is potentially glitched, if you encounter a problem you will have to do another playthrough, but make sure to delete your backup save first. The fish in question are indicated on the map by a hook symbol and are:
- White Crappie:
Fishing Mission 1
- Smallmouth Bass:
Fishing Mission 1
- Bluegill Sunfish:
Fishing Mission 1
- Largemouth Bass:
Fishing Mission 2
- White Perch:
Fishing Mission 2
- Bullhead Catfish:
Fishing Mission 2 + 3
- Channel Catfish:
Fishing Mission 3
- Flathead Catfish:
Fishing Mission 3
- Northern Pike:
Fishing Mission 4
- Silver Carp:
Fishing Mission 4
Six Pack Trophy
To get this trophy you need to shoot 6 consecutive bottles without missing. You should collect this trophy naturally while you are being trained on how to use the Shotgun but if for any reason you fail to obtain it you will need to restart the checkpoint. If you hold down the L2 button to auto aim and pull out your shotgun you should have no problems. Keep repeating until you have shot all 6 bottles consecutively without missing.
Oh, No Snap!
In order to get this trophy you need to complete a fishing quest without breaking the line. You will know when you have broken the line because of the high tension. If you use the right stick of your controller to control the sway of the fishing line while holding R2 to reel the fish in you should not experience any problem. Just restart the line if you do break the line.

Duck Dynasty Trophies
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