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Follow the dark path or use the light

Devil May Cry 5 Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Devil May Cry 5

Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats

Devil May Cry 5 was released in 2019 and is the fifth installment of this action-adventure series. The game is set 5 years after the events of DMC 4 and follows three protagonists in their journey to stop Demon King Urizen from destroying the human world.

You'll find below some great DMC 5 tips on how to unlock the secret ending and more difficulty modes. Do incredible damage with the Double Kalina, find out how to unlock this secret weapon here.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough

Our DMC 5 walkthrough is filled with useful information to help you get through the game. Get all the good stuff in the game with our collectibles guide, then find out how to unlock all the secret missions. Red Orbs are really important in the game, and here is a guide on how to farm red orbs

More Devil May Cry 5 Cheats and Tips

We have 9 cheats and tips on PS4.If you have any cheats or tips for Devil May Cry 5 please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Devil May Cry 5 Questions & Answers page.

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Trophy Guide

Easy Let's Rock Trophy
You are awarded this trophy when you complete the game on Human mode. Start Devil May Cry 5 on Human difficulty if you intend to play the game more than once as this trophy does not stack if you beat Devil Hunter difficulty. Having your unlocked abilities from this playthrough will make S ranking missions on your next playthrough easier.
How to get the Fall from Grace Trophy
You will get this trophy when you complete the game's prologue on any difficulty setting.
How to unlock the Protect the People Trophy
To earn this trophy you must defeat all the enemies, including the one that is hidden, during the game's first level. Mission 01 takes place on a bridge where you will be confronted by a horde of enemies which you can see aside from one who will appear around halfway through the level when you drop down the broken bridge following a cutscene. At this point you need to turn 180 degrees and kill the Red Mantis guarding a purple orb. The rest of the level is straight forward, just take out the remainder of the enemies you encounter. Take a look at the video below to see how it is done.
How to unlock the Protect the People Trophy

How to unlock the Where the Red Orbs Grow Trophy
To get this trophy in Mission 02 you must collect Red Orbs from an unexpected spot. To reach this designated spot in level 2 you must take the right side path after the first area with enemies where the path splits. There you will discover a platform and above that a hole in the wall. If you go inside this hole and destroy the orbs that are there you will get the trophy.
How to get the Backroad Trophy
To be awarded this trophy you must destroy a certain wall in Mission 04 which will involve having to summon the Nightmare during the level. During Mission 04 you will pass through a warehouse before entering a street where you will be involved in a large fight and given a tutorial on the Devil Trigger Buffs for Shadow and Griffon. Keep killing enemies until you build up three bars of the Devil Trigger (purple gauge) and then summon the Nightmare who will crash through the wall of a building. Once this has happened you will get the trophy.
Devil May Cry 5 Trophy Guide

Easy Break a Leg Trophy
You get this trophy when you fend off a menace from above in Mission 05. While running through the level, Gilgamesh will stab his tentacles through the ceiling above and try to kill you. Just focus fire one of the tetacles until it backs off and you'll get this trophy.
How to get the Eagle-Eyed Trophy
To earn this trophy you must destroy a certain wall in Mission 09. Once you have fought your way into the catacombs you will discover a hole you must jump into to continue. Kill the enemies there that you encounter and look for a gate which you must summon the Nightmare to destroy for you. Once you do this you will get the trophy. Take a look at the video below to see how it is done.
How to get the Eagle-Eyed Trop..

How to Unlock Double Kalina

The Double Kalina Ann is a secret weapon in Devil May Cry 5 that is used by Dante. It is created by combining two rocket launchers, Kalina Ann and Kalina Ann II. When Double Kalina is equiped Dante holds Kalina Ann in his right hand and Kalina Ann II in his left. Double Kalina Ann will become unlocked if Dante has both individual launchers.
Where to Find Kalina Ann
You will find Kalina Ann hidden in a side area early on in Mission 11 when you get to the buildings through the gates. To reach it you will first need to destroy some red root clusters to move buildings around to create new pathways and open up new areas. The Kalina Ann is the only weapon in the game you can just find and pick up. Once you have obtained it, Double Kalina Ann will unlock when Dante gets Kalina Ann II at the start of Mission 18. If you missed Kalina Ann, you will unlock Double Kalina Ann on replaying Mission 11 and picking it up.
How to Unlock Double Kalina in Devil May Cry 5

How to Unlock the Secret Ending

In Devil May Cry 5 there is a secret ending that expands upon the story in the main campaign and will also award you the 'Well I'll Be Damned' trophy. In order to unlock the secret ending you must return to a fight at the beginning of the game that you previously regarded as impossible. This is the Prologue section where you fight Urizen for the first time.
You can double back and attempt the fight against Urizen whenever you feel confident in your abilities. The best time though is after you have completed the main campaign as by doing so you will have expanded the Skills and Devil Breakers that are available to Nero which will result in making fight easier now.
How to Defeat Urizen
Urizen deals an incredible amount of damage so even with Nero's added Devil Breakers at your disposal and his expanded health you still need to avoid taking hits as much as possible. What you need to do when fighting Urizen is focus on damaging his crystal from afar with Nero's Blue Rose in order for Urizen to drop his shields. Once his shields have dropped you need to swoop in and deal some direct damage using Nero's Devil Breakers and/or Red Queen. Make sure that the instant Urizen's shields are restored you retreat and repeat the process. Eventually by continually repeating the process you will grind away at his health until he is defeated.

How to get an S Rank

The highest rank you can achieve in Devil May Cry 5 for a mission is an S. Although it is possible to earn an S, SS, SSS in single combat encounters the maximum rank you can earn for a single mission is the S. Listed below are the three ways in which you can get an S rank for a mission in Devil May Cry 5.
Earn at Least 5,500 Stylish Points in All Battles
To be able to earn at least 5,500 Stylish Points in every battle you face in Devil May Cry 5 you will need to mix up your techniques, continuously adding to your combo, and preventing them from breaking.
Use a Variety of Abilities and Techniques
Using a variety of abilities and techniques in battle will earn you an S rank. This means combining weapon use with character specific skills such as Devil Arms for Dante, summons for V, and Devil Breakers for Nero.
Avoid Breaking Combos and Taking Damage
In order to maintain a high Style Rank in all battles you need to avoid breaking your character's combos. This means not taking any damage from enemies by jumping, dodging, or breaking their attacks.

Practice Combos, Evasive Skills and Parrying at The Void

The Void is the name of a special dimension in Devil May Cry 5 that you can use to get some extra practice to fully understand how everything works in the game. In The Void you are able to pick any type of monster that is in the game and practice the perfect combo to take them out and achieve the highest rating. You will also be able to set them to attack so you can practice your evasive skills and parrying. You can change the difficulty modes in The Void by selecting any story mission on the desired mode and then reloading The Void.

Customise your Loadout

Each of the playable characters in Devil May Cry 5 has several weapons at their disposal at any given time which you may find overwhelming cycling through during combat. Fortunately in Devil May Cry 5 you can customise your equipment at checkpoints and prior to tackling a mission.
One of the things you can do is reduce your equipment to one or two weapons. Playing Devil May Cry 5 is a learning curve, if you are new to the game you will find it easier to start with one or two weapons, and then add more when you become comfortablle with the abilities available to you.
If however you are using Nero you need to remember that some Devil Breakers are better for certain enemies than others, for example, if the mission has plenty of guarding enemies you will want to equip Helter Skelter drill arms to punch through their defense, or if the mission has the teleporting demon, Fury, you will want to equip a Ragtime arm to slow his movement.

Do Not Use Auto-Assist

There is a feature in Devil May Cry 5 called Auto-Assist and it becomes available when you play the game on it's easiest settings. What it basically does is automatically injects context-sensitive combos and moves with you only needing to press a single attack button without any special timing or directional inputs.
The problem with this feature is that it stifles creativity as you become reliant on it and you will not learn how to input the proper commands. This will lead to never developing a sense of special attack timing and you will often find the automatic inputs will often interfere with whatever combo you are attempting to set up. Resist the temptation of using Auto-Assist and learn how to play the game yourself even if it means to begin with missing attacks and botching inputs.
Auto-Assist can be turned on or off at any time by holding the right analog stick on the PS4 controller for a short time, or enabled from the gameplay section of the 'Options' menu.

Unlock Characters and Alternate Costumes

Devil May Cry 5 offers several unlockable costumes that are award when you complete cetain feats in the game. Listed below are the different costumes you can unlock along with their requirment and special ability.
Unlock V's Ex Colour Costume (Jade and Gold):
During Nero's fight in the credits, fight well enough to have a Hell Judecca spawn and kill it. Nico should compliment you. This costume gives you no exta abilities.
Unlock Vergil's Ex Colour Costume (Blue and Gold)
Complete the game on Heaven or Hell mode. This costume gives you no exta abilities. You can however customise Vergil to look closer to his Devil May Cry 3 look in all cutscenes.
Unlock Super Nero
Complete the game on Dante Must Die. Rank does not matter. Super Nero has unlimited devil trigger, and his sword is in a permanent state of maximum exceed. He can automatically load his Blue Rose with explosive bullets but still have to charge them.
Unlock Super V
Complete the game on Dante Must Die. Rank does not matter. Super Dante has infinite Devil Trigger and a fully maxed out Royal Guard gauge. He can siphon his unlimited Devil Trigger into his Sin Devil Trigger, but this still drains normally when activated and there’s a short time span where it will automatically recharge.
Note: Using a Super costume reduces your score by 80%.

Dante and V Costume Alterations
You can play as Dante with shorter hair and V with cracked skin by going to the costume selection screen and holding the buttons indicated below for the corresponding effect.
- Short Hair Dante:
Hold R1 - R2 - L1 - L2 When you select your Dante skin.
- Cracked Skin V:
Hold R1 - R2 - L1 - L2 When you select your V skin.

Irregular Full Custom
Irregular Full Custom allows Dante to equip all of his weapons at once, including all 3 versions of his sword and both versions of Cavaliere. To unock this skill for purchase for Dante you must complete the game on Son of Sparda difficulty.

Unlock More Difficulty Modes

There are six difficulty modes in Devil May Cry 5, but when you start the game only two are available. Listed below in order of difficulty are the four modes that need to be unlocked and their requirement. The most difficult mode is Hell and Hell where everything dies after just one hit, including you. To make things more difficuly your revives are limited and you only get three attempts at the mission which has no checkpoints.
- Son of Sparda
Beat the game on Human or Devil Hunter.
- Dante Must Die
Beat the game on Son of Sparda.
- Heaven or Hell
Beat the game on Dante Must Die.
- Hell and Hell
Beat the game on Dante Must Die.
Missions in the these modes are unlocked in different difficulty tiers at the 'Mission Select' screen on the main menu. To change the difficulty of a mission you need to quit it and return to the 'Mission Select' screen and select the one you want to play by pressing R1 and R2.

Instantly Unlock Higher Difficulties
Defeating Urizen as Nero in either the Prologue or on Mission 8 will enable you to gain the 'Well I'll Be Damned' Trophy, as well as an instant unlock of the next highest difficulty. For example if you use this trick to beat Dante Must Die mode you will unlock unlock Heaven or Hell mode.

Devil May Cry 5 Trophies
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