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Dead or Alive 6 Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Dead or Alive 6

Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats

The sixth installment in this popular beat-em-up series, steps up the levels of violance and introduces costume custimization mode. Dead or Alive 6 was released in 2019 on multiple platforms and is a well polished fighting game. While there are no tap in cheat codes for this game, we do have some great Dead of Alive 6 tips to help you step your game up to the next level.

All Characters Combo, Break Blow and Ultimate Attacks!

Read on to find out how to unlock legend difficulty in arcade, survival and time attack mode. We'll also tell you how to unlock alternate costumes and more character system voices.

Then check out our Dead of Alive 6 guide to find out how to unlock player points fast and how to do the fatal rush attack .

More Dead or Alive 6 Cheats and Tips

We have 7 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for Dead or Alive 6 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox One

You can also ask your question on our Dead or Alive 6 Questions & Answers page.

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How to Buy a Costume in the Wardrobe

Character customisation is a feature commonly found in fighting games such as Soul Calibur and Tekken where it allows you to edit charactrs and create new and unique styles before you take them to the fight against their opponents. Dead or Alive 6 marks the debut of this feature in the series.
In order to unlock costumes in Dead or Alive 6 you will need to obtain costume parts which are earned by playing matches and getting a certain amount of 'fragments' (blue icon) towards unlocking costumes. Each of the costumes costs a different amount of fragments which tends to be between 100 and 1,000. You will find that some modes in Dead or Alive 6 will reward you with more fragments for completing tasks than others, an example of this is early in Quest mode where they are awarded liberally.
How to Buy a Costume in the Wardrobe in Dead or Alive 6

You will be notified by the system if you have collected every fragment for a costume as you cannot control which costumes you get fragments for. Once you have all the fragments for a costume you need to go to Wardrobe in DOA Central and buy the unlocked costume with Player Money a currency you will earn simply by playing the game. Some of the costumes that require a plenty of fragments can take a long time to unlock.

Trophy Guide

How to get the Dead or Alive 6 Master Trophy
This is the platinum trophy and is awarded when you have obtained all the other trophies. This trophy is a replica of the same trophy you earned for winning the 6th Dead or Alive tournament.
Easy Fighting Entertainment Trophy
This is an easy trophy to get, all you have to do to obtain this trophy is fight your debut battle in Story, DOA Quests, Versus, or online and play a fight to completion, you do not have to win. This does not include training or offline player vs. Player matches.
Easy Change! Trophy
You can get this trophy easily by going to DOA Central and changing your main fighter. Once you have played as the character you will recieve the trophy.
Dead or Alive 6 Trophy Guide

Training Hard Trophy
This trophy can be obtained by selecting Free Training at the main menu and playing there for 1 hour. You can be idle at any time and it will count towards the required time. Just make sure if you do this your controller does not connect, otherwise your game will be paused. You can see how much time you have already played by checking the trophy tracker which will update after you have left the Free Training. You will get the trophy after you have met the requirement and left the Free Training.
Exercise Newbie Trophy
To earn this trophy you must complete Command Training for a single character. The easiest characters to choose are the slow grapplers as they do not have long combo potential. This is very easy with Nico. If you are trying to complete this for free then choose either Hitomi or Diego.
Easy DOA Rookie Trophy
A simple trophy to get, all you have to do is load up the first Tutorial in the Training menu, you don't even have to complete it. The quick tutorial when you start the game for the first time doesn't count.
Easy A New Challenger Appears! Trophy
You get this trophy when you attempt a Combo Challenge in the Training menu. You do not have to complete one to get the trophy even though the first ones for any of the characters are very easy to do.
Easy Unchallenged Champion Trophy
To obtain this trophy you must complete all lessons for a character in Combo Challenge. The easiest character to do this with is Diego who only has 1 level 5 difficulty combo. Diego is also a free character.
Easy The Observer Trophy
This is a simple trophy to get, all you have to do is go to Theatre in DOA Central and select Spectator mode. Then just choose two fighters and start the match.
Easy Learning From the Past Trophy
This trophy is earned when you watch a replay in the Theatre. After you have played a match you can save your replay in the End menu where you can then find it at the Theatre menu in DOA Central. You will get the trophy after you have picked and watched a video there.

Fighting Tips

Button mashing and being predictable in your attacks will result in a quick death against more experienced players. What you should instead do is learn a few combos really well and then choose between them at random during the fight. If you mix up your attacks you will prevent your opponent from easily counter-attacking you as they will not know what attack you are going to perform.
Another reason why you should not be predictable is to avoid being caught by holds. Holds are basically catching and countering any attack. If you face an opponent who is skilled enough to pick out a pattern in your fight style they will know exactly what hold to throw up against an incoming attack and if they successfully manage the hold it they will end your combo early and cause you massive damage.
Critical Stuns
In Dead or Alive 6 opponents get put into a state called a critical stun when you successfully lauch a counter attack that renders them momentarily dizzy when it connects. When the opponent is in this state they will be unable to attack, their only means of defense is to use holds to counter hits. When you have an opponent in a critical state it is the perfect time to throw out your combos in order to chip away at their health bar. If you do enough damage to deplete the health bar, your opponent is knocked down and the combo ends.

Unlock Character System Voices

When you have successfully completed the Command Training with any character you will unlock their voice as the game's system voice (announcer). It is therefore advised that you choose a character whose voice does not grate on you to complete the Command Training otherwise the game could get annoying very quickly.

Unlock Desired Alternate Costumes

To perform this trick you must successfully complete the first two star marked reward missions for any desired trial in Quest mode (do not complete the third star marked mission). Once you have done this the game will automatically autosave after you exit the battle results/victory pose screen. Now replay that trial again and this time complete the three star mission.
Do not exit the screen when the battle win victory screen appears. Instead take a look to see which alternate costumes were unlocked. If they are ones you do not want immediately exit/reset the game. Keep repeating this process until you get the desired quest rewards. The reason this trick works is because the game does not autosave on the victory win screen and the alternate costumes are random.

Heavier Characters Fall Faster

In Dead or Alive 6 different characters with different weights will fall at different speeds. A lighter character when they mess up will spend more time in the air taking damage from their opponents combos than a heavier slower character which will crash to the ground. Make sure you have different fillers for different weights so that you can get the most damage out of your combo opportunities.

Unlock Legend Difficulty

In each of the different modes - Arcade, Survival, and Time Attack of Dead or Alive 6 there is a Legend difficulty. Listed below are the different modes and what level you need to reach to unlock the Legend difficulty in it.
Unlock Legend Difficulty in Arcade Mode:
Reach Player Level 35 to unlock the Legend difficulty in Arcade mode.
Unlock Legend Difficulty in Time Attack Mode:
Reach Player Level 40 to unlock the Legend difficulty in Time Attack mode.
Unlock Legend Difficulty in Survival Mode:
Reach Player Level 45 to unlock the Legend difficulty in Survival mode.

Dead or Alive 6 Trophies
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