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Cuphead Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Cuphead

We have 4 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for Cuphead please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox One

You can also ask your question on our Cuphead Questions & Answers page.

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Best Item in Porkrind's Emporiumun Store

The shopkeeper of Porkrind's Emporiumun replaces purchased weapons and buffs with new inventory. Keep an eye out for the addition of the Smoke Bomb Charm early on as this is an extremely useful buff that will get you out of tough situations by enabling you do dodge through large enemies and waves of bullets. The Smoke Bomb Charm is a buff that prevents Cuphead from taking damage while dashing. Below is a full list of what becomes available at one time or another at the Porkrind Emporiumun store and what it does.

All Shot Items
- Spread: Short range, and excellent damage as long as your aim is steady.
- Lobber: Medium range, decent damage. Slower rate of fire.
- Peashooter: Default Shot weapon. Long range and average damage.
- Roundabout: Great coverage, average damage. Aim backwards for max range.
- Chaser: Long range, below-average damage. No aiming required.
- Charge: Hold Attack to increase damage. No rapid fire.

All Charm Items
- Smoke Bomb: This Charm makes it so that you don't take damage during a dash.
- Twin Hearts: This Charm adds two additional hit points, but weakens your attack power.
- Whetstone: This Charm allows your first parry move to double as a damaging axe attack.
- Heart: This Charm adds an additional hit point, but weakens your attack power.
- P. Sugar: This Charm makes your first parry move automatic. All you have to do is jump.
- Coffee: This Charm makes it so that your super meter continuously fills in addition to what you earn normally.
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How to unlock the Giant Ghost Super Art in Cuphead

In Cuphead Super Arts are powerful attacks that you can unlock as a reward for rescuing the Legendary Chalice from each Mausoleum. In order to activate a Super Art you must first fill your EX meter with 5 cards by either parrying objects or damaging enemies. Then press the EX Shoot button to unleash the Super Art you currently have equipped. There are only three Super Arts in Cuphead and they are extremely helpful in both defeating bosses and progressing in the game.
Without a doubt the best Super Art in Cuphead is Super Art III: Giant Ghost. When you use this Super Art you spawn a ghost counter-part of yourself which constantly spins, dealing high damage per hit. You can control the Giant Ghost Super Art without removing control from the your original character. After 7 seconds the ghost will disappear and leave behind a heart for you to parry and fill the super meter. It also give the boss a short stun every time it damages them which gives you more time to react and to deal damage. The downside of this Super Art is that is can be be awkward trying to control two characters at the same time with only one controller.

Where to Find Coins in Cuphead

The store, known as Porkrind's Emporium in the game unlocks early in Cuphead and once you have it available you can use the coins you find on the platforming stages that are marked on the overworld map to purchase a variety of items that will help you in the game. Below is a list of where you can find the coins in Cuphead.
- Complete Home Sweet Home and collect the coin at the end of the tutorial.
- Talk to Mac on Inkwell Isle One to get 3 coins (No missions or quests required).
- Complete every Run 'N' Gun level with all 5 coins.
- Find the 1st hidden coin on Inkwell Isle next to Chip after beating each boss.
- Find the 2nd hidden coin on Inkwell Isle behind one of the cabins near Funhouse Frazzle (some shortcuts are required).
- Find the 3rd hidden coin on Inkwell Isle behind the ticket booth found near Cala Maria.
- Find the 4th hidden coin on Inkwell Hell behind the left main entrance wall of the casino.
- Do four parries in a row without landing then speak to Choco on Inkwell Isle Two.
- Talk to Ginger once you connected the bridges (this can also be done by entering the secret route behind Wally Warbles).

How to Defeat Bosses Easily

There are some bosses in Cuphead where you will have no option but to continuously bounce around the stage in order to stay safe. However most of the bosses you will find are easier to defeat if you find a safe spot and remain there. The reason that this is an effective tactic is being in a safe position gives you less to worry about when dealing with the boss.

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