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Crossout PlayStation 4 Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats

Set in a post-apocalyptic era, Crossout is a FTP vehicle based combat and crafting MMO game available on multiple platforms.

There are lots of vehicles to unlock and this is done by getting blueprints . Read on below for some more gameplay tips to deal more damage and survive!

There are many events in the game, so look out for those as and when they appear for the best bonuses and free stuff in Crossout.

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Money Go BRRR

Press L1 L2 R1 R2 and the middle button and watch your money rise

Trophy Guide

Easy Shopaholic Trophy

To get this trophy you need to buy 10 goods on the market. You can easily do this by doing the following.

1) Go to the in game 'Market'

2) Tap 'Sold for Min' until the arrow is up.

3) Skip through a few pages until you reach stuff selling for 0.02 credits (you may have to skip through 20-30 pages).

4) Buy 10

If you discover you do not have enough credits to do this you can go to 'Storage' and sell some scrap metal which is in the hexagon icon. To do this press the Circle button on your controller on it and quick sell it. If you do this 10 times you can get The Fence Trophy for selling 10 goods on the market.

Easy Journeyman Engineer Trophy

This trophy is earned when you reach reputation level 5 with Engineers. When you begin Crossout you are already in the Engineers so all you need to do to pick this trophy up is win some matches.

How to get the Butcher Trophy

In order to get this trophy you must destroy or help destroy 3,000 enemies in PvE. This trophy can only be completed in Raids (PvE) and you will find it a lot easier to accomplish on Easy Raids. To complete the task and obtain the trophy will take 12-15 hours.

Crossout Trophy Guide

How to get the Eradicator Trophy

To get this trophy you must successfully complete 10 Leviathan raids. To unlock this type of raid you need to have a vehicle with a minimum PowerScore of 5,000. In Leviathan raids you and three other players team up to defend a fuel pump against 3 waves. Each wave has two regular enemies and one leviathan. You each get one free respawn if you die or destroy yourselves. This is a tough trophy to obtain, the best way to do Leviathan raids is with teammates and synergize weapons and builds. Equip rockets, cannons or melee weapons like grinders if possible as well as strong guns.

Easy Artisan Trophy

This trophy is obtained when you build 50 of any parts. The cheapest part in Crossout costs 15 scrap metal to build. That means you will need 750 scrap for 50 parts. You can find wheels in the white engineer workbench that cost 15 scrap metal. You can then either sell them to get your money back or craft blue items to sell at a profit.

Easy Assassin Trophy

You will get this trophy when you have destroyed 2,000 player vehicles by any means, this includes kills and assists in 'Missions' and 'Brawls'. The best setup for this trophy is to place as many Sidekick drones as possible on your vehicle and to then play 'Missions' keeping a fairly low power score so that you face weaker enemies. Sidekick drone deploys a small drone that drives around and shoots a machine gun at enemies for a period of time. You can view your progress towards this trophy by clicking on your Gamertag in the top bar of the main menu, going to 'Medals' and then 'Missions'. The Assassin medal is at the bottom of the list.

How to get the Challenger Trophy

You will be awarded this trophy when you complete 30 daily challenges. There are a total of 5 challenge slots that you can view from the garage menu via the ! Icon. The first two slots do not count towards this trophy, only slots 3-5. The challenges you are presented with ..

Easy Free Coins

Coins are the premium currency in Crossout, and as such it's not so easy to get a load of these for free. You can purchase packs in the game to get coins but you can also grind, and depending on how efficient you are and how much time you have you can stock up a fair few coins for free.

Here are the things you should be doing to get free coins in Crossout.

1. Log in Daily - This will give you the daily log in bonus, collect a lot of these and soon you'll be rolling in coins... More or less!

2. Complete Daily Challenges - Check them out daily and complete what you can for more coins.

3. Participate in Brawls - Get to level 10 and start participating in brawls as another way to get easy coins.

4. Put in the hours - the more time you put in the more crates you'll get and that equals more coins.

Dealing Damage Tips

It is important in Crossout that you avoid having an overheated weapon because when a weapon overheats it will not fire and it will make you vulnerable as you will not be able to use it to retaliate. To help prevent getting an overheated weapon you should use short controlled bursts when firing on an enemy. First focus on their weapons in order to render them defenceless and then target the wheels. When the enemy is low on HP their cabin will begin to burn, if this happens and the cabin is exposed switch your piority to it and hit it with everything you have got.

Survival Tips

In Crossout your cabin is your life and as long as it stays intact you are still in the fight. It is therefore recommended that as soon as you can build you put some armour (structure parts) on it to protect it. This means covering the front and the sides of your cabin with armour. Even if the armour you placed is shot off during a fight it will ensure that you won't start losing hit points. The best thing you can do in a fight is make yourself an evasive target by constantly zigzagging about.

Building Vehicles

As you level up in Crossout you will unlock new blueprints for vehicles. Leveling up will also allow you to use more parts when designing vehicles. Parts that are used to build vehicles are earned through playing the game, trading with other players, or purchased at the store using real money. Don't waste money creating a slightly better build, just because it's an epic or legendary doesn't mean it's automatically better than any other option. A player with more skill and a weaker build will always beat a player with less skill and a stronger build.

Crossout Trophies

Crossout FAQs