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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

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Crash Bandicooot - Level Passwords cheats for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

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Crash Bandicooot - Level Passwords


Enter the following codes at the 'Password' screen to enable the corresponding effect.

Access ALL Levels:
Enter Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, X, X, X.

Castle Machinery at 85% Completion:
Enter Triangle(3), X, Circle, Square, Triangle(2), Circle, X(4), Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, X(3), Square, Triangle(2), Square.

Generator Room at 56% Completion:
Enter Triangle(2), Square, X, Square, X, Circle(2), Triangle, Circle, Triangle(3), Square, Triangle(2), Square, X, Square, Circle(2), Square(2), Circle.

Heavy Machinery at 50% Completion:
Enter Triangle(3), Square, X, Circle(3), Square, Circle(2), X(2), Square, Circle(2), Triangle, X, Square(2), Triangle(2), Square(2).

Level 13, Temple Ruins, No Gems and 27% Complete:
Enter X, circle, X, circle, circle, X, square, circle.

Level 17, Koala Kong, No Gems, and 36% Complete:
X, circle, circle, circle, X, square, X, square.

Level 7, Rolling Stones, No Gems and 13% Complete:
X, square, X, circle, X, square, triangle, X.

Pinstripe at 63% Completion:
Triangle(2), Square, Triangle, Circle(2), Triangle, Square(2), Triangle(2), X(2), Square, X, Triangle, X(2), Square, Circle, Triangle(2), Square(2).

Skip to Third Island:
Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, O, X, Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Triangle, O, Square, O, X, Triangle, Triangle, O, Square, X, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle.

Slippery Climb at 75% Completion:
Enter Triangle(3), Circle, Triangle(2), Circle(2), Triangle, X, Square, X, Circle(2), Square, X, Square(2), Triangle, Circle,
Square(3), Circle

Start at Neo Cortex with 67% Complete:
Enter Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle.

Start with Half of the Levels Completed:
Enter Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Circle Circle, X, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Circle, X, Square, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle.

The Lab at 95% Completion:
Triangle(3), Square, Circle, Square, X(2), Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle(2), Square, Circle, X(2), Square, Triangle, Square(2), Circle(2), X.

The Lab at 98% Completion (ALL but One Gem):
Enter Triangle(3), Square, Circle, Square, X(2), Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, X, Circle, X, Circle, Square(2), Circle, Square, X(2).

Boulders - 9% Complete:
Enter Triangle(3), X, Circle, Square, X(3), Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, X(3), Circle, X, Square, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Circle.

Castle Machinery - 80% Complete:
Enter Triangle(2), X, Triangle(2), X, Circle, X, Circle, X, Triangle(2), Square, X, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square(2), Circle, X(2), Square(2).

Dr. Nitrus Brio - 70% Complete:
Enter Triangle(2), Circle, X, Square, X, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, X, Square, Triangle, X(3), Square, Triangle, X, X, X, Circle, Circle, Triangle.

Heavy Machinery - 45% Complete:
Enter Triangle(2), Square(2), Triangle(2), Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, X, Circle, X, Circle, Square(2),X(2), Square(2).

Jungle Rollers - 3% Complete:
Enter Triangle(2), Circle, X(2), Circle, Triangle(2), Square, X, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle(2), Square(2), Circle, Triangle, X(2), Triangle(2), X.

N.Sanity Beach - 1% Complete:
Enter Triangle(2), Square, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, X, Square, X, Circle, Square, Circle, X, Square(3),Circle(2), X, Triangle (3), Circle.

Native Fortress - 21% Complete:
Enter Triangle(2), Circle, Square, Triangle(2), Circle, X, Circle, Sqaure, Triangle, X,Circle,Square,X,Triangle,Sqaure,X(2),Circle,Square(2),Circle,Square.

Ripper Roo - 26% Complete:
Enter Triangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, X, X, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Circle(4), Triangle, Circle(3), X,Cirle, Square, Circle.

Slippery Climb - 68% Complete:
Enter Triangle(2), X(2), Square, X, Circle, Triangle, Circle(2), Square, Triangle(2), X, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, Circle, X, Square(4).

Sunset Vista - 42% Complete:
Enter Triangle(4), X, Circle(2), Square,Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Square(3), Circle, X, Circle, Triangle(2), Circle.

Temple Ruins - 31% Complete:
Enter Triangle(5), Square, Triangle, Circle(2), Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle(2), Circle(3),X, Square, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle.

The Lab - 87% Complete:
Enter Triangle(3), Square, X(2), Circle, X(2), Square, Circle, X(4), Circle, Square, Triangle, Square, Circle(2), Square(2), Triangle.

You will have 11% Completion:
Enter Square, Square, X, Square, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle.

You will have 13% Completion:
Enter X, Square, X, Circle, X, Square, Triangle, X.

You will have 18% Completion:
Enter Square, Square, Triangle, X, Circle, Circle, X, Triangle.

You will have 2% Completion:
Enter Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square.

You will have 22% Completion:
Enter Circle, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, X, X, X.

You will have 27% Completion:
X, Circle, X, Circle, Circle, X, Square, Circle.

You will have 36% Completion:
X, Circle, Circle, Circle, X, Square, X, Square.

You will have 38% Completion:
Square, Square, X, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, X.

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