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Brawlhalla Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Brawlhalla

Last Updated: by Dennis

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play 2D fighting game which features 51 playable characters called 'Legends', each with their own unique stats, loadout, and available cosmetic skins. The objective of most of the game modes in Brawlhalla is to knock your opponent off the map which can only be done by damaging them repeatedly. Brawlhalla is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Android, Mac, and iPhone/iPad. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Master Jumps and Recovery Moves

In Brawlhalla it is essential that you master the Jump and Recovery moves so you are able to get back on the stage after being thown off the platform. There will be times where you will have taken too much damage and will be unable to fight and consequently will be knocked out instantly. If you do get an opportunity to fight back to the platform you will need to use a combination of Jumps and Recovery Moves. A Recovery move is basically a Heavy attack while you are in the air. To get the most out of your attacks you need to time it so you perform it at the peak of the previous Jump or Recovery move so you move up or forward across the most distance possible.

Be Aware of your Surroundings

Most of the maps in Brawlhalla will change over the course of a match so it is importannt that you pay attention and are constantly aware of any new developments to your surroundings. Keep an eye out in particular for certain areas that open up which you can take advantage of to knock out opponents, an example of this are diagonal walls that you can use to bounce opponents off and straight down.

Take Advantage of Weapon Matchups

Weapons in Brawlhalla have strengths and weaknesses against other weapons, use the list below to find out what the best matchups generally are so you can take advantage during combat.
Sword beats Blasters but does poorly against Spears.
Hammer is effective against most weapons, but really struggles against Blasters.
Scythe does well against Katars and Sword, but it can be beaten by the Lance.
Cannon does well against Bow and Blasters, it only really struggles with Axes.
Blasters are particularly effective against Hammer and Cannon, but really struggles against Katars and Gauntlets.

Bow does well against Scythe and Blasters, it can struggle against close-range weapons and the Cannon.
Katars beats a lot of longer-range weapons, but only if you can get close, it does struggle against Scythe and Lance.
Gauntlets do well against Spear and Blasters, but strugglers against Hammers and Axes.
Spear is great against close-range weapons but struggles against Blasters.
Axe is slow, but if you learn it well is fine against all weapons.
Lance does well against Katars, but is weak to attacks from above.

Prioritize Getting a Weapon

As soon as a match starts make getting a weapon your first priority. Although you will still be able to deal a substantial amount of damage unarmed you will find it a lot easier to fight and survive if you are weilding a weapon. Grabbing a sword of fire falling from the sky when it appears will grant you one of the two weapons that that character can use. These weapons include blasters, rocket lances, katars, swords, spears, axes, gauntlets,cannons, hammers, bows, scythes, greatswords, and magic orbs.

Stay in the Middle of Platforms

Ideally you need to try and stay in the middle of platforms so you are away from the edges. You will not be able to do this for the whole of the match as you will need to move around in order to position yourself correctly for attacks and also to avoid takng damage. Try to stay away from edges as much as possible to prevent being thrown out off platforms or accidently falling off.

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