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Follow the dark path or use the light

Arizona Sunshine Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Arizona Sunshine

Last Updated: by Dennis

Arizona Sunshine is a zombie survival first-person shooter game that puts you and up to 3 fellow survivors in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Survive solo or in co-op, handle weapons with real-life movements, and explore a post-apocalyptic world in VR. Take a look at out Arizona Sunshine tips to get help in the game.

Arizona Sunshine Gameplay

More Arizona Sunshine Cheats and Tips

We have 4 cheats and tips on PS4.If you have any cheats or tips for Arizona Sunshine please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Arizona Sunshine Questions & Answers page.

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Trophy Guide

Easy Eye See You... Trophy
To get this trophy you simply have to shoot with a sniper. A good time to do this is Level 5: Traintracks, when you reach the roof and have to listen to the radio to progress. Next to the radio will be a sniper rifle which you can use to shoot at the zombies that are wandering around the trains below. The sniper rifle has unlimited ammo so take advantage of it to kill all the zombies. Unfortunately you cannot take the sniper rifle with you.
Easy Delayed Trophy
In order to be awarded this trophy you must finish Level 5: Traintracks. When you are on top of the train and being attacked by the zombie horde just shoot them in the legs. When you are at the end of the level in the tunnel just run past all the zombies up the right hand side and through the door, you don't even have to kill any.
Arizona Sunshine Level 5: Traintracks gameplay video

Easy No Mercy Trophy
To get this trophy you must kill the zombies that are locked up in the cage in Level 3: Canyon. At the start of the level on the left hand side next to the bridge barricade that you have to blow up, will be a yellow cage with several zombies inside. Just kill them all with your weapon of choice to get the trophy.
Easy Juicy Meat Trophy
You will be awarded this trophy when you have collected 20 burgers. You will find burgers mainly in fridges or on barbecues. This trophy is cumulative so you are able to reload a spot that has a couple of burgers together instead of aimlessly looking around on the off chance you will find more. There are no burgers in Apocalypse mode.
How to get the Hard Boiled Trophy
You get his trophy when you complete the Apocalyptic mode. This is the hardest difficulty in Arizona Sunshine and you must face the challenge alone, it cannot be done in co-op. Listed below are the differences that make this mode tough.
- Ammo is scarce.
- You only get one gun. A standard pistol.
- One hit will kill you.
- There are no checkpoints. If you die you will have to restart whichever level you were on.
Arizona Sunshine Trophy Guide

How to get the Quack Quack %$#@! Trophy

To be awarded the Quack Quack %$#@! Trophy you need to collect all the ducks in the game. There are four ducks to find in total and when you find one you need to pick it up and give them a squeeze with the trigger button of your controller to be sure it registered. Listed below are the locations where you will find each of the ducks.
Duck 1 - Level 2: Bridge
In the boot of the first SUV on the left.
Duck 2 - Level 2: Bridge
Ground floor stock room of the building where you get the car key.
Duck 3 - Level 5: Traintracks
On the desk of the upstairs office on your way to the roof.
Duck 4 - Level 8: Sunshine Village
In the green motel, in the room with the bar on your way to getting the room key.
Take a look at the video below if you are struggling to find any of the ducks.
How to get the Quack Quack %$#@! Trophy in Arizona Sunshine

Gun Collector Trophy Guide

To obtain this trophy you must collect all the guns that are in the game. When you find a gun you need to pick it up and put it down again in order to collect it. If you want to make sure the game has registered you collecting the gun you just need to fire off a round with it. You can only carry four guns at any one time in Arizona Sunshine. Listed below are the the locations of where you can find the guns and what type of gun they are.
Gun 1 - Level 1: Base
Shown to you at the start (Pistol).
Gun 2 - Level 2: Bridge
Front seat of SUV near start (Pistol).
Gun 3 - Level 2: Bridge
In upstairs display case (Revolver).
Gun 4 - Level 2: Bridge
On the front seat of the yellow SUV you unlock with the key (Pistol).
Gun 5 - Level 3: Canyon
Back seat of the Humvee at the start (Pistol).
Gun 6 - Level 3: Canyon
Inside gift shop (Submachine Gun).
Gun 7 - Level 3: Canyon
Take a left before getting to the power generator (Submachine Gun).
Gun 8 - Level 4: Caves
Inside display case (Revolver).
Gun 9 - Level 4: Caves
Next to the last one (Revolver).
Gun 10 - Level 4: Caves
On table with skeleton (Pistol).
Gun 11 - Level 4: Caves
Room you blew up with a barrel (Shotgun).
Gun 12 - Level 4: Caves
Same table as the winch (Submachine Gun).
Gun 13 - Level 5: Traintracks
Other side the trains at the start (Pistol).
Gun 14 - Level 5: Traintracks
Up the first ladder then down the next ladder (Submachine Gun).
Gun 15 - Level 5: Traintracks
On the roof (Sniper Rifle).
Gun 16 - Level 5: Traintracks
Outside before descending 3 ladders (Sniper Rifle).
Gun 17 - Level 5: Traintracks
In yellow cage at the top of the 3 ladders (Pistol).
Gun 18 - Level 5: Traintracks
In tunnel behind the trains (Grenade Launcher).
Gun 19 - Level 5: Traintracks
Next to the grenade launcher (Submachine Gun).
Gun 20 - Level 6: Refinery
On crate next to the door key (Submachine Gun).
Gun 21 - Level 6: Refinery
In the boot of the Humvee near the door key chip (Shotgun).
Gun 22 - Level 7: Trailerpark
On crate near the beginning (Revolver).
Gun 23. Level 7: Trailerpark
Approaching trailers (Sniper Rifle).
Gun 24 - Level 7: Trailerpark
First trailer on the right (Shotgun).
Gun 25 - Level 7: Trailerpark
Near explosives wall, green trailer (Pistol).
Gun 26 - Level 7: Trailerpark
Last trailer on the right (Submachine gun).
Gun 27 - Level 8: Sunshine Village
On central pile near the start (Pistol).
Gun 28. Level 8: Sunshine Village
First shed (Submachine gun).
Gun 29 - Level 8: Sunshine Village
Upstairs in the shop next to the green motel (Submachine Gun).
Gun 30 - Level 8 Sunshine Village
Upstairs of farmhouse near picnic (Shotgun).
Gun 31 - Level 8: Sunshine Village
Same spot (Assault Rifle ).
Guns 32-35 - Helicopter
There are four guns on the table at the finale with the helicopter.
Any guns that you missed or couldn't pick up for whatever reason can be obtained at the end via 'Chapter Select'. You will get The Gun Collector Trophy as soon as you pick up the last missing gun.
Take a look at the video below if you are struggling to find any of the guns.

Arizona Sunshine Tips

Turn on Advanced Physics
You can make Arizona Sunshine feel a lot more immersive if you turn on the advanced physics. The will be plenty of differences in the game you will notice, these include shooting limbs off of the zombies or blowing their heads off entirely or just shooting off parts of it. Having the advanced physics switched on will also mean that the zombies will fall more realistically when they have been killed. They will fall and lay flat on the ground instead of sitting in weird positions. The environment itself will feel more realistic, like for example things waving in the wind.
Learn how to Aim
Arizona Sunshine has laser pointers which are hard to spot in the daylight but you need to know where they are so you can see what you are aiming at. If you do lose your laser pointer aim at the ground or pan from left to right until you can see where it is. Aiming is different in Arizona Sunshine to other VR games and takes some getting used to. To begin with you are probably better off playing on the Easy mode until you get comfortable with it.
Throw Objects and Grenades
Like aiming, the throwing physics of Arizona Sunshine can take some getting used to. Make sure you have the wrist straps on when you play the game so the vive wands don't accidentally slip out of your hands and get damaged. You will find that you will be able to pick up most objects and throw them at zombies to cause damage, especially if it is at their head. Strangely though you will find that shovels, axes and other tools do not do damage when thrown at zombies and can not be used as melee weapons against them either.
Always Shoot
Don't hoard your ammo or worry about wasting shots, you need to get familiar with the mechanics of aiming and shooting in Arizona Sunshine as quickly as possible and the only way you are going to do that is by shooting as much as you can. It's better run out of ammo and be killed than be killed with ammo in your belt. It will also give you a better feel for when you are about to run out of bullets and should reload.
Back Off
If you find yourself about to be overwhelmed by a horde of zombies where you have no chance you should just turn around and run backwards for 5-10 meters. This will basically give you space to breath and help srpead out the zombies so you can take them down individually.
Reload Often
Even if the magazine of your weapon is not empty you should get in the habit of frequently reloading. The procedure to reload is:
1) Aim.
2) Push the touchpad to drop the clip.
3) Pull the gun to your chest.
4) Aim
You can reload your weapon and pick up all the magazines you dropped at any time during gameplay in Arizona Sunshine. If you find yourself in an intense battle don't wait for your magazine to run out before you reload, either look for an opportunity to drop the clip when you have a second or two before the next wave of enemies are upon you or pick up all the half empty magazines at the end of every fire fight. When you find yourself in between battles you can drop the current magazine, reload, and then pick up the mostly empty magazine you dropped and have those extra bullets in your inventory.
Carry Grenades
You can carry grenades in Arizona Sunshine by holding them to your chest and then letting go. When you do this the grenade will stick to your belt. If however you hold them to your belly or waist like ammo then drop them the grenades will just fall to the floor.
Dispose of the big flashlight as soon as you find the handgun with the attached mini flashlight as doing so will enable you to carry 4 weapons again.
Shoot the Red Barrels to Clear Crowds
Keep an eye out for red barrels as these will explode when they are shot at. Take advantage of them to clear cro..

Arizona Sunshine Trophies
Questions & Answers