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7 Days to Die Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for 7 Days to Die

Last Updated: by Dennis

7 Days to Die is a survival horror game set in an open world during the aftermath of a nuclear Third World War that annihilates most of the world. You play the role of a survivor of the war who must stay alive by finding shelter, food, and water, as well as scavenging supplies to fend off the numerous zombies roaming around. Take a look at our collection of 7 Days to Die cheats and tips for PS4 to get help surviving zombie infested Navezgane, Arizona.

7 Days to Die Cheats on PS4

While there are some cheats for the PC version of this game, as yet there is nothing for PS4 players, PC gamers can access a creative mode where you can fly, use god mode and loads more.

Take a look at our tips below as these will make your life a lot easier in the game.

7 Days to Die PS4 Gameplay

7 Days to Die Tips on PS4

We have several tips which you will find helpful as you strive to stay alive in 7 Days to Die. These include why you should loot everything you come across and why it is important to save ammunition.

Take your Bedroll
Click here to find out why it is advised that you should take your Bedroll with you when you go looting in dangerous areas.

Loot Everything
Click here to find out why you should loot everything you can in 7 Days to Die even if it appears to be useless junk.

Save Ammuniton
Ammunition is not easy to come by in 7 Days to Die and should be used sparingly, find out why by clicking here.

Duplicate Items
Click here to find out about a duplicaton trick that will enable you to get multiples of any item in the game.

How to Find Quests
There are two ways in which you can get quests in 7 Days to Die. You can either get them in note form when looting or you take them from the Trader NPC. Remember that if you are doing a quest that involves looting you can loot what needs to be looted before you start the mission and again when you begin the mission as the loot will respawn.

How to get Glue and Duct-Tape
Two important items that will help you a lot in 7 Days to Die is glue and duct-tape. You will be able to easily craft glue using bones and the duct-tape can be made afterwards using the glue with a cloth. You will be able to get hold of bones by looting them from animals and corpses.

Scrap Unwanted Items
Scrap anything that is not useful so the resources are recycled from the items and can be used to help craft other things.

Have a look at our Questions and Answers to get additional help in 7 Days to Die for PS4. These include how to get the forge.

More 7 Days to Die Cheats and Tips

We have 7 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for 7 Days to Die please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox One : PC

You can also ask your question on our 7 Days to Die Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Trophy Guide

Alexander Bell Trophy
You must craft 50 items to get this trophy. The easiest way is to find a grassland area that has plenty of trees and cut them down so you can craft Wood Spikes that cost 4 wood. It will not take you long to craft 50 Wood Spikes. You can also use this trick for the Benjamin Franklin and Henry Ford trophies which is awarded when you have crafted 500 and 1,500 items respectively.
How to get the Thomas Edison Trophy
In order to get this trophy you must craft 5,000 items. This is a trophy which you need to work towards and a good way to do it is during the night by making plant fiber hats and then scrapping them once the inventory is full. Doing this will also boost your Tailoring skill, allowing you to make better items over time. As you boost your Tailoring skill you will be making progress towards increasing your level.
Easy Grave Digger Trophy
You need to kill 10 zombies to get this trophy. You can easily accomplish this by whacking them with the stone axe or sledgehammer.
7 Days to Die Trophy Guide

How to get the Funeral Director Trophy
This trophy is earned when you have killed 2,500 zombies. Try the following trick to take down a whole horde of them in one go. Start up a game with the following settings.
Standard Options
- Difficulty Setting: Scavenger
- Zombies Run: Never Run
- Enemy Aggression: Feral
- Daylight Length: (Does not matter)
Modded Options
- Enemy Memory: 90
- Enemy Spawning: Very High
Get 72 small stones and make 9 fires. Then collect plenty of wood, preferably at least 250 pieces for each campfire. Go to an open area and put the campfires down in a three by three square. Put the wood into each campfire and start them up.
Shortly after you do this a couple of screamer zombies will come to investigate. Do not kill them, they need to be kept alive for the time being so they call in more zombies. After a couple of minutes zombies will begin to appear from every direction. Although this trick takes time to initially set up it is a better method than just running around trying to find zombies. Use a Sledge Hammer to take down the zombies.
How to get the Scavenger Trophy
In order to get this trophy you must score 10 points in a single game. The scoring in a game works the following way.
- Player Kill = 0 Points
- Zombie Kill (Direct kill) = 1 Point
- Zombie Kill (Indirect, which is when they die on your traps etc) = 0 points
- Player Death = Minus 5 points. Each death increases by 5 points each time. First death is minus 5 points, second death is minus 10 points, third death is minus 15 points, etc...
To get his trophy you basically need to do your very hardest not to die. As a guide you need to make sure you stay inside at night to stay away from prowling zombies, have plenty of food, water, first aid packs, and reliable weapons in case you are attacked (it is not necessary to do this all in one game). A single game is a single save/map, which means it doesn't have to be done on one go. You can check your score by going to the player tab and under score.
The Adve..

How to Craft the Bedroll

In 7 Days to Die the Bedroll is an important craftable item as it allows you to set a spawn point wherever it is placed. In order to craft it you will need to collect 20 plant fibers. You will be able to collect plant fibers simply by punching them with your fists when you find them on the ground, keep doing this until you have the required amount.
Once you have the 20 plant fibers open the Crafting menu and search for Bedroll under the Basics tab. It is here where you will be able to craft the Bedroll by pressing Up on the direction pad. Once crafted the Bedroll will then be placed in your inventory. Placing your first Bedroll, Old Bed or King Sized Bed will earn you the Good in the Sack trophy.
How to Craft the Bedroll in 7 Days to Die

How to Craft the Stone Axe

How to Craft the Stone Axe
To craft the Stone Axe you need to open up your menu and go to the Crafting area. You will find the Stone Axe under the tools category. To craft the actual Stone Axe you will need to have the required resources which you can collect using your fists. This will be 2 fibre, 2 wood, and 2 small stone which you will be able to find on the ground or just hit RT on a rock until you have two.
How to Craft the Stone Axe in 7 Days to Die

How to Use the Stone Axe
The Stone Axe is one of the first items that you can get in 7 Days to Die, It is a primitive, multi-purpose tool that can be used to harvest resources, upgrade blocks, and repair damaged blocks. It can also serve as a basic melee Weapon to attack enemies and destroy blocks. The Durability of the Stone Axe deteriorates with each use by 1. When it's Durability reaches zero, it becomes unusable until repaired. Repairing restores it's Durability back to Max Durability.
How to Repair the Stone Axe
Open the inventory screen and select the damaged item. Repair material will be listed, and must be in inventory. From the Stone Axe's menu options and select 'Repair'. Repairing the Stone Axe requires 1 Small Stone. The Stone Axe will then be placed into the crafting queue and, once completed, will return to Max Durability with no loss in Quality.
How to get the Cause He's The Ax Man Trophy
When you have crafted your first Stone Axe in 7 Days to Die you will get the Cause He's The Ax Man Trophy.

Loot Everything

Make sure you loot everything you come across even if it appears to be junk. Everthing you find in the world can by used to craft various items at the right time. If the loot is too much you can place a storage chest to store the items and come back for them later.

Save Ammunition

Ammunition is a very precious loot which should only be used as a last resort. Use other alternatives while looting like melee weapons, bows, and Corssbows. Try to save your ammunition for horde night when a massive horde of Zombies travels through the area you are currently in.

Take your Bedroll when Looting

Your Bedroll is an object that can be manufactured using plant fibres and sets your spawn point at the location it was placed. Make sure you take it with you when looting dangerous places so you don't have to go all the way back to your house where the Bedroll is normally kept if you die.

Duplicate ANYTHING

With this duplication technique you can duplicate any item in game even entire stacks of items.
You need 2 people for this to work, and they cannot be on the same console. It has to be different consoles,
Start by placing a campfire, place the items you want to duplicate into the output section, then the one person has to stay looking inside the campfire, while the other one breaks the campfire, the 1st person who looked inside cannot cancel out of it til the other person is done duplicating. The 2nd person then places another campfire in the place of the one he/she broke then you get the items out of the output while the 1st person is still looking in it. Then the 2nd person gets the items out of the output slots, exits out, then goes back in, the items will be there again keep doing this until you have enough items, you can do this with anything and everything. GUNS, AMMO, Resources everything.

7 Days to Die Trophies
Questions & Answers