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Roblox Project Baki 3 Codes for Free Yen, Stat Resets, and EXP

Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats

Enter Project Baki 3 codes to claim free rewards that will help you progress faster.

Roblox Project Baki 3 codes to claim free rewards

Project Baki 3 is an anime-based Roblox fighting game that focuses on character growth and PvP elements. The main gameplay revolves around different fighting styles you can learn and these are determined by the stats you choose to level up. Enter codes to claim free rewards such as Yen, Stat Resets, and EXP which will help you to progress faster.

Roblox Redeem Codes

Find codes for more Roblox games with our Ultimate Guide to Roblox Codes

All Project Baki 3 Codes

There are no active codes for Roblox Project Baki 3. Instructions on how to redeem codes when they become available are further down the page.

We last checked for New Project Baki 3 codes on 8th February, 2024

  • VULTURES - Redeem for 4 million Yen and 2 Stat Resets
  • TWITTER16 - Redeem for 1.6 million Yen and 6 Stat Resets
  • YUMYUMSAUCE - Redeem for 1 million Yen, 2 Stat Resets, and a Retsu Arm
  • TWITTER15 - Redeem for 2 million Yen, 5 Stat Resets, and a Title
  • TWITTERGUY - Redeem for 3 million Yen
  • DEVILANDTOPH - Redeem for Yen (for new servers only)
  • ILOVETHAILAND - Redeem for 4 million Yen and Stat Resets
  • COLDESTWINTER - Redeem for EXP reward
  • 2024 - Redeem for Yen reward
  • SEEYUH - Redeem for a reward
  • TWITTER14 - Redeem for 2 million Yen, 4 Stat Resets, and a Title
  • 55KLIKESWOW - Redeem for 5 million Yen
  • MJ1KFOLLOWS - Redeem for 5 million Yens, 5 Stat Resets, 10 Color Rerolls
  • FREEYENTIME - Redeem for 5 million Yen
  • 54KLIKESAMAZING - Redeem for 3 million Yen
  • PB3 - Redeem for EXP or 1 million Yen if a character is at max level
  • AKOYAFIX - Redeem for 4 million Yen
  • YAGAMIVIBING! - Redeem for Yagami Dance Emote
  • 51KLIKES! - Redeem for 2 million Yen and 5 Stat Resets
  • YASHARESET - Redeem for Yasha Reset CD (Level 300 required)
  • ISTHISREAL - Redeem for 5 Stat Resets, 5 million Yen, and Title
  • YUTAJOGOW - Redeem for bonus Yen
  • 50KLIKESRELICRESET - Redeem for free Relic Reset
  • 50KLIKES! - Redeem for 5 million Yen, 15 Stat Resets, and 15 Color Rerolls
  • SECRETCODY - Redeem for a Title
  • TIKTOK800 - Redeem for 2 million Yen and Title
  • GOJOPACK - Redeem for a Title and some Yen

Expired Codes

  • 49KLIKES!
  • 52KLIKES!

Project Baki 3 FAQs

Here are a few helpful FAQs that will tell you how to redeem the codes, what they are all about, how to troubleshoot if they are not working, and provide a few useful links related to the game.

How to redeem Project Baki 3 codes?

  1. Join the Project Baki 3 Roblox Group
  2. Open up Roblox Project Baki 3 on your device.
  3. Once you spawn in the city tap the 'Settings' button on the bottom left of the screen.
  4. Input your code into the 'Redeem Code' text area
  5. Press the 'Enter' button on your keyboard to claim your reward.

Screenshot by Code Entry Screen

What are Project Baki 3 codes?

Roblox Project Baki 3 game codes are codes that you can redeem within the game in order to get something for free. Redeem codes are in a lot of Roblox games and all offer something different, usually they can only be redeemed once per account and sometimes have an expiry date when they will no longer function.

Why aren't my Project Baki 3 codes working?

There could be a number of reasons why the codes you have tried are not working.

  1. Check that you've entered them correctly and there are no extra spaces
  2. Roblox codes can be case sensitive, so check that you have the letters correct, or even better, copy and paste.
  3. They could have already expired and no longer work
  4. You may have redeemed them already from your game account
  5. You are playing a different version of the game, or one with a similar name

Helpful Project Baki 3 Links

There are various social accounts to keep up to date with the latest developments and codes related to the game, here are the links.

  • Roblox Group- Here is the link to the game's Roblox Group: Project Baki 3 Roblox Group.
  • Discord - Get help with the game on the Discord page.
  • X Account - Find out the latest on the developer's X Account.
  • YouTube - Take a look at the official YouTube channel.
  • RoMonitor - Get the latest stats about the game on the Project Baki 3 page.

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Project Baki 3 FAQ's

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