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Game Reviews for Pro Evolution Soccer 4


Quick Reviews

Pro evolution soccer 4 vs Fifa 2005 Added 22 Aug 2005, ID #16835
First you must choose savanah zoo and then close your zoo ,after that put as many savanah animals as you can.If you want to feed the herbivore animals easy : put a gazzele and give the gazzele a hay and put the hay on a grass.Don't worry with your your carnivore animals if it hungry it will kill the herbivore and eat it ...oh I almost forgot if your animals thirsty just make a shallow water near them
Pro evolution soccer 4 vs Fifa 2005 Added 22 Aug 2005, ID #16834
During Gameplay press the console button (~) to open the cheat menu, then add any of the following codes..

Cash -> adds money
Magistrate -> adds 5 magistrates
Merchant -> adds 5 merchants
Spy -> adds 5 spies
Diplomat -> adds 5 diplomats
Colonist -> adds 5 colonists

Invest (***)_tech (###)
Instead of "(***)" use either of the following
And instead of "(###)" use a number (ie: 200000) to add that amount of money to the specific technology you want to enhance...

Invest government_tech 500
This would add 500 coin to the research of the government tech.
Added 14 Mar 2005, ID #13663
I think they are coming out somewhere in february 24 to the 28
Elves are best at bows
Giants ae tankers
People and elves I think cam ride on giants shoulders lol
Well hope this helps
Awesome!!!!!! Added 13 Mar 2005, ID #13592
Note: Have the "Supernova" mod downloaded
from c&c guild: google it.
The best allied fleet to have is 3-5 destroyers for ant-sub protection, 2-4 Aeigis cruisers for AA, and preferably 2 heavy crusiers if you have the "Supernova" mod. If you don't have "Supernova", then replace the heavy crusiers with 3-4 aircraft carriers.
Added 18 Feb 2005, ID #13086
To be able to alter the neighborhood terrain by raising or lowering it hold Ctrl + Shift + C at the 'Neighborhood' screen to display the cheat console window and then enter 'modifyneighbourhoodterrain on' (without the quotes) and click over the area you want to change. To select a larger area click and drag the cursor to highlight the desired area and press '[' or ']' to either raise or lower the terrain and click, press '' to level the terrain. When you have the desired result type 'modifyNeighborhoodTerrain off' in the console.
The best footy game ever!!! Added 13 Dec 2004, ID #12017
Save the game when you have beaten 'Hard' difficulty setting and then load the 'Clear Game' file and Mania mode will be an available option. Mania mode is harder than the hard difficulty setting.
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