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Pokemon TCG Live Beginner Cheats and Tips

Android, Mac, PC, iPhone/iPad
Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats
Pokemon TCG Live Beginner Cheats and Tips

Pokemon TCG Live Beginner Cheats and Tips

In Pokemon TCG Live (Pokemon Trading Card Game Live) you can battle, collect cards, build decks, and test skills with daily challenges. It is a digital version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and the successor to the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. The game is free-to-play on PC, Android, iOS, and Mac.

  • Understand the Currencies

    There are three types of currencies in Pokemon TCG Live: Coins, Crystals, and Credits.

    • Coins
    • The most common currency is Coins and they are used to buy cosmetic items like deck boxes and sleeves. They do not have any effect on your card collection.

    • Crystals
    • Crystals are a rare currency that are used to buy packs in the shop, and to unlock the Premium Battle Pass. You can collect 60 Crystals a day by completing your daily quest.

    • Credits
    • You earn credits through the Battle Pass, and by receiving cards that you already have 4 of in your collection. Credits can be directly exchanged for the cards you want. The Credit cost of a card is determined by its rarity.

  • Purchase the Battlepass

    The main way in which you can acquire packs of cards in Pokemon TCG Live is through the Battlepass. The Battlepass updates with every new expansion that is released and includes several different rewards you can earn on its way to completion. You progress through the Battle Pass by completing the daily quests and winning games on the ladder.

    If you intend to play regularly it is recommended that you purchase the Premium Battle Pass. It costs 600 Crystals, but reimburses almost all those Crystals if you get far enough.

  • The Best Set to Open

    Without a doubt, the best set to open in Pokemon TCG Live is Celebrations. Celebrations is a very small set, so you will have no difficulty collecting 4-ofs quickly. In addition, all cards in the set count as Rare or above, and as such provide many more Credits than cards in other sets. If you redeem 200 Celebrations packs, you should have about 80k Credits available.

  • Pokemon TCG Live Beginner Cheats and Tips

  • Do Not Spend Credits on Bundles

    Resist the temptation to spend Crystals on any of the Bundles or main sets from the in-game shop. It is more beneficial to go to the 'Expansions' tab, select 'Celebrations', and buy the 6-pack bundle for 1120 Crystals whenever you have enough of them. This is easily the most Credit value you can get out of your Crystals.

  • Best Starting Deck

    If you are new to the game Lost Giratina is a very good deck to begin with especially to start learning how to play lost zone decks. If you're planning on getting more into the competitive side you should check out the decks in Limitless as they are the more established winning decks.

  • How to Win Matches

    You win a match in Pokemon TCG Live when you win all 6 Prize Cards. If you have no Active or Bench Pokemon remaining at all, the opposition may win too. Also, if any player has no cards to draw from their deck, i.e., their deck is cardless, their opposition would be the winner of the match.

  • Attach Item Cards

    Instead of trying to attack weaker Pokemon, try to attach as many Item cards as possible, evolve your Pokemon, stack Energy cards, and begin your attack with a powerful move.

  • Pokemon TCG Live Beginner Cheats and Tips

  • How to Knock Out Pokemon

    You can see what the maximum amount of damage a Pokemon can receive before it gets knocked out by looking at the HP (Hit Points) on the top right of every Pokemon Card.

  • How to Win Prize Cards

    In order to win Prize cards you need to knock out your opposition. Some cards also have instructions on whether the winner takes 1 or more Prize Cards, hence act accordingly.

  • How to Play Pokemon TCG Live Video

    Take a look at the video below to see how you play Pokemon TCG Live.

  • How to Play Pokemon TCG Live Video


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