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Pokemon Revolution Online Cheats and Tips

Android, PC
Last Updated: by Richard
Pokemon Revolution Online Cheats and Tips

Pokemon Revolution Online is an MMO that allows players to explore the Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Johto regions while trying to capture Pokemon from all seven generations. Take a look at our Pokemon Revolution Online cheats and tips to get help with this game. Pokemon Revolution Online is free to download and costs nothing to play.

Pokemon Revolution Online

In Pokemon Revolution Online you can also create guilds with your friends and participate in numerous mini-games and side quests around the map.

Pokemon Revolution Online Cheats and Tips

Take a look at our cheats and tips to get help with this game.

  • How to Download Pokemon Revolution Online

    To install Pokemon Revolution Online simply click on the link below and follow the instructions.

  • Download Pokemon Revolution Online

  • How to get all the Starters

    The only way you can get all the starters in Pokemon Revolution Online is to ask someone to give you the other starters which are huntable in Johto Safari.

  • How to Level Up Low Level Pokemon Quickly

    The easiest way to level up low level Pokemon quickly is to fight all NPC trainers from the 4th to the 8th badge.

  • How to Trade

    Once you have obtained Celadon City Gym's Rainbow Badge, you will be able to trade in any Pokemon Center. To initiate a trade with someone you need to right-click their character and select the 'Trade' option. You will be able to use the command /trade username.

  • How to Sell Pokemon

    There are three different ways in which you can sell Pokemon in Pokemon Revolution Online.

    1) Use the trade chat in-game. Simply drag Pokemon's you want to sell and announce their price/offers.

    2) Use the trades section on the forum. Make your way into the trade zone and make sure you are in the right section of the forum to post your trades.

    3) Use the trade zones in PRO discord.

  • How to Sell Items

    You can sell Nuggets, Pearls, etc. to some Item Maniacs which you will find at the following locations:

    - Kanto: Route 25 in a Hause

    - Johto: Ruins of Alph in the top left ruin

    - Hoenn: Route 124 at an island.

    - Sinnoh: Located in Celestic Town

  • Any items you are unable to sell to Item Maniacs you will have to sell at the tradechat providing the items are holdable for Pokemon.

  • How to get to Sinnoh

    To get to Sinnoh in Pokemon Revolution Online, you have to talk to Paul in Lilycove City. Paul will tell you about the circumstances with Team Galactic and ask for your help. Once you agree to assist him, you will be teleported to Littleroot Town, to your house.

  • How to get to Hoenn

    To gain access to Hoenn in Pokemon Revolution Online, you must defeat Youngster Joey at Indigo Plateau. His sole requirement is a level 80 Rattata that has your OT. After you defeat Joey speak with Hoenn Traveler Charles and you will be teleported to the Starting Truck in Littleroot Town.

  • How to Travel Between Regions

    There is a boat at the docks that are south of the Lilycove Pokecentre. Talk to the sailor and he will be able to take you to any region depending on if you meet the requirements.

  • How to Fish

    Fishing in Pokemon Revolution Online is a mechanic that enables you to encounter the Pokemon that live in water. A Fishing Rod icon appears in the spawn list of each map when a Pokemon can be obtained through fishing. In order to use your fishing rod to capture the aquatic Pokemon you must select your fishing rod from your backpack while standing near water and wait 4 seconds.

  • Where to Find Yorkies Brother

    In Pokemon Revolution Online Yorkie's brother can be found at the following locations:

    - A mini-island on Route 21

    - Victory Road Kanto 2F

    - Saffron City's Pokemart

    - Route 10 (adjacent to the Power Plant)

    - Diglett's Cave

  • How do you get the Bike

    You can purchase the bike for 60k or 40k if you also capture a Ditto and bring it to the Old Man who lives in the house next to the Pokecenter in Vermillion. You will be able to earn a lot of money by doing the quests in Viridian, Pewter and Cerulean.

How to Farm Money in Pokemon Revolution Online

For maximized money gains in Pokemon Revolution Online you need to Dig Spots every three days, Pokestops every day and a half, Mushrooms every 2 weeks, Bosses every 2 weeks, do daily excavations, and fight trainers every week. If you do all of these things you will earn a ton of money.


Pokemon Revolution Online FAQ's

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