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Pokemon Prism Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Pokemon Prism

Last Updated: by Dennis

Pokemon Prism is a ROM Hack of Pokemon Crystal which was released on the Game Boy Color in 2000. Pokemon Prism can be played on a Game Boy Color emulator for Windows. All of the codes listed below are Game Shark codes because there is a Game Genie option. It is adivised that you use Gameboy Advance emulators as they have a better and easier way to input cheat codes. Pokemon Prism features a roster of over 250 Pokemon from four generations and follows the story of Lance's son, who, after playing in the mines, gets lost and ends up in the Najlo region. The objective of the game is to collect all eight Najlo badges and fix the corrupted region. Pokemon Prism also features three new moves and some new mini-games. Take a look at our Pokemon Prism Codes to unlock some great stuff in the game.

You may also want to take a look at the large collection of Pokemon Crystal cheats we have on SuperCheats which have been gathered since the game's release in 2000. As Pokemon Prism is a ROM hack of Pokemon Crystal you will find some of the information you find there useful. You will also find plenty of feedback from users who will be more than happy to answer any questions you have or give you advice on any problems you may have regarding the game.

Thank you for visiting our collection of information for Pokemon Prism. Please check below for game help and ask your questions for this game. And you can help others by answering questions or adding your cheats and tips.

Pokemon Prism Cheats

Entering Pokemon Delta Emerald Cheats
All the cheats that are listed on this page are entered into Pokemon Prism using a GameShark device. Before you enter the codes, it is important that you are aware that using these types of cheats can sometimes mess up your game by causing it to randomly freeze and glitch. In order to help prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you input the cheats one at a time. The fewer codes you have enabled, the less chance there is of your game encountering problems

Best Pokemon Prism Cheats On SuperCheats
The one thing you want to avoid doing when entering the Game Shark and Code Breaker codes on this page is entering too many as doing so will risk screwing up the game. It is therefore recommended that you only input the most beneficial ones, listed below are the codes on SuperCheats you should give priority to as we feel they are the most benefical ones for Pokemon Prism.

1) Unlimited Money
This is without doubt one of the best Game Shark codes you can input into Pokemon Prism as it means not having to worry about having enough money when you visit the Poke Mart to buy things like Healing items.

2) Wild Pokemon Modifier
This is a useful Game Shark code as it enables you to choose the Pokemon you encounter.

3) Walk Through Walls
Inputting this code will allow you to walk through anything in the game. There are certain places though where this code will not work which means you need to be careful while traversing those areas.

4) Pokemon Hit Points
This Game Shark code enables you to modify the Hit Points of the individual Pokemon in your party.

Pokemon Prism Cheats You Should Avoid
Below are three Game Shark codes you should avoid inputting, as they have been known to cause problems.

1) Shiny Pokemon Encounter
This Game Shark cheat is unreliable and not worth the risk as there have been reports of it causing bugs. Also, once this code is activated and you fought a Shiny, you won't be able to escape the battle.

2) Unlock All Items Cheat
This is another cheat we have not listed, as it creates the same problem as the Unlock All Poke Ball Cheat. There are a lot of items in the game that you do not need and unlocking them all will fill up your inventory. It is much better to input the Unlimited Money cheat and just purchase what you need at the Poke Mart.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

Wild Pokemon Level Modifier (Game Shark)

Input the Game Shark code below to encounter a Wild Pokemon of your desired level. Change the XX into the numbers of the level you want to face. In order to face a level 100 Pokemon you need to change XX into two zeros.


Walk Through Walls (Game Shark)

Inputting this Game Shark codes will allow your character to walk through anything in the game. There are though certain spots where this code will not work which means you need to be careful while traversing those areas.


Wild Pokemon Gender modifier (Game Shark)

Input the Game Shark code of the gender that you want and battle a Wild Pokemon to capture it with your preferred gender.

Female Code
7F06853C D823D089
0A694B5A 43A6964F

Male Code
7F06853C D823D089
7980105E FC3721D0

Enemy Pokemon Starts Off with a Status Ailment

Input the Game Shark code below to give the enemy Pokemon a status ailment, which will affect it's ability to battle. When entering the code, replace the XX with the status ailment you want to give the enemy Pokemon.

Replace XX with the following:

01 - SLP

08 - PSN

0f - PSN + SLP

10 - BRN

17 - BRN + SLP

20 - FRZ

30 - FRZ + BRN

40 - PAR

Pokemon Hit Points (HP) Modifier (Game Shark)

Enter the Game Shark code corresponding to where your Pokemon is situated in your party to modify their Hit Points. If, for example, you wanted to modify the Hit Points of the first Pokemon in your party, you need to input the first Pokemon code.

First Pokemon

Infinite HP (Larger) - 01034CDA 910301DD

Infinite HP (Smaller) - 01E74DDA 91E702DD

Max HP Modifier (Larger) - 01034EDA 910303DD

Max HP Modifier (Smaller) - 01E74FDA 91E704DD

Second Pokemon

Infinite HP (Larger) - 01037CDA 910331DD

Infinite HP (Smaller) - 01E77DDA 91E732DD

Max HP Modifier (Larger) - 01037EDA 910333DD

Max HP Modifier (Smaller) - 01E77FDA 91E734DD

Third Pokemon

Infinite HP (Larger) - 0103ACDA 910361DD

Infinite HP (Smaller) - 01E7ADDA 91E762DD

Max HP Modifier (Larger) - 0103AEDA 910363DD

Max HP Modifier (Smaller) - 01E7AFDA 91E764DD

Fourth Pokemon

Infinite HP (Larger) - 0103DCDA 910391DD

Infinite HP (Smaller) - 01E7DDDA 91E792DD

Max HP Modifier (Larger) - 0103DEDA 910393DD

Max HP Modifier (Smaller) - 01E7DFDA 91E794DD

Fifth Pokemon

Infinite HP (Larger) - 01030CDB 9103C1DD

Infinite HP (Smaller) - 01E70DDB 91E7C2DD

Max HP Modifier (Larger) - 01030EDB 9103C3DD

Max HP Modifier (Smaller) - 01E70FDB 91E7C4DD

Sixth Pokemon

Infinite HP (Larger) - 01033CDB 9103F1DD

Infinite HP (Smaller) - 01E73DDB 91E7F2DD

Max HP Modifier (Larger) - 01033EDB 9103F3DD

Max HP Modifier (Smaller) - 01E73FDB 91E7F4DD

Unlimited EXP (Game Shark)

The following Game Shark codes will enable you to get unlimited Experience Points (EXP). The amount of EXP an individual Pokemon has is an indication of how much it has battled, it is gained in battle by defeating an opponent Pokemon without fainting. Input the code and battle any Pokemon. Regardless of the enemy Pokemon's level, you will have an unlimited amount of EXP. The EXP bar will continue to fill, and your Pokemon will continue to level up. When you do not want your Pokemon to level up any more you just need to turn off the code.


Wild Pokemon Modifier (Game Shark)

Input the code below and change the XX with the corresponding code of the Pokemon you want to encounter. Keep in mind that some of the Pokemon will not be available as they are not present beyond Generation II.

01 - Bulbasaur

02 - Ivysaur

03 - Venusaur

04 - Charmander

05 - Charmeleon

06 - Charizard

07 - Squirtle

08 - Wartortle

09 - Blastoise

0A - Caterpie

0B - Metapod

0C - Butterfree

0D - Weedle

0E - Kakuna

0F - Beedrill

10 - Pidgey

11 - Pidgeotto

12 - Pidgeot

13 - Rattata

14 - Raticate

15 - Spearow

16 - Fearow

17 - Ekans

18 - Arbok

19 - Pikachu

1A - Raichu

1B - Sandshrew

1C - Sandslash

1D - Nidoran Female

1E - Nidorina

1F - Nidoqueen

20 - Nidoran Male

21 - Nidorino

22 - nidoking

23 - Clefairy

24 - Clefable

25 - Vulpix

26 - Ninetails

27 - Jigglypuff

28 - Wigglytuff

29 - Zubat

2A - Golbat

2B - Oddish

2C - Gloom

2D - Vileplume

2E - Paras

2F - Parasect

30 - Venonat

31 - Venomoth

32 - Diglett

33 - Dugtrio

34 - Meowth

35 - Persian

36 - Psyduck

37 - Golduck

38 - Mankey

39 - Primeape

3A - Growlithe

3B - Arcanine

3C - Poliwag

3D - Poliwhirl

3E - Poliwrath

3F - Abra

40 - Kadabra

41 - Alakazam

42 - Machop

43 - Machoke

44 - Machamp

45 - Bellsprout

46 - Weepinbell

47 - Victreebell

48 - Tentacool

49 - Tentacruel

4A - Geodude

4B - Graveler

4C - Golem

4D - Ponyta

4E - Rapidash

4F - Slowpoke

50 - Slowbro

51 - Magnemite

52 - Magneton

53 - Farfetched

54 - Doduo

55 - Dodrio

56 - Seel

57 - Dewgong

58 - Grimer

59 - Muk

5A - Shellder

5B - Cloyster

5C - Gastly

5D - Haunter

5E - Gengar

5F - Onix

60 - Drowzee

61 - Hypno

62 - Krabby

63 - Kingler

64 - Voltorb

65 - Electrode

66 - Exeggcute

67 - Exeggcutor

68 - Cubone

69 - Marowak

6A - Hitmonlee

6B - Hitmonchan

6C - Lickitung

6D - Koffing

6E - Weezing

6F - Rhyhorn

70 - Rhydon


Unlimited Money (Game Shark)

Without doubt one of the best Game Shark codes you can input into your Pokemon Prism game as it will give you an unlimited amount of money, which you will find very useful when you want to purchase something at the Poke Mart.


Encounter Shiny Pokemon (Game Shark)

Input the Game Shark code to encounter a Wild Shiny Pokemon. It is important to remember that once the code is activated, and you fought a Shiny, you won't be able to escape the battle.



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