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Pokemon Infinite Fusion Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Cheats

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a Pokemon fangame that allows you to fuse together Pokemon to create 176,000 new species. Like every other Pokemon game, there are ways that you can cheat to gain sought-after items such as Master Balls and Rare Candy quicker than it would normally take. Our Pokemon Infinite Fusion Cheats guide will tell you what you need to know.

How to Download Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is based on Japeal's Pokemon Fusion Generator. You can play Pokemon Infinite Fusion by clicking the following link Pokemon Infinite Fusion to down load it.

  • Step 1

    Download the zip file of the game from the link above.

  • Step 2

    Extract the file using a program like WinRAR or launch the installer.

  • Step 3

    Launch the EXE file to start the game.

How to Cheat in Pokemon Infinite Fusion

There are two different ways in which you can cheat in Pokemon Infinite Fusion. One way is to use an in-game item called Magic Boots and the other way is to use third-party cheat software Cheat Engine.

How to Get Magic Boots

In official Pokemon games you normally get awarded the Shiny Charm when you complete their Pokedex. In Pokemon Infinite Fusion you will instead be given access to the Debug Menu via the Magic Boots once you have caught all the Pokemon which in the case of this game is all 420 in the base game.

Once you have managed to complete the Pokedex you need to head to Celadon City and talk to the Game Developer NPC who will give you the Magic Boots and unlock Debug mode. If you talk to Debug Fish when you have the Magic Boots you will be taken to Debug Island where you will be able to easily access various commands.

How to Get Magic Boots with a Cheat Engine

You can skip having to complete the Pokedex requirement to obtain the Magic Boots in Pokemon Infinite Fusion by using the third-party program Cheat Engine. If you decide to use Cheat Engine you need to be aware that many online games run anti-cheat software in the background which can suspend your account if it detects you have it downloaded.

The following steps will tell you the process of how to get the Magic Boots with Cheat Engine in Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

  • Step 1

    Launch Pokemon Infinite Fusion and purchase two Potions. Deposit a Potion in your PC (you do not need to do this if there is one there already).

  • Step 2

    Launch Cheat Engine and open Pokemon Infinite Fusion inside the program. Then in the Hex box, type '3' and click 'First Scan'.

  • Step 3

    In Pokemon Infinite Fusion, deposit another Potion into your PC and type '5' into the Hex box in Cheat Engine and click 'Next Scan'.

  • Step 4

    Withdraw a Potion from your PC and type '3' into the Hex box and click 'Next Scan'. You should now only see one address in the 'Found' box on the left of Cheat Engine.

  • Step 5

    Right-click the address and click Browse this memory region. Click anywhere on the top line and press the up arrow key once.

  • Step 6

    Look for 0C 1B 78 02 - this may appear differently in future versions but should always be nine places away from the final number in the code. Change 0C 1B 78 02 to 02 2B A9 03.

  • Step 7

    Close the window and return to Pokemon Infinite Fusion. Withdraw Magic Boots from the PC.

Using Cheat Engine is complicated, if you are unfamiliar with hex editing and editing code values it is recommended that you stick with the Magic Boots instead.

What Do Magic Boots Do?

Once you have Magic Boots it will be in the Key Items section of your Bag and it can be used to enable Debug Mode. You will then be able to access Debug Mode anytime by pressing F9 on your keyboard or by holding down the CTRL key and walking over any tile. In Debug Mode you will have access to developer controls and manipulate the game in various ways.

Debug Mode

Before you start tinkering around with Debug Mode it is recommended that you make a backup of your save. This way is things go horribly wrong you have something to go back to. In Debug Mode you will see several options where you will be allowed to add items, heal your party, and even give yourself a set amount of money. Below is a list of the options:

    • Add Item
    • Animation Editor
    • Debug Console
    • Heal Party
    • Map Connections
    • Quick Hatch
    • Refresh Map
    • Reset Trainers
    • Set Badges
    • Set Metadata
    • Set Money
    • Set Player Character
    • Set Terrain Tags
    • Switches
    • Toggle Pokedex
    • Toggle Running Shoes
    • Use PC
    • Variables
    • Warp to Map

You will also be given access to Testing Island in Debug mode where various NPCs can perform the following:

    • Add and remove money
    • Buy items
    • Create a save backup
    • Fight a specific Pokemon fusion
    • Generate a double battle
    • Generate a single battle
    • Heal your team
    • Learn and forget moves
    • Make a Pokemon friendly
    • Receive a specific Pokemon fusion


Pokemon Infinite Fusion FAQ's

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