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Pokemon Delta Emerald Cheats and Tips

Gameboy Advance
Last Updated: by Dennis

Pokemon Delta Emerald is a ROM Hack of Pokemon Emerald which was released on the Game Boy Advance in 2004. Pokemon Delta Emerald can be played on a GBA emulator and the hack incorporates a lot of the things that were added in the remakes, which were Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Omega Ruby. This basically means that although the Pokemon Delta Emerald follows the original Hoenn story, a lot of the things may have been added based on the ORAS remakes. In Pokemon Delta Emerald you must traverse the Hoenn region and conquer a series of eight Pokemon Gyms in order to challenge the Elite Four and its Champion, while the main subplot is to defeat two criminal organizations attempting to harness a legendary Pokemon's power for their own goals. Take a look at our Pokemon Glazed Reborn Codes to unlock some great stuff in the game.

You may also want to take a look at the large collection of Pokemon Emerald cheats we have on SuperCheats which have been gathered since the game's release in 2004. As Pokemon Delta Emerald is a ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald you will find some of the information you find there useful. You will also find plenty of feedback from users who will be more than happy to answer any questions you have or give you advice on any problems you may have regarding the game.

Thank you for visiting our collection of information for Pokemon Delta Emerald. Please check below for game help and ask your questions for this game. And you can help others by answering questions or adding your cheats and tips.

Pokemon Delta Emerald Cheats

Entering Pokemon Delta Emerald Cheats

All the cheats that are listed on this page are entered into Pokemon Delta Emerald using a GameShark or Code Breaker device. Before you enter the codes, it is important that you are aware that using these types of cheats can sometimes mess up your game by causing it to randomly freeze and glitch. In order to help prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you input the cheats one at a time. The fewer codes you have enabled, the less chance there is of your game encountering problems.

Best Pokemon Delta Emerald Cheats On SuperCheats

The one thing you want to avoid doing when entering the Game Shark and Code Breaker codes on this page is entering too many as doing so will risk screwing up the game. It is therefore recommended that you only input the most beneficial ones, listed below are the codes on SuperCheats you should give priority to as we feel they are the most benefical ones for Pokemon Delta Emerald.

1) Unlimited Money

You can't go wrong inputting this code as it means not having to worry about having enough money when you visit the Poke Mart to buy things like Healing items.

2) Unlimited Master Balls

This is another code you should input as Master Balls guarantee 100% capture rate so having an endless supply of them will make catching the Pokemon a lot easier.

3) Max Stats

These are useful codes as they allow you to max out the different stats of your Pokemon. You can activitae these codes one by one or all at the same time.

4) Walk Through Walls

Inputting this code will allow you to walk through anything in the game. There are certain places though where this code will not work which means you need to be careful while traversing those areas.

5) Teleport

This is a great time saving cheat as it will allow you to go directly to the corresponding location in Pokemon Delta Emerald.

Pokemon Mega Light Platinum Cheats You Should Avoid

Below are three codes you should avoid inputting, as they have been known to cause problems.

1) Shiny Pokemon Encounter

This Game Shark cheat is unreliable and not worth the risk as there have been reports of it causing bugs. In most cases you won't experience a problem so it's up to you whether you want to take a chance.

2) Unlock All Poke Balls

There are a lot of Poke Balls that can be used to help capture Pokemon and inputting the Unlock All Poke Ball Cheat will clutter up your inventory with them. You only need the Unlimited Master Balls cheat. We have not listed the Unlock All Poke Ball Cheat.

3) Unlock All Items Cheat

This is another cheat we have not listed, as it creates the same problem as the Unlock All Poke Ball Cheat. There are a lot of items in the game that you do not need and unlocking them all will fill up your inventory. It is much better to input the Unlimited Money cheat and just purchase what you need at the Poke Mart.

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

Shiny Pokemon Encounter (Game Shark)

Input the Game Shark code and encounter Shiny Pokemon. It is important to remember to turn the code off before you catch the Pokemon. That is because there is a bug where the name of your captured Shiny Pokemon will not be the name that you put it on. Even if you don't name your Pokemon the bug will still happen.

F3A9A86D 4E2629B4
18452A7D DDE55BCC

Unlimited Rare Candy (Game Shark)

Input this Game Shark code and go to the Item PC to withdraw an unlimited amount of Rare Candies. Candies are packed with energy and will raise the level of a Pokemon by one.


Unlimited EXP (Code Breaker)

The following Code Breaker codes will enable you to get unlimited Experience Points (EXP). The amount of EXP an individual Pokemon has is an indication of how much it has battled, it is gained in battle by defeating an opponent Pokemon without fainting. Input the code and battle any Pokemon. Regardless of the enemy Pokemon's level, you will have an unlimited amount of EXP. The EXP bar will continue to fill and your Pokemon will continue to level up. You can always turn off the cheat if you don't want to get more EXP.


Wild Pokemon Gender modifier (Game Shark)

Input the Game Shark code of the gender that you want and battle a Wild Pokemon to capture it with your preferred gender.

Female Code
7F06853C D823D089
0A694B5A 43A6964F

Male Code
7F06853C D823D089
7980105E FC3721D0

Walk Through Walls (Game Shark)

Inputting this Game Shark code will allow your character to walk through anything in the game. It can range from walls, trees, borders, buildings, and more. Just remember that there are certain places where this code will not work which means you need to be careful while traversing those areas.

7881A409 E2026E0C
8E883EFF 92E9660D

Unlimited Master Ball (Game Shark)

This is a great Game Shark code to enter in Pokemon Delta Emerald as it gives you an unlimited number of Master Balls to use when catching Pokemon. Each Master Ball gives you a guaranteed 100% capture rate, which makes catching the Pokemon a lot easier. Simply input the code and head to a Poke Mart. All the items being sold will be Master Balls, and they are free and unlimited.

958D8046 A7151D70
8BB602F7 8CEB681A

Teleport (Game Shark)

The following Game Shark codes when entered will enable you to go to the corresponding location in Pokemon Delta Emerald. Enter any door or entry point where it transitions you to another area, and you will be sent there. Remember to turn off the cheat, otherwise you will just return to the same point. As this is a ROM hack you may experience problems with some area codes but the majority of them work fine.

6266061B C8C9D80F - Player's House

6178C413 3E2FF736 - Elite Four Sidney

CE4225D2 7BDD5C76 - Shard Collector's house (Route 124)

303D269F 12358A21 - Player's Room

41509519 56FA6E47 - Flower House (Route 104)

A6DF8006 B219CFD6 - Old Lady Rest Stop (Route 111)

16830A6F EEFE51C8 - Ever Grande City

F0EC26B8 31EC5657 - Southern Island

734D21AC ABA1D48F - Petalburg City

4CF78722 99D85A9F - Slateport City

B49EB935 5B46BF8B - Mauville City

93DF5785 8CD8CE27 - Rustboro City

B6D1DB88 5987C390 - Fortree City

EF6C4684 7B994DBB - Lilycove City

872D5923 BC0EB4CF - Mossdeep City

1DE2E5F2 55690815 - Sootopolis City

16830A6F EEFE51C8 - Ever Grande City

F89BD08B ED8D449E - Littleroot Town

8F7BB880 613514DE - Oldale Town

26FE9036 CFBAF75B - Dewford Town

05DF8009 6EB6EEA8 - Lavaridge Town

7F7F34B1 DC5CFBD6 - Fallarbor Town

453A42B4 BE47C4F9 - Verdanturf Town

9697749C BF836364 - Pacifidlog Town

7DE5E94F 91EB4C93 - Route 101

0333BAF0 0661FE19 - Route 102

D9E2E15D 589AC20A - Route 103

A6BE8B1F 442B2029 - Route 104

0ACBA427 D063137D - Route 105

35B2E915 9E9D0012 - Route 106

AFAE04F5 6CCDFB3E - Route 107

289910FE A48BEDF5 - Route 108

3845BE84 2E324169 - Route 109

04E9A63A 1BC8E597 - Route 110

AB0C156A D5A95250 - Route 111

025B426C 12639FAC - Route 112

1879ADB1 CB62A316 - Route 113

25D9C1E7 766EBE07 - Route 114

F2D1DB2B C9CDE60B - Route 115

4226147F 51EAECCA - Route 116

A23F358D 29D6AFD2 - Route 117

F32D560C 20C2FA1D - Route 118

69007B18 B8CE5066 - Route 119

E2523DAE 9D543CE3 - Route 120

69BAFFE1 5E6BECD9 - Route 121

62E24072 7AB96124 - Route 122

CD6BFF27 4018232F - Route 123

F0780A4C BE2572E1 - Route 124

D764542D 1F715705 - Route 125

5BD6DFED 7797FB20 - Route 126

3BC12070 90FE6FA2 - Route 127

A493B39A 5368963E - Route 128

C90EDBEB 39D9C505 - Route 129

1ADFAD12 1CB122C4 - Route 130

0C2F5CD4 EE816009 - Route 131

D73F6AC5 4E85B7CA - Route 132

A341954E 09968A73 - Route 133

183802E7 7C6B0493 - Route 134

1739A0F3 901C5B31 - Roof of Lil..

No Random Battles (Game Shark)

Entering this Game Shark code will ensure that you don't have any Wild Pokemon encounters. Trainer battles can still happen though.

B505DB41 6E39EA4E

Unlimited Money (Game Shark)

Entering this GameShark code will give you an unlimited amount of money, which you will find very useful when you want to purchase something at the Poke Mart. Input the code and go to a Poke Mart to activate it. When you then leave the Poke Mart, you will have unlimited money.

D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3
1C7B3231 B494738C
C051CCF6 975E8DA1

Max Stats (Game Shark)

Input the code of the stat you want your Pokemon to be maxed out on. These codes can be activated all at the same time or individually.

35A039FD B90C0C5B - Max HP
973FBE3F EDC8200D - Max Attack
979050AE 6F56B497 - Max Defense
E9B89F9D C73B5749 - Max SP Attack
DBC9F375 30D76D78 - Max SP Defense
35B2E18D FC573426 - Max Speed


Pokemon Delta Emerald FAQ's

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