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Pokemon Conquest

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Full Review for Pokemon Conquest by gamemaniac9/14

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Who would have though a simple experiment by Nintendo would result in something as great as Pokemon Conquest?!Nintendo originally made this game as an RPG crossover of the world famous Pokemon series and a little lesser known Nobunaga's Ambition.Pokemon Conquest is the first RPG crossover ever tried by Nintendo.The game starts off in a little confusing way but everything soon becomes crystal clear.



The graphics of the game is a little unbelievable.Although the characters first look cartoonish,they slowly blend in and actually look like real characters!The Pokemon look a little original from the start,and to be frank,they actually look more cuter than in the mainstream Pokemon games.



The music in Pokemon Conquest vary almost everywhere.From the default World Map music to when a Pokemon evolves to when a Warlord evolves to when something good or bad happens to you to getting involved in a regular battle or Warlord battle,the music is different everywhere!



Pokémon Conquest features a turn-based strategy battle system. Up to six Pokémon on each side are positioned on the battlefield, one for each participating Warlord, and both sides take turns moving and attacking with their Pokémon. A battle is won or lost when one side achieves the victory conditions for the match, for example defeating all the opponent's Pokémon, or capturing all the flags on the field, and so on. When a battle is won, all participating Pokémon gain points to their Link with their respective Warlords. The player can recruit more Warlords, and thus more potential Pokémon to choose from for battle, throughout the game, often through defeating them in battle. There is also a multiplayer wireless mode in which two players may battle each other.

Pokémon in the game can grow in strength by increasing their Link with their Warlord. Depending on how well matched a pair is, the maximum level of the Link between the two varies, with most Warlords only able to achieve a 100% or Best Link with a single species of Pokémon. Aside from growing more powerful, Pokémon may evolve when their Link reaches a high enough percentage, though there are also Pokémon which evolve through other conditions such as the use of specific items. Warlords can also establish links with Pokémon other than the one they started with, though only one can be used by each Warlord in a given battle at a time.

The game makes use of the seventeen Pokémon types and their respective weaknesses, resistances, and immunities. Pokémon also have various Abilities, many the same as in the main series games, as well as some unique new additions. Warlords also have Warlord Skill that can be used once per battle, which have various effects such as powering up or healing Pokémon. Warlords can also equip items, which can provide additional effects such as stat boosts or can be used during battle.

When a battle is won against an enemy kingdom's castle, the player conquers that map and now has access to three options: Train (increase link, though Pokémon cannot be used in battle), Search (recruit more allies), or shops, in which the player can buy items to use on Pokémon. There are also Ponigiri shops. Feeding a Pokémon these will increase it's energy, which affects it's performance in battle.

To be short,the Gameplay is very easy to grasp...



If you liked the main story,then this game should last a LONG time.After the main playthrough is complete,players are told of even more stories by no other than their trusted partner Oichi.Players get a task of completing a whopping 33 post-game missions with varying tasks,characters and difficulty.The tasks can climb from conquering a mere 4 Kingdoms to recruiting a set number of Pokemon or Warriors to uniting all Ransei again,which you have to do more than once for your information. Some of these missions have to be downloaded via Wi-Fi.During all these missions,players get an oppurtunity to evolve many Warlords,hunt down everyone's 'Best-Link' Pokemon,and even recruiting a few Legendaries.Doing everything can take a LONG time.



With my overall experience with Pokemon Conquest,I would say that it is a really great game.Great enough to keep you playing in your sleep!So,if you didn't yet get the game,you have no idea what your missing.We might even look forward to a sequel of the game,maybe one that has more Pokemon and Legendaries to recruit...

Final Score: 90%

Review by: gamemaniac9/14


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