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Follow the dark path or use the light

Lost in Nightmares (Stars)

by nightwolf1126

[email protected]
copyright 2012,MAY,27
I give supercheats the rights to post this walkthrough..

This is my first ever walkthrough.I put everything you need to find the Star in lost of nightmares.Good Luck.And i would like feed back to this walkthrough so i can better my future ones thank you..

Mansion: First Floor: Main Hall

Main Hall - 3 Stars

     Star 1 (Under stairwell)
     As you enter the main hall, run straight forward under the main staircase.
     Here you will pull the lever to open the doors upstairs.  Look up here.  
	The star is on the light.  

     Star 2 (Above entrance)
     You can hit this one from a few areas.  This is way up high above the 
     door from which you entered.  It's easy to hit from upstairs, but you 
     can shoot it from the main level as well.

     Star 3 (On top of chandelier)
     Head upstairs and turn right.  At the door, turn right again.  There
     is a painting on the wall here and a table.  There is a green herb
     (on amateur mode, at least)

Dining Room - 2 Stars

     Star 1 (Jill Only: Upstairs)
     You can only get this with Jill after entering the dining room.  Enter
	and turn right.  As you run down this ledge, you will see the star 
	hanging on the wall in the corner of the room. 

     Star 2 (Grandfather clock)
     As Chris enters, he should turn to the right and look at the 
     grandfather clock on his right.   Your back will be to the big dining
     room table.

Bathroom - 1 Star

     Star 1 (On wall above toilet)
     Enter the room and turn left.  Look on the wall above the toilet.  
     Star found!

Storage Room - 1 Star

     Star 1 (Inside cage)
     In front of you, slightly to the left, is a cage, covered by a sheet.
     Walk past this cage and turn back right to look at it.  A star resides

Spike Room - 1 Star
     Star 1 (On wall near spikes!)
     You want to get this now!  As the spikes start coming down, you'll 
     clearly see a star hanging on the wall.  You will not be able to retrieve
     this after stopping the spikes, so move quickly.  This is worth 1,000

Lever Room - 1 Star
     Star 1 (On ceiling in short hallway)
     After stopping the spikes from crushing your partner, walk back to the
     door from which you entered.  Turn right.  In the small hallway there a
     star is found on the ceiling.

Mansion: Second Floor
Upstairs Hallway - 1 Star

     Star 1 (On top of cabinet)
     This is found at the end of the hall on your right.  It is sitting among
     plates on top of the cabinet.Could be easy to miss.


As you enter the prison portion of the game, you should have amassed 6,500 base

You will aim to get four stars before heading upstairs, another upstairs and
yet another as you go downstairs again.  

You will encounter Guardians of Time here.  Avoid them or fight them, your 
choice but remember, if you die, you'll have to collect your stars again.  

Prison - 1st Floor

     Star 1 (On wall, above shelves)
     Just after dropping down, turn right and look above the shelves for the 
     11th star.  You should now have 5,500 base points by the way.

     Star 2 (Prison cell on right)
     Continue on after the first star and as you descend a staircase you 
     will be met with a line of prison cells.  A dead body resides in 
     the last one on your right.  The star is beside him.

     Star 3 (On second floor)
     Still moving forward, the path turns left.  Here you will come across
     an area with several rats. Continue forward and turn around.  Look back up
     towards the second floor. The star is on the wall. 

     Star 4 (Prison cell before stairs)
     On harder difficulties you may be pursued by the Guardian by this time
     so avoid him if possible.  Just before moving up the stairs, there is
     a cell in front of you.  This star is on the left wall.  You'll be 
     turning left to head up the stairs, so just walk up to the cell and 
     turn left.  You should see it.  

Prison - 2nd Floor

     Star 1 (First cell on right)
     After heading upstairs, look in the first cell on your right.  Peer
     in and shoot the star.

Prison - 1st Floor Again

     Star 1 (On shelves on left,Look in side the box on the bottom.)
     Downstairs, Take the left corridor 
     (with dead bodies on the ground) and you'll see the star
     on the shelves directly in front of you.


After using the jail key. You jump down once more.  
The waterway here houses the penultimate score star.
     Star 1 ( On wall behind at the bottom of the Stairs.)

     By following the left path, you will pick up the silver crest.  
     Continue moving ahead until you hit the staircase.  You can climb 
     them to get a good vantage point.  At the top, turn around completely
     and aim down the stairs.  You'll see the score star on the wall behind
     the bars.After you kill the 2 monster that are walking around..


After doing the puzzle section with cranks and spikes you'll emerge to 
the mansion again.  There are a pair of guns near the dead bodies.  Upon
retrieving one turn back.  Don't go to Wesker, otherwise you'll have
missed it!

     Star 1 (On wall in hallway)
     Get your guns and head backwards, shoot the final star, receive the 
     trophy.It's worth 1,000 points.