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Follow the dark path or use the light

Chicken Emblem Run Guide

by Solid_Lancelot


-Chicken Emblem Run Guide-
 by Solid_Lancelot
April ’09 – first version
1.	About This Guide
2.	FAQs
3.	Tips
4.	The Emblems
5.	The Chicken Emblem Run
6.	Other Emblems Groupings
7.	Contact Information
8.	Copyright Information
Having completed MGS4: GotP completely from top to bottom, acquiring all 40 
Emblems, downloads, secrets, and whatnot, I can easily say the Chicken Emblem 
Run was the most time-consuming and task-intensive part of the entire game.  

With this guide, you can knock off more than HALF of the 40 Emblems in one 
run, 22 in total and perhaps 23, depending on several conditions.  You will be 
given tips, locations, and such to make your Chicken Emblem run as enjoyable 
as the original concept of sneaking around, not killing anybody, and earning 
the Big Boss Emblem, albeit at a less daunting pace.  The acquirement of the 
Big Boss Emblem is a separate walkthrough itself.

I will be breaking down this guide by Act + Scene, as in what Emblems are best 
acquired during which Act, which scene.  For example:

HAWK - Middle East, Red Zone: just keep on resetting the area by entering the 
Militia Safe House and exiting back to the Red Zone; the PMCs are reset, just 
run towards the Militia in the back, crouch down in front of the sandbags, 
making sure at least a couple of the Militia is watching and just kill every 
PMC you can see

Should I have no specific location, I will state “Anywhere” or “N/A”.
Go ahead and ask ;o)
1. Do this on Liquid Easy, if only to be able to carry enough items and get 
the items-intensive Blue Bird Emblem.  Most of all, you don’t get frustrated 
dying over and over trying to do a task.  However, I did my Chicken Run on 
Solid Normal…it gave me a challenge that I totally enjoyed.  Most of all, 
don’t let Alerts Phases, Deaths, Continues, and Rations/Noodles/Regain 
consumption bother you…that’s the whole point during this run:  to really, 

2. Always do more than what the Emblem is asking for.  An example would be the 
Hawk Emblem, needing 25 praises to acquire it.  As you count, be sure you 
count to at least 30 or so.  You’d hate to find out you miscounted and got 
only 24 praises instead of the pre-requisite 25+ praises.  Trust me on this 
one, over-do everything by at least 5 to 10 more times.

3. This Chicken Emblem Run is far easier on a completed save, especially one 
with the Solar Gun and the various Middle East/South America/Europe disguises 
to save your ass as you massacre the Militia/Rebels.  It wouldn’t be much more 
difficult otherwise, though…just a bit easier.

4. Counting your stats is VITAL.  I cannot stress this more.  Besides a 
handful of the stats being shown via the ticker during Mission Briefings, most 
of the Emblems need to be counted by you and some sort of tracking system.  
The Mission Briefing ticker I mentioned is best viewed during the Act 5 
Briefing, skipping no scenes, as it scrolls across the screen far faster.  
Another good ticker is the Act 2 Briefing after skipping the first two scenes.  
There, you can see the following stats:  Total Play Time, Continues, 
Alert Phases, Total Kills, LIFE Recovery Items Used, Weapon Types Acquired, 
CQC Uses, Headshots, Knife Kills/Knockouts, Wall Press Time, Sideways Rolls, 
Forward Rolls, Crawling Time, Time in Cardboard Box/Drum, Combat Highs, and 
Weapons/Items Acquired.  That’s quite a lot the game already tracks for you, 
leaving you the rest to take care of.

In this guide, we are looking to knock off 22 Emblems (or 23, depending on a 
previous run/certain password), aiming for the Chicken Emblem overall.

#9 Bear: Defeat 100 or more enemies with CQC chokeholds

#10 Eagle: Perform 150 or more headshots

#13 Blue Bird: Give more than 50 or more healing items (Rations, Noodles, 
-------------- Regain) to militia/rebels 

#14 Hawk: Be praised 25 or more times by militia/rebels

#16 Ant: Perform 50 or more body searches during hold-ups

#17 Gibbon: Perform 50 or more hold-up

#18 Tortoise: Wear the Cardboard Box or Oil Drum for more than 60 minutes

#19 Rabbit: Flip through the pages of Playboy or Emotion Magazine more than 100 
----------- times

#20 Bee: Scan or Inject PMC Soldiers w/ the Syringe or Scanning Plug more than 
-------- 50 times

#21 Gecko: Stick to a wall for more than 60 minutes

#22 Scarab: Perform 100+ Forward Rolls

#23 Frog: Roll or jump to the side more than 200 times

#24 Inchworm: Crawl for more than 60 minutes

#25 Lobster: Crouch for more than 150 minutes

#26 Hyena: Pick up 400 or more weapons/items

#27 Hog: Enter a Combat High 10 times or more

#28 Pig: Consume 40 or more Rations, Noodles, or Regain

#29 Cow: Set off 100 or more Alert Phases

#30 Crocodile: Kill 400 or more enemies

#31 Giant Panda: Complete the game in more than 30 hours

#39 Puma: Set off 75 or more Alert Phases, Kill 250 or more enemies, 25 or 
--------- more Continues

#40 Chicken: Set off 150 or more Alert Phases, Kill 500 or more enemies, 50 or 
------------ more Continues, Complete the game in more than 35 hours, Consume 
             50 or more Rations, Noodles, or Regain

This 23rd Emblem really depends on two things:  whether you’ve completed the 
Big Boss Emblem, which allows you to acquire the Patriot Gun and/or entered 
the password for the 1911 Custom.

#15 Little Gray: Acquire 69 weapon types (70 if you count the 1911 Custom)


The insanity begins here!!!  I will simplify it by grouping the 22 Emblems 
into similar tasks/pre-requisites then mention where they can be “farmed” for.  

Groupings can help knock off several Emblems without tackling the others.  By 
perusing those groups, you can simply ignore the other Emblems and target 
specific ones.  Although this guide encourages you nailing the 22 mentioned, 
you can finish them off group by group.  

Nailing the 22 Emblems lands you the CorpseCamo (a default of continuing more 
than 41 times), which alongside with the Big Boss FaceCamo, you can lie down 
and play dead.  This fools even the Gekko.

Group 1 - Killing, Collecting, Eating, Reading, & Resting – Eagle, Tortoise, 
Rabbit, Hyena, Hog, Pig, Cow, Crocodile, Giant Panda, Puma, Chicken:

The easiest group as acquiring the Chicken Emblem also acquires you the Eagle, 
Tortoise, Rabbit, Hyena, Hog, Pig, Cow, Crocodile, Giant Panda, & Puma 

EAGLE – Middle East/South America: When killing enemies, aim for the head for 
a while; 150 or more is easily attainable if you use a silencer and keep on 
sniping; after you hit 150+, you can start firing more liberally

TORTOISE – Outer Haven, Command Center: RIGHT BEFORE you enter the Command 
Center, exiting an elevator, is a small cubbyhole of a room:  I suggest you 
saving your game here, putting on the Oil Drum, and just sit there for an hour

RABBIT – Outer Haven, Command Center: RIGHT BEFORE you enter the Command 
Center, exiting an elevator, is a small cubbyhole of a room:  I suggest you 
saving your game here, and pull out your choice of magazine, the Playboy one 
or the Beauty & the Beast Emo-Mag and flip through it 100+ times (hold L1 to 
wield it, R1 to place it, but before you place it, hit Triangle to enter 
first-person mode and view the magazine)

HYENA – Middle East/South America: Quite easy to get if you have the Solar 
Gun, simply kill an enemy, pick up their dropped weapon and blast them with a 
fully charged shot from the Solar Gun and between 2 to 5 more items will spill 
out, so rinse and repeat

HOG – Middle East/South America: Whenever you start to fire a gun during an 
Alert Phase, preferably an automatic rifle, just keep the fire button held 
down and shoot off 100+ rounds; you will then enter a Combat High and highly 
advisable to be equipping the Bandana when doing so as you don’t want to waste 
valuable DPs on buying general ammo

PIG - Anywhere: Use a Ration, eat Noodles, drink Regain AT ANY TIME you get 
damaged or your psyche is lowered

COW - Anywhere: Just run around, don’t be too subtle; if you see an enemy, run 
up to him, and say hi.  However, should you find yourself quite short of the 
150+ Alert Phases, the Shadow Moses Island Tank Hangar/Canyon Checkpoints is a 
great place to farm Alert Phases as moving from one place to another counts 
down the Alert Phases quickly and you can set one off almost immediately by 
running into the line of sight of numerous Scarabs

CROCODILE – Middle East/South America: Kill every living thing in sight, even 
the Militia/Rebels; highly suggested you hit 500+ BEFORE you get to Europe so 
rack up the kills in the set piece battles; the FROGs of Advent Palace, the 
PMCs in South America on top of Drebin’s APC, everybody during the EVA Bike 
Chase, Crying Wolf’s FROGs, the FROGs on the Ship’s Bow, and Screaming 
Mantis’s FROGs.  That’s a lot of kills there

GIANT PANDA – N/A: The Chicken Emblem overrides this but you get this anyway 
when hitting 35+ hours

PUMA – N/A: The Chicken Emblem overrides this but you get this anyway when you 
set off 100+ Alert Phases, Kill 500+ Enemies, and Continue 50+ times

CHICKEN – N/A: Run up to everybody and be seen; Kill everyone you see; Die as 
often as you can and Continue; Eat every time you get damaged or your psyche 
is lowered, Complete the game in more than 35 hours 

With this walkthrough suggesting you do this on Liquid Easy, accumulating the 
Continues and running up the clock can be such a chore for the Giant Panda, 
Puma, & Chicken Emblems.  

The best way to farm Continues is in the Outer Haven Command Center BEFORE the 
Screaming Mantis fight.  Save as soon as you get into this room.  Meryl is 
knocked out and prone on the ground at the very beginning of this set piece; 
simply aim for her head and fire…50+ times.  Should you forget to do this or 
love Meryl too much, during the Screaming Mantis fight, Johnny “Akiba” Sasaki 
is knocked out and you can headshot him instead but you are more likely 
interrupted by Mantis and her puppets here than by the FROGs in the previous 

Another stipulation that is tough to reach is the 35+ hour Emblem:  I highly 
suggest you view the cutscenes within the game again to run up the clock.  
This will also allow you to keep the PS3 on for the remaining hours far 
shorter than if you didn’t view the cutscenes.  When all was said and done 
before the end, I was about 11 hours short and I left my PS3 on for that long.  
Should you skip cutscenes, I fear you might have to leave your PS3 on for more 
than an entire day.  This is quite inadvisable.  Needlessly to say, I learned 
more about the MGS universe after watching the cutscenes the second time 
around.  Should all else fail, do your math and leave the PS3 on for that long 
with Snake in a prone position, preferably the prone crouching position as 
that would nail you the Lobster Emblem.

Group 2 – Calisthenics – Gecko, Scarab, Frog, Inchworm, Lobster: 

Exclusively done in the little cubbyhole of a room before the Outer Haven 
Command Center scene.  This room is one of the quietest in the entire game and 
you are allowed to do whatever without worry from being detected, attacked, 
killed, or whatever.  This room is found right after you exit the elevator 
that takes you down from the Ship Bow but DO NOT ENTER THE NEXT ROOM which 
leads to the Command Room manned by Screaming Mantis and her FROGs.  Save here 
and complete the pre-requisites for the Emblems, then move on.

GECKO – Outer Haven, just before the Command Room, after the Ship Bow: Just 
stick to the wall for more than an hour

SCARAB – Outer Haven, just before the Command Room, after the Ship Bow: Just 
constantly do Forward Rolls (running forward and hitting X); in fact, starting 
off the game, always do Forward Rolls, this is way too easy to nail since you 
only need 100+; should you not have enough by then, the pre-Command Room 
cubbyhole room is good enough to do this in

FROG – Outer Haven, just before the Command Room, after the Ship Bow: You’d 
think the sideways roll while aiming would be easier, but nope; I’d actually 
suggest you drop to a crawl stance, aim, and then move to either direction (be 
sure to watch and see either one of Snake’s leg move) and hit X to perform a 
ground roll; rinse and repeat until you hit 200+ but do not continuously roll 
as that won’t count, do a complete roll

INCHWORM – Outer Haven, just before the Command Room, after the Ship Bow: Grab 
a rubber band, find a spot where Snake can crawl without the wall forcing him 
into the crouching position, string up the left analog stick and leave it be 
for more than an hour

LOBSTER – Outer Haven, just before the Command Room, after the Ship Bow: Just
crouch down and stay prone for a hour; DO NOT MOVE, DO NOT CRAWL, DO NOT 

Group 3 – Kung Fu Action – Bear, Ant, Gibbon, Bee:

Exclusively done in South America, between the elevated eastern hills of the 
Power Station and the western trail behind the Power Station.  The Bee Emblem 
is to be coupled with the Bear Emblem, whereas Ant and Gibbon goes well 
together.  Basically, you do the following, depending on which Emblem you are 
tackling at the time:

Bear/Bee – South America, Power Station: Just sneak up behind PMCs and inject 
them with a Syringe or Scanning Plug THEN put them to sleep or snap their 
necks, this will take care of the Bee’s 50+ Injections/Scans and half of the 
Bear’s 100+ CQC chokeholds

Ant/Gibbon – South America, Power Station: Just sneak up behind PMCs, hold 
them up and then frisk them.  However, DO NOT go for the balls-grab that 
knocks them out; instead, quickly get behind them, put them to sleep or snap 
their necks, this will take care of the Ant’s/Gibbon’s 50+ Hold-Ups/Frisks and 
finish off the Bear’s 100+ CQC chokeholds

Since you need copious amounts of PMCs patrolling the Power Station area and 
the western trail behind the Power Station, I urge that when you first arrive 
to the Power Station, DO NOT TAKE OUT THE POWER GRID; just make a beeline from 
the checkpoint and head to the western trail to trigger the cutscene with 

This way, the Rebels do not take out the Power Station and turn the area 
friendly; this also keeps the western trail behind the Power Station populated 
with PMCs instead of friendly Rebels.  The elevated hill to the east of the 
Power Station is ripe grounds for this grouping of Emblems, as well as the 
western trail.  Guards will also begin patrol routes in the no-man’s land in 
front of the Power Station where the Rebels originally launched their assault.

Group 4 – Fly Away With Me – Blue Bird, Hawk, Little Gray:

The first two are best done in Middle East, Red Zone where you can constantly 
enter and exit via the Militia Safe House to reset the PMCs and Militia so the 
Blue Bird and Hawk Emblems aren’t even too difficult to acquire.  The tricky 
one is Little Gray as it depends on two factors:  a previous playthrough or a 
password obtained from Konami.

BLUE BIRD - Middle East, Red Zone: just keep on resetting the area by entering 
the Militia Safe House and exiting back to the Red Zone; the PMCs are reset, 
just run towards the Militia in the back; as you reach the Militia, there’s a 
Ration nearby in the shade (just right after meeting up the Metal Gear 
Mk. II), grab it and just hand it off to a Militia member more than 50 times

HAWK - Middle East, Red Zone: just keep on resetting the area by entering the 
Militia Safe House and exiting back to the Red Zone; the PMCs are reset, just 
run towards the Militia in the back, crouch down in front of the sandbags, 
making sure at least a couple of the Militia is watching and just kill every 
PMC you can see; the praises vary from “Nice shot!”, “That’s how you do it!”, 
“You’re really good!”, etc.

LITTLE GRAY – Anywhere: Probably easier if grouped with a Big Boss Emblem Run 
since the Patriot is a weapon counted towards the 69/70 total.  Yet, there’s a 
“back door” to this:  the 1911 Custom password.  Simply go to Extras, choose 
“Password” and input: 1aytmmymhk and you’ve got it.  However, going on a 
weapons hunt also helps affect the Hyena stipulation, simply picking up every 
weapon you can see and find.  However, there are some tough-to-find weapons 
and some you have to buy, so hunt them down and acquire enough DPs to clean 
out Drebin’s store.  Should you have difficulty locating a certain weapon, 
head to Contact Information and ask me; more likely than not, I’ll know the 
location of said weapon.


I won’t be going into too much detail here, but I will be listing groupings 
that are easier to acquire together than individually.  This will cover all of 
the last 17 Emblems that are not listed in the Chicken Emblem Run Guide.

Big Boss Grouping - Big Boss, Fox Hound, Fox, Hound, Mantis, Wolf, Raven, 
Octopus, Pigeon, Scorpion: 

Obviously quite an undertaking, considering the 
stringent requirements of the Big Boss Emblem itself.  Getting it knocks off 
the Fox Hound, Fox, Hound, Mantis, Wolf, Raven, Octopus, Pigeon and Scorpion 
Emblems automatically as they’re usually time variants or the zero Alerts, 
Kills, Recovery Items, Continues stipulations of the Big Boss Emblem.  Just an 
outside tip:  never, ever equip the Muna item found in South America.  It *IS* 
a restorative item, despite what many say and this will kill your zero LIFE 
Recovery Items Used stipulation.

The Assassin’s Creed Grouping – Assassin, Tarantula: 

Take good care doing this pair as they go well hand in hand, sans the generous 
amount of Alert Phases Tarantula allows for:  75 to Assassin’s 25.  So, be 
patient in stalking and slitting the throat of at 50 or more enemies.  Quite 
easy if you slap on the Stealth special item, though…

The Monster Grouping – Centipede, Spider, Jaguar, Panther, Leopard: 

I call this the Monster Grouping because it’s quite a monster getting those 
last 5 Emblems since you have to acquire them INDIVIDUALLY.  There is simply 
no way to group them together in any sense because at least one of those 
Emblem’s pre-requisites cancels out another Emblem’s.  Go about those last 5 
Emblems in any way you see fit.  For example, to get the Spider Emblem, you 
need to kill 250 or more, but be seen 75 times or less, alongside with 25+ 
Continues…I made it a challenge and played this on Solid Normal, promised 
myself zero Alerts and I finished with 303 Kills and zero Alerts, popping 
Meryl in the head 26 times for the Continues ;o)


To contact me regarding this guide and its usage, please email me at 
[email protected] and be sure to at least put MGS4 in the subject line.  

Being more specific would help, as well.


This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstance except for personal 
and private use.  It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance e-mailed persmission.  Use of this guide on any other 
website or part of any public forum is strictly prohibited and a violation of 

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

MGS4 Chicken Emblem Run Copyright 2009 Jeremy Beaver

Konami Computer Entertainment Japan and Metal Gear Solid are registered 
trademarks of Konami Co.LTD.