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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game



by dontyoulookatme

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Hello, this is the guide for AVATAR. The movie was great, and here's the game
for if you're in need of more Na'vi action. Before we head out, let me just
school you on a few things to keep in mind. Throughout the guide, I also leave
side notes with tips and help when applicable.

MAP: the map is very important, and will lead you to your objectives and points
of interest. Constantly check it when headed to a far distance, so that you can
plan the best route to take. This will prevent your from getting lost


SKILL: Don't forget the abilities mapped to the top right of the screen. The
most viable is the one to heal, so manage how you use it, because it has a
cooldown time


GOODIES: Collecting the things on the ground, and the collectible things only
helps you out in the long run, so as long as it's not all the way out of your
way, it's probably a good idea to get it.


COVER: Anytime you see enemies, the first thing you should scout for if they
shoot projectiles is cover. This can prevent a lot of deaths


ENJOY: Enjoy the guide. It's a must.




Alright, let's get this hollywood blockbuster on the road. Speak the the
individual that goes by the name of Kendra to be...spoken to. Move along with
her to the airlock, and past the hall. Pay attention to your HUD. You're
looking for a question mark to pop up shortly, and when it does, head to, and
speak with the doctor.


Always pay attention
to your hud to figure
out where to go. You
can only go on a path
in front of you for so
long, so keep that in mind


Now, you'll have to walk into the link bed. Do so, and stuff should happen.
Just watch, you'll see. Now, when that's done, move back to Kendra, and
converse. Now, a little marker will pop up on your map, a way point. Move to
it-the elevator, and go down. Head to an office setting nearby in search of a
guy named Falco, like the guy from the Super Smash Bros. series.

Though not as blue. You'll get your share of blue later on when you play as the
Navi...if you choose. Go upstairs to the beginning, and head to the pilot
appointed to escort you to Blue Lagoon. Now, head eastish to a gate after
speaking to your mate. Oh yeah, time for some action! Look ahead for a turret
that you can use to take out the Viper wolves from a distance.

Fire on the viper wolves on your way to the ladder to get to the turret. Lay
down a hunk of fire at the moving wolves you see. Take your time, and hunt them
down. When the last of them goes down, head down the ladder, and head to the
question mark. When done chatting enter the buggy near by, you have to save a
fellow by the name of Dalton. Drive towards the gate, and it will open
automatically. Move straight, and bank left when you drive over some puddles.

Drive following the objective marker, and watch out for the people in your way.
Not to mention the viper wolves.  Move through past the broken down buggy on
foot. Take out the viper wolves by strafing left and right while aiming at them
to minimize damage taken. Always reload when the coast is clear.

You will receive tutorial messages as you move along, and as such, it would be
wise to remember them. Use grenades in a crowd of enemies, and keep moving till
you get to, and speak with Dalton.

Fine Tuning'

Head back and to the left, but stay vigilant, as there are still viper wolves
in the area. Remember, you can run, and still shoot behind you. Get back on
your buggy, and head to the spot on your map. Get out, and take care of the
signal. You earn XP s you kill enemies, and perform certain tasks, so the
arsenal of moves and techniques you have will increase the more you play.

Keep this in mind, for when you are faced with enemies you can avoid, but wish
to take them out for XP. Drive back through the gate and away from danger.

Keeping up with Kendra'

After speaking with the person with the exclamation mark on their head, you'll
find out that Kendra is in another area you have to head to.

Do so by following your map and the objective marker. Head on the hovercraft
sort of thing next to you, and follow the path by water. Move through the gate
and take the right path. You'll get to the beach dock eventually, and will have
to continue on foot. Speak with Kendra to find out what's up.

Mending Fences'

Speak with the person to be briefed on the scenario. Turns out the device meant
to keep viper wolves away is attracting them. That's not good. You're going to
have to fix that, now aren't you?

Dog Whistles'

Head back on the hover craft, and follow the path to the right; the nearest of
the tow markers. Dock, and take out the hostile wildlife you come across before
they do the same to you. Once you've got the first of the two signals taken
care of, head back into the boat, and move along to the next one.

Dock and take out the other dangerous species waiting to ambush you. They
aren't very nice. Keep running around while shooting to keep them from swarming
you. When they do that, you'll typically take more damage than you should
trying to get your bearings again. Complete the objective by taking care of the
last of the two signals, and head back into the hovercraft. Move up to the area
nearby, where the marker's pointing, and dock in the woods. Proceed on foot,
and report back to your fellow man.


Refer to your main map
whenever you feel that there will
be branching paths on the way to
the objective. This way, you
can know which path to take, and will
minimize confusion from the occasional
times the pointer is vague

A Change of Scene'

Talk to Kendra again. Yup, you heard her right; Avatar time. Move along, come
on, make haste. Go up the stairs, and through the doors. Step into the link
bed, and let it all fly. When you open your eyes, you'll be all Nav'i'd out. If
that's a word... Anyway, head back to Kendra. Heh heh, she looks like a kid
compared to you now, doesn't she? Well, everyone else does too; you're fricking

In the rough'

Run to the point located on your map in your new avatar form to meet this
alleged 'likable' person. You move faster as a Nav'i. Probably due to the
longer legs. Probably due to the Air Force Nav'i sneakers. I don't know. Just
keep moving. You have a gun in your hand, so you know that you'll have to stay
alert. Head to doctor harper dealing with whatever annoyances that come your
way. Head over to the associate that calls you a 'noob', and listen to what he
wants done.


Remember to heal
yourself if you take too
much damage. Always pay
attention to your health
meter, as you may forget
how un-indestructible you are.

Plant Sampling'

Move along the path that your objective marker points to, and pay attention to
the grunts of the lethal aliens. Take them out when they get near, but
preferably from a distance. Keep moving as you do so, and pick up the plant
samples you run past. There's 5 in total, but the wildlife doesn't make it easy
for you. Head back once the deed is done.

The enemies don't stop coming just because you've done your task, but you can
run past them. When you get back, watch the cut scene to see what happens, and
a hint of what's to come.

Fighting the infection

Now you'll be helping an actual avatar, not a human in avatar form. Cool right?
Anyway, you've got some infection spelunking to do. Head to the wide open
objective area, and take out the creatures that tried to ram into you guys
earlier on. When you take the both of them out, head back. There should be a
small scene.

The mole

Yup, the plot thickens. Anyway, head back to find the person in question. As
you take the enemies around you, note that you can go horse back riding on the
horse like aliens. You can use them to speed things up if you like. You'll
eventually find out who the traitor is.

After the scene, go ahead and NOT shoot Harper. Take out the RDA. After knowing
what they did, they don't really have good plans for you if you stay. Remember
that you have powers you can use, both active and passive, that are situated on
the top right of the screen. Now, you're a real avatar. Take in the beautiful
landscape, and look around if you'd like. When you're done with all of that,
head to the point of interest.

First Impressions

Yeah, things aren't as pleasurable as you'd hope, but don't worry, you've made
the right choice. Head over to find this lady you have to speak to so you can
hear the next course of action. Get acquainted to the equipment you have with
you if you like, and keep moving.

Climb up the vine, and talk to her. When done, head to the point placed on your
map. Use your bow and arrow to hit the target nearby, and this should cause the
rocks to make a platform formation, thus allowing you to traverse them. Do so,
and collect the item. Head back to the ominous looking fellow, and speak with
him. Keep in mind he doesn't like you. So don't say anything stupid, alright?


Talk to the Nav'i that suggested getting the flowers, and the both of you
should head out to take care of the towers. Follow your map marker, and collect
all of the explosive pieces you'll need for your assault on the tower. Be
warned, RDA will try and crash the party, so you'll have to take them out if
you want to finish your little collect-a-thon.

Use your bow and arrows to take them out from a distance, and remember to take
cover from the rocks, or any kind of sturdy object nearby. The other Nav'i
should be aiding you as you do this. Once you've weakened them down that way,
you can move up for the kill and take the remaining soldiers out with melee
attacks. Reinforcements should arrive via air ships, and you'll have to head
over and deal with them. Collect the nearby explosive charges as you do, and
remember to always take cover, their bullets penetrate your flesh easily.

You still have powers you can use, and always melee the enemies when they are
close to you. With the bow and arrow, they may take you out before you are even
able to hit them once. Eventually the RDA will bring in some reinforcements and
blow op some of your brethren. Continue taking out the enemy, and picking off
the ones you can with your bow and arrow. Watch out for the heavy turrets that
may shoot at you, and continuously take cover.

Head to the objective point while you take the bad guys out. When the last
enemy goes down, you'll have to refer to your map to figure out the person
you're tasked with speaking to. Do so at your own pace, and head up the nearby
vine when you're done speaking with him. Head to your objective, and take out
the rudimentary enemies that come to hinder your progress. Yup, there are still
humans in the area, they just haven't been making as much noise.

Take them out with melee as they're close to you, and continue on. There should
be a brief scene later on. Move along climbing the vines you come across.
Listen to your ally's commentary, and keep going to the point on your map.
Watch out for the rockets that the RDA may shoot at you and keep in mind that
the area isn't without enemies.

Take out the guys you come across, and the little floating bots. Remember to
move while running for maximum not-getting-hitability. You don't have to take
out everyone you see, but make sure not to advance when you're getting
bombarded. You're basically trying to get to higher ground, and as such, you'll
be climbing a lot of vines. Try not to fall down, for you'll have to climb all
the way back up if you do. And the enemies will most likely be there to say
hello to you. Eventually, you should be able to take out some enemies perched
in the ledge bridge. Remember to keep going for cover.

Some of the enemies may try to flank you, so keep this in mind. Look behind you
once in a while. The action will die down in a while, and you should may on
your way without much trouble.


Remember to scan
and collect all the goodies
you come across. It'll only
help you in the long run


Eventually, there will be a brief scene, where you meet a magnificent creature.
Yup. You get to ride it. You'll be schooled on the flight tutorials, and you'll
have to follow the marks on the map with your new pet. Move past the lit
torches, as you move along, and take in the the atmosphere. Move past the
points on the past the over arching ledges that you cross by and make sure you
move through the various little obstacles.

You won't be without incident, but the flight is more fun than difficult. I
recommend against crashing, obviously, so keep the distance in view to prevent
hitting into oncoming traffic. You won't be hit for the majority of the flight,
so just take your time and enjoy the ride. Land in the spot, and converse with
your comrade. Head back on your flyer, and move to the icons, starting with the
nearest one, on the path through Hermit's cove.

When the icon no longer becomes an arrow, and you near the landing point, start
to spiral down slowly till you make a nice, safe landing. As soon as you head
for the radio tower, the enemies will open fire on you. That's not good. Head
back and get to cover if you aren't able to activate the point of interest in
time. Either way, you'll want to take cover anyway, as a couple of shots from
the baddies will take you down. Head back on your flyer when the objective
complete prompt comes up, and head over to the next arrow.

Boom 1/3

The next landing spot shouldn't be too far away. When you land, take out the
ranged enemies with your bows and arrows. Remember to strafe to avoid taking
too much damage. If you take your time and aim correctly, you shouldn't even
take a scratch from these bad boys. When the coast is for the most part clear,
head over to the tower, while taking out any floating enemies, and watch out
for the turret in the area. Once the charge is planted, head right on back to
your flyer.

Final tower

Head to the final point, now. There will be a lot of enemies as soon as you
land. You have the aid of your friends here, but can still die easily. What you
want to do is move around, picking off the enemies from a distance, and trying
to stay behind objects to avoid damage.

When you've done enough, head over to the tower, either via rushing, or by
carefully taking out the powerful turrets that aim to decimate you. Remember
you have access to your abilities. Head back to the flyer, and head on home.
Speak with your comrade, who's happy with you, but still isn't the best at
making you feel happy. Head on and do what he asks.

The last Link

Head to the marker nearby, and speak with the blue scientist to see what's
going on. After the brief scene, you'll be tasked with taking out the Dragon.
In order to do this, get to higher ground. Melee the standing enemies that
hinder your progress as you keep heading up the vines.

Head on top of the spiral platform near the Dragon, and hop from it, to the
huge beast. Head to the glowing arrow, and break apart it's weakspot. The
machine will move. Head down, and across the bridges to catch up to it. Take
out the assault troopers, and heal your self if you sustain any major damage.
Climb up when near the floating Dragon, and attack the hatch again.

It will move once more. Follow it. Climb the vines down and head through the
bridges, taking out the enemies, and even using their weapons if you deem it
necessary. When you finally climb up to the appropriate height, slam the dragon
again to see it fall. There will be a brief scene, where more of them come to
crash the party. Speak to the lady who seemingly saved your life. She'll fill
you in on some Na'vi stuff. Find this Tan fellow, and take your time exploring
as you wish; you're in a fairly new area. Enjoy it, though it's not the same...

Flight to Swotulu

Falco's a traitor. He just seems to be betraying everyone, now doesn't he? Head
to the marker, and leave the territory to go to Swotulu. Fly with your buddy
while the two of you exchange so in-flight banter. When you land, speak with
the not so friendly Na'vi.

Looking for Lungoray

There will be enemies on your way to the camp. It's best to run twist kick
these guys in rapid succession. Use your arrows for more ranged enemies. If you
listen as you run, you should be able to hear them speaking, and will thus know
when to get ready for combat. If you're not in too much of an open area, take
them out from a distance with bows and arrows, and then close in on them, and
finish them off with close randed attacks.

Try not to take too much damage, as there aren't many places to run or jump up
to , to hide and heal up. There should be a runner nearby that you can hoop on
to make your trek a little more quick. The enemies don't care that you're
riding in style, however, and will attack on sight. When this happens, hop off
fast, and run back, taking them out with gunfire. Head back on the mount to the
final camp. There will be enemies on the way there, so it's best to use the
runner for a short time, or not at all. If you find yourself getting
overwhelmed from behind, cloak yourself and move on. Take the ranged baddies
with bows, and keep an eye on your health. Take cover if you can.

The explosions from the machines are what makes death in this section pretty
easy. It's best to quickly, yet carefully run up to the firing vehicles and
melee attack right under the tank. It's best to do this when there aren't many
to any enemies, so that you don't get rushed. Heal when needed, but preferably
when safe. When things go boom, and the fighting dies down, rummage the area
for goods if you will. There should be a runner nearby that you can hop on to
make your ride back to base a little easier. I stress little easier, because
enemies may still attack you. Head back and speak to the guy again.

Bite the Dust

Head to the nearby gate and cut through it to get to the next character you
have to speak to. Nope, she doesn't make it. Avenge her by- actually, let's not
kid ourselves, you were going to complete the mission anyway, right? Head to
the next question mark that's garnered closer to the right on your map from
where the lady perished. There will be enemies, so try to be stealthy in
getting to them.

The Great Destroyers

Damn, she sure doesn't like you. No worries, you like you, right? Anyway, move
along, and there'll be a brief scene showcasing the machines you're up against.
Snipe the enemies nearby before you head after the bulldozer. Head towards the
wheels while it's moving, and circle the machine. Try not to head too close to
the claws at the front bumper. Snipe the machine  as you circle and chase after
the beast. Run all the way in front of it, and hit the top standing out
portion, and it should eventually go down.

There will be another one, after you walk along for a bit. Before you get to
it, thought, there will be numerous enemies. Snipe them, but if you keep
getting hurt, turn tail to heal, and then move back into the fray. Another one
of the machines should be right after you take the enmeis out. Take the machine
out the same way you took out the first, and there shoulbe another scene once
it's gone down.

There will be a lot of enemies, so I don't recommend just running. Try to cloak
and rush the closest least threatening enemy and heal. You will take heavy
damage if you stand in the open. When there isn't too much going on, take out
the tower shown in the short cutscene. Unless you want to die a lot in this
part, it's best to take it slow, and take your time. It may take a while, but
there are just too many enemies to simply rush them. Take them out from a
distance taking careful cover, or melee attack the ones that aren't in direct
line fire. Head back on the runner or by foot and to the question mark. Speak
with the Na'vi.


Lungoray's gonna need your help if he's where the lady says he is. Anyway,
you're the only one up for it. Head on the runner, and to the point listed on
your map. You'll be shot at soon, but it's best to keep riding till you get to
the gate. Get off near the rock, and watch your back, so that you don't get
taken out by the charging vehicle.

On foot, you can snipe the enemy first before moving towards the gate. This is
the best approach, but you can get easily taken out by gun fire if you press on
too fast. It's best to take things slow, and limit your time in the open. Fight
back with guns, since bows take too long to reload when you're getting close
enough. Hide behind cover, preferably the huge tree, and pop out to take out
the enemy with your bows. Use your skills to your advantage. When done, deal
with the gate, and head on to speak to your #1 fan. Well...she still doesn't
like you...

Wrench in the Gears

Get the wrench and put it in the g- ha ha, just kidding. They'll just shoot you
if you do that. Head to the nearby gate and cut through.

Watch your footsteps; move too far, and you'll trigger turret fire. Take them
out, and rush along. Take the enemies out before they notice you, and be weary
of the turrets. Snipe the bad guys with your bow and arrows, but quickly run
for cover when the turret has its sights on you. Rush along when there aren't
as many enemies, and open the gate.

Keep moving past, and there should be a scene once you pass the marker near the
defunct bulldozer. You'll be in an almost unfair position of being right
between the bots that have their triggers in your sights. Use your cloak, or
your slam ability, and immediately get out of that spot. Get behind the
bulldozer after you slash them a bit, and take them out from a distance. Every
now and then, slam the ground to stun them, and head in for the kill. They pack
heavy gun fire, so don't stay too ling. Cloak back and run away if they're got
you in their sights and are dealing heavy damage. When they're taken out, head
on back, now that it's quiet. Climb up the vine located on your marker, and
keep moving up. There should be a helicopter that should pass over head. That's
not a good sign. Since you're at a vantage point, snipe the enemy, but be
careful, they can still get a good amount of hits in if you show enough skin.

Head on to the nearby silver platform and pick up the goodies once the annoying
guys have been dispatched. There should be a scene where you and your faithful
flyer leave in style. That's probably when the enemies are so eager to shoot
you; not just because you're their enemy, but because you always leave and
enter in style. Anyway, the mission is complete.

Head to the spot on your marker. There should be a runner nearby that you
should scout for, to make the trip a little more manageable, but the
destination isn't too far away. Speak to the injured lady again, now that she
starts to like you.

The Willow Way

Move vehicles will try to impede your progress, along with assorted enemies,
but it's best to run past, touching the glowing willows on the way. If you get
to a spot where they're landing easy shots on you, however, head off, and slash
them off your tail.

Collapse the boulder by shooting at the blue substance underneath it. Keep
moving. You'll be contacted by Kendra, of all people. You're quite the
celebrity. Move past the colorful, beautiful terrain, and head to the person
you have to speak to. Another weirdo.

Shard Hunt

Head on a nearby runner to go collect the shards. There will be four legged
foes in the vicinity, so watch out for them. Along with them, your traditional
assortment of human enemies won't like the way you attract all the weirdos, and
will as such attack you. Attack them back with your abilities, and fast
slashes, then head back on the runner, and off.

Quickly collect the shards you need, and head back. You can avoid tackling the
armored mech enemies if you run past them with your runner, head off to collect
shards, and then head back on, and move away. You'll have to angle yourself
behind some for of cover, though, so be careful when doing this. Other wise,
find the spot with the least amount of enemies and take them out from a
distance, then close in and deal with the rest.

Speak with sir weirdo once you've collected the shards. After you see what
happens to sir weirdo, you'll have to finish the harmonics yourself. Pay
attention to the on screen prompt that will school you in this aspect, and move
along. Move around and head to the appropriate spots and then activate the
harmonic, three in total. Speak to the other fellow who's starting to admire
your ways, and then head home.

Heading Home

Run to the nearby transition spot to warp to hometree. Head over to the spot on
your marker, now that you're back with your people. A better sight than those
obnoxious RDA. Move along the path to the destination, and speak with the lady

First Verse

Now that the judges are in, it's time to play Na'vi idol, and you'll have to
sing. Once you've done your little performance, head back to the lady. Head
over to Simo- the person who will guide you to the next song. Head
on over and speak with him, he'll be a little more welcoming than some of the
Na'vi in the past.

To Toruka Na'ring

Head to the warp transition spot to get to Toruka Na'ring. Once there, there's
a person with advice waiting for you.

Animal Rescue

Once you near the destination marker, you should see a helicopter fly by. Stay
on top of the spiral platform and pick off the enemies you can before heading
down and taking the rest of them out. Once you've taken out the necessary
amount of vehicles and patrols, you'll have to fire on the floating dragon. Use
your ammunition on it in the distance, and keep firing. When its sights are
locked on you, strafe to the right area, along the large tree branch. Use
whatever you have in your arsenal against it when it turns away, and soon your
objective will be complete. From the high perch, take out any enemy remnants.
Speak to your ally. You'll now have to go where you're not wanted.

Well, at least that's the mindset of your character. Pick up any goodies you
can find from the battlefield, and head on. On your way, try not to go to the
bare bottom, stay on fairly high ground. More enemies will be dropped off,
including mechs. Take them out from a distance with sniped bow shots. You can
easily be targeted, so keep moving. Finish off the remaining baddies, and be on
your way. Stay up top, and take out straggling enemies. Don't drop down
prematurely, btecause they can do serious damage to you while you're climbing
the vines. Head over to the objective marker to a less than friendly

Pound the Pinata

Once you've made your way through a bunch of the enemy forces, not rushing into
them, but not necessarily running, you should spot a large air ship coming your
way. Keep an eye out for solitary enemies, and then head up to higher ground so
that you can take aim and take out the 4 rotating engines of the fyler. Once
you've taken care of it, free the animals in the vicinity. After that, speak
with your ally again.

Nice Kitty

Head up the aforementioned vines and collect the items you're going to need.
You need to collect five in total, and they're fairly nearby. Don't get
overwhelmed by the enemies in the area. It's best to stay high and figure out
where they are before heading down.

Take them out before the notice you, and even if they do, just make sure you're
up high. If you stay up high, though, you may not even need to fight them. Head
back, staying up and on the tree paths, trying not to fall. Talk to your fellow
men, and then get ready for some monster ranching. Place the item in the map
spot, and then move over to where the large viper wolf type enemy is now your

B's Orders

Hop on the beast, and head on. Run right over the enemies, and slash the
armored mechs with your jaguar. It's very powerful, so the groundbourne guys
shouldn't give you much trouble. Just don't get careless and keep yourself in
the line of continuous fire.


Remember to constantly
check your map when heading
to objectives to find the best
route that you want to take.


Take out any enemies that stand in your way and when there aren't many, heal
when your health isn't all that desirable. Be really careful when you get to
the water fall like area in the distance, where you have to run along tree
trunks. It's best to disembark from the beast and continue running to prevent
falling. Keep moving through ,and get your arrows out, for there will be
enemies in the distance. Remember not to keep yourself open in the line of the
turret for too long, as you snipe from  a distance, and make use of your skills
if you're having trouble taking them down.

Take out the little guys first before going for the heavy firing enemies. The
question mark should be nearby on your map, but still, remember not to rush, or
you'll get your tail handed to you. If the mech is the only thing left
standing, head over to it and rush it. Melee it, while strafing around, and
when done with the enemies, head to your pal. Speak with him, and you should
head to the...

Sacred Ground

The enemies will be right near you, so get your bow out. Keep your distance
when taking them on, and you should be interrupted shortly with a brief scene.
More enemies will pour your way, and the closer the are, the less you should
want to use your arrows.

Another scene will show. Snipe targets from a distance, and use your skills on
the mech. If it gets too many clean shots on you, you will easily die, so
strafe, get cover, or attack when it's distracted. Your feline friend can help
in that aspect. After taking them out, another scene will follow, tasking you
will an all out melee of the crawling critter enemies.

Stick to slashes and grand slams to take them out with ease. Move along, and
more will wait for you. Keep running  around to the objective, and re up with
your buddy. He however, doesn't know exactly where the last shard is. Head over
to your flyer to find the person who does.

The Bad Place

Kendra will talk to you on your way there. Falco's not happy with your
existence. Move on past your allies, and there should be a scene displaying
what you're up against. Take out the little enemies that come to you with your
bow and arrow while running, or through melee.

There will be a hostile jaguar that'll mess stuff up for you. Use your skills
to take it out, and you're gonna want to keep running. Run, take out a couple
critters here and there, but for the most part, run to avoid the jaguar; he
packs a wallop. You can run snipe him, and then strafe run/ jump out of the way
of his charge attacks. Keep your distance with the jaguar, and it's best to
take him on when the little guys have been taken care of first. 1/2 of your
objective will be complete once you kill the jaguar, meaning there's another
one to take out. Crud. Run on through the gates on your path the the mythical
beast, and take out whatever comes your way, little critter wise.

You'll shortly be taking gun fire, and as such, should take cover behind the
pillars and steel structures, and then take out a handful of the enemies at a
time. Once you're done with that, and the music settles a but, move along.
There's other enemies besides the RDA, usually little critters that like to
ambush you. You can snipe a few, but it's best to melee these guys. If you're
feeling adventurous, you can just run past them, but this is usually best done
when near the objective marker, if ever at all. Keep moving and you should be
in another bout with the jaguar.

Remember to keep your distance, and take it out the same way you took out the
first. Don't get too cocky in terms of attacking it, or you'll most likely die.
Take  your time, and you should be done with this beastly beast in no time.
Well not exactly no time, since time was actually taken up. Who invented that
saying anyway?

All they're doing is compelling people to lie through their teeth. Anyway,
you've got more problems to tkae care of than expressions in the late 1800s.
You can cloak to get away from your kitty attacker if he's giving you too much
trouble, but for the most part, just stay in a wiiiide strafe-able circle and
fire away. His hits are hard, so don't stay in his way for too long.
Alternatively, you can search for a tree perch, and take the cat out from a
distance. Head back to the less than grateful brethren.

The Vu'long Trail

Refer to your map, and move along to get to the trail. There will be RDA
waiting to ambush you, but through cloaking, and cover running, you should be
able to avoid skirmishing with them.

The floating machines, however, should be dealt with when possible. Slash the
guys that get too close for comfort, and run through the rest. Stay primarily
out of mech/turret fire and you shouldn't take too much damage. This kind of
hot and run strategy makes this part that much more manageable, just keep an
eye on your health, and the horizon, as you should snipe some enemies when not
under fire. Head to your ally.

Your Second Song

Gather the tri song collection like you did during your first, and if you are
under enemy fire, snipe 'em away. After you do that, speak again with the
elder, and head home

Home is where I bring the song

Head back to Hometree. When you return head back to the judge again, for the
second dose of Na'vi idol.

Second Verse

Head to the blue glowing light and perform the second verse. Head back to see
how your performance with her, and head back to Tan Jala.

Flight to Va'era Ramunong

Head to the transition warp to head over to Va'era. You'll start off on a
flyer. Listen to your ally's breifing, and enjoy the scenery. Land and head to
the person of interest.

Scattered Shards and a song

Head on over to the exclamation mark and figure out what needs to be done.

Stepping up

Head on over, and look for a rider. It'll make things a little easier. You'll
need to get off shortly to deal with the foes. They're heavy shooters, but are
best taken care of with quick slashes. Follow on the path, and again, watch
yourself when it comes to turrets and mechs.

You don't necessarily have to destroy them immediately, but if they're in the
way of your path, you'll be left with no other alternative. Your skills should
help here. Keep running when the coast is clear, and head on looking for the
shards. When it's all quiet and you keep running, you can snipe some of the
enemies while running before they notice you. Take out the last of the targets,
and rendezvous with your pal.


You're on a hunt for the healer. Without her,....stuff won't be healed....and
stuff. After you finish pondering my way with words, head on the rider, and let
the wind blow between your hair. As expected, the path won't be an uneventful
one, as enemies will shoot at you, but you can avoid them for the most part.
You've got no time to waste on these guys, your healer's in trouble. Kinda
makes you wonder if she can heal herself...I dunno.

When you meet up with her, you'll have to safely escort her back home. Use your
quick slashes or gunfire on the enemies you'll come across, some of them may
carry flamethrowers, so be careful. Take out the ones on the rocks in the
distance with bows, and be sure to note that you can tell your companion to
wait or follow you. You can tell her to wait just before a large firefight, to
be safe, and collect her later. Run along and you'll have a bout with the enemy
AMP mech.

Take it out before you're able to proceed and talk to your other ally,
signaling a mission complete. Head on your runner when you're ready to move on,
and make your march towards the objective point. Run past the early enemies and
and speak to the person you have to.

Go, go

Now, if you ran away from the foes, there may be some waiting for you after you
finish talking to the man of few words. Climb up and some enemies will be
dropped off via air ship. Quickly dispatch them, but move away running and
spinning rapidly if more gunshot come your way than you'd like. Take out the
airship with your heavy artillery, and move along, and up the near vine once
the action dies down.

A lead...

Now that you've got....A LEAD! on your runner, and
try to regroup with the fallen Na'vi. Dodge the animals and bullets and trample
along. You'll shortly enter East Village.

First Aid

Though it may seem selfish at first, you have to help the main arbiter among
the tribes. Rush back and there should be a brief cut scene. More flamethrower
guys will come your way. Combo them up and head to their friends, and take them
out as well. Make good use of evasive maneuvers and take out the large four
legged foes you come across, if you're daring. Don't get trampled by them,

A tribe Reunited

Turn back and to the marker. Rush past the initial impending threats, and then
head into the fray of bullets. Take out some enemies and quickly speak with
your ally.

Rally Point

You guys are really grouping up now, aren't you? Rush past or attack the
wildlife that wants to tear you apart, and follow away to the recommended ally.

A Shard Well Earned

Head on, and from a distance, break through the large boulder. There will be
armed foes waiting for you, so first things first, scout out some cover. Take
them out once by one, and keep moving to limit the amount of times you get
shot. Take out the mechs only when they are distracted, or unaided, and head
back on the rider as you move back to your friend.

Death Trap

B's not so friendly after all, is he? Get on your rider and head off in the
direction pointed out on your map. There will be enemies that you should
trample over and run by as opposed to fighting. Keep moving to prevent them
bunching up and surrounding you. Push forward, and keep heading straight for
the objective. Speak to Bey.

Beyda'amo's rage

Head on the rider, and move along. Flank and obliterate the RDA lackeys to
complete the objective. Remember to be careful when it comes to the mech.

The Decoy
Get back to B. Damn that guy knows how to push your buttons...Head upwards up
the vine as you move to the destination. There will be wildlife around you can
deal with, but be a little more careful with the RDA you come across. You can
avoid some, but be sure to quickly take out the turrets. The other guys can be
dealt with a little easier, but they can still surround you, so don't be afraid
to look for cover, and make use of your skills.

Continue your objective while fighting the guys, and take out the turrets and
mechs that come your way. Once done, head on the runner, and head off. You can
out run some of the straggling baddies, but they can still land heavy fire on
you if you're not quick enough. Keep moving past them on your rider, and follow
the path. Climb up the vine to get to higher ground, and rush on through. Speak
again with Bey.


With better armor, you should head down and take out the enemies that stand in
your way. Don't get too brave, though; taking them out from a distance is a
little more health-conscience and is safer. If you don't keep running and
moving around, the enemies' explosives could pose as a threat. Move along the
path after you've taken all the enemies out, that leads through the RDA zone.

There will be more RDA there, but cloak running past them can be a useful
tactic. Watch for the wild animals that cause havoc as well, and keep moving.
Head upwards via a vine and proceed swiftly. Take out the annoying turret and
assorted enemies at camp Phalanx. Keep heading through the ravine, and Kendra
will provide an update.

Speak to Tan'Jala, and perform the tri shard sequence to get the next song.
Take out the enemies that don't like your voice. I mean, they have to hate your
voice if they're preventing you from singing so badly. Speak to your ally and
get the heck out of there. You'll soon be on hometree. Head over and speak to
the Na'vi idol judge again for your third performance.

Third Verse

You've got a final song to get. Speak to your ally to learn where to go next.

Flight to Kxania Taw

Head to the transition warp person to get to the territory with the final song.
Speak with big B

Pressing On

Keep moving and find a rider. Head off in the sunset and you should come across
enemies and explosions. Run past them quickly to avoid confrontation, and cut
through the gate that blocks your path. Head back on your rider, and move. Trod
along, and there should be a short scene. Move on. Speak with B again. He's
starting to get on everyone's nerves.

Shard Study

As you move, brace yourself for fire from an airship. You'll come across a
reinforced enemy blockade. Rush along on foot and there should be another
scene. Head back and slash the little men in your way, but don't dwell in that
spot fighting, head back. Head back to B. He really doesn't like you.


Head along the path to your objective. There may be enemies standing in your
way, but take out only the ones you must. Running is the best tactic here.
Cloak running to be exact. Kendra will update you again. Slash through the
game, and avoid the enemy fire by cloak running to safety. You'll have to take
at least some of them out if they surround you. Run on and speak to B again.

Following the Herd

Run through. You'll still have enemies to deal with. Namely an air ship. Take
out the guys on the ground and the stray herd misfits. Finish off all the RDA
defenders to complete the objective. Head in the sheltered structure and there
should be a scene. Rush over and destroy the armed vehicle, and then cloak run
to the next, and take it out. Head off now. The end is near. Hop on a runner
and skeedaddle. Run past the next batch of guys, for they pose no threat if you
pick up speed. Hop off after the scene and try taking the armed mech out from a
distance, and combat him when he gets close. Speak again to B.

A fourth song

Your final performance awaits. Head forth, and there should be another cut
scene involving B. He's really pissed.

Hometree bound

You're getting that feeling too, huh? Yup, the final battle is nearing its
head. Head back to hometree by way of warping. Follow the objective marker and
speak with the lady one last time. Sing the final song. Speak with the lady
again. A human's waiting for you? I have a hunch who it is. Speak with Kendra.

Old friends and foes

Head on to fix what Falco plans on destroying. Speak with the ally.

Flight to Kaolia Tei

Warp over to the plains of Goliath. Run across the bridge to big B.

A warrior's Task

Run back and speak to Mr. Anti Boom Boom.

The Demolisher

Head on your runner and move along. Watch out for the enemies in the path. They
seem to like explosives. Rush past them for the most part. Head off when you
have to break the gate open, and take out the surrounding foes. Use your
skills, and wait till the dust settles before continuing on. Run past the mechs
and take out only the enemies in your way.

Speak to Na'vi leader, and head back. You've got a couple more to meet up with.
On your rider, rush back and past the enemies. Keep moving past the numerous
gun shots until you come across a vine you have to climb up. Head along
following the path laid out in your map. Warp to get to the area quicker, and
the speak with the person you need to.

The Commander

Head back to the spot on your map. Take out the turrets on your way there.
Cloak running slashes are still a viable tactic here. Be careful not to get
ambushed. Take out the mech and the other enemies that are near you. That's not
the only mech you'll come across, but you don't need to fight all.

Take out most of the soldiers, and when you aren't under heavy fire, snipe the
enemies and use the skills you have available. Head through the gates, but be
careful not to take too much heavy fire. Head along and up the vines, running
through the wind like thread through a needle.  Speak to the ally that you need
to. Head to your flyer, and get ready to take flight. Move along, enjoying the
sights and soar through the air with naught an adversary. Land at the
aforementioned spot, and head up the vines. Speak with your brethren.

The Specialist

The reinforced enemy's got to be taken down. And you're just the guy to do so.
Fly your Ik'ran around and land a little lower, level wise. Take out the
enemies by way of bow and arrow, and take down the threat. Take everyone out
and head back on your flyer. Move forward and land near your ally. Speak with
him. Nice armor. Speak again with Big B.

Riding the Storm

There'll be a little cut scene involving an Ik'ran, and not a clown. You're
moving to another area. The end is nigh.


Listen to what the nearby Na'vi has to say, and head to where he instructs.
Take out the nearby enemies. You can run past them, but you'll have to take out
at least a couple of them to get through. As you run take out the guys closest
to you with melee, and then wait till you aren't getting shot.

This is the time to take out your bow and arrow and finish the business that
needs to be finished otherwise you'll be finished before we're finished and
before I finish saying finished. Finished. The enemies in this section can
easily overwhelm you, so use your skills as needed. Move along when things die
down a bit. Cloak run past some of the enemies, as there will be a boat load,
and you don't have time for that. You're a damn celebrity among the Na'vi.
Speak with the person on your map.

We Stand!

Take out the enemies that just dropped by. You'll have allies here, but they
can't handle them all by themselves. Use your combo attacks and skills, but
this section primarily requires melee. Take out the mech as well. It's best to
do so when it's distracted. There will be a lot of the enemies pouring in, and
as such, you'll want to monitor your health. There isn't much in the way of
cover, so circle strafing is the best way to avoid heavy direct fire. Head back
to the lady.

Ni'awwe Mokri

Head to the monstrous Ik'raan-like creature that is now yours. Fly it's wide
wings to the destination. Watch the cut scene. The final cutscene


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