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Follow the dark path or use the light



                             Dead Space 2

                   FAQ/Walkthrough for XBOX 360 and PS3
                            By SENIORBILL
                     Version 1.0 February 20, 2011
                    Copyright 2011 by William Poneta

                         E-mail: [email protected]

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS


<c001> Chapter 1 BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!
<c004> Chapter 4 LUNATIC-OLOGY
<c005> Chapter 5 BLOOD AND CRYPTS
<c006> Chapter 6 WHATS A NICE GIRL LIKE YOU DOIN’. . .?
<c007> Chapter 7 ARRAY OF HOPE!
<c008> Chapter 8 NO PRESSURE!
<c009> Chapter 9 CAN I HAVE A RIDE?
<o011> Chapter 11 STROSSED OUT
<c012> Chapter 12 YOU KNOW THE DRILL!
<c014> Chapter 14 SAY UNCLE-UBER!
<c015> Chapter 15 WILL YOU GO AWAY ALREADY?

                                INTRODUCTION       <I001>

It’s been three years since the fateful events aboard the Ishimura, but Isaac
Clarke has no recollection of those years. When he awakens in a straightjacket,
what he does remember returns, not as the nightmare voyage that it was, but as
his new reality. The Marker and its offspring, the Necromorphs, are back. He
must now run for his life through the Sprawl, a massive spaceport orbiting
Saturn’s moon Titan, looking for answers and retribution.

Like the original, Dead Space, Dead Space 2 delivers a rousing adventure as
Isaac struggles with his past and with the demons that have been planted in his
brain by those still trying to exploit the Marker.

This walkthrough chronicles an initial game played on “Normal.” I will specify
the tactics used, the weapons purchased, used and carried and the upgrades made-
these suggestions are based on what I consider the optimal choices for success
during an initial playthrough. Oftentimes I will say “deploy a grenade from the
Line Gun,” or “use the Force Gun,” which implies that you are carrying it. I try
to be fairly specific in how to tackle both the Necromorphs and the Sprawl’s
challenging environment. This is not meant to suggest it is the only way or the
best-just, the way advocated in this walkthrough. The general details will adapt
to any approach.

                                   WEAPONS AND POWERS        <I002>

Dead Space 2 retains all the weapons from the original game and adds a number of
others. You can carry four weapons in assigned slots, changing them for others
in your “Safe” whenever you reach the scattered stores. Following is a brief
personal assessment of each your survival tools.

Note: The weapon evaluations are based on an initial playthrough and the average
upgrades one can expect to make during that campaign, not on the full potential
that can be achieved in subsequent playthroughs.

Stasis: You will acquire a device early in the game that allows you to place
Necromorphs or environmental objects in extreme slow motion for a brief
interval. This is a critical power that allows you to level the field with the
numerous enemies. Your Module will automatically recharge over time or can be
recharged at stasis stations or filled with portable Stasis Packs that you can
carry in inventory. The Stasis Module can be upgraded by welding Power Nodes
into its matrix and this should be a high priority as Power Nodes are acquired.
Stasis is absolutely critical to your survival-make liberal use of it.

Kinesis: Acquired early in the game, kinesis is critical to completion of the
game. It will allow you to gain access to areas and equipment and can be used to
impale the enemy with rods and other environmental objects. It is unlimited.

Looting: The Sprawl is littered with loot-in containers, lockers, crates, lying
about and on fresh kills. Often you must stomp or melee the later to expose the
loot. You will find ammo, Med Packs of various sizes, Stasis Packs and credits
as well as valuable Semiconductors and Schematics that will allow you to
download its specs in order to purchase new gear-like weapons, ammo, Stasis
Packs, Med Packs and Suit upgrades. Don’t pass up opportunities to pilfer; you
will not survive long if you do. You’re inventory space, however, is limited,
causing you to make prudent choices in what you keep.

Schematics: Schematics can be found scattered about the Sprawl. You will run
across them periodically. They will allow you to purchase weapons, ammo, Stasis
Packs, Med Packs and Power Nodes once they are downloaded. At times you will
have to decide whether or not a schematic is more valuable than something else
in your brimming inventory. As a rule you definitely want to keep weapon,
Health, Stasis and Power Node schematics-these are key items to a successful
campaign. Keeping ammo schematics for your favorite weapons is also an excellent
idea, but if the choice is a schematic for a weapon you haven’t purchased or you
aren’t using, don’t replace something more useful with it. During this
playthrough, I didn’t purchase a single round of ammo-the environment, unless
you overuse a favorite weapon, will normally provide sufficient ammo.

Plasma Cutter: This is the first weapon available in the game and one’s of its
best. While not as potent as some, like the Line Gun, is can handle most enemies
and the game provides ample ammunition for it. Its primary fire is a vertical
line of energy and its alternate fire a horizontal line-perfect for dismembering
bad guys that truly need it. Each inventory slot can hold 25 rounds of Plasma
Energy, giving it great utility, and providing adequate firepower without
extreme overkill. You won’t have to squander the ammo of more potent weapons on
lesser targets. It will rarely leave its equipment slot during this walkthrough.

Pulse Rifle: The Pulse Rifle is available at the start of chapter 3. Like the
Plasma Rifle it is a utility weapon. It has a high rate of fire, and will thus
go through ammo rapidly. Like the Plasma Cutter, it can handle most enemies. Its
alternate attack mode is a grenade that will deal major damage-but a single shot
will cost you 25 rounds of ammo. A single inventory slot can hold up to 100
rounds. In the early going and at specific points of the game it is a very
useful weapon, but comes in second best to the Plasma Cutter for general

Javelin Gun: This is a new weapon. It fires a javelin with its primary fire,
which can be electrified with its alternate attack. Firing a single projectile
makes it harder to hit moving targets, and oftentimes the enemy, not being
dismembered, survives the attack. Its rate of fire is also slow. It is a decent
weapon but will outlive its usefulness as better weapons enter the scene.

Line Gun: The Line Gun is one of the game’s premier weapons. It fires a wide
horizontal line of energy that is effective against all comers, near and far.
Its alternate attack allows it to fire a timed grenade that is lethal. It also
expends only a single round doing so. It is not a utility weapon since an
inventory slot holds only 6 rounds but it is a must buy as soon as it is
available. It will monopolize a weapon slot for the balance of the game even
though it was purchased early in Chapter 2.

Ripper: Once you acquire the Ripper in Chapter 5 you have a game changer. It
allows you to deploy a saw blade in front of yourself for a short but
devastating interval, chewing up anything in its path. For close quarter combat
it has no equal. Brute or Juvenile-all the same-Necroburger. It is an equal
opportunity shredder and because so much of the combat is up close and personal,
it won’t likely leave its assigned weapon slot once acquired. Adding to its
utility is its alternate mode, allowing the user to shoot a blade at range. Even
better, an inventory slot can hold 15 blades and ammo is not scarce. R-R-Rip

Detonator: This new weapon becomes available in Chapter 5 and it will break your
heart if you have to place it in your safe-which you’ll probably do only if you
run out of mines. It will deploy a contact mine that, when placed on a surface-
vertically or horizontally, will kill most and badly main the baddest-even when
fresh from the box. You can carry 10 mines per slot and it will become a valued
friend when the hot breath of the enemy is all around. Adding to its value is
the fact that it can be used like a grenade launcher. Gauge an enemy’s speed and
direction and place one in its path. This offensive tactic further enhances its
value. You don’t have to leave deployed mines in your wake-just press alternate
fire to deactivate it and put it back into inventory. Enough!

Flamethrower: Surprisingly the Flamethrower is not as useful as one might
expect. It will kill, but ranged attackers are free to hit you and charging
Necromorphs often keep coming and even afire they don’t go down quickly. Its
alternate attack is devastating-it will hurl an entire canister of fuel-but you
will find yourself with an empty weapon. Other weapons will serve you better.

Seeker Rifle: The Seeker Rifle is a new offering and can be had in Chapter 6.
While a good addition its function is limited in this game of sudden, mostly
close up encounters. There just aren’t enough sniping opportunities to allow you
to dedicate a slot to this weapon. Its alternate fire mode acts like a zoom.

Force Gun: The Force Gun is available in Chapter 7. It fires a blast of energy
over a wide area. It is good for pushing back enemies but it is unequalled at
ridding yourself of pesky small, hard to hit enemies like packing juveniles,
Swarm and Divider Spawn. It is relatively fast and its alternate fire directs
its energy into a smaller hit box, allowing it to kill as well as push back.
This gun has its uses and is vital in the final stage of the game. Ammo slots
can hold 15 rounds.

Contact Beam: Available in Chapter 7, the Contact Beam, like the Force Gun,
projects an energy blast that is extremely powerful and will kill most
Necromorphs. It would be supreme but for its slow charging time and slow reload
speed. Put an enemy in stasis, hit it with this weapon and its all over; but in
the sudden, in your face encounters of Dead Space 2, it isn’t always the answer.
Its alternate fire will broadcast a concussive ring that will knock-back nearby
enemies. I would choose the Line Gun over it for dispatching the tougher foes,
because of its charge time. That said, it is a superb killing tool in the right
circumstances. It is vital in the final stage of the game. Like the Line Gun, an
ammo slot holds only 6 rounds.

                                  THE UNDEAD      <I003>

Slasher and Super Slasher: The Slasher is the most common of the morphed-dead.
They still retain many of their human features. They are hostile, fast and will
attack with sword-like claws, slashing their victim to pieces, impaling and
biting. Kill them by dismembering them. The Super Slasher has morphed into a
darker creature, tougher and one no longer possessing human features. It employs
the same attack style as the Slasher, slashing and administering a lethal bite,
but is much harder to put down.

Puker, Spitter and Super Puker: These disgusting creatures have a long range
vomiting attack that can put you into slow motion. With the in your face nature
of the game this can mean death from other Necromorphs in the area as you
struggle to move. They also have an acidic close range vomit attack that is not
only abhorrent but also extremely damaging. If they get hold of you they will
pour vomit into you, causing a gross death animation. In the fast paced dimly
lit corridors of the Sprawl it is difficult to tell the Spitter from both the
Slasher and the Puker. It has the ranged spit attack of the Puker, but will
slash with claws like a Slasher if it gets close. The Super Puker is a darker
version of the Puker, but is much tougher. Puker-types, whatever the flavor-bad
word-are priority targets because of their long range attack capability.

Spitter: In the fast paced dimly lit corridors and rooms of the Sprawl it is
difficult to distinguish the Spitter from the Slasher. It has sword-like claws
that they brandish like a Slasher; but, unlike the Slasher, they can launch a
long-range punishing spit attack, similar to a Puker. At close range, however,
it attacks like a Slasher. I’m certain I have misidentified most of these
creatures in this walkthrough.

Leaper and Super Leaper: Leapers aren’t called Leapers for nothing-they leap,
oftentimes coming at you along walls, ceilings and from dark places. They will
frequently be in your face before you know they are there. They are quite fast
despite the fact that they have only one set of clawed front limbs. They attack
by clawing, biting and whipping their stinger-like tail. They are also seldom
alone. A darker tougher version appears later in the game and they are a

Stalker and Super Stalker: These fast, cunning Necromorphs sound and hunt like a
pack of Velociraptors-at least like the movie ones. They will stalk you, peeking
around cover to try to surprise you, but in the end they aren’t any tougher than
the other Necromorphs. Once they smell blood, they will charge at you, allowing
you to tackle them with stasis and a potent weapon. The Super version operates
the same way but will need a bit more TLC.

Lurker: These smallish three tentacled Necromorphs can be a pain. They can
travel anywhere, like walls and roofs, and they have a tendency to hide in the
dark. Their small size, especially when they retract their tentacles make them
hard to see as they scurry about trying to get a shot at you, and the projectile
attack from their tentacles can administer a lot of damage even from long range.
They also like to come in groups and will frequently accompany other
Necromorphs, harassing you as you dismember a more in-your-face foe. Hate em.

Infector: The Infector has two purposes in life-to animate dead bodies and to
kill you and perhaps bring you back as a “nekkie.” They perform this repulsive
function with an elongated beak as they hover over the corpse on bat-like wings.
They are high priority targets because they will reanimate until you take them
out-so take them out ASAP. A Line Gun round into the beak or a grenade attack
will turn the trick.

Pregnant: The Pregnant appears clumsy but will close on you faster than you
think. They use a slashing attack like a Slasher and are a priority target when
they are in the field. You must dismember them-three limbs-to put them down,
without hitting their torso. If you hit their torso they will release a Swarm
that can easily tip a heated battle in the their favor.

Swarm: The Swarm is the spawn of the Pregnant. If you misfire on a Pregnant you
get a flood of them, but they can appear when there are no Pregnants around.
They will swarm onto you. Individuals do little harm and can be shaken off; but
in numbers they can kill you, or make you susceptible to other Necromorphs. If
you have a Force Gun, they are toast. Its large area of effect will take out a
whole Swarm with a single round.

Divider and Divider Spawn: The Divider is a tall, gangly, deadly and,
fortuitously, rare Necromorph. If they get close they employ a tongue attack
that will remove your head. Killing them isn’t the end. A flood of pesky Spawn
will drop from them and they are hard to hit and will grab onto your head and
dish out substantial damage. You will encounter the occasional Spawn when there
is no Divider around.

Juvenile: The maniacal Juveniles still have human-like features. They will
usually attack in packs, sprinting, crawling and jumping with one purpose,
getting to you to jump onto you, slash your face with claws and to bite your
throat for the kill. A single Juvenile can be taken with melee tactics or with a
single Plasma round, but in numbers their swirling attacks can be deadly. Late
in the game an evolved version that looks more like a dark little demon will
appear, using the same tactics as their more human looking buddies.

Exploder: These ungainly, lurking screeching pests are easy to kill-just target
the prominent yellow sack as they lurch along. Trouble is they always show up at
the wrong time. While your shredding a baddy close up and personal it comes
around the corner and is on you. A close by explosion can easily be fatal,
especially if your health meter is low. They also like to lurk near glass
windows that are allergic to explosions. If you sever the explosive sack, they
will still have to be dismembered to put them down.

Crawler: These trundling Necromorphs have an explosive cocoon that you don’t
want going off nearby. While not as potent as an Exploder, they like to come in
groups and travel with other bad guys. The weakest of weapons will kill them
with a single round.

Cyst: You will come to recognize the distinctive grunting of the repugnant Cyst.
They reside in small groups, and for want of a better analogy, they resemble a
giant pimple, but one that will fire acid at anyone passing it, doing major
damage. They are permanently attached to surfaces, so you will sometimes have to
search for them because they oftentimes hide in dark or unexpected places. They
are easily killed with a couple of Plasma rounds.

Guardian: As the name implies, Guardians stake out a territory and diligently
defend that domain, usually a corridor. They are a rare and multi-limbed and
because they adhere to walls, they can only move their flailing appendages. You
cannot get past them-they will seize and kill you if you get close and tear your
head off-even if placed in stasis. They will immediately detect your incursion,
and will deploy a number of pods that act like a stationary one-tentacled
Lurker. A single Line Gun grenade placed at its feet or a Detonator mine will
usually kill it. You can also take off its limbs to destroy it.

Pod: Pods are the spawn of the Guardian. When threatened the Guardian will spew
Pods. They will remain immobile while deploying a single tentacle. They will
shoot a projectile at you from that lone appendage. A single Plasma round will
take them out.

Brute: The Brute is an enormous Necromorph that will charge like a battering
ram, bashing and biting if it gets hold of you. It can also spit a fireball at
you if you cripple it. It has large glowing areas that must be targeted to bring
it down. Use stasis on it and pound its shoulder’s weak spots. The Plasma Cutter
will do the job and if frozen the Ripper will also quickly do the job. Later in
the game the Contact Beam can kill it with a couple of shots.

Tripod: Like the Brute these are a large battering ram type. They travel on
three legs, with two of them having “weak spots.” It will charge and try to
overwhelm you and it has a nasty stinger on it long tentacle. Concentrate on its
shoulder weak spots to kill it.

Blob: This nesting Necromorph seems to prefer hostile environments, like the
vacuum of space or depressurized areas of the Sprawl. They resemble a huge pile
of chewed bubble gum, sticking fast to surfaces. They will attack when
approached by opening and releasing three waving tentacles that fire projectiles
at you. Every time you encounter them you can kill them by enticing them into
revealing their tentacles and parking a Line Gun grenade on top of the Blob. You
rarely have to use a second.

Ubermorph: The Ubermorph is akin to a tall Super Slasher. It even employs a
similar attack. The biggest difference is that it can’t be killed. Put it in
stasis, shred it into Necro-nuggets and about five seconds later it’s back for
more. Encounters with the Ubermorph, in themselves, are little worse than a
Super Slasher but the thing just won’t stay dead and it is encountered near the
game’s end when Necromorphs are everywhere.

                                 WALKTHROUGH   <I004>

The following walkthrough is based on playthroughs on both the PS3 and the XBOX
360. The gameplay on the consoles is identical. The details are based on an
initial playthrough on “normal.” Critical locations or items like SAVE STATIONS
or SCHEMATICS will appear in upper case letters.

        CHAPTER 1: BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!    <c001>

After a cut scene recalling past events and horrors connected with the ill-fated
events aboard the Ishimura, a dazed Isaac Clarke awakens, confined in a
straightjacket. A frightened orderly named Franco has located him for someone
named Daina, and tells him he is in grave danger. An Infector then attacks
Franco; and Isaac, still in the straightjacket, must immediately flee for his

When you gain control of Isaac, sprint down the left hallway-do not pause or
stop during this run. Rampaging Necromorphs will loom ahead, but if you bear
right in the broad hallway you can just run past them. Pass through the two open
doorways and turn left. Sprint ahead through the open doorway, bearing right and
right again toward the large door ahead. Go through the door and pump the action
button to fend off the clutching Necromorph, which, if you’re successful, is
crushed in the closing doorway.

Move forward and you will find a SAVE STATION. Pass through the large unlocked
doorway and go right to see two security guards succumb to the Necromorphs.
Follow the passage-it is linear and fairly easy to follow. Go up the stairwell
and into the Observation Room. Go left down the stairs, over the glass-roofed
patient rooms and watch a truly disturbed Nolan Stross on the monitor. He is
being cajoled about the “symbols.” The procedures have completely broken him and
have brought back dark memories of the murders he committed.

Continue out the door beyond, down the hall and into the next room where a
troubled medical research officer cuts Isaac free of his straightjacket, after a
disquieting encounter. Take the Med Pack and the flashlight from the locker and
exit the room after witnessing the bloody suicide.

The locator will now be operational, giving a path to the objective. Pressing
the right thumbstick will momentarily lay a “blue” path to your objective. It
will also point to the nearest STORE (yellow path), WORKBENCH (purple path) or
SAVE STATION (green path) if you toggle the “D Pad.”

The mysterious Daina addresses Isaac before he enters the Patient Rec Room
elevator. She tells him she can help him get to safety. Now free of his
confinement Isaac, can use melee and stomping tactics. Use the objective path
and the flashlight to make your way through the dark corpse-strewn Rec Room and
you will come to another SAVE STATION.

Go into the shower room and after experiencing the first of many hallucinogenic
episodes, follow the objective path to a service duct. Crawl through it and you
will fall into a sealed chamber. Daina again offers help and Isaac wonders why
she is so intent on helping him-a total stranger.

Interact with the Telekinetic Surgical console. You will acquire its Kinesis
Module during the cutscene. You are now trapped in the chamber. Use kinesis to
grab a rod from the floor and shoot it at one of the two all-glass walls. As it
crumbles two Slashers will come at you, one at a time. Impale them using kinesis
to propel rods into them. Grab another rod and stomp or melee the corpses to get
their booty-ammo, Med Packs, credits, etc.

Take the rod with you into the Surgical Observation Room’s elevator. Take the
Med Pack and activate the elevator. Go right into the short-railed dead end
alcove and wait for the three Slashers. They will come one at a time. Use the
rod you brought along and the two laying there to impale them. You can also use
melee punches if you miss with the rods-they are fairly effective against weaker
opponents. Stomp or melee the corpses for items. Make your way to the doorway,
using the lower path to get there, since a heavy, unmovable object blocks the
objective’s route.

As always search fresh-killed corpses and the environment for pick-ups. From
this time forward, I will take it for granted that you do so-you won’t survive
if you fail to do so. Generally only Power Nodes, valuable Semiconductors or
Schematics will be individually flagged. Audio and Video Logs won’t generally be
individually flagged. They are frequently encountered and often provide insight
into the intrigues of the Sprawl. Pick-up items are largely random, but heavily
favor the weapons you are carrying. Plasma Energy will, therefore, dominate
munitions items in the early part of the game.

Exit the Surgical Observation Room, stomp the crate, as instructed by the
tutorial, and stomp or melee the corpses for pick-ups. As stated only fresh
kills usually produce pick-ups, these two are exceptional.

Proceed into Intensive Care. A terrified patient pleads for help. Raid three
empty medical rooms to find some Plasma Energy. Ignore the writhing Necro on the
gurney for now. Enter the surgical chamber with the pleading patient. Interact
with the console to release the man but a Slasher will enter.

You will receive the Plasma Cutter during a cutscene. Dismember the Slasher to
destroy it. Another follows it. Stomp both corpses to build up your supplies.
Shoot a limb off of the thrashing creature on the gurney, melee it and take its
drop. Move out of the room after looting the area.

Follow the objective path to another SAVE STATION just outside the Intensive
Care Waiting Area. Pass through the waiting area. After the fire suppression is
triggered, three Slashers will attack–two from near the scorched area and one
from behind. Search the area and the victims and continue along the objective
path, looting the Necromorph-free areas until you reach the Upper Lobby, where a
warning horn is sounding.

Nolan Stross, on the loose, entreats you to get out of the area-follow him but
your escape effort falls short when there is a security lockdown. Daina’s route
is now blocked. Stay near the exit where Stross led you, because five Slashers
will come at you from the lobby area. Dismember them. If you’re about to be
overran, you can cripple some of them and finish them off as they crawl toward
you. Loot the bodies and then the area. You can even return to the Upper Lobby
for a few items that you ran past while chasing Stross. Daina will send you an
alternate route.

You will acquire your first POWER NODE from the circular receptionist’s desk in
the lower lobby. Before taking Daina’s new route, return to the upper lobby and
grab any items you find. Now, follow the objective path to another SAVE STATION,
picking up everything along the way.

Follow the path to the Triage Room. You must now hack your first console. It
will be on the left side in a brown cabinet. Simply rotate the left analog
stick, clockwise or counterclockwise, or back and forth if you pass a desired
field, to locate a blue field on the monitor, press the action button to select
it and repeat the procedure two more times before the timer, as indicated by the
bar at the top of the monitor, runs down. You will encounter identical consoles
throughout the Sprawl-they all work the same way.

You now have your Stasis Module and you must immediately put it to use as a
slow-mo Slasher charges from the other side of the room. Use stasis to slow it
down and then dismember it. Refill your Stasis Mod from the wall refill station.
The Stasis Mod also has the capability to slowly recharge itself over time.
Activate the barred exit gate from the console; freeze it in the open position
and dash out of the room.

Note: Stasis places a person or object in extreme slow motion but if you get too
close they can still deal a bit of damage. Your Stasis Module will auto recharge
over time or can be filled from a Stasis Refill Station. Portable Stasis Packs
can also be found, bought and carried in inventory. Survival in the Sprawl would
be impossible without this technology. Upgrading it is likely the best path to
take when you reach your first WORKBENCH.

You will witness a grisly death as you proceed and two repulsive Pukers, will
need killing in the corpse filled morgue. Pukers can project an acidic stream of
vomit from short range and spew sticky material from longer range that will
briefly make normal movement difficult. They are priority targets, if you can
distinguish them from their brethren freaks, in the poorly illuminated Sprawl.
Use stasis on them and dismember them. Raid the morgue area and the Puker’s
corpses and snatch the POWER NODE from the sink’s countertop.

Take the elevator to Patient Care, and say how-de-do to a spooky manifestation
of Nicole-won’t be the last of her. Exit the elevator and raid the area. Be sure
to grab the POWER NODE from the near the roses on receptionist’s desk.

Enter the Critical Needs area. The window will give way to the vacuum of space,
depressurizing the room. Shoot the red triangular emblem above the fractured
glass to bring down the emergency barrier, sealing the breach. This is to
demonstrate what must be done when a room depressurizes. From now on you will
have to seal breaches by shooting the symbol to prevent being swept out into
space or being mangled by the blast door.

Exit the area and you are near your first STORE, but beware of the corpse lying
on the floor, just past the entrance. It will ambush you if you proceed into the
room. Kill it, and take the POWER NODE from the wall box. Enter the STORE
cubicle. It is mandatory that you purchase the Engineering Suit-it will allow
you to travel in Zero-G and it has a small built in O2 supply. It also provides
a 5% increase in armor and has ten inventory slots. It will cost only 1,000
Credits. Nothing else is available for purchase at this time.

Proceed into the Zero-G area-just follow the objective path to get through. Just
beyond a Tripod will attack you from the window area. Too bad you can’t shoot
the glass out.

The Tripod travels on three legs and two of them have glowing weak spots. In
additional to battering ram tactics it will lash at you with a glowing stinger
on the end of a whip-like tentacle. Put it in stasis and concentrate on one of
its legs, hitting the glowing knuckle to cripple it, hampering its pursuit. Run
to keep your distance, and use your final stasis shot to freeze it, allowing a
quick re-charge from the re-charge station. Take off the other leg and it will
crumble; but you must shoot the stinger tentacle off before you approach it for
the GOLD SEMICONDUCTOR it drops. Ransack the room and refill your Stasis Mod
before exiting.

After a bossy Daina raises your hopes, follow the objective path toward the
vehicle maintenance shop, grabbing every item along the way. It will lead you to
a maintenance duct. Use kinesis on the blue “grip enabled” symbol to expose the
portal. This symbol will be present whenever environmental obstacles or routes
can be manipulated with kinesis.


You will emerge into a room with a STORE and a WORKBENCH. The WORKBENCH will
allow you to update your equipment, using Power Nodes, which can be picked up
during your trek or purchased after they become available at the STORE.

The STORE will now have the Line Gun, Javelin Gun, Plasma Energy and Small
Medical Packs for sale. Sell your GOLD SEMICONDUCTOR for 3,000 Credits and
purchase one of the other weapons. With credits still building, I purchased the
Line Gun-it will serve well throughout the remainder of the game, but the
Javelin Gun, new in Dead Space 2, is also a decent weapon.

If you have plenty of Plasma Energy, put some into your safe to free up
inventory slots so you don’t have to pass up too many drops. Keeping 50 rounds
should easily be a sufficient safety margin.

You should have four Power Nodes, which you can spend at the WORKBENCH or save.
I spent three nodes updating the Stasis Module, placing the first in “Duration,”
then a “Connecting” slot and the next in “Energy,” allowing an additional longer
shot before the Mod is depleted. What you update is a matter of personal
preference, updating the Rig or a weapon is also a good path. ALWAYS keep at
least one Power Node to allow access to locked storerooms-these locked
storerooms often contain critical Schematics as well as other lucrative plunder.

A Slasher, playing dead on the automated walkway, will attack as you enter the
adjacent room. Use stasis to freeze it and then dismember it. At the far end of
the area, past the SAVE STATION, there is a locked room. Use your remaining
Power Node to open it-it contains the POWER NODE SCHEMATIC as well as other
useful items. Once downloaded the schematic will allow you to purchase Power
Nodes at the store. This will be quite important later in the game. Occasionally
this room will contain a Gold or Ruby Semiconductor.

Use the locator’s yellow pathway to backtrack to the STORE to download the POWER
NODE SCHEMATIC, freeing up the inventory slot. You can then re-enter the
storeroom to pick up anything that you were unable to carry. Use the SAVE

Return to following the objective pathway into the Titan Heights Apartments.
Take out the Slasher attacking a civilian at the end of the hallway. Grab the
POWER NODE from the alcove on left side of the corridor.

Chaos now reigns in the adjacent area as the Necromorphs wreak havoc on the
locals. Another Slasher will attack near the elevator and if you linger too long
in the corridor another will attack. Board the elevator after looting the
corridor and the corpses.

A brief cut scene plays depicting a civilian attempting to board the elevator.
Stross will wave frantically from across the central overlook and will rave
incoherently. A Leaper will climb up over the rail near the elevator and attack.
Leapers have only front limbs. Take them off to kill it. These low-slung
Necromorphs will oftentimes run along walls and ceilings to leap on you from a
dark corner or an unexpected location.

After the two civilians flee, a Slasher will burst through the wall on the
right. Watch out for a crippled Puker crawling out of the open apartment’s
bathroom, and a Slasher will charge in as you ransack it.

Work your way into the laundry room. As you try to exit, the lights will fail.
Six Necromorphs will now confront you. Run back toward the glassed laundry room
to deal with the first Slasher. A Puker will be followed by another Slasher and
a Leaper, and finally by a pair of Slashers. This is a tough close quarters
struggle in subdued light. The Line Gun, if you have ammo, and stasis shots are
your best bet, especially against the Leaper and the Puker. It will be worth
your while to allow your Stasis Mod to recharge before proceeding.

Gather the loot and follow the path onto the terrace and into the Titan Heights
East Wing apartments. Take the elevator down after grabbing the scattered items.
Daina will address you about the machinations of Tiedemann and his construction
of a new Marker. She tells you to get to the tram.

Use the SAVE STATION and proceed, killing the Slasher bursting through the wall
near the poorly-barricaded Galilei Transit Station entry. In the long gallery a
Slasher feigning death will spring up as you approach and a Leaper will attack
from ahead. The exit to the Galilei Transit Station will not be enabled until
four Exploders, three from behind and the last from near the exit, enter the
skirmish. Exploders can be easily killed by hitting the yellow explosive sack,
but it can also be severed and used as a weapon; but you will still have to kill
the Exploder, which can be done with a shot or melee punch. Oh, and don’t hit
the sack if the Exploder is close to you. Be sure to grab the GOLD SEMICONDUCTOR
from near the “Titan News” sign near the automated walkway.

The wail of a Tram and an apparition of Nicole will greet you at the Tram
station. An Infector is animating a corpse inside the closed Tram. Position
yourself close to the Tram’s door and as it opens, hit both Necromorphs with
stasis and kill them with the Line Gun’s alternate fire grenade attack before
they can exit, otherwise the resurrected Slasher will come at you while the
Infector starts to reanimate more corpses.

As you ransack the station area, a lone Slasher will need killing, regardless of
whether you killed the Infector. Be sure to grab the STASIS PACK SCHEMATIC. It
is located on the depressed trackway opposite the active Tram. You must use
kinesis to retrieve it from below on the track. Let your Stasis Mod recharge
before boarding the tram.

Enter the Tram and loot your way to the console. Hack the console to get the
tram operational and be prepared for a charging Slasher as you begin to
backtrack. When you reach the next car the door is locked. Turn around to face a
charging Puker, which will be followed by a Slasher. Another Puker will appear
near the exit door. Stomp the corpses and with the lockout released on the
adjacent door, head that way.

As you advance into the next car you will be thrown out. You will now have to
boost your way onto the tramcar ahead, aiming for the open doorway. Pump the
action button to get aboard. An Exploder and a Slasher will emerge ahead. Hit
the yellow explosive sack to kill both with a single round. Another Slasher,
however, will come from behind as you attempt to exit the car.

There is a crash and you will be flung through several cars, past threatening
Necromorphs to be thrown out of the car. You will now be dangling upside down. A
crippled Slasher will emerge ahead and then an Exploder. Four Slashers will then
quickly close from the flanks and, as you take them out, another Exploder will
lurch toward you. Use stasis on any that get too close; and when they are all
down you must, while still suspended, shoot one arm, off of the Tripod that will
loom over the Tram. You will finally be free as the car crashes beside you.

Stomp your victims and search the area thoroughly. There is a POWER NODE in the
rear of the area, and the PULSE RIFLE SCEMATIC on a rear shelf as well as many
other useful items. Daina will now tender a new route. The locator‘s path will
lead you to a SAVE STATION.


Follow the objective path through the doorway. A shadowy Juvenile will screech
and you may catch a glimpse of it at the turn. Turn left, off the path, at the
intersection to get the POWER NODE in the wall unit in the dead-end corridor.
Reverse course and resume following the path; but, before the path doglegs to
the left, a Slasher feigning death will jump up and assault you.

Go up the ramps and into the mall area. Turn right and grab the credits from
near the squirrel mascot mural. Proceed along the stalled automated walkway, and
Juveniles will begin to emerge from the door of “Fashion Kid” and from the
“Titan Station Elementary,” from near where picked up the credits.

Sprint forward and make a stand at the far end, near the STORE where they can’t
surround you. Take out this first wave of a half dozen with your Plasma Cutter
as they pursue with intent. You can even melee some of this first bunch to save
ammo. Their numbers, however, will quickly swell as more shrieking fiends join
the screeching pack; but they will be coming from only one direction. Use stasis
shots, if need be, to freeze groups and shoot or melee them. Shake off any that
get to you and when their numbers shrink, just melee the last of them.

While each of these Juvenile terrors do only minor damage, unless not shaken
off, the cumulative effect of these swarming tactics is very unpleasant and will
prove fatal if you are overwhelmed as they claw and then bite to kill you.
Always try to funnel their attack by getting against a wall or into a doorway
where they must approach from a single direction.

A paranoid Stross raves about the memories, the symbols. He wonders if Isaac is
seeing them to. He thinks, knows that someone is after him-them!

Gather the numerous drops and use the nearby STORE for any overflow. Download
25,500 credits available, I purchased both the Pulse Rifle (7,000 credits) and
the Javelin Gun (11,000 credits). You can’t have enough firepower.

You will now have the Plasma Cutter, the Line Gun, the Javelin Gun and the Pulse
Rifle in your weapon slots. From now on you will have to make decisions on what
to keep. I always favor the Plasma Cutter and the Line Gun over the other two
because they will remain key weapons until the end of the game. Use the SAVE

Enter the Concourse Mezzanine elevator. Shoot the lone Juvenile before it gets
away. Loot the area as Daina fills you in about Nolan Stross’s history and then
follow the path to the Unitilogy Resource Center elevator. Hack it for access.

After you exit the elevator, you will enter a long corridor. When it makes a
right turn an Exploder accompanied by a Slasher and several Juveniles will
appear ahead. If you take the Exploder out near the window, the area will
depressurize. If the chamber depressurizes, hit the symbol above the fractured
glass to bring down the barrier. This will prevent your demise and using this
tactic will only cost two Plasma rounds.

You can also allow the Exploder and its entourage to approach rather than
depressurizing the room, taking them out individually. A small pack of six
Juveniles will, whether the room depressurizes or not, assault you in this area.
If you quickly take refuge in the lounge on the right, you can channel their
approach through the door. This is a good opportunity to try out the Pulse
Rifle, but you can also just save ammo by punching them as file through the
narrow doorway.

Thoroughly search the area to build up your stores and then take the path, which
will take you through a duct, down a corridor, with item crates to stomp, and up
two ramps and into the refuse system’s Control Room. Along the way a jumpy
security officer will offer an instructional video. Interact with the console to
shut down the garbage compactor.

If you use the WORKBENCH, remember to reserve a Power Node for locked
storerooms. Use the SAVE STATION. Having three Power Nodes, I spent one on the
Rig for “Hit Points,” which will allow you to take more damage, and one on
“Damage” for the Plasma Cutter. This left me one Node in reserve. Use the SAVE

Exit the control room and a Puker will first appear as you start down the ramps.
Fire a Line Gun grenade at its feet and freeze it when it inhales to vomit on
you. Back off. Both the Puker and the Slasher that follow it should perish in
the explosion. Another Slasher will drop down and is closely followed by an
Exploder. Quickly freeze the Slasher that appears or cripple it and then hit the
explosive sack of the entering Exploder to finish the scuffle. Loot the corpses.

Enter the Zero G Garbage Compactor enclosure. Use kinesis to grab the floating
items and release your magnetic grip (press the left thumbstick to release or
land in Zero G areas). Glide over to the control room on the opposite side of
the chamber.

Use the control console to power up the sanitation system and then exit the
control compartment. Release your magnetic grip and enter the brightly lit Zero
G passage, avoiding the debris as you boost your way toward the circulating fan.
Turn right into the opening and exit into the Cassini Towers Infrastructure.

You are now in a poorly lit corridor with several crates to stomp. A lone
Slasher will drop down near the locked storeroom. This is a good opportunity to
check out the Javelin Gun if you haven’t already. Impale the Slasher and then
electrify it to hopefully finish it off.

Use a Power Node to access the storeroom. This room contains a large number of
credits and a random SEMICONDUCTOR as well as other welcome items. Limited
inventory will likely require you to make some difficult choices. If it comes to
a Med Pack or ammo versus a Bronze Semiconductor; well unless I was replete with
the item, a Bronze Semiconductor is only worth 1,000 credits-so I’d take the
item instead. Gotta’ stay alive to spend it.

With the power out to the Cassini Towers elevator, you must use kinesis to
insert the Power Cell into the open slot to the right of the access door. Grab
the POWER NODE as you exit the elevator.

Enter the apartment block. A slithering mass of tiny crawling Necromorphs called
a Swarm will emerge from the restroom of the first apartment on the left, and
another Swarm and a Slasher infest the next apartment. If you purchased the
Pulse Rifle a grenade from its alternate fire will easily dispose of these pesky
Swarms. This tactic, however, will cost you 25 Pulse Rounds. The Line Gun’s
alternate fire mode will easily do the job as well and will only cost one round,
but it must be properly placed and timed. The Javelin Gun fired and electrified
will cost two spears but may leave a few critters crawling to stomp.

Swarm creatures are small and a few can easily be shaken off. In large numbers,
however, they can do substantial, even fatal, damage and you will be susceptible
to attacks by other Necromorphs while in their grasp. While these always erupt
from ruptured Pregnants, they can also be encountered when none are not around.

Search the now vacate apartments and then return to the path. Nicole’s
apparition will try to elicit pity as you near the exit. Continue out of the
apartment block and Isaac will inform Daina that he is being tracked by a Titan
gunship. She informs him that he isn’t far from her position and must hurry to
her location for sanctuary.

Tread lightly because a lone Slasher will burst from the daycare placard as you
enter the carpeted East Wing. The path will lead you to another elevator and a
SAVE STATION near its exit.

Just around the corner, in the low side of the large lobby, an Infector is at
work, and you must battle any Necromorphs it raises. Freeze the Infector as it
works on the corpse and hit it with a Line Gun grenade. A Puker or Exploder will
next appear in the Unitology Church doorway. Kill it and then stay mobile
because another Puker, two Slashers, another Infector and a pair of Exploders
will enter the fray. Where the enemy appears is somewhat random after you deal
with the first Infector. The potent Line Gun is definitely the best weapon to
quickly deal death in the suddenly crowded lobby.

The JAVELIN SPEARS SCHEMATIC lay in the windowed area. Take the time to stomp
the corpses and loot the area. If you’re the cautious type, return and save your
game before moving on. There is a lot of action before the next save station.

Enter the Church Of Unitology and take the long ornate Necromorph-free corridor
into the next chamber where Daina informs you that you are about to be taken by
Tiedemann’s security force. Sprint to the exit avoiding the damaging glass
shards raining into the room’s center by bearing right along the wall.

CHAPTER 4: LUNATIC-OLOGY             <o004>

Continue along the path into the Unity Library and enter a room strewn with
corpses. Loot the chamber. Take the stairs, and you will go into the Library
onto a curving balcony. Take down the lone Infector and its victim with stasis
and a Line Gun grenade before it can escape to infect additional corpses.

Below the balcony two more Infectors are at work.

Descend and turn right to find an Infector at work. Freeze it and expend a Line
Gun grenade to kill it and its prey. Retreat quickly back to the balcony. This
will draw the enemy onto the stairwell, channeling their approach in the narrow
aisle. Take out individual Slashers with the Plasma Cutter, the Javelin Gun or
the Pulse Rifle. How many opponents you have will depend on the actions of the
Infectors. If you took out the first two clean, this will be minimal.
Regardless, the last Infector will soon be coming to call. Don’t let your guard
down when the scuffle seems to be over. Two or three Slashers and a Puker will
attack as you descend to pilfer the premises.

Take the central elevator and make your way through the doorways to the large
observation area. Grab all the scattered items, and check out the expansive view
beyond the big fragile window. The destination door is not enabled, so you must
enter the room across the chamber to restore it to service.

Enter the control room, grab the items and use kinesis to pull the cover from
the diagram near the entry door. The blinking red symbol indicates a problem
with the observation center door. A good fuse must be placed in the socket above
it. Pull its cover and grab the fuse from the panel near the seated corpse.
Insert it in the upper right fuse slot in the panel. The door can now be seen
and heard opening and closing rapidly.

As you emerge from the room three Slashers will attack. Shoot the glass behind
them, sucking them out into the void. Just be sure to hit the symbol above it to
prevent your own demise-or you can just shoot each one of them, being careful
not to hit the glass!

Use stasis on the slamming doorway as it is opening to slow its travel. As it
slowly travels up, sprint through it. After Nicole’s tirade, loot both rooms and
be sure to pick up the SECURITY SUIT SCHEMATIC even if you must drop something
precious to you. Visit the SAVE STATION.

Enter the duct and emerge to a scary-did I imagine that-needle in the eye
episode with an irate manifestation of Nicole. Hit the action button to remain
intact. Take the POWER NODE from the desk.

As you emerge from this area, you can make your way to the nearest store by
backtracking through the Church by laying down a yellow pathway. This is highly
recommended. You must melee the two fuse blocks to access the locked doors. Just
follow the yellow pathway to the STORE. Sell the SEMICONDUCTOR and download the

You now have the Security Suit with its 15 inventory slots, 10% armor increase
and a 5% Pulse Rifle damage bonus. If you have 20,000 credits, that is. Should
be no problem.

I spent one Power Node at the WORKBENCH, placing it on “Damage” for the Line

If you went to the STORE, backtrack using the blue pathway; but first make a
left as you exit the store’s chamber and go up the stairs on the left and into
the Reading Room, where you will find items and a POWER NODE. Watch out-a lone
Slasher will drop down to pay its respects.

Start back using the objective pathway, harvesting any items you didn’t have
room for earlier. Enter the high-vaulted Basilica where you will hear and get a
brief glimpse of a Stalker. Loot the area and then take the elevator to the
lower level. Lay a pathway and sprint along it until you reach a doorway that
becomes disabled as your approach.

This room is the domain of four Stalkers. They operate like a pack of Raptors,
hunting you with stealth and cunning. They even sound like the movie-version of
the voracious Cretaceous terrors. Try to confront them only when near this
doorway. The gated archways on either side are now closed but will open once the
battle commences.

The Stalkers will snarl but remain largely hidden until you advance toward the
central circle, below the skylight. Get back to the doorway without delay after
getting their attention. Once they begin to reveal themselves they will begin to
charge straight in, or will, rarely, come in from the flanks via the opened

You have four Stalkers to deal with. The Line Gun, if you have it and enough
ammo, coupled with stasis blasts is your best defense. Let them charge, freeze
them and take them out with the Line Gun. When a panicky Dania contacts you the
skirmish is over. She will direct you into the Church’s burial chambers.

Gather the booty and use the objective path to find the elevator. Hack the
controls to gain access. There is a POWER NODE near the corpse to the left of
the elevator. Continue along the path into the Funerary Wing, looting the
candlelit Necromorph-free corridors and then into Reunion Chapel.

When you see the altar, advance to draw out the Swarm. A Swarm and a pair of
Slashers will emerge near the altar. Use stasis to freeze the enemy, and then
fire a grenade from either the Line Gun or Pulse Rifle into the Mix-two is
better. Finish off the Slashers if need be, and be aware that this Swarm will
likely need further attention. Stomp the corpses and shake off any pesky Swarm
creatures that refuse to die. You will find credit pick-ups near the altar. The
corpse near the exit will come alive as you approach it, so dismember it while
it’s still prone to eliminate it.

Take the elevator and follow the path, unopposed, to a SAVE STATION.


Enter the Crypts. There are no Necromorphs in the first crypt so just melee the
wall containers for items as you go. Only a spooky hallucination will manifest
itself in the second. Nothing happening in the third crypt, and a lone Puker
will confront you in the fourth. Freeze it and dismember it to avoid being
fouled in the cozy corridor. Things will turn nasty in the fifth.

Allow your Stasis Mod to fully recharge before entering the fifth crypt. There
are six Necromorphs in the fifth crypt-four Slashers and two Pukers. A Slasher
will appear as you make the first turn and a Puker from opposite the entry, on
your left flank. Two additional Slashers will turn up at random in this final
Crypt-so be aware. Another Puker will be triggered as you make the turn toward
the door, and the middle corpse near the exit is playing dead, and will attack
if you don’t deal with it first.

Exit the Crypts to find yourself on a walkway above the spinning Gravity
Generator. Grab the GOLD SEMICONDUCTOR from the central mechanism near the
actuators. Take the cargo lift down and pick up the RIPPER SCHEMATIC, even if
you have to throw away your last bullet. Grab the POWER NODE from near the
console. Daina is adamant that you need to go up, so you must lockdown the
artificial gravity rings to go up.

Hack the Gravity Generator’s control panel to disable it and then use stasis to
slow the spinning rings. Lock down the three rings, outer to inner, by pulling
down on the overhead grip icons when each ring aligns with the grip station.
Each of the three rings requires a restraint on opposite sides of the ring. It
will stop and go dormant. You will be in Zero G.

Refill your Stasis Mod, look up at the spinning blades. Launch into Zero G. and
quickly slow the spinning blades above with a stasis shot. Boost past the
blades. As a coffin emerges from the rotating hatch, boost through it as the
coffin just clears the hatch. Use kinesis to grab the MEDIUM MED PACK SCHEMATIC
floating about.

Land on the catwalk and use the console to restore gravity. Daina is very
concerned about the lurking gunship and urges you to hurry-Tiedemann’s forces
are in hot pursuit.

At last-a STORE! Purchase the Security Suit-if you didn’t backtrack earlier or
didn’t have the funds. Download the SCHEMATICS in your inventory and sell the
GOLD SEMICONDUCTOR. Purchase the Ripper-this will prove to be your most useful
tool for close quarter combat for the balance of the game. Don’t leave home
without it and remember to exchange one of your equipped weapons for the Ripper.
I moved the Javelin Gun and its ammo since I had only a few spears for it.
Assign the Ripper a permanent slot. It will still be there at the end of the
game. You are now carrying the Plasma Cutter, the Ripper, the Line Gun and the
Pulse Rifle.

There is a WORKBENCH in the next area and a credit pick-up. I had four Power
Nodes and applied one to the Stasis Mod’s matrix for “Duration.” I also placed
two on the Ripper’s matrix, to “Capacity” and “Damage.” This left one Power Node
in reserve. Use kinesis to move the three suspended coffins and use the SAVE
STATION hidden behind them.

Note: If you returned to the Store earlier, you will have placed a Node in the
Line Gun for “Damage” and found an extra Node in the Reading Room. Line Gun
upgrades from here on will reflect that.

Climb into the duct and you will fall into a dark room. Search it thoroughly.
You will find a 10,000 Credit chip and, if you’re lucky, some Ripper Blades.
Just outside this room you will find the LINE RACK SCHEMATIC, behind the high
stack of bundled cartons, as well as a few other items.

You will hear the shrill calls of a pair of wall climbing Lurkers as you make
the turn. Take off the tentacles they display to kill them. They will shoot
three projectiles from those tentacles. The projectiles are difficult to dodge
and can quickly rob your health. A lone Slasher will greet you near the incline.

Stop the crate and enter the high vaulted chamber. A Tripod sporting a single
golden orb on its flailing tentacle will need to be driven off by hitting that
orb with multiple rounds. It will retreat and summon a pack of about fifteen
shrieking Juveniles with its bellowing.

Equip the Ripper and retreat to your entry point or put your back to a wall to
meet the rush. Allow the fanatical pack to rush into the suspended blade as you
quickly sweep in back and forth. It will take a few blades to accomplish the
carnage, and if any get past the deadly blade it will interrupt the devastation-
so just deploy another when this happens. A lone Slasher will come from the far
side after the onslaught. Collect the bounty. Goodies should be scattered

Follow the path onto the balcony and an Exploder will emerge at the far end. A
Slasher will drop in front of you and another behind. Near the turn another
Slasher and then a Puker will come out to be followed by another Slasher. An
Exploder will be the last to enter the battle.

In the next chamber a crippled Stalker will claw toward you as you enter the
broad hallway; and, if you exited before the last Exploder made its appearance
in the previous room, it will show up now.

After Nicole’s ravings in the high-vaulted rotunda, the elevator will be
enabled. Take it to the top of the church, but a Slasher will drop into the
elevator after Daina’s communication. Shred it into Necroburger with your
Ripper. Grab the pick-ups, including the DETONATOR SCHEMATIC and the POWER NODE
in the Observation Room’s alcove where you will also find a SAVE STATION.

Equip the Plasma Cutter or the Pulse rifle and make your way to Daina. When you
find her, her henchmen will seize you. She is a Unitology Fanatic and means to
use you to create another Marker. She is at odds with Tiedemann, but she has an
even more sinister goal-infection of the entire galaxy-a pretty tall order for
someone about to die badly.

When the gunship fractures the window, everyone is sucked toward the vacuum. Hit
the action button to prevent your demise and you will grasp a hatch and tumble
through a system of ducts only to be seized by a raging Brute. You must
substantially damage the two glowing weak spots to be released. All this happens
while you are upside down, between intermittent cut scenes when you cannot fire
your weapon.

Once the creature is damaged, you will be tossed aside but the Brute will again
pursue you. Don’t fire on it, immediately run toward the closed door, quickly
use kinesis on the grip and sprint through it. You will both be sucked out into
space when the gunship destroys the window. In the silence of space you will be
pushed against a piece of debris and the raging Brute is still trying to seize
you. Target any of the red explosive canisters floating about and you will be
propelled back into the Sprawl. If you die, the checkpoint will allow you to
retry from when the Brute releases you.


A panicky Stross will ramble, but will inform Isaac that you two are largely
responsible for creating the Marker, giving substance to the late Daina’s recent
revelation. The Marker is housed in the Sprawl’s Government Sector.

You now find yourself in a candlelit corridor. Don’t take the path. First loot
the two small apartment’s and be sure to grab the POWER NODE from the dresser.
Ransack the next area and use the SAVE STATION in the laundry room. Go through
the unlocked doorway opposite the laundry room and onto the overlook. Take the
SEEKER RIFLE SCHEMATIC and the credits. Below you can see some Divider Spawn
cavorted about in the spacious lobby.

Return to the path and loot your way through the two open apartments and the
storage room. Take the elevator in the candlelit corridor after Stross once
again rants about “the machine” and “the “sessions.”

You will learn that Tiedemann has begun to withdraw his forces with his
“Operation Endgame” plan now in effect. He has contingencies in place for his
lost assets.

Use the well-placed SAVE STATION and as you make the turn into the large lobby,
a Pregnant will attack from ahead. Take off its limbs, while trying to miss its
torso. Cripple it and then take off an upper limb to kill it.

Hit the bulging torso and it will release a Swarm, greatly complicating the
skirmish. Another Pregnant will come from the opposite direction-treat it the
same way, but don’t take too long because half a dozen Leapers loiter in this
area and will start attacking one or two at a time.

Before you are surrounded by Leapers rush back to the save station where you
entered the area and put your back to the wall in the short corridor opposite
it. Use stasis and the Ripper to tackle them in the corridor where you can’t
easily be surrounded. They will show why they are called Leapers as the two-
legged terrors leap at you, attempting to claw you to death and slashing with
their tails. By staying in the side corridor, looking toward the save station,
they won’t be able to leap onto you as easily. One may not take the bait so be
aware as you move back into the broad lobby. Another Pregnant will arrive late-
you know the drill.

Stomp the numerous corpses for their drops. You can stomp a dead Pregnant
without releasing a Swarm.

Use the STORE, to the right of the path where the corridor splits. Download the
Purchase the Detonator and retrieve any items from the battle you didn’t have
room for. Put the Pulse Rifle or the Javelin Gun, whichever you are carrying, in
the safe and replace it with the Detonator. You will definitely need the Line
Gun before the next Store so pack it as well as the Ripper and the Plasma
Cutter. The Detonator is an excellent gadget, and by carrying it, the game is
much more likely to give mines as pick-ups.

Enter the Transport Hub and you will hear the grunting of a Cyst. These
disgusting little Necromorphs plant themselves on any available surface and will
blast a nasty stream of acid on anyone intruding into their space. Pop the first
and enter the long hallway. You will hear their grunts. Take out the first four,
two on each side of the corridor and advance a bit. Hit the one on the floor,
dead ahead. A crippled Slasher will then appear ahead. There is another Cyst on
the floor in the alcove near the SAVE STATION and another dead ahead on the
floor near the locked doorway.

Use a Power Node to open the Secure Storage room. It contains a BRONZE
SEMICONDUCTOR and sometimes a RUBY SEMICONDUCTOR as well-a windfall. Several
other items are also scattered about-hopefully some mines for the Detonator.

Use the WORKBENCH if so desired. I placed one of my two Nodes in the Line Gun
matrix, upgrading the “Damage.” Since the Semiconductor is taking a slot, use
the yellow locator path to backtrack to the STORE to unload it-or not. Use the
blue path to find your way back if you do so. Whenever you backtrack through a
previously cleared area it will remain safe.

Use the SAVE STATION and continue on into the Hyperion Hall Apartments. You are
now in a Zero G area but one with atmosphere and there is a fire raging. You
cannot continue until you douse the flames-there is no alternate route. There
are three atmospheric O2 generators in this area and you must disable all three
to deprive the blaze and yourself of oxygen.

From the entry area, as you face the fire, look up. There is an O2 generator,
identified by the horizontal blue bar, overhead, just to the right of the
overhead blaze. Remember to avoid contacting any active flame. Release your
magnetic hold and boost up to it. Use kinesis while hovering to pull off the
cover plate and then pull out the Power Cell. Use kinesis to grab the two
floating item crates and propel them against a hard surface. Retrieve the items
with kinesis.

Pull the ground level O2 generator’s cover and pull the Power Cell out and stash
it in the entry so it can’t float away. Pull the last Cell to deprive the fire
and yourself, for a few seconds, of oxygen. Replace it to restore the O2 once
the fire dies.

Grab the Power Cell you stashed and place it in the threshold ahead, where the
fire was. A pair of Lurkers will confront you as you enter the dark passage
around the corner. Shoot off their tentacles to kill them. The Line Gun will
take out the pesky Necromorphs with a single shot if they are aligned
vertically. Loot their corpses and take the Power Cell along into the next area.
Grab the Med Pack and replace the dead Cell.

Be prepared for a Puker as you open the Maintenance Elevator. Hit it with stasis
before it can foul you and take it out. Stross with his “steps” and “dark
machine” tirade will again contact Isaac. Grab the POWER NODE from the wall unit
and use the SAVE STATION. Break the fuse block near the hatch and enter the
Concourse Supply Storage area.

The large storage warehouse is filled with cargo containers and the distinctive
sounds of Stalkers. Grab the Detonator Mines near the entry and run to your
right, past the stasis refill station and then left past two cargo containers to
position yourself near the line of storage lockers. Immediately place a mine so
that the tripwire goes horizontal between the containers ahead and another mine
to cover your right flank. The six Stalkers will waste little time attacking at
this deep incursion into their realm.

They will come at you, one at a time, charging into the mines. Finish any that
survive which isn’t too likely. If they give you the time between charges
quickly re-deploy your mine as each Stalker goes down. Use stasis and the Line
Gun or the Ripper to finish off any that come between mine deployments. The Line
Gun is actually your best choice here because you won’t have to leave your spot
against the wall to finish the frozen Stalkers as you would with the Ripper’s
primary attack. Ransack the areas many lockers and crates and stomp the corpses.

You must hack the Concourse’ Maintenance Access doorway. As you traverse the
misty corridors and ramps, Stross drops additional hints about the “dark
machine” and the “screws going tight all around” hinting that the “steps” can
actually destroy the Marker. As you enter a large Concourse, enjoy Ellie’s
bravado as see taunts the numerous Necromorphs attacking her, but make sure you
kill the Leaper that attacks you.

Her humorous outburst is reminiscent of Ripley’s assault on the Alien Hive.
“Come on, Come on, come an’ get it you mother----ers!! This is the last stand!
You like that! Come un’ get it. You like that, you like that, well come and get
it! I’m still standing, you pieces of sh..! Ah, but now you may now be the
target of the brazen Lass, so talk to her to ease her fears. She will unlock the
gate but warns you not to follow her, even though both of you have the same
destination-Government Sector. This won’t be the last you see of Ellie.

Grab the PULSE ROUNDS SCHEMATIC before taking Ellie’s Ellie-vator, ha, ha.
Destroy the two Cysts on either side of the elevator. Use the STORE to the left
of the elevator to download the PULSE ROUND SCHEMATIC and save your progress at
the nearby SAVE STATION.

A Puker and a Pregnant will attack as you advance from the save station. As they
come from the far end deploy a mine ahead of them. If well placed, the mine will
eliminate the Slasher. The Pregnant may require two to destroy it and its Spawn.
Take out the grunting Cyst on the floor to the left of the railing and another
farther ahead on the left wall.

As you advance further a Spitter, with limbs like a Slasher, and a Puker will
appear ahead. When you hear them, place a mine in their paths and then retreat
until they are down. There is another Cyst on the ceiling above the two long
narrow signs. Grab the POWER NODE from near the Toy.toy entry.

Another Spitter and Puker will attack from behind as you pass “Trixies.” Freeze
them to prevent taking damage and put them down. Take out the Cyst near the
Titan Station Elementary portal and the one high and to its right.

Return to the STORE and exchange the Detonator for the Pulse Rifle and its ammo.
Use the SAVE STATION again.

You should now have the Line Gun, the Plasma Cutter, the Ripper and the Pulse

Enter the Titan Station Elementary and appropriate any items in the room to the
sounds of a nursery. As you make your way, watch the Crawler go to momma and
then explode-be forewarned.

Enter room 305, every room seems to be 305 in the Elementary, and use kinesis to
move the cribs cluttering the floor ahead. Six or seven crawlers will soon enter
the room using the door or via the hole in the wall. Use the Pulse Rifle to take
them out to economize on Plasma Energy. Another group of five or six Crawlers
will come into the next room. This is close in, so retreat to nail them as they
come for you through the door. Beware of one Crawler wiping up the rear as you
re-enter the next room.

Move along into the Nurse’s Office, also 305, and use the SAVE STATION. The wall
containers frequently contain Med packs so don’t miss them. After the migraine
moment, enter the next 305 and this time it’s a gym.

Address the preliminary rush of three Juveniles with the Pulse Rifle or melee
blows. Follow the path under the bleachers. Freeze and kill the dark Super Puker
as you near the right turn. Continue around the stage, past the falling star and
to the console, grabbing any items along the way. Bring the stasis canister
along and then hack the console to lower the props.

Be prepared for the onslaught of a pack of about fifteen screeching Juveniles
with several Crawlers mixed in. They will straggle in from above the bleachers
on the opposite side of the gym. Let the first group cross the gym and use the
stasis canister on those coming off the bleachers behind. Begin picking them off
with the Pulse Rifle while remaining near the hacked console. Watch for the
sneaky little Crawlers that will be trundling toward you. Hit them to help thin
out the pack.

Even before the pack is eliminated, an Infector will begin to raise corpses. In
all likelihood you will have to deal with at least one Super Slasher and the
Infector. Use stasis and the Ripper to put them down.

Ransack the area and the numerous cadavers. If you have no room for pick-ups you
can backtrack, without opposition, to the nearest STORE by laying down a yellow
path. You can now return to the gym and take any items you couldn’t carry

Exit the gym and follow the path. You can now enter the classroom on the right
with the large window, for a couple of items, which includes the FLAMETHROWER

In the Playground room you have another contentious encounter with the Nicole
apparition. Grab the POWER NODE near the merry-go-round, exit and take the

Ellie will contact you as you use the elevator. She has found Stross-he seems
“twitchy” she days; but Isaac believes he needs him for his information, so he
urges Ellie to resist killing him. Continue on after the rather lengthy elevator
ride, and loot your way to the nearby SAVE STATION.

Enter the Transport Hub. This is a large room and Ellie and Stross are on the
upper level. Tiedemannn has killed the power in the hub, taking out life support
and transportation to prevent Isaac from getting anywhere near his precious
Marker. You must now activate the mothballed solar array to restore power to
life support and the tram.

Suddenly as Ellie begins battling Necromorphs on the upper walkway, a Brute pays
you a call. Use stasis, there is a canister there in the area, to slow it down
and shoot off both of its arms-if you can take a bit of damage, freeze it and
use the Ripper in close, freezing it again when it breaks free. If you cripple
it, it can shoot a fireball at you-so be aware. Take the RUBY SEMICONDUCTOR when
it dies.

Ransack the large area, though your inventory will likely make you make prudent
decisions. Upon exiting you will find several more crates.

Exit the Hub, smash the crates and toss some debris into the two security lasers
blocking your passage. Peek around the corner. A Guardian lies just ahead. Use
the Line Gun’s alternate fire to place a grenade at its feet. A single well
placed round should take it out. Eliminate any pods that it has slung and grab
its GOLD SEMICONDUCTOR. Don’t even try to sneak past, it will have your head
even when in stasis.

CHAPTER 7: ARRAY OF HOPE!          <c007>

Take the Solar Array elevator. Stross is raving and Ellie is scared he will
compromise their position with his noisy lunatic ravings. Near the WORKBENCH A
Leaper will charge and a lone Puker will attack from the other side of the

at the STORE. Try to free up some inventory slots. The Ruby Semiconductor sells
for 10,000 credits so your credit supply is growing. Soon it will be time to
think about purchasing some Power Nodes.

Note that at the WORKBENCH the ability to “respec” now is unlocked. For 5,000
Credits you can remove installed Nodes and reallocate them. With four Nodes in
stock I allocated one to “Capacity” on the Plasma Cutter, and two to the Stasis
Matrix-to a “Connecting” space and “Duration,” leaving one in reserve. Use the

Still carrying the Ripper, Line Gun, Plasma Cutter and the Pulse Rifle.

Head for the Solar Array Elevator, but pause and kill the corpse feigning death
near the lift. A couple of Swarm creatures will emerge from its corpse-nail them
with the Pulse Rifle or freeze and stomp them. Go down the ramps to find that
the Solar Array elevator isn’t working. Its docking pod has fallen to the bottom
of the shaft. Head out, following the path, to fix it via the Maintenance Bay.

You will now be in Zero G but will have atmosphere. Shoot the red thrust
canister with the Pulse Rifle, as prompted, to move the large hunk of debris out
of the way. Stay out of the thrust plume. Lift off the catwalk and go down to
the platform below. Grab the RIPPER BLADES SCHEMATIC and any other items
scattered about the walkway. Locate the two thrust canisters on the octagonal
elevator above and hit each with a shot to get it moving upwards. Your locator
will now point the way back into the facility, so thrust up and head for the
elevator, where a lone Leaper will confront you. Board the repaired Solar Array

Note: You can backtrack without opposition to the nearby STORE to offload the
RIPPER BLADES SCHEMATIC if so inclined to free up inventory and save your

Activate the elevator and stand in the central octagon. As you go up, Tripod
creatures will attempt to get into the cab. It will slow and you will go on O2
briefly. Shoot the glowing parts of their tentacles with the Pulse Rifle or the
Plasma Cutter to derive them off or kill them. They will change sides and come
in pairs, but their ranged attack is easily survivable if you maintain your
position in the center. When the attacks stop and the elevator reaches the top,
gather the drops.

Move out of the lift and go counterclockwise on the circling catwalk. Shoot the
two Cysts grunting near the item lockers, avoiding the nasty liquid that will
come your way. Raid the lockers to acquire the FORCE GUN SCHEMATIC and other
items. Continue around, past the target doorway, and take down the two Cysts
before raiding those lockers. Knock out the Cyst above the exit door.

A small Swarm will perish as you enter the domain of the late watchman, Howard
Phillips. Kill the Cyst in the STORE area and download the FORCE GUN SCHEMATIC
and the RIPPER BLADE SCHEMATIC. Purchase the Force Gun and fine-tune your
inventory. Grab the other items, including a POWER NODE from the left side of
the store. Replace the Pulse Rifle with the Force Gun. You will now be carrying
the Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, the Ripper and the Force Gun.

The holographic image earlier informed you that Main Array Access requires
Howard Phillip’s authorization. Go to the far end and retrieve Howard’s corpse,
which has seen better days, from his bed. Use kinesis to tote him to the Main
Array doorway. Howard is scanned and the holographic voice announces acceptance.
Use the SAVE STATION, open the gate and tote Howard’s corpse in with you-you
ain’t done with the poor ole fella yet.

Howard must again provide further access into the facility. Use kinesis to
propel Howard into the obstructing lasers and then pieces of him into the
remaining laser barriers. Grab the POWER NODE and raid the area before going
into the next chamber.

A crippled Slasher will crawl towards you. Kill it, but the elevator on your
left isn’t working. Equip the Force Gun and move ahead only to be trapped by
parallel laser barriers. Allow the Leaper or Crawler to trigger the force field
and the glass blows out, depressurizing the chamber. Shoot the triangular symbol
to prevent your demise. This is made easy by the wide beam of the Force Gun. Mop
up the remaining Crawlers and the Leaper if it survived the incident. You must
now restore power to the lift. Enter the Power Grid Room, raid it and then hack
the control station. Grab the stasis canister and exit.

A Leaper will drop down from the ceiling. Use the stasis canister and shred the
Leaper. A Slasher will attack from behind, followed by another coming from the
control room area. Raid the corpses and board the elevator. Another Slasher will
swipe at you and will attack once you get off.

There is a WORKBENCH here if you have spare Nodes. I had three and upgraded the
Stasis matrix with a “Connecting” node and one in “Energy.”

Move around the catwalk, move the hatch aside with kinesis and pull the walkway
down. Shoot or toss something into the laser barrier and continue, turning left
toward the lockers. Another laser barrier will activate. Use kinesis to grab the
crate at the opposite end and fire it through the beam. Raid the lockers, which
will yield a POWER NODE and other items. Waste the Slasher leaping from the vent
as you head for the SAVE STATION.

Enter the dark chamber and security will evacuate the atmosphere as you advance.
Back off and take down the two aggressive Stalkers with stasis and the Line Gun.
Quickly hack the control station in the rear area to restore the atmosphere, and
then loot the item lockers and corpses.

Enter the Computer Mainframe Access space. As an unauthorized visitor, security,
prompted by Tiedemann, will lock down the Mainframe. You must release the
lockdown by disabling the computer.

Grab the pick-ups and enter the lighted control area. The access doors on either
side are locked. Use kinesis to remove the cover plate from the maintenance
access duct. Crawl into the duct to access the right terminal station. Equip the
Force Gun and pull the cover plates from left to right. A small Swarm will come
from inside the right cover plate. Use the Force Gun to neutralize them.

On the right side of the room, as you face the fuse panels, there is a fuse
diagram on the floor. Pull the fuses from the left side and arrange them to
match the diagram’s configuration. When properly positioned they will glow green
and a console will rise where the diagram was. Deactivate the station. The
Mainframe’s electrical shield is now disabled.

Crawl back through the duct and reroute the duct to access the left terminal
room with the control station. Crawl through the duct. As you remove the
coverplates, a Super Slasher will join you. Hit it with stasis and shred it with
the Ripper. Follow the diagram on the left side of the room to reposition the
four fuses. When the console pops up, deactivate it. You will now see a Slasher
outside before the shutters close. Mainframe containment is now compromised.

Exit via the duct and take out the Super Slasher and the Slasher. Stay in the
control room and let them come to you. The five computer circuit cores will now
rise as you exit the control room. Step back into the control room and shoot the
two circuits on the left. A lone Slasher will charge from the left. Shoot two
circuits on the right to trigger a Slasher from the right side. Shoot the last

When the Mainframe is off line, follow the path to the Solar Array Control Pod
access hatch. After the harmless corpse drops onto you, Stross will again begin
to rant and rave. Four skittering Divider Spawn will come at you one at a time.
The Force Gun will easily neutralize the pesky Necromorphs. Just stay by the
corpse until they are down. Take out the Cyst on the floor ahead and the one
near the item locker in the left corner. Another Cyst blocks the exit hatch.

Exit and a Super Slasher will come over the rail and charge. A Leaper will be
close on its hells and three Lurkers will follow them. Don’t hesitate to use
stasis on the Lurkers, they can be hard to hit as they skitter about, climbing
walls and over ceilings.

Stomp the corpses and go past the objective hatch toward the save station. As
you attempt to access the nearby storeroom with a Power Node, a Leaper will
attack you from behind, coming from the direction where you entered. Use stasis
and rip it apart. Inside the storeroom is the CONTACT BEAM SCHEMATIC.
Occasionally there will be a GOLD SEMICONDUCTOR among the other items. Use the

Hack the Solar Array Control Pod hatch, make your way to the control room and
after Nicole’s ramblings, activate the lift. Exit into the void-Zero G and no
atmosphere-so monitor your O2 level. The area, however, provides several well
placed O2 re-fill stations.

Immediately use your locater to highlight the route to the mirror assembly dead
ahead. Release and boost to it, using the action button to take control of the
mirror panels. You will be looking through a glass similar to a windshield. Use
the right thumbstick to move the mirror array to the right and up so that the
bright beam of light hits the central collector. You will be pushed away from
the panel.

You now have another mirror array to align but a large Blob Necromorph will
prevent you from easily accessing it. There are several O2 stations on the
catwalk below so determine the next array to be aligned with your locator and
take notice of the Blob pulsing on the outside of the catwalk below and to the
right. The Blob will brandish three glowing tentacles and will shoot projectiles
at you if you get near it or go for the last array.

So boost down to the catwalk on the left, staying away from it while you top off
your O2. Raid the crates. Boost over to the O2 station near the Blob, staying
below the level of the catwalk before rising up to land on the “rocky” area just
past the catwalk’s end and close to the Nest. It cannot hit you there.

Boost upward a short distance to draw out its tentacles and put them in stasis.
Use the Line Gun to park a grenade on it to take out all three orbs. Use your
locator to find the last defective array and use kinesis to grab the glowing
blue item on its support structure. It’s a RUBY SEMICONDUCTOR.

Top off your O2 and boost to the control station. Guide its mirrors to align,
using the right thumbstick. Go left and down to align it with the collector. Use
the locator to find your way back into the facility and to re-enter the control
area. Ellie contacts you urging you to hurry, but you can return to the catwalk
before exiting to check out the scattered crates if you want.

With Ellie’s new intel, access to the Government Sector seems to be in jeopardy.
Necros are rampaging-oh really-and movement is rapidly becoming impossible. You
must now get into the escape pod to get back into the Sprawl.

You are launched into space. There is a lot of debris to dodge, so don’t boost
during the fall. As soon as you gain control, veer hard right to dodge the first
obstacle, then immediately far left to dodge the next two. A large demolished
structure must be dodged by again veering hard to the right. The next obstacle
cannot be dodged. It is a long hollow pipe that you must fly through by
orienting yourself to the opening. After clearing it steer a bit down into the
glowing green opening of the large fragment of a concrete structure. You will
pass through a doorway. When clear of it, veer hard right to clear the last of
the large debris. Now just aim for the light, which is a hatch into the complex
ahead. You will crash through a conduit and then you are back in the complex.

Before raiding the many containers, visit the STORE to download the CONTACT BEAM
SCHEMATIC. Sell your SEMICONDUCTORS and free up some inventory space.

The Contact Beam is now available for purchase. Purchase it but place it back
into your safe. Take the Detonator along, if you have any ammo for it, into the
coming skirmish. Since there is a STORE just beyond the next chamber to re-
structure your weapons, take your Force Gun, Line Gun, Ripper and Detonator into
the battle.

Now raid the item containers. With the Detonator in a weapon slot, you may get
lucky and get some additional ammo for it.

What to expect? Ellie and Stross are just ahead in the Transport Hub but are on
the upper level. The Hub is large and Ellie is trying to get the door open for
you. Complicating the situation is the fact that Necromorphs of many types will
pour in after you enter and during that time the Hub will decompress. There is
no end of the enemy, so just keep them at bay until Ellie can open the door.
Then get out as the door seals them in.

Enter the Hub and immediately make for the hatch with C E C on it. Juveniles
will first enter the fray. Let them get over half way and waste them with blasts
of the Force Gun. When they stop, begin deploying mines in front, spacing them
out, mostly toward the center and the right side. Few Necromorphs will come from
the left side. Leapers, Slashers and Pukers will pour in with an occasional
Juvenile in the mix. Switch to the Ripper if they get close and re-deploy mines
whenever you have the time. Timely stasis shots will also help keep them at bay.
Snatch anything near you but duck through the C E C hatch as soon as it is
opened. It will seal them in.

Activate the console to release the next hatch after Ellie’s distressing account
of her morning. She will send you new coordinates to follow to the main
facilities central hub.

CHAPTER 8: NO PRESSURE        <c008>

Follow the path into the Main C E C facility. Take notice of the new-look item
containers. Go into the C E C Facility Access entry and use the STORE to select
your weapons. I swapped the Force Gun for the Plasma Cutter, keeping the Ripper,
the Line Gun and the Detonator. Use the SAVE STATION.

Enter the Administration Entrance hatch and take the POWER NODE from the right
wall and the other items. Enter the Control Room and you’ll see an Infector and
other Necromorphs through the window. Quickly place a couple of mines near the
windows ahead. Stay near the locked storage room. As you attempt to use a Power
Node on the locked storeroom, a Slasher will drop down near you. Have the Ripper
ready. A Super Slasher may not survive the mines, but a second will, and will
come at you and then another right after it. Use stasis and the Ripper to
survive the onslaught.

Open the Secure Storage room and grab the two POWER NODES, the VINTAGE SUIT
SCHEMATIC and the RUBY SEMICONDUCTOR. Harvest the items and return to the STORE,
use the yellow path, to download the VINTAGE SUIT SCHEMATIC. Buy it. It has 20
inventory slots, a 15% armor increase and allows a 10% discount on store
purchases. It costs 40,000 credits.

Consider purchasing a few Power Nodes if you have surplus Credits. The next suit
upgrade is several chapters away. I had 51,600 credits and I purchased two Power
Nodes at 10,000 credits each. If you have surplus ammo, unlikely on Normal, or
ammo for weapons you’re not using, you can sell it as well to raise funds. Use
the SAVE STATION again.

Return to the Control Room and get any items that you had to leave in the Secure
Storage room. Move on into the Break Room. A Pregnant will greet you at the
corner, freeze it, turn the other way and when the Slasher drops down, kill it
with the Ripper. Carefully take down the Pregnant-freeze it again if necessary.
If a Swarm emerges, hit it with a mine. Loot the corpses and the container.

Enter the Records Room and an Infector scurries away. Grab the POWER NODE on the
left wall and after Nicole’s harangue, pass through the dark corridor, across
the catwalk and into Fuel Processing. Ellie and Stross are in the next room but,
naturally, the door lock is fused and Isaac will have to take a route through
Fuel Processing to reach them. Raid the lockers and then use the SAVE STATION
near the exit.

Grab the DETONATOR ROUNDS SCHEMATIC, near the corpse. When the machinery starts,
deploy a mine near the stairwell ahead and one on the solid metal flooring in
the side passage to your right. Advance toward the stairwell to draw the enemy
out and then retreat. Re-deploy mines as the Necromorphs, including a Super
Slasher, Slasher and a Puker appear. Be ready to man the Ripper or Line Gun if
any of them get past the mines.

Continue through the circular hatch into the Zero G area. The pressurization
valve has been activated and you must find a way to open it. Grab the thrust
canister near the pivoting gate valve and place it at the bottom of the valve.
It will adhere when in the correct place. Shoot the canister and thrust into the
large chamber beyond. Stay out of the canisters plume. It will damage you.

Don’t waste ammo on the floating crates. Use kinesis to propel them against the
walls and kinesis to grab their contents. As you round the bend following the
objective path, Tiedemann has the processing machinery activated and locked on,
blocking you in. Locate the suspended corpse just ahead and thrust carefully
toward it past the first set of spinning blades and then the second, moving
through the second opening with spinning blades on each side. You shouldn’t need

A lone Lurker will appear as you start into the right turn. Freeze it and
dismember it. Ahead there are four plasma streams with a traveling piece of
machinery briefly blocking each stream in turn. Use stasis on it when it blocks
the top stream, and boost past it. A pair of Lurkers will then appear ahead.
Freeze them and take them out. Don’t conserve your stasis; there is a refill
station before the inevitable next obstacle. Take their drops.

You must now pass a system of rotating gears. Use stasis to slow a gear and
boost past when there is an opening. Another pair of Lurkers greet you near the
last closed pressure valve.

Use kinesis to grab a red thrust canister from the wall dispenser and place it
on the valve. Shoot it and boost past it.

There are now three flaming rings that activate in turn and on the other side a
Blob will start launching projectiles at you as you move toward it-don’t move
through the rings. Fire a Line Gun grenade at the Blob to get it to expose its
orbs and place another on it to kill it.

Boost past the rings as they alternate off and grab the RUBY SEMICONDUCTOR the
Blob dropped and a thrust canister from the wall bracket. Use it to open the
valve and boost past it.

Exit the Zero G area via the hatch and be prepared to kill a crawling Stalker in
the room where Ellie and Stross should be. Grab the POWER NODE. Enter the next
chamber to find Ellie and Stross. Take the LARGE MED PACK SCHEMATIC from the
back of the room and raid the other containers. “Twitchy” is obsessed with “step
four.” It’s time to get transport to the Government Sector. Use the SAVE

CHAPTER 9: CAN I HAVE A RIDE?        <c009>

Remove the flimsy barricade and exit onto the metal grating. Leave a mine on the
grating behind you as you move toward the elevator. Be prepared for a Leaper to
come down off of the wall as you get near the elevator. Two more Leapers will
follow, so stay near the elevator to deal with them, using the Ripper.

Take the lift and a Slasher will burst through the vent on the first turn. Eight
or nine Crawlers will come down the wall around the next turn. Smash the green
crates in the little niche and enter Fuel Pressurization Control 2. Be prepared
for a Puker and two Lurkers. Don’t spare the stasis on the Puker. Scavenge and
stomp the corpses.

SCHEMATIC. Sell the RUBY SEMICONDUCTOR and adjust your inventory.

Enter the High Pressure Modulation Area. A Divider will come at you from around
the corner. You will hear its wail. Deploy a couple of mines near the turn to
the right and back off. It will probably take two mines to kill it, and its
Spawn is still likely to survive. Hit them with stasis and use the Ripper to
eliminate them. The Divider will generally drop a GOLD SEMICONDUCTOR.

Follow the path to the High Pressure Storage elevator. Exit and turn right to
get the POWER NODE but a Super Slasher will appear next to you. Hit it with
stasis and you will hear the suicide squeal of an approaching Exploder. Shoot
the glass window out and quickly hit the red symbol to prevent your demise. This
will dispose of both of the Necromorphs. Alternately you can freeze the Exploder
after you freeze the Super Slasher, cut the Super Slasher to pieces with the
Ripper and sever explosive sac from the Exploder with your Plasma Cutter. Be
sure to take the POWER NODE.

Follow the path and you will come to a set of tripwires blocking a dead-end side
passage off the main corridor. Toss some debris into the tripwires. Take the
item and remove the makeshift barricade to find the FLAME FUEL SCHEMATIC and
other items. Around the next corner you will see a Guardian at the end of a long
catwalk. Grab the red explosive canister at the base of the ramp and launch it
at the Guardian to kill it and to save a Line Gun round. Kill any Pods it might
release. Take its GOLD SEMICONDUCTOR.

Take the cargo lift and a Slasher will greet you at the top. Freeze it even
before the stalling lift reaches the grade. Hit the rapidly closing Exploder’s
sac before it gets too close, taking it and the frozen Slasher out. You might
get knocked on your butt if you let the Exploder get too close. Stay on the
elevator, and then freeze and carefully dismember the Pregnant that comes to
call. Take down the Slasher that follows.

You will find yourself in the Tram Control area. Use the WORKBENCH to upgrade. I
had eight Nodes and spent four to fully upgrade the Stasis matrix and two on the
Detonator for “Capacity’ and “Reload.” This left two in reserve.

Activate the Tram’s control station. The gearbox has a malfunction, and needs
maintenance-big surprise. The gearbox assembly is directly behind you. Grab the
large upper gear from the right side, near the stasis fill station. A Divider
Spawn will scurry out from under it. Kill it with the Plasma Cutter. Fit the
large gear into the assembly.

Use kinesis to lift the cover on the housing to the right of the gearbox and hit
it with stasis. Grab the central gear and insert it in the gearbox. Use the same
tactics to grab the lower gear from the left housing.

Save your game at the SAVE STATION and top off your Stasis Mod. Deploy a mine
near both entryways to the Tram Station, make it two if you have plenty. Call
the Tram and as your communication with Ellie ends, start along the path. Two
Super Slashers will charge into the station from both sides are they will come
in together. The mines may get one or both if they enter from opposite
directions. Have the Ripper ready. Grab their drops.

Get to the Tramcar and activate it. Nicole’s apparition will appear-talk about
bad breath. Open the doors for Ellie and a gibbering Stross. Ellie gets the car
moving and the Ishimura appears ahead, bringing back memories; but something is
blocking the track.

Exit the Tram and check out the green crates. One has a 10,000 credit chip in
it. You can hear Stalkers even before you enter Pressurized Fuel Storage. Save
at the nearby SAVE STATION.

Head into Fuel Storage and kill the three nearby Cysts. The sound of Stalkers is
clear. Move left from the entry and grab the POWER NODE. Begin moving along the
left wall, deploying mines horizontally to cover your right flank. Let the half
dozen Stalkers come to you. Watch for a solitary Leaper that sometimes sneaks in
as well. Equip your Ripper or Line Gun and try to stay hemmed in by your mines
to thin out the Stalkers. The mines may only cripple the Stalkers so keep your
guard up. Couple these tactics with stasis and the Line Gun and the Stalkers
will soon be down. Watch out for a pair of sneaky Exploders on the far end as

A Guardian guards the storage rooms exit elevator. Use the Line Gun alternate
fire or toss a mine at it to get its RUBY SEMICONDUCTOR. There is a dark passage
near the Guardian’s resting place where you will find the SEEKER SHELLS
SCHEMATIC and other items. Since you have cleared the large area pilfer all its
goodies before boarding the elevator.

Take out the grunting Cysts in the hallway and be prepared for a Slasher
emerging from the nook on the left. Sell your GOLD and RUBY SEMICONDUCTORS and
download the FLAME FUEL and SEEKER SHELLS SCHEMATICS at the STORE and police
your inventory. If you have an extra stasis pack in your safe, tote it along.
Place the Plasma Cutter in the safe and take the Contact Beam and its ammo.
There is a SAVE STATION adjacent to the STORE.

You will now be carrying the Contact Beam, the Line Gun, the Ripper and the

Enter Fuel Mega Storage and you will find the way blocked by a huge tentacle-not
so good! The storage units in the area, however, easily overheat according to
Ellie and the tentacle is coiled near the upper unit. Grab a red explosive
canister from the ground and shoot it at the circular unit with its door ajar.
It seems damaged so hit it with the other canister. Take as many as needed from
the wall dispenser to destroy it and allow Ellie to get moving. The heat
indicator on the storage unit will go from green to a cautionary yellow and then
red. It will likely take four canisters to do the job. When you take the lift
down, you will see that the tentacle that has fallen down and now blocks your

Loot the area and hit the remaining storage unit with a red canister from the
wall unit. This seems to get the undivided attention of a Tripod. Hit it with
stasis and remove one of its limbs. Try the Contact Beam-its has to charge but
with the Tripod in stasis a single well aimed shot should easily cripple it.
This will slow it down and killing it will just get you another healthy one. So
move away, and grab another canister when it becomes available. Hit the unit
again and repeat the process until it blows and the large tentacle blocking your
way pulls back. It will probably take four or more canisters to do the job. All
the while keep the Tripod at bay or in stasis. When the unit blows and the
tentacle retracts, don’t waste any time vacating the area. Take the lift and run
into the shuttle as the place starts to come apart.

Tiedemann has blasted the Sprawl-now dead weight-in half with the solar beam and
with it the track way. Isaac cooks up a plan to use the Ishimura’s gravity
tethers, another of his bad ideas he assures Ellie, to link it back up. Now he
must go back aboard her. A familiar looking shuttle will transport you there.


Take everything along the way as you penetrate ever deeper into the Ishimura.
Use the first SAVE STATION. The nearby hatch, blocked by cases, contains a lone
audio log, but the room beyond contains a POWER NODE and there are several items
in the restroom.

Follow the path to get to the console for a system’s diagnostic. You find that
the main centrifuge is off line. Your destination is now engineering. Continue
along the objective path. It remains eerie but quiet. You will encounter a
WORKBENCH. I used two Nodes of my four Nodes to upgrade the Detonator-
“Connecting” and “Conecting.” Farther along inaudible computer ramblings mark
the location of another SAVE STATION. Raid the place.

Continue on and you will pass through a long tubular passage and then enter
another darker one. Loot everything along the way. A Brute will attack after you
reach a green glowing area toward the middle. Freeze it and hit it with a couple
blasts from the Contact Beam. Coupled with stasis, so the weapon can charge, the
Contact Beam is slow but deadly from the time is comes out of the box. This
Brute’s drop is random.

After you advance about halfway down the corridor, another Brute will come
crashing at you. If your Stasis Mod is depleted, recharge it or pause to auto
recharge before you advance far enough to trigger it. When it starts toward you
fire a couple of mines in its path, freeze it and take it down with the Contact
Beam. Be aware that a crippled Brute can shoot a fireball at you from range.

Immediately deploy a couple of mines ahead and turn toward where you entered.
Ellie will now frantically tell you that the ship is being boarded by
Necromorphs. No sooner said than they are hot on your trail.

Take down the Slashers and run back toward the way you came in to put distance
between yourself and the mob. Turn and deploy mines in front of the Necromorphs
and change to the Line Gun or Contact Beam, freezing them and putting them down.
Use the Ripper on any that get in close. A Pregnant will be a latecomer. Take it
out and if a Swarm erupts, lay a mine in their path. Grab the DIAMOND
SEMICONDUCTOR as you return to the path.

Gather up all the drops and continue unopposed, remembering to snatch the
DIAMOND SEMICONDUCTOR the second Brute dropped, to the end of the passage where
you will find a POWER NODE. Refill your Stasis Mod and hack the cargo lift.

Climb aboard and loot your way to the STORE. Sell the DIAMOND SEMICONDUCTOR. Put
the Contact Beam in the safe and take the Force Gun and some ammo. With 106,200
credits, I also purchased five Power Nodes. Use the SAVE STATION to record your

Take the elevator and exit to a place familiar to Dead Space players-the
Decontamination Chamber. Use the WORKBENCH if desired. I had eight Nodes. I
spent two on the Line Gun-for “Connecting” and “Damage.” One Node for “Damage”
on the Detonator. Two went on the Ripper matrix-a “Connecting” space and
“Reload.” One went on the Force Gun to “Damage.”

Enter the Decontamination chamber and grab the Stasis Pack. Wow, decontamination
complete and no Necromorphs.

Exit the chamber and loot the lockers. The shrieking on the other side of the
doorway should tell you to get ready for action. A Puker will usually appear to
your left. Deploy a mine or two in its path and duck back into the doorway to
avoid its immobilizing spray. When the mine explodes, deploy one to the door’s
right to eliminate the crippled Stalker coming toward you. If the mine didn’t
take out the Puker, take it out as it approaches the doorway.

Start along the path and deploy a couple of mines behind you well before the
turn to the right. You will encounter a Pregnant near the corner. Place a mine
in its path take it out. Use the Force Gun on an emerging Swarm if necessary. A
Lurker will follow it and then a Puker. A Super Slasher, coming from behind,
should trigger the mines. Another Slasher will trouble you from the front.

Before continuing on the objective path, reverse course and go in the opposite
direction for some loot. A Super Slasher will charge followed by another
Pregnant. Use the Force Gun on any Swarm erupting. Grab the POWER NODE at the
end of the wrong way hall.

Expect a Slasher, a Leaper and a Super Puker as you reverse course to again
follow the path. Further along expect a Slasher, a Lurker and another crippled
Stalker. Enter the circular hatch and use the SAVE STATION.

The Centrifuge Chamber is under Zero G. Four panels are missing from it and can
be found scattered about the area. You will see the reddish glow of the first
panel directly across and a bit to your left upon your entry. Grab it with
kinesis and fit it into the centrifuge correctly so its tubes align and the red
indicating light turns green-one down. The next is floating nearby-fit it to the
centrifuge. You will see the third under the catwalk. The final piece is in the
washed out blue area near the stasis fill station. Grab any items you can fit
into your inventory and take the FORCE ENERGY SCHEMATIC from under the
Centrifuge’s control console. Activate the centrifuge. Head out and visit the

Follow the path and after hallucinating about the clutching tentacle, enter the
Decontamination Chamber, but this time about eight Juveniles will come from both
ends followed by a Super Slasher and a Super Puker, another Super Slasher and
another Super Puker will follow. If you don’t have the Force Gun, the wave of
ten Juveniles will have to be tackled with the Ripper and melee tactics. The
Ripper and stasis is your best option against the Super Pukers and Super
Slashers that follow the wave of Juveniles in the cramped enclosure.

Grab their drops and exit the chamber. As you go around the turn by the ladder a
Super Slasher, playing dead, will jump up. Hit it hard before it can react. Use
the elevator.

Follow the path. Download the FORCE ENERGY SCHEMATIC and fine-tune your
inventory at the STORE. Replace the Force Gun with the Plasma Cutter and some
ammo. Use the SAVE STATION.

You will now be carrying The Plasma Cutter, the Line Gun, the Ripper and the

When you reach the Tram area a pair of Super Slashers will charge from the
glassed waiting area. Place a mine near its entry to address the first one and
another to address the second. The mines may not do the job so man the Ripper if
necessary. As you approach the Tram, a Swarm will scuttle out. Place a mine in
their path and one to the left of it to greet the Slasher that will charge from
that direction. You will hear it growl as it climbs out of the depressed area.

Get the Tram moving and you are now clear to your destination-the gravity
tethers. Ellie calls advising you that Necromorphs are pouring into Medical and
that “Twitchy” has bitten her. The Tram suddenly shudders and stops. The lady’s
voice, quite pleasant, welcomes you to the Medical Deck-joy!

After Nicole’s ranting, enter a long corridor with iridescent blue drag marks.
Heed Ellie’s earlier warning and mine the hall ahead. As you advance several
Necromorphs: a Lurker, pair of Super Slashers and a Super Puker will encounter
the mines. Fire a couple of Line Gun grenades into the area after the mines are
triggered. This may take out all of the survivors, en masse. Stomp the corpses
and grab the POWER NODE and Stasis Pack in the next corridor.

Enter the room with the central glass cubicle. Deploy a couple mines to the left
side of the glass cubicle, one inside it and make for the exit door. A Super
Slasher will come up behind you. Cut it apart and watch out for the Exploder
coming your way-just hit it with the Ripper’s alternate fire. Another Super
Slasher and an Exploder will then enter the room. The mines should get one or
the other or both.

Use the stasis refill station and go to the exit and deploy a few mines behind
you to just in case. Hack the console. Hopefully, the Super Puker that enters
from behind will trigger a mine or two. A Super Slasher is then followed by an
Exploder and another Slasher. The mines will help but use stasis and the Ripper
to shred any survivors. Gain space from the Exploder by hitting it with the
stasis if it gets too close.

Loot your way down the blue splattered hallway, use the SAVE STATION and enter
the next room. Grab the POWER NODE as the real Nicole’s final message rolls.
Loot the place and head out.

Take the cargo lift and move the ladder aside and be forewarned by the flying
debris. This area will be familiar to Dead Space players. Use kinesis to move
the walkway over the gap and then kill the Lurker that jumps the rail at the
left turn. Move the walkway back and you will see a Super Leaper bypass the
electric field, coming at you rapidly along the far wall. Greet it with the
Ripper as it approaches the lift. At the bottom a pair of Leapers will pour from
the vent, so greet them with a saw blade.

Before continuing, enter the unlocked door near the lift. Take the POWER NODE
and the other item. This is an area unlocked in the parent game, Dead Space.

You must now get past the arching electrical field. Allow your stasis to
recharge and pull the Power Cell near the lift. A wave of Necromorphs will be
set in motion when you near where the arcing was.  Lay a couple of mines on the
other side of that area, advance till they scream in protest. Get back to the
Power Cell, freeze the Slasher near you, reinsert that Power Cell and get ready
to saw, starting with the frozen Slasher. You have to be really quick, because a
pair of Super Leapers will challenge and your mines will slow but won’t
necessarily stop the two Super Slashers coming from beyond the arcing area. If
you’re quick, the arc will take them down leaving only a pair of Super Leapers
for you to deal with.

Pull the Power Cell again to kill the electrical arc and take the path. Stomp
the dead. Use a Power Node to open the Medical storeroom near the WORKBENCH.
This room usually contains several Med Packs-as many as five-but sometimes
you’ll get little goods and a small Swarm from the lone crate instead. Follow
the path without opposition until you reach the STORE. Save your game at the

You will now be packing the Plasma Cutter, the Line Gun, the Ripper and the

Take the path and you will emerge in a Zero G tram tunnel. Lift off and move
along the objective path into the gloom. There is worthwhile loot along the path
so grab what you can. The first of the Lurkers will appear above the second
large piece of wreckage. There is a POWER NODE just past the first wreck,
floating near the right wall.

Four more Lurkers will prowl the gloomy tunnel and will target you before you
reach the destination platform. Use the cover of the wrecks to avoid their
attacks and thin them out. They can be hard to see in the gloom. You will
sometimes only spot them when they fire at you. It isn’t necessary to kill them
all anyway. If you kill two of them you can boost past and get to the platform.
You can also finish them off from the platform and loot the area in peace.

Continue forward through the corridors to the large cluttered deck. The sound of
Super Stalkers will come to you, but a pesky Swarm will appear first, dead
ahead. Deploy a mine in their path and quickly have your Ripper equipped for a
charging Super Leaper. Once it is down, deploy mines between the containers
while working your way along the path.

There is a side corridor where you can find an item or and a WORKBENCH.

These Super Stalkers are tough, oftentimes surviving the mines. Use stasis as
they charge and either the Line Gun or Ripper to take them out. Two Super Pukers
will also enter the fight. Work your way to the exit, planting mines ahead and
using stasis and the Line Gun on the Pukers.

Head down the stairs and use the SAVE STATION. Take the lift and enter the
Captain’s nest. Activate the Gravity Tethers-you have to hold the controls while
it counts down-to undo some of Tiedemann’s damage. He will shout in protest.

You will now board an escape pod, if Nicole will get out the way. You can’t
control the pod-its a cut scene-and naturally it crashes; and, oh, Stross is
totally cracking up and is assaulting Ellie with a screwdriver!

CHAPTER 11: STROSSED OUT        <c011>

Go down the stairs, loot the place and use the WORKBENCH. I had six Nodes and
spent three on the Ripper Matrix-one “Connecting” space, and one each to
“Capacity’ and “Damage”. Two went to the Detonator-a “Connecting” space and
“Capacity.” This left one Node in reserve. Use the SAVE STATION.

You can sometimes grab an item or two from the corpses to the left behind the
wall. Enter the large inclined area and be aware that it harbors five Super
Stalkers. Place a few mines across the pillars to your right to protect your
flank. Put them a bit high for better coverage on the slope. Work your way down
the left wall. Have your Line Gun or Ripper ready and work your way to the exit.
Use stasis to freeze the Stalkers before taking them out. A pair of Crawlers
will also appear when you least expect them.

Exit and Stross’ increasing madness is apparent as he rants about the “steps.”
Loot the area and hack the door’s control console. Enter the mines. Just around
the first corner the grunting of Cysts can be heard. There is a Cyst and several
items in the alcove just left of the passage. There are three more Cysts before
the next hatch and there is a POWER NODE near the last one. In the next area
another Cyst lurks in the next corridor near the STORE and the SAVE STATION.

Maintain the weapons you have-the Plasma Cutter, the Line Gun, the Ripper and
the Detonator.

Enter the next area and be prepared for numerous Necromorphs. A Super Slasher
can be seen ahead on the catwalk ahead and will assault you if pester it with a
Plasma round. Stay near the doorway and drop a mine in its path, which may only
cripple it-be ready with the Ripper or use two mines if you have plenty. Another
Necromorph, likely an Exploder or a Lurker, will appear.

Note the ramp going down into the area below as you make the 90-degree turn to
the right. Continue ahead, raid the two crates and place a mine on the catwalk
you just crossed. When you reach the door at the end of the locator’s path you
will find that its power is off. Grab the Med Pack near the lift beyond the

Backtrack to the ramp going down and you will confront a pair of Super Pukers,
coming one at a time. The mine, two is better, will damage or kill the first.
Use stasis and the Line Gun or Ripper to finish the first and then kill the
second. You can save ammo by toting one of the red explosive canisters near the
objective door with you.

Place a couple of mines at the head end of the ramp going to the low area and
one at the bottom near the vertical metal plate. Start down and a Super Slasher
will creep in behind you and hit the mines. A Super Puker will start toward you
in the low area accompanied by an Exploder. A Lurker may also make its presence
felt. Hopefully the mine will stop the Super Puker below, so deal with the
Exploder or anything surviving the mines. Locate any troublesome Lurker joining
the fray and put it down.

Descend and make a 180 degree turn, following the power cables, to locate the
roofed area bathed in light. Another Super Puker will come rushing at you. Use
stasis and the Line Gun or Ripper to deal with it. A Lurker may accompany it.

The Power Cell in the lower area is not functioning, causing the exit door to
malfunction. You will need a good Cell. Refill your stasis mod and move forward
from the broken Power Cell, along the power cables, and make a right. There is a
metal hopper where you will find a good Power Cell. Grab it and go clockwise
around the framework in the middle. Rush back to the roofed area to deal with
four or five Lurkers that will begin to target you.

Refill you Stasis Mod and replace the bad Cell to restore the power. This will
trigger a Super Puker. Place a couple of mines near the base of the exit ramp.
The Super Puker will greet you as you go for the ramp-if the mines don’t do the
trick, take it down. Don’t use the locator’s path. It points to the lift’s
shaft, not the exit and the lift isn’t there.

Go along the blue power cables and make the 180 degree turn to regain the exit
ramp. Several Crawlers and an Exploder will now filter into the area. When they
go down, take the ramp and watch out for a Super Slasher atop the ramp and
another Super Puker coming up the ramp from the low area.

It is now clear sailing to the exit door, if you don’t linger. You will find
yourself in a rocky passage. Follow it to a SAVE STATION, stomping the crates
along the way. Before you reach the next door, a shutter opens and Stross
displays Ellie’s eyeball on the end of a screwdriver. He says that you’re next.
As it closes they are fighting it out.

Go through the next door and you are pulled and released into the airless vacuum
of space by a huge glowing tentacle. Below your position you will see a huge
Blob Necromorph. Above and to the left you will see an O2 refill station. When
it pulses and starts to expose its three glowing orbs, hit it with a Line Gun
grenade. A single grenade, well placed, should kill it. Take the time to grab
the RUBY SEMICONDUCTOR that it releases.

Boost up to the O2 station for a refill. Use your locator to lay a path back
into the complex. The entry hatch, however, is blocked by two sets of laser
beams emanating from two large generators. Your kinesis can’t budge them, so you
will need a couple of thrust canisters to move them aside.

The laser generator to your right, as you face the blocked exit hatch, has a
thrust canister attached. Shoot it to move it aside and stay out of the beam.
Locate either of the round hatches near your exit portal. They will be blinking
sporadically as if partially shorted. Inside each there is a thrust canister
dispenser and an O2 refill station. Boost to one of the blinking hatches and
grab an O2 refill and a canister. Attach the thrust canister to the other laser
generator to clear the exit hatch.

Boost to the exit but take the time to grab the CONTACT ENERGY SCHEMATIC before
entering the open exit hatch. It is floating on the right side of the long
tubular entry hatch. Take out the three Cysts in the first passage. Land on the
platform, fill up on O2 and take out the three living Cysts in the next passage
before exiting the vacuum.

Surprisingly a one-eyed Ellie hasn’t killed Stross. Grab the scattered items and
take the lift after visiting the SAVE STATION. As you exit the lift a Super
Puker will start toward you along the catwalk from the far end. Deploy a mine or
two near the first turn on the catwalk to your left. This should address the
Super Puker when it gets there.

Two Lurkers will scramble below. Grab an explosive canister or two from below
and shoot it at the Lurkers. The Line Gun also works well.

As you make the turn on the walkway a Super Puker will drop near the rock column
ahead. Use Stasis and the Ripper to kill it. Deploy a couple of mines behind you
for insurance, and be ready for a pair of Super Slashers closing from ahead, one
on the heels of the first. The two mines to your rear should also provide relief
from the Super Slasher coming in behind you.

When you get to the top of the ramp deploy a pair of mines to your rear and
another below. A Super Puker will appear at the base of the ramp, to be followed
by another Super Slasher, but one will also come calling from your rear. Freeze
the Super Puker if the mine doesn’t get it and take it and the Super Slasher out
that follows it. Turn to address the Super Slasher coming from behind if it
survived your ambush.

If you look toward the rock wall from the top end of the ramp, you can retrieve
a POWER NODE with kinesis from the mesh netting. Loot the corpses and crates and
continue on into Mining Hall B. Turn right. Ignore the lasers for now and use a
Power Node to enter the storeroom. Grab the ADVANCED SUIT SCHEMATIC, the BRONZE
SEMICONDUCTOR and any of the other items that you can carry. Sometimes you will
find a POWER NODE in this storeroom as well.

Exit, grab the crate and shoot it into the lasers to clear the hatch. Take out
the Cysts occupying the corridor. One is on the ceiling above the little side
grotto, one on the right wall and one on the left wall. Grab all the pick-ups.
As you start to hack the door’s control console a crazed Stross, Ellie’s eyeball
on the end of a screwdriver, will burst out and attack you. Hit the action
button to fend him off and give him a good stomping to get his Audio Log, for
Ellie and just because you’re tired of his crap.

Take the lift in the next chamber-look familiar-and follow the locator’s path to
the elevator. After Nicole’s tirade, loot the area and continue to the “Elevator
to Exploration Mine.” A Super Slasher will attack from below.

Call the elevator but grab the items outside the elevator with kinesis,
including the POWER NODE before you activate the controls. Select a corner to

Equip your Ripper and soon the first of the Slashers will drop down. As you move
to address the enemy, switch corners when your sawing makes you pursue a
Necromorph. They will come from opposite sides so sweep the Ripper to damage
both and keep ripping because several more waves, over a dozen total
Necromorphs, will attack and there will be a wave or two featuring three. Most
of the enemy will be Slashers but there will be about three or four Super
Slashers. Use stasis on them so you aren’t overwhelmed. When the battle is won,
items will be everywhere.

Take what you can and as you enter the next area, a furious, rather inarticulate
Nicole seizes you. You will have to hit the action button to survive. After
Isaac speaks Nicole thing seems to believe he has been beaten-“step four”-

SEMICONDUCTOR, if you found it, and download the ADVANCED SUIT SCHEMATIC and the
CONTACT ENERGY SCHEMATIC. Purchase the Advanced Suit for 36,000 credits. It
features 25 inventory slots, a 20% armor increase and it reduces stasis recharge
time by 50%. Police your inventory and use the SAVE STATION. Place your
Detonator and its Mines in the safe and take the Force Gun and some Force
Energy. You’ll need the Ripper and the Line Gun and carrying the Plasma Cutter
is advised.

Your major purchases are now complete, so if you have a stockpile of credits,
start purchasing Power Nodes to upgrade your gear. I had 90,600 credits and I
purchased six Power Nodes. It is always a good idea to keep some credits in case
you need to buy Med Packs, heaven forbid, or ammo.

CHAPTER 12:   <c012>

Move down the ramp and access the WORKBENCH. I had ten Nodes and used eight,
placing three in the Ripper matrix-one in “Duration” a connecting space and one
in “Damage.” Five went to the Line Gun-Connecting,” and “Reload,” “Connecting,”
and “Damage,” and “Capacity.”

Enter the exploratory mine, looting as you go. A one-eyed Ellie is examining a
broken Industrial Rock Drill. Isaac isn’t running away from his past anymore and
his goal is clear-destroy the Marker. You must now locate a Power Cell for the
drill, so ignore the path and move behind the drill toward the sound of grunting
Cysts. Knock out the seven disgusting creatures and grab the Power Cell from the
metal container. Insert it and there is a control circuit short. You need a new
circuit board.

Go up the ramp and use kinesis to acquire the DIAMOND SEMICONDUCTOR from the
rock ledge. It will be just beyond the green item crate. The path is viable so
follow it onto an open tram. Go across and take out the two Super Slashers that
come over the rail, dead ahead. Look over the side and use kinesis to grab the
POWER NODE from below where they emerged.

Use kinesis on the cover plate and grab the circuit board. Move back across the
cavern and a Super Puker will greet you as you exit the tram.

Equip the Force Gun and insert the replacement circuit board. You must now hack
the drill’s controls to get it going. After a bit of verbal jousting with a
self-assured Ellie, go up the metal ramp and stand where it ends.

Ellie will have to turn the huge drilling rig so you can get onto the lift. From
the ramp you can hit the Juveniles as they surge in from the incline above and
from below. A Slasher will also be in this mix of a dozen or so Juveniles, but
if you get onto the lift when it’s available you should miss the Slasher. Set up
shop on the drill, facing the spinning blades and be ready for action.

As the drill moves forward Necromprphs of many types will climb up onto the
drill’s deck-most will be Slashers, Spitters and Pukers, rather than the “Super”
variant. Use the Ripper and stasis when need be against them to keep the deck
clear. When Ellie says the place is swarming with Necros, you can use kinesis on
several items lying below on a rock ledge on the right side. When the ride ends,
you won’t be atop the drill, so don’t wait to grab the enemy’s drops. Lurkers
will also used ranged attacks from the surrounding rock ledges. The Line Gun is
the best way to address them. You can also use the Line Gun’s alternate fire to
take out groups of these Lurkers. You can also dodge many of their attacks.


You are now in the Government Sector. Somehow you ended up on an upper level and
Ellie on the lower. She speculates that the Marker is likely behind a giant
doorway visible from her position. Follow the path and use the SAVE STATION.
Ellie has located a Gunship and is excited at their prospects of escape. Isaac
has other plans on his mind.

Move along the path and when you see a white and green sign saying: “GOOD THINGS
ARE HAPPENING,” depart from the path momentarily. Go down the long hallway
toward the green crate and grab the POWER NODE from the wall unit. Resume
following the path after looting the area.

Move through the Security Gunship Docking Bay doorway and the one beyond. Send
Ellie on her way as she expresses dismay at your fatalism. Once again she labels
you a “bosturd.” Resignation? Nicole wanting to be whole again, whatever that
means. Adios Ellie, but its not so easy to ditch the Nicole delusion.

Now the locator doesn’t work. Tiedemann is annoyed by Isaac’s incursion, but he
has 200 security troops at his disposal to prevent any interference with his
plans. At the STORE sell the DIAMOND SEMICONDUCTOR. Place your Force Gun and
Plasma Cutter in the safe, and take the Detonator and its mines and the Contact
Beam and its ammo. Keep the Ripper and the Line Gun. Use the SAVE STATION.

Take the elevator near the STORE and look out into the large chamber. You must
hack a console that is on the left upper side of this entry area to open the
door, but Necromorphs abound in this room.

There is no set sequence to follow here, but some of the foes will enter from
just right of your entry point. Put a couple of mines there for starters Take
out any foe you see before entering, an Exploder and a Puker are commonly the
first comers. Grab the stasis canister, enter and make an immediate left. Go up
the stairwell. The target console is there, but don’t try to hack it yet. Use
the stasis canister on any Necromorphs near the exit and cut them apart with the
Ripper. Face the stairs and deploy a couple of mines to your left, because
Necromorphs will pour in from that side as well, and place several on the
stairwell ahead.

There will be Super Slashers, Pukers and/or Spitters, an Exploder or two and
several Lurkers. As the mines go off to the left, try to re-deploy them to keep
this a largely one front battle. Use stasis and the Ripper on any that get close
and the Line Gun or Contact Beam on the pesky Lurkers. They will approach using
the walls to target you from above. Hack the console when it quiets down but if
you take too long another wave will follow the first so grab anything you can
and get out after you successfully hack the door.

Go down and around the circular structure and stop. You will need to go through
a doorway and into the restroom at the foot of and to the right of the long
stairwell, but as you descend Tiedemann’s security force confronts you. Sprint
down along the right wall and after they reveal themselves, continue to haul ass
for that open doorway. You should easily make it in.

Grab the POWER NODE from the sink and exit to the Facilities Access. Take the
duct to the lower Security Office after raiding the lockers. Outside the
security lasers make any route that way impossible, as does the locked doorway.
Raid the locker and go up the stairs and enter the upper Security Office,
grabbing all the items along the way. Use the SAVE STATION. Pull the cover plate
from the Power Cell and remove it to kill the power.

With the power off, Tiedemann’s forces are assailed by Necromorphs and they must
fall back to the Marker’s chamber. Below a steady stream of assorted Necromorphs
pour into the room. Move back to the lower Security Office when the door is
enabled and grab the stasis canister-its there for a reason. Be patient-a Super
Slasher and an Infector will enter from the upper area, so use the stasis
canister and put them down with the Contact Beam. This will keep them off your
back as you tackle the adjacent room.

When you open the door, you will see a Swarm to the right. Use the alternate
fire of the Line Gun to deploy a timed grenade in their path. Retreat quickly
back into the security room. A lone Super Slasher will try to come through the
doorway. Use stasis and the Ripper on it and then deploy a couple of mines in
the doorway. Two Pukers, one a cripple, will be coming to call. Let the mine
take the first one then freeze and kill the second. A lone Exploder will then
need to be put down as it lurches from the far end of the room.

Move past the security detectors and through the doorway. The Nicole apparition
and several corpses are in the next room, and the locator is back on line.
Ransack the area, defile the corpses with your boot and move toward the Scan
Room. When the barrier intervenes hoist the corpse-Lars Nordstrom-in the hallway
for access. You may catch a glimpse of an Infector as you go for the SAVE
STATION. Grab the nearby Med Pack.

Continue along the path and a Slasher drops down just before you reach the door.
Take it out with your Ripper. Equip your Detonator and open the door. Place a
couple of mines to the right and get against the wall to your left. As the
Necromorphs go down, redeploy the mines. Necromorphs will also start to drop in
front of you, so use stasis and the Ripper. This group will include Super
Slashers, Pukers, an Exploder and another round of Slasher types and a Puker.
The action is spaced out enough to be manageable if you stay against the wall. A
latecomer will usually interrupt the peace as you begin searching the room for

Follow the path until you reach the Project Annex.

Use a Power Node to access the locked storeroom. It contains a random
SEMICONDUCTOR and other items. As you exit a Divider will confront you. Hit it
with a stasis shot, move away and deploy a couple of mines at its feet. This
should kill it, but some of its pesky Spawn will probably survive. Freeze them
and stomp or kill them with the Ripper or the Contact Beam. Sometimes the
Divider will drop a GOLD SEMICONDUCTOR.

Use the nearby WORKBENCH if you have Nodes. I had four and used three; two on
the Detonator-one a “Connecting” space and another to “Damage. One Node went to
“Reload” on the Contact Beam.

Follow the path and you will enter a cargo area. Stalkers! Deploy some mines
near your entry point. Since a single mine won’t always kill them, deploy two,
one atop the other on the cargo containers nearest the doorway. This will
protect your right flank. Advance along the locator’s path to get the Stalkers
attention and retreat back to the entry area. Use stasis as they charge and then
cut them down with the Line Gun or the Contact Beam.

When the Stalkers go down, a pair of Super Pukers will approach from the
direction of the path. Use the Line Gun or Contact Beam on them as well, while
avoiding their ranged attacks by ducking behind a container.

Follow the path and notice the overhead Power Cell as you go. When you reach the
destination you will find it has a dead Power Cell. Retrieve the one you saw
earlier and replace it. Before exiting, loot the area, being sure to grab the
POWER NODE on the back wall.

Enter the next room and take out the Cyst you hear grunting in the left corner.
Use some of the junk lying about to kill it since you haven’t got the Plasma
Cutter. Use the SAVE STATION.

I hope Isaac is pretending when Nicole’s voice tells him he is close to her
beloved Marker. He says he doesn’t know what to do-hope he means how to kill it.

You will now come to a chamber with rotating arms sporting lethal laser beams.
Look out the opening. You will see some Crawlers and a crippled Super Slasher
trying to get to you. Since you haven’t got the Plasma Cutter, retreat from the
opening and let them enter the short hall, freeze them and deploy mines or the
Contact Beam to take them out.

Equip your Ripper and as a rotating arm is passing, run to the right and duck
into the niche there. If you’re timing isn’t just right you’ll be starting over.
Get to the back immediately and shred the Super Slasher and the two crippled
Slashers that enter from the laser bay. Grab the POWER NODE.

Now, after a successful run, you must avoid the lasers two more times. Dash to
your right into the second recess. Use the Ripper’s alternate fire to take out
the pair of Crawlers coming for you. Make for the last niche and be prepared to
take out two Slashers that will immediately charge.

Take the lift up and deactivate the Marker lasers. Lower the adjacent walkway
with kinesis and then the one on the opposite side of the central assembly. Grab
the pick-ups and a Slasher will drop down and a Super Slasher will climb up near
the central hub.

Approach the Data Monitoring Room and an unholy racket greets you. You will find
only corpses to stomp and a SAVE STATION. Continue on and you will come to a
double rotor assembly surrounded by a long catwalk.

Seems like a good place for an ambush. Kill the three Crawlers in the central
area with a single saw blade each, and then look over the rail. You will see a
group of Necromorphs and they will scramble when they see you.  Place a couple
of mines along the right walkway, near the turn, to cover your right flank and a
few along the center of the left walkway. Start forward along the left wall.
This will trigger an assault of assorted Necromorphs, coming from below and from
the far end. Hit the survivors of the mines with the Line Gun and if possible
deploy mines dead ahead while retreating as far back as you can. Use the Line
Gun or Contact Beam as much as possible since some of the foes are Pukers or
Spitters. If the mines to your right are triggered, you will have to watch that
side as well, but they mostly come from the left if you advance that way. Don’t
assume the all clear too quickly a few latecomers will straggle in.

A prudent player will now go back to the prior room and execute a save. Looming
is another skirmish very similar to the one you just won and if you’re killed
you get to repeat what you just accomplished-no nicely placed checkpoint this

Exit the room and watch for a Super Puker and a Slasher at the bottom of the
ramp. Hit the Puker with stasis and then the Contact Beam, a Slasher will drop
in on the action-treat it the same way.

Continue on to find another oval catwalk. Deploy mines as you go clockwise
around the catwalk. An Exploder and a Slasher will be the first out. Once they
are down quickly deploy a couple of mines on either side of you and equip the
Ripper or the Line Gun. Several Pukers, Spitters and a Super Slasher will
attack. Use stasis on the Pukers and the Spitters, and don’t let your guard down
when it seems safe. A Slasher will climb up from below when the skirmish seems
to be over to interrupt your looting.

Exit and go down the ramp and into the next room. All seems quiet as you move
toward the round hatch. Deploy a series of mines-three should do it-in the
center of the room and grab the stasis canister. As you approach the round hatch
the guttural growl you will hear is a Brute dropping into the room. It will hit
the mines. Hit it with the stasis canister and then with the Contact Beam for an
easy kill. Grab the RUBY SEMICONDUCTOR it drops.

Hack the door controls and follow the path, unopposed, until you come to a
inventory. If you have Stasis Packs in your safe, bring some along-buy one if
need be. The same is true for Med Packs. The area ahead is challenging.

Use credits to purchase Power Nodes-the end is near. I had 98,200 credits and I
purchased seven Nodes, giving me ten. I placed four nodes on the Contact Beam-
“Connecting”, “Capacity,” “Connecting,” and “Charge.” Five went to the
Detonator-“Connecting,” “Damage,” two “Connecting” and “Damage.”

Exit the room, take the lift and you will see the colossal Marker surrounded by
Necromorphs. Tiedemann knows things have gone awry and Nicole appears imploring
Isaac to succumb to its power.

Tiedemann admits that Isaac’s brain has been probed for years, looking for the
Markers secrets but the influx of Necromorphs has foiled his plans and things
have gone awry-badly awry.

Go into the Project Interface Room. Activate the “Dark Machine.” This was one of
Stross’ nightmare visions-stick a needle in your eye.

Hop in for the nefarious “steps.” Move the needle down using the X button on
PS3, the A button on XBOX 360. The laser designator must be blue when the needle
contacts the eye, so don’t worry about it until the needle is fairly close. Get
the pointer centered and then just bump it down whenever the eye is highlighted
blue and the Marker codes roll-for better or for worse.

CHAPTER 14:  SAY UNCLE-UBER!    <c014>

You must now hack the door controls to get out of the lab, but you have a new
companion-a very bad one. A new type of Necromorph has surfaced-the Ubermorph.
This Slasher-like Necromorph will rapidly regenerate after you put it down and
is relentless in its purpose-your demise. That said, it is no tougher to put
down than a Super Slasher. It just fails to stay down.

As soon as it appears, dismember it and hit it with a stasis blast. The console
will be released at that time, so hack the console, take the Ubermorph down
again, refill your stasis from the nearby station and get out of the lab. Turn
right upon exiting the Lab, grab the POWER NODE and run down the path until you
arrive at a SAVE STATION. It is to the right of the corridor in a small niche.
Grab any items along the way.

Continue on past the Marker and into the Marker Thermal Vent Conduits. Hit the
Super Puker with stasis and cut it down before it does its worst. Don’t go to
the exit door yet, raid the back area and let your Stasis Mod recharge-its safe
for now. Locate the body on the desk near where you encountered the Super Puker.
It is on the desk below the large monitor with yellow graphics. It will be
required for a DNA scan to enable the exit door to open. When you start for the
exit, the Ubermorph will block the way. Drop the body where you can easily
locate it.

Take the Ubermorph down. A Super Puker and a Super Slasher will enter the
battle. Use stasis and take them down as quickly as possible. The Ubermorph will
be back on its feet and coming for you. Put it down and in stasis, grab the body
and get to the door so it can be scanned.

Exit the room and use the SAVE STATION, and then hoof it down the path. A Super
Puker will challenge, quickly hit it with stasis, then charge and rip it to
pieces. Turn to take down the Ubermorph, which will likely be on your heels.

The path will take a sharp turn in the middle of a continuing corridor. If you
continue on a little you will find a POWER NODE, but it may not be worth the

Enter the side corridor where the path leads. When you hear the Swarm deploy a
couple of mines around the dark corner. Retreat to put the Ubermorph down again.
Continue on, hopefully the Swarm and the Super Slasher will both be destroyed.
Once again take down the Ubermorph and have the Ripper ready for the two Super
Slashers lurking near the poky elevator-hurry up! You may have to face the
Ubermorph here if your takedowns are slow. If things get hectic, its
regenerating body will sometimes block your path to the elevator-hell’s bells.

Get into the elevator and run down the hall but stop at the corner. Ahead,
through the glass, you can see Infectors at work. Don’t go for the door. Deploy
several mines near it and turn to take out the Ubermorph. Go forward to draw the
Necromorphs into the minefield and stay back to deal with them. Make liberal use
of stasis, you will soon be out of their reach. The Ubermorph will be reviving,
so get to the exit.

You will now have to pull the cover with kinesis, melee punch the fuse block and
then wait for the hatch to cycle open and you will not be alone for long. The
Ubermorph will be back before the door can open and any of the other Necromorphs
that wasn’t killed.

Deactivate the artificial gravity from the control station on the platform. You
will now be without atmosphere, so watch your O2. Lift off and follow the path.

You won’t need to waste stasis on the two sliding doors, just boost through when
they begin to slide open. Making sure you clear them. There are now three plasma
streams to get past and beyond a nesting Blob, which will be taking shots at
you. Traverse the streams on the left side, taking refuge behind each of the
round support cylinders to avoid the projectiles. The Blob ahead can be a bit
hard to see in the glare of the plasma streams. Pinpoint its location by its
projectiles and plant a Line Gun grenade on it for the kill. It isn’t even
necessary to kill the Blob, if you get past the plasma streams, you can just
boost past it, hitting it with stasis if needed. If you kill it, it releases a
RUBY SEMICONDUCTOR. Restore gravity and exit.

Enter the next room and Nicole will address you-pep talk. Exit into Marker
Access and use a Power Node on the Secure Storage room. There are sometimes two
Power Nodes in the room, and a RUBY SEMICONDUCTOR is also possible. On this trip
I got only 1 POWER NODE.

Continue through Radiation Containment, after grabbing the POWER NODE on the
wall, and then into Direct Marker Access. This will feature your final STORE and
WORKBENCH so use your Credits to purchase Med Packs and Stasis packs, if needed,
and Power Nodes for your final upgrades. Consider selling surplus ammo as well,
though you can keep your inventory for a second round. You will be carrying the
Line Gun, Ripper, Contact Beam and the Force Gun. Upgrade these as much as your
Node supply will allow. Reloading and capacity are as important as damage so
upgrade accordingly. Carry plenty of ammo, stasis and health supplies.

With 55,300 credits in stock, I purchased four Nodes, giving me eight. I
assigned three to the Line Gun-Three nodes went to “Alternate Damage,” Four went
to the Force Gun for “Reload,” “Capacity,” “Damage” and “Speed.”


As you depart the STORE area, Nicole’s apparition says she will meet you at the
Marker. Exit and be prepared for a pair of Super Leapers near the door, one from
the left one the right. As you enter the corridor a Super Puker on a high
walkway will spew at you. Hit it with the Line Gun, while ducking behind the
corner near the doorway. Raid the lockers that are to the right of the entry

The Ubermorph will first greet you at the turn, so put it down and in stasis and
run down the path, ignoring the Lurker. Get into the next room and two Super
Slashers will assault you. Continue into the next room and a Super Leaper and
then a Super Puker will block the way and as you dispatch them a pesky Lurker
will fire at you from above. If you’re pokey the Ubermorph will again come in
from behind. Put it down again.

Continue on and a Super Slasher and Super Puker will be joined by another of
each and the Ubermorph will be hot on your heels. Make liberal use of stasis on
this tough bunch and shred everything in sight.

You’ll have to use kinesis to clear a small crate from the next doorway. Run to
the door and be prepared for a Super Leaper to be right on you as you exit. A
pair of truly pesky Lurkers will harass you as you take on the Leaper and
another Super Slasher will block the exit. The Ubermorph will again be after
you. Exit and take the lift. Turn left and use the final SAVE STATION. Pause
here if you are out of stasis re-charge packs and let your mod recharge-it is
actually SAFE.

Move along and the Ubermorph will again need attention. Put it down and melee
punch the fuse box on the right side and run through the doorway. Follow the
path and punch the control fuses for Test Area E4 and enter.

The Marker is just ahead, visible across the long walkway. Move that way and
Tiedemann nails you with a Javelin Gun. Lay on the action button to prevent your
demise; catch the next spear, pump the action button, and shoot a spear from his
own weapon into his throat. Finish him when your own weapon is enabled after the

You have to be glad he didn’t electrify that first javelin and even happier he
didn’t get the weapons explosive perk.

Good ole’ Nicole thing now shows her real self-backstabber. Big surprise.

You can easily get a bit disoriented in the haze of the final battlefield, so
don’t move as Nicole’s initial tirade rolls-she will appear if front of you.
Drop a grenade at her feet with the Line Gun’s alternate fire. A single well-
placed round will make her flash and disappear. The “Heart” of the Marker will
now be exposed. Use the Contact Beam to hit it until it disappears. You will
likely get off two rounds.

Once again Nicole will appear and from now on she isn’t alone. Equip the Force
Gun and use it on the deranged pack of Juvenile demons that will swirl around
you from everywhere. Stay away from Nicole as you run the perimeter shooting,
the shrieking demons-which will take your head off if several are able to get
hold of you. Don’t run into Nicole-you are simply dead if she gets too close.

If you sprint the perimeter, you can get the little demons following and you can
take out groups with a Force Gun blast. Melee tactics work in a pinch, but don’t
depend only on it to do the job. Some of the little demons will, at least, drop
items as they expire.

When the mob is momentarily subdued, shoot another Line Gun grenade at Nicole’s
feet. When she disappears hit the Marker’s pulsing “Heart” with the Contact Beam
until it disappears and immediately switch to the Force Gun. Clear a path with
energy blasts and when the pestiferous pack is subdued, place another Line Gun
grenade at her feet and follow it with the Contact Beam to the Marker’s “Heart.”

You will have to repeat this until you damage the Marker enough that it vanishes
in a blaze of light and the apparition of Nicole with it-good riddance! How many
rounds before you can rest-it all depends on the hits by the Contact Beam. Three
or four rounds are typical. If you’re using the Plasma Cutter instead, double

When it is finally over, Isaac slumps resigned to his fate as the Sprawl’s
containment field is compromised. The Sprawl and Isaac Clarke are doomed but the
Marker is destroyed.

The Game Credits will begin to roll, but don’t put down the controller. The
gritty Ellie is back. Whether Isaac wants to be rescued or not she is going to
crash through the roof, depressurizing the chamber. Isaac is flung into the
void. You must now catch the shuttle, avoiding the massive debris field,
boosting when needed; and, when alongside the shuttle, you take her hand to get
aboard by pumping the action button.

Isaac has been in this situation before and the Nicole he knew wasn’t the one on
that fateful shuttle. He looks over at Ellie. She has been through a lot, they
both have, but does she appear more than a bit too rough around the edges?

Congratulations on completing Dead Space 2. You can now save your game and start
another round by selecting new game +. You will retain all you equipment and

If you have any questions, comment, criticisms, suggestions, etc. feel free to
contact me at the E-mail address on the title page.




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