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Dead Space 2



by TheGum

	DDDD      DDDD  EEE               AAAA AAAA       DDDD      DDDD
	DDDD       DDD  EEEEEEEE         AAAA   AAAA      DDDD       DDD

   SSSS            PPPP   PPPP     AAAA AAAA      CCC     CCC    EEE
           SSSS    PPPP          AAAAAAAAAAAAA    CCC     CCC    EEE

				22222    222222

* Game:	        Dead Space 2              *
* Type:		Walkthrough/FAQ           *
* For:		Xbox 360, PS3, PC         *
* Author:	Bradley Russell           *
* Email:	[email protected]  *
* Website:        *
* Twitter:	TheGum25                  *

Version 1.0 - regular mode complete

Version 1.2 - small fixes and added shop

Version 1.25 - tiny fixes, and it's possible I'm done as I'm not sure I want
to mark all the logs and schematics

*Table Of Contents*
Use Ctrl + F to quick find in this guide.

	Section:	Code:

1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls		( CON2222 )
3. Starter Tips		( TIPS333 )
4. Walkthrough		( FAQ4444 )

	Chapter 01: Operation Recovery		( ch01 )
	Chapter 02: The Sprawl			( ch02 )
	Chapter 03: Path of Dark		( ch03 )
	Chapter 04: Church of Unitology		( ch04 )
	Chapter 05: Promised Land		( ch05 )
	Chapter 06: The Forgotten		( ch06 )
	Chapter 07: Path of Light		( ch07 )
	Chapter 08: Crawling			( ch08 )
	Chapter 09: Engineering Degree		( ch09 )
	Chapter 10: Deja Vu			( ch10 )
	Chapter 11: Miner Complications		( ch11 )
	Chapter 12: Gone Drillin'		( ch12 )
	Chapter 13: Dead Fortress		( ch13 )
	Chapter 14: Run				( ch14 )
	Chapter 15: De-Convergence		( ch15 )

5. Enemies		( BADS555 )
6. Shop Items		( GUNS666 )
7. Logs / Schematics	( FILE777 )
8. Unlockables
9. FAQ / Author Info / Copyright

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

Not a lot changed from the first game, even though some things seemed new and
different - nothing changed at all really. The only thing that is different 
now is the story, which removed you from the dead reaches of space and put 
you back in "civilization" except for that fact that the sky over your head
isn't blue and it isn't there.

I liked that the game essentially did "The Lost World" on us and brought the 
dinosaur to San Diego, but I guess the story just felt too much like that of
the first game, and ultimately we haven't gone very far from where we arrived
at the end of the first game. It even feels like the first game since you're
on the same narrow confines, you're basically in a much bigger ship, and the
game even goes out of its way to re-create the first game's experience in a
very direct manner.

The game starts with a bang, has mastered the element of pacing, and put a 
lot of life in the main role. But Dead Space 3 needs to mix it up a bit more. 
It may be time to take a visit to planet earth.


* 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *

PS3 Controls

X - use
O - heal when not aiming; kinesis when aiming
SQU - reload
TRI - stasis fire; use stasis pack when empty
L1 - aim
L2 - run; boost in zero-G
R1 - fire; punch when not aiming
R2 - alternate fire; curbstomp when not aiming
RS - look around, aim
LS - move
R3 - locator
L3 - float in zero-G
D-pad - select weapons
START - pause
SELECT - look at the map, objectives, inventory, and database

**I assume the 360 controls match these, with maybe the shoulder buttons being
switched or something.

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *

#1. Reload before a fight, after a fight, and any and all phases in between. 

#2. Use small items, such as med packs, to open up space when your inventory
is full.

#3. Your "gun" has a light, and aiming while you walk is always smart if you
don't get nausiated or something. Don't aim all the time, but don't just run 
around a corner or dart into an uncharted room.

#4. Use the freaking map! When confused, use the map and the locator to help
you find your way around. The locator breaks the fourth wall a bit, but still,
it's there so use it.

#5. Aim for the limbs. That means arms and legs. I like to aim for the legs 
since you know where they will be at all times, and once a leg is gone you can
pick off the "walking arms" at a nicer angle.

#6. Music is bad, especially loud and striking music. If you don't see anything
in front of you when you hear bad music, turn around.

#7. Shoot boxes with lights on them for items, or curb stomp if you wish.

#8. Once you start having too many items to carry, you can probably afford 
anything you need. Once you have all the guns, no sense sitting on 40,000 creds
when you can buy at least one power node and ammo for your favorite gun, such
as the Line Gun. Not to mention med packs if things have become more difficult
for you.

#9. Know the "health" and "inventory" buttons on your controller as they are 
meant to make the game faster. The health button spends a med pack on you, and
the inventory button brings up your inventory if you need to sort or whatever.
Both are when not aiming.

#10. Curb stomp those lighted, green boxes to not waste ammo shooting them, or
kinesis and send into the ground.

#11. If you are a seasoned gamer, probably never need a large med pack. And
you certainly don't need more than 12 med packs in your storage and inventory
combined unless you just can't hold onto them at all.

#12. Upgrade the Cutter, but save the capactiy spots for when you are out of
ammo, then get them. The Cutter is your best weapon, so get it tricked out 
early. Then the line gun, then the force gun. Never need to touch the contact
beam's upgrade tree.

#13. About those capacity upgrades, just like Resident Evil 4, you can get
them when you gun is empty to have free ammo. It's just smart, but not a huge

#14. When you need to drop an item, say for a medium med pack, it makes 
sense to drop a small med pack, if you can't use it, because you're trading
for a better version of what you had. Of course use anything before you drop
it completely. Also, if you are trying to pick up ammo for a gun that can
absorb the ammo, drop something, load that ammo into the gun, and pick up the
other item, duh.

#15. There is no such thing as "run away" because enemies will go from one
area to the next using the vents. So if you can't kill an enemy in one area,
can't do it in the next either. Probably a few exceptions to the rule, but
you really just need to find a way to beat them.

#16. You can turn the camera around you without moving your body.

* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 )                                                  *

Important if you're just starting out. If you are a pro gamer type and think
you want to start on the hardest difficulty, consider at least trying the 
difficulty below it because you can load a completed game and move to any 
difficulty after. So this means that if you play the game on the hardest to
start, you'll have to play the game again on the hardest if you want to start
a new round. Not a big deal, but saving the hardest mode you can get on a 
round 2 playthrough is at least something to look forward too.

There is a teaser movie if you let the start screen stay for about 10

Start off by watching the "previously on Dead Space" video from the single
player menu to get a recap of everything that has happened with the story so

Before starting, please just go with the normal mode; easy if you frequently
struggle with games, harder modes depending on how much you played the first
game and/or want to be challenged.  For the brightness, remember that this is
a dark game, so go about 75-80% bright, possibly more.

Chapter 01: Operation Recovery		( ch01 )

*NOTE: Without spoiling everything, just know that pointy arms are dangerous
to run into, and that the best way to avoid an enemy is to go around them.
Basic advice, but you'd be surprised how useful it could prove.*

This game starts off as soon as you do a headbutt, so hold the run button and
go left and up the left side of the wall divider, head straight down the path
until you reach a hall and an enemy drops down, so turn left, then right past
one more enemy who pops out the left side and head for the door. Mash the
button to struggle free.

Save up at the wall station and move out to the hall. No choice but to proceed
up, and to the left to reach the stairs. Feel free to stop and view the video
on the screen. Then move past two more doors for a confrontation. Pick up the
health and flashlight and turn around to see a most curious sight. I believe 
you have an additional health pack too.

You'll have melee attacks available and you can aim your flashlight. Head to
the elevator and head down. Yeah there is really no way to prevent freaking
out here, so use the helpful locator to light your path. On the other side of
the break room, go right to hit an audio log. Save at the station, head
through the showers, and crawl through a vent.

Go to the left of the machine and open it to get kinesis. Use the bars where
the body was being held up and shoot it through either the left-most or right-
most window to make a path. Use two more bars to impale the incoming
necromorphs. After impaled, melee the dead bodies to drop loot, grab the health
in the elevator, and use it.

Three undead in this room, although they don't appear at first. Just know that
you can't run directly right to the door and that there are plenty of bars on
the floor, though you may not see them. A few of which are to the right of the
entrance door, and remember, you can use dead arms as projectiles too. Loot
the wall boxes on the ground level, the slasher bodies, and head through the
door. In this short hall loot the bodies with melee and smash the box. 

Through the door and go right for some loot, then into the middle chamber to
free the dude, or not! Remember that you can change the sight from horizontal
to vertical or vice versa (R2 on PS3). Go horizontal and de-limb or aim for
the undead's head. For the second one, use an arm from the first necro and/or
finish off with a few cuts. Remember to stomp bodies for loot (though not that
one guy because you did enough for him as is).

*NOTE: I won't say it forever, but the idea is to down an enemy close to you
and then use his limbs to kill the next, and that one's limbs for the next,
and so on. You may struggle to pick limbs (the sharp ones of course) from
afar, but it's purely up to you how much ammo you wish to conserve. Also as
some duh advice, reload often.*

The side rooms have loot, though hard to see, and to get past the trapped
necro just shoot his head area with your laser and melee for loot. Head up to
the save station, and into a nice lobby area. Head right and then the fires
get extinguished. You could post up in the tiny alcove room on the left, or
confront the three enemies head on. One thing to keep in mind, if you are
unsure an enemy is dead when approaching, just curb stomp and you can make
sure; else they could pop up for a last gasp attack. Go around the right corner
for an item in a wall box by a desk, then return to take the door. 

*NOTE: If ever lost don't forget to use your locator.*

Box and items in the small rooms, and in the hallway there is an alcove around
the corner to your left with a text log, then go to the sitting area for some
items. Take the door to the area with the alarms blaring. Some items up here,
and you can go down either side to reach the floor, with an item on the right
side by a stretcher. Head for the door as it closes and traps you in. Turn and
defend yourself against five or six necros, and remember to use sharp limbs to
save ammo. 

Items and bodies to loot, along with a node by the body near the doors, and
health at the red box thing. I believe you can go back up and through a door
up top for an audio log at a dead end, then come back down; don't forget you
can run.  Through the doors you have items in the center desk. Hit the door
and grab the item to the left, and then go save. 

*NOTE: The pro tip is to shoot off a pointy limb and then grab it to kill the
thing it came from.*

Into the Triage Room grab the text log on the ground. On the left is a terminal
to hack, and the key is to move the stick to find the blue points and activate,
but don't waste time as there is little time to work; careful of the red points
that will glow white initially. Do this three times and be ready for the next
problem, an incoming enemy who can one-shot you. So remain calm as Isaac slowly
hands you the controls, and press the stasis button (TRI for PS3) to slow the
enemy and then cut him up.

*NOTE: One great way to loot bodies without having to kick them is to use a
pointy limb.*

To get through the door, use the terminal on the column and then stasis the
right side of the door to keep it shut as you go through, otherwise it would
close on you. Pick up the item and go through the door. Two spitters are in
the big room, so be ready to chop them up.  Wall box and item (might have been
a text log >.< ) and take the elevator.

Item, wall box, and power node to grab. Might be getting full on inventory
space, so feel free to burn or toss a health pack, possibly ammo if you have
been making good use of spikes. Item by the door and head through for a part
where you must shoot a red target to close the window. Then head through the
door and you got me here to tell you that the body inside is a necro, so shoot

The First Store

*NEW GAME+ ONLY: This is where the Elite Engineering Suit is found.*

Wall box, cash, item, save, and the store. Nothing but the suit to buy, so get
it. You only need 3 stacks of ammo and maybe 3 health packs, but you could
probably get by with 2 of each, so store what you think is unnecessary; if you
don't have excess of either, then all we can do is hope it gets better from
here. There is a big beast upcoming, but still, three stacks of health and
ammo at the most. Save again if needed.

Head through the door to enter a vacuum, and without the suit you are dead
(which might be something worth seeing actually, oh well). Grab the power node
out to the right and head through the door. 

Before you go too far right, notice that there is a stasis refill station on
the left wall by the door, and assorted items all over the area. When you
approach the ship a huge monster appears that I will call a Licker. With two
legs he will run after you and lunge forward when close for a little lick.
With one leg it's the same pretty much. Just remember to run away, and only
turn to shoot him without stasis when you have good distance between you two.

I recommend you use the center wall as your judging point. You want to freeze
the licker when he is facing the ship, so your back will be to the ship; it's
not a big deal, but with running around this slight positioning touch shouldn't
take long. Freeze him when he's close to you, about 20 feet away or so, and
use horizontal cuts on the middle, yellowish parts of one of his legs.
Hopefully you can sever it with one go. Then, and being near the ship, you
can freeze him again soon after and go for the other leg, just be sure it's
clearly visible.

If you can chop both legs with two stasis you won't need the refill station,
but if you do just run back to it, activate, and turn to freeze one last time
to finish him. Then go loot the entire room for items. Take the side door to
exit the area. Head down and there is money to the left, item on the right,
and grab the ammo at the bottom of the steps before taking the vent cover off
and crawling through.

Chapter 02: The Sprawl			( ch02 )

Visit the store to see what you can buy. I had 7,900 creds at when I stopped,
and you should have a gold semiconductor to sell, and maybe a full inventory
and items stored away. Here are the two guns for sale:

*Line Gun; 9,000C; Fires a wide cutting beam; alt is a timed mine.
*Javelin Gun; 11,000C; Fires an electrically-charged spear; alt will charge
the spear you fired.

I say get the Line Gun since the Javelin Gun is sorta like your kinesis, but
either way is fine. Health is worth 1,000C and each single plasma charge is
worth 100C for a total of 2,500C a stack of ammo. So it's possible to get both
if you have been crazy conservative, in which case YOU DON'T NEED THESE GUNS

For now you can store all your health and bring two stacks of ammo. Hit the
workbench to make use of your power nodes. You should have 5 nodes to spend.
I say spend one point on both the RIG and stasis, then one both for each of
the starting nodes for your plasma cutter. SAVE 1 node, which in my case I
didn't want to use anyway since the second node for all paths is an empty slot
with no bonus. 

Head out into the concourse area and feel free to watch all the happy people
fly away and give you the middle finger. Careful in you approach the end of
the conveyor belt as a necro will spring up and charge at you; stasis, straight
up shoot him, or hit him before he gets up. Clear the junk on the left of the
belt, collect the items, and you can save before or after you open the door in
the corner. Opening that door requires 1 power node, which we should have, and
inside are a few items including a schematic that allows you to buy power
nodes, as well as a semiconductor and ammo. If you are full of items, head
back and store them away to make room. Grab the item on the other side of the 
conveyor, save if you must, and take the door out.

You don't have to wait, use a spike or shoot the necro before he rushes you.
To the right you'll see new necros being formed, but I don't think you can or
need to stop the process. Collect the items and be ready for another around the
corner, and when you approach the elevator controls a third necro will pop up
back down the hall, so engage (if you could, please see if he left any items or
an opening, I didn't check). Get in the elevator and you have a bit of a scene
at the top.

Don't try to stomp the torso-morph, just shoot it. When you open the door down
the hall, a necro springs out from your left so get up and quickly dispatch.
It's optional to go left and into the room, but if you do there is a torso
spitter and then a necro as you try to exit; again, double-check for death
before approaching.

As you use the next door, a few items in here an around the laundry area,
including one item near the shaky dryer, but as you approach the exit door
the place goes dark. You can post up in the laundry room or by either one of
the side doors as five or six undead drop down, including a torso. Most of
them drop from the exit door (the one in the middle) while at least the last
one comes from where the shaky dryer was. I believe the torso is the second
one to appear. After, be sure of your kills and head out.

Go left for health, a text log, and a box before getting on the elevator. Save
and go grab the item in the room, then you can come back out to watch the woman
beyond the gate. Then look to the end of the hall and be ready for a necro to
burst from the left door as you approach. Kill it and clear the door to get

Hard to see, but the body on the floor is live, and upon rising you'll also
get hit with a leaper that comes from the conveyor. Ensure the necro is dead
then move up to trigger the bombers. About four encroach on you from behind,
and when you move to the conveyor another will drop from either front or
behind you. Shoot their yellow sacs and once all are dead the door will be
unlocked, but don't miss the gold semiconductor on the other side of the 
conveyor belt.

Stop That Train!

Get to the train station and pick up the schematic at the bottom of the other
tunnel, then loot the few items scattered among the benches. When you approach
the entrance to the train, an infector will make a slasher inside and both will
pop out, so have the line gun ready if possible, then go inside for items and
turn around as another slasher should be inbound from outside.

*NOTE: L2 on the PS3 does allow you to use boost in the "falling" part.*

Get in and collect a few items as you go to the front, hack the tram and then
turn to wait. Necro way at the back, then switch to your line gun for two more
that pop up next to you. You don't sit here, you have to make your way to the
other end. You got a couple more on your way, but don't forget to reload and
spend up your line gun ammo. When you reach the break in the cars, just try
your best to keep yourself steady. I was hit by both doors and lived, but
possibly have to steer clear of the doors on higher difficulties (maybe even
stasis them or something).  A few more enemies on the other side and then you
slide to the end. 

Now begins a very tough spot. Pick up the two items near you, then aim to the
left of the central crates as you wait for a torso to crawl out. Quickly kill
it, then a bomber further behind it. Next you'll have necros from the far left
and far right as well as more from the left; try to stasis a few on the left so
you can kill the one on the right. At the same time there will be another
bomber, so consider using the line gun on the groups and be sure to either
blast them fast to pop the bomber or get the bomber first because once his
radius reaches you it's pretty much a done deal.

Once all are dead, you'll look up and have a brute overhead, but all you have
to do is hit one of his two shoulder spots, and that will end the chapter.

Chapter 03: Path of Dark		( ch03 )

Pick up the loose items, including a power node and schematic (both in either
corner). Hit the locker and grab the cash, and go up to save. Through the door
you'll see a necro in the shadows and it will scurry away. At the fork, to the
left is a wall box and right is a necro on the floor, so shoot it first. Go up
and you'll emerge at a family-friendly terminal.

*NOTE: These babies are collectively refered to as The Pack, but I like to 
call them Screamers. Not sure how I'll correct this later if at all.*

To the right are creds in the corner. Before you go left, reload all your guns
and be ready for about 20 or so single-shot enemies. Aim and look to the left
wall, the wall with the machines, and from a vent will spring two necro babies
at first. Pop them quickly, turn while aiming, backpedal to the corner with
the machines you can use, and from this corner just single-shot each baby; I
know it sounds bad, but they're already dead if that makes it any better. The
key here is to reload during any break in action, because the line gun and
stasis are overkill, you just need to use one cut on each baby and you should
be fine. And you can stomp the bodies, they drop loot.

*NOTE: On my first run I didn't get the pulse rifle until a few chapters
later, and it came in handy late in the game. So maybe get it now even though
I don't really address using it for a while.*

At the store, the Pulse Rifle is available for 7,000C. Sell the semiconductor
and I would suggest getting the rifle, but the javelin is a decent second 
choice. I also grabbed a Power Node for 10,000C and moved some stuff from
the bank to my inventory; I would say two stacks of ammo are all you need as
you have more guns to fall back to.

The Concourse

*LIGHTSPEED DE MILO: Shoot the statue to the left as you enter for this 
achievement/trophy. You can even shoot debris at it.*

Save and take the elevator. Text log and creds to your left, while in the
opposite corner you have some creds, and feel free to look at the shops and
check out the scenery all over (including an ominous yellow shadow). Before
you leave, be sure to grab the conductor on the lower floor with kinesis; I 
suggest standing at the end of a long railing and trying to grab from the
corner, or maybe you can walk on a seat. Take the middle doorway on the
opposite side for a text log on the right and then hack the elevator. 

Text log and item on the desk, and when you turn the corner be ready to shoot
a bomb guy or else you'll have trouble. After you hit him you must then hit
the red target atop the window. Then be ready to fight 3 babies that drop on
the middle area and 2 that come from the elevator door. Before you touch the
vent, grab the audio log and item in the two corners - be sure to get a look
out the window for that stellar view. Last time I remind you, stomp the bodies,
then take the vent on the wall.

No danger here, just a looping vid, but go ahead and knock down that necro and
smash him for good measure. Three boxes to smash plus one up high, and feel
free to set up the spears near the hanging slasher just in case needed for the
upcoming fight. Then go up the ramp into the control room. Loot the locker and
hit the bench. I had 4 nodes, but I only used 2 to get more RIG HP, and you
could maybe get the Pulse Rifle upgrade, but I decided to hold onto my 2,
and though you need one for the door upcoming, you'll also get another soon
as well. Save.

Use the computer to shut down the trash chamber, then come out and be ready
for four necros that will drop when you approach the door. First is a puker,
then a slasher, then an exploder, and another slasher. If you have the line
gun, consider using alt fire for a mine on the puker, since he's hard to bring

Enter the chamber and you have two items to pull to you, or maybe you can pick
them up in the air. Rather than propel yourself on a straight line like last
game, this time you have a "jet pack" mechanism that allows you to glide
through the air when in zero-G. Get up and go left to the door under the
control room window and grab the power node and items inside. Then take the
other door in the corner.  Turn on the controls here, then come out and glide
toward the tunnel to learn how to boost, so do that to get through, and there
is impending peril here and you don't have to move the debris or anything like
that. Land and take the door.

Lights go out, and your visor can illuminate a wall if close enough, fyi. Bust
the boxes and head up toward the flickering light, grabbing an item to the
right before you enter the room. Be ready for a slasher to burst out from the
left side wall panel, and that's it. The door on the wall can be entered at
the cost of one power node, so use that one we just got and loot all the stuff
inside, including a semiconductor. Then come out and grab the power core and
insert into the nearby wall to restore power and take the elevator.

Say a Prayer

Power node on the wall. Take the door to enter the realm of the cult. Move
into the first room and get ready to shake off some little critters that jump
you, then grab the text log to your left. When you come out and approach the
other room, the slasher will get up as well as a few more critters. Nothing in
that room, so just go left and enter this room for some creds in the bathroom
to the right and then enter the child's room, grab the creds on the dresser,
and then take the door.

You can go straight through the next door unless you have room for the stasis
pack around the corner, and cross over the walkway into the next hallway.
Approach the box to open and a slasher should emerge from the nearby panel, so
be ready. Enter the elevator and save your game.

Creds to the right as you enter the open area, and consider your line gun or
javelin and their alt fire. When you move into the area you'll hear the necros
coming, so go left and take point on the left side of the window. The first
pukers and infectors should come from the left walkway that leads to the
door on the opposite side, then an exploder and an infector or two. The trick
is getting the second exploder that approaches from the right, possibly from
the area of the elevator. The best move may be to stand in the middle aisle,
between the marker statue and the other statues, and try to pop the bombs
quickly, or just avoid the exploders until you have distance. Do stop the
infectors before they make more slashers.

After the fight, enter the door for an optional history lesson on Unitology.
The consoles down this hall go right-left-right until the end if you want to
listen to them. Then go out, wait a second, stick to the right side wall, and
run for the door.

Chapter 04: Church of Unitology		( ch04 )

*NOTE: One important thing to remember, especially for you players that
understand it's better to use the cutter ammo the most efficiently, you need
to spend up your other ammo too. If the game is dropping you tons of line gun
ammo, use it, don't hoard it and get your bag filled. Truth be told, you only
need the cutter, but don't make the game harder than it needs to be.*

Your told how to use the locator to also find save stations, shops, and benches
by holding down the locator button and scrolling up and down. Go through the
left door and go right for an item and take the door for a text log in the
booth. Come out and go up the stairs to the gift shop. I say bring at least a
full stack of each ammo type, two small med packs, and buy 2-3 power nodes. 


This is important now. You will want 20,000 creds for an upcoming suit. At the
moment you should have around 30,000. You can make the plasma cutter beastly if
you want to spend five power nodes at some point soon. I believe you'll have 3
by now, and you won't get a ton of money, but you will add two more power nodes
within this church soon enough. 

So it's a matter of if you want to wait to upgrade the cutter until after you
get the suit or blow your cash to get it now to buy power nodes. I say hold
off, and since we want to save up for 5 power nodes, may as well just sit on
your cash anyway.


*NOTE: The posted signs can be listened to, like the one outside the gift

Go out and go up the steps to the room for some items, including a power node
and text log, but after you pick up the node and turn around be ready for a
slasher to drop in. 

Go back to the start and take the other door. Some items among the dead bodies,
then grab the audio log in the booth. Go up and along the walkway run to stop
the infector. Go down the stairs and get ready for a bunch of enemies from all
sides. I believe there are two infectors dropped in on either side of the
floor, and then a slasher comes out from the left after. Stop the infectors,
and if your cutter or whatever gun is strong enough, the slashers should be
getting very easy to kill; that is why infectors take priority, and don't
forget your other guns too. After the slasher is down, loot the bodies and
take the elevator in the middle.

To the right is a fuse you can melee to make a quick way back to the starting
area, so feel free to open it and unnecessarily go save or whatever, but I say
just come back and take the door. Three items in here, and please get them now.
Take the right door for three more items including a text log. Open the panel
by the door, then go to the chair in the corner and look to the wall to pick
off the panel there and reveal a power core. Pick it up and place it at the
top of the power circuit by the door. Come out and shoot the window with your
cutter as the slashers drop in, or maybe back up to the door if you want more
room, and then hit the red target.

Approach the door and stasis it when it's either up or halfway up, not when
it's down. Go under, grab the items to the right, and save. Grab the items in
the closet, including a box on top of the shelf, and then take the vent. Having
safely gotten out of all of these so far, be ready to mash the button as you
get out of this one. Grab the node and other item, then take the door. Go left
first if you want to open the path that will lead you back to the gift shop,
and this time I would go back.

Now you should be able to buy that new suit for extra inventory, and hopefully
you won't need to sell anything to get it, but if you must I would say give up
the ammo of the line and javelin guns, but not the med packs or cutter ammo.
Hopefully you can get the new suit and have your plasma cutter upgraded to the
two damage nodes along the bottom row. If you got those nodes earlier and have 
two more now, get the capacity upgrade.


Head back up through the two shortcut doors that take you back to the objective
path. No worries as you enter, just grab the item nearby, then go to the other
side of the balcony for more, and kinesis that power node across the gap. Turn
around and get on the lift. No worries for the moment, just go left and then
head straight for the big door for it to be shut. Turn and get ready to slug it
out with some vicious enemies. You have to act like you're going back the way
you came, but before you turn back down the corridor, aim and try to pop the 
necro as it peeks around the corner. 

This new enemy called a stalker, and their attack is to rush you and then 
scurry away. They are fast, so if you want to spend your stasis, do so. They
love to hide and move all over the place, so if you want to post up by the
locked door, that will work, but you are far from safe. There are about five of
these things, but they do play fair and only attack one at a time. Hopefully
you can distinguish between the ones charging from farther away because if you
can and your aim is good, you can take out the farthest ones without using

Aim for their legs of course, as they are dead without a leg. It's a waste to
try and get in a body shot on them when they are moving around. The only thing
to watch out for are the ones that may come from your side; doubt they will, 
but little you could do if you are by the locked door. And you may as well stay
here because you'll get pounded in the corridors, but the broken lifts do allow
you safe spots (no reason you need safety, but it's there). 

So after you kill them all you'll get a comm and then go hack the box to take 
the lift up. Some items up here, including the power node if you didn't grab 
it earlier. Go through the door and grab the med pack, and down the hall in the
middle is a door, but go further to hit the fuse box to make a quick path to
the gift shop. Not really anything to do here unless you can somehow manage to
reach the special node for the cutter, just sit on your stash and maybe grab 
some meeds. Save.

Head back up to the hallway and take the door, and be ready for two slashers 
when you head up and then a ton of swarmers. For the swarmers, consider popping
down a few line gun mines. If you want to save ammo, draw them toward you, 
juke around the side of the room, and go pick up the two items at the altar,
then go around and kill the dormant slasher before getting on the elevator.

Chapter 05: Promised Land		( ch05 )

Head down and save. In the first freezer room, just one item down the right 
side in a wall box. Second room, both sides have a wall box. Third room has a 
text log in the middle and a wall box. In the fourth room, I went up the left 
side and a puker jumped out. I tried to go down the right side but nothing, so
it's either there is just one or it's only down the left side. Either way, grab
both items on the wall boxes. The fifth room has three necros in the first part
and two more in the back part. I just went left and posted up in the corner and
all three came after me; pulling the loot to me so I didn't have to go right.
And when moving up just be ready for a puker around the corner and a slasher
from the door. Get the item in the wall box.

In the next room, grab the text log and go around to take the lift down. There
is a power node and schematic to grab, then hack the console. Now you have to
freeze the spinning rings and then pull down the two opposite panels with your
kinesis before the rings spin again. The panels are hanging down above the 
rings. Do this three times to turn off the gravity. Then just freeze the fan
above you and fly up. Head through the hole that opens after the container 
goes through. Be sure to grab the text log in the air before grounding, then
turn on the gravity.

Head through the door and feel free to shop, and remember that you have more
space now, so feel free to carry extra ammo and meds. Probably can't afford
the new Ripper, but it's there for 8,000C. In the next room the lights go only
for a short time. Pick up the creds on your left, then go visit the bench if
you want to. Before or after you spend, you can move the containers nearby to 
reveal a save station. Once ready to move on, take the vent. Crawl until you

Turn around for a bunch of items, then go back and through the door. Head 
straight to find a schematic on the wall, then smash a box before going through
the door. Around the corner be ready to run into some lurkers on the wall. Just
like in the last game, aim for their tentacles, which may mean turning your
cutter's beam. There are two, and when you move up a slasher will come from
around the next corner. Boxes and head through the door. 

Upon the Mountaintop

Head out into the open and when caught, aim for the yellow. Once he's done 
with you, a bunch of screamers show up. So backpedal and take them out, using
spears or mines or single cutter shots. There are about 15 or so, then a 
slasher should appear. Once the carnage is over, smash any bodies you can and
there should be tons of items. 

Should only be the stuff down the middle of the floor level, nothing on the 
sides of note. So head up either stairs as both sides will drop a slasher and
exploder when you advance, and maybe an extra dude will come out of the 
corner, right window. When at the door, be careful of the slasher that comes
up the wall when you grab the med pack, just back up and wait, and there be
another exploder coming up the left or right walkway. Then go through the door
and pop the torso quickly. Head through the other room and take the elevator.

Stand at the very back of the elevator and be ready for a slasher to drop in,
so make quick work of him. Come out and get a load of that view, even to the
far left. Then pick up the three items by the seats, and then enter the room
for a schematic, power node, and save.

Head out and down the other hallway for a scene. Be ready to mash the button
when you grab the rail, and after a tumble, be ready to engage something
bigger than a brute or licker. You have I think four times where you must aim
for his yellow, and I think you can switch guns but not sure, you certainly
don't have much time. After he throws you, turn and kinesis the door and just
run for the window - feel free to swap to the cutter while running. All you
need is one hit on a red canister and you'll end the chapter.

Chapter 06: The Forgotten		( ch06 )

Go right for some creds and then the other room you tumbled through for a power
node. Then take the door and collect all the items, but before you save, take
middle door (the one the locator isn't pointing to) for a schematic and box,
then save; don't miss the creds on the table. 

Head into the left room if you want to see some gruesome stuff, and there are
some creds between the beds in the first room. Heading for the big door, there 
are two rooms on either side; left one has some items, and I forget if there
was one in the right room (how does anyone turn off an alarm clock? by 
smashing it of course!). Just a box in the next hall and take the elevator.

Save again and head out to familiar ground. No, it's not clear. First up is a
pregnant necro ahead, and if you recall from last game, just aim for their
shoulders and heads - hitting their bellies will make swarmers appear and 
I would not recommend smashing these guys once dead as they drop their items
already. But you're not done. There will be a second pregnant, and then about
five leapers that will drop in, even from above you, and toward the end there
will be a third pregnant from the elevator area. My advice is to just move
around. Hit the leapers when you can, and avoid the pregnant if it gets into
the mix. At worst you should take a few leaper swipes. Remember, if you
get swarmers use the line gun's mines.

A few scattered items in the area, then head for the other side and a store to
the right. I say get the Detonator for 8,000C, but it's up to you. Shuffle your
items so you have space, have at least 1 power node saved, and head out. You
could consider buying power nodes, but let's sit on what we got.

*NOTE: These mines are called cysts, and I will try to clarify this in a later

I'm guessing these little bulbs on the walls and floors are proximity mines 
(geez these guys really stepped up their game from last time), and they take
two shots to blow up. Get the first one on the left, then the one on the ground
to the right, move up the right side, watch out for the one up top, and let the
torso get killed by a mine up ahead. Blow the upper mine and head up, but get
the mine on the floor ahead.

Spend a power node on the door and loot all the stuff inside, then feel free to
hit up the bench. If close to getting the special for the cutter, get it if
you can. Save after, and head into the next area. Two boxes floating, so grab
them and then go all the way up to grab another on the top level. Now go 
around the thing on the ceiling and find the power core behind a panel. 
Take it out and do whatever with it. Head back down and go to the right and
remove the power here. Then come to the middle and remove the power core to 
extinguish the fire. I say keep the core with you and set it or shoot it into
the hallway, kill the two lurkers around the left corner, and then try to 
bring the power core with you through the door - set it down, press the door,
pick it up, and go through. Take it right and use it to replace the power core
here to power up the elevator. When you call it, be ready for the puker
inside, then use it.

Wall box and power node in the other box. Save and bust the fuse to open the 
door. Mines at the bottom of the ramp, which is a clue. You also have stasis
on the wall you come through. You can move up to the left for some lockers, and
even move to the opposite side, grabbing a box or two, but when you try to move
further up you'll trigger the stalkers. But before you do that, grab a spear
with you kinesis, such as the spear on the right wall in a cage, and get ready
for the stalker to jump on top of the container ahead. But there will be about
four more. I hide in the lower right corner, within range of the stasis. And
have the detonator, I set up two mines to the left in a narrow path between
containers and wall, and then straight ahead. I just kept setting mines and if
the stalkers somehow didn't touch a mine, I would kinesis them - just don't 
panic and freeze up yourself. Even after taking a hit, it was easier here to 
pop their legs as they ran away.

Once the music stops, loot the area, including the boxes on top of containers
and all the lockers. Hack the console in the corner and take the door. Item on
the ground and up ahead, and once through the next door it should look very 
familiar. Move up and all you have to worry about is a single leaper. Enter
the left doorway for an item, then hit the box down the path in the corner,
and then approach the lady. Then go right and pick up the schematic and a box
item, then take the elevator. 

Clear the two cysts, shop, and save. Sell your conductors and consider buying
the Seeker Rifle 11,000C, or even the Pulse Rifle 7,000C for kicks. I would 
highly recommend getting the Pulse Rifle, moving forward with the seeker,
pulse, cutter, and detonator; maybe swap the detonator with the line gun. Item 
to the left behind the rail, and a pregnant and puker should be incoming, and
when you move up there will be two more; move up the right side to avoid the 
mines. Don't miss the power node in the vent opening to the right. And as you
reach the opposite door, turn as two pukers should be inbound. Loot and grab
the box to the side, then enter the daycare.

Baby Boomers

*NOTE: These babies are called crawlers, but I call them babies and bombs, so

Left is a health pack, then go down the right hallway and view the new babies.
When you take the next door, be ready for a handful of them to pour of from 
the doorway and the hole in the wall. When you move to the doorway, more will
approach from the room. Enter and one more will drop from above as you head 
up, get the box, take the door, and take the next door. Text log and wall
boxes, then save. Head out and grab the item, then take the door. Three 
screamers inbound, then go under the bleachers but do pick up the spear that
is on the right as a super puker will drop down as you come out the other
side, so impale him and shoot to finish him off.

Smash the screamer bodies for loot and head to the backstage. If you have the
detonator, lay down a bunch of mines in the floor in front of the bleachers,
just not on the tables, and some on the steps to the stage; have all your
guns reloaded and ready. If really low on ammo, have that glowing canister in
the corner ready for easy use, possibly early in the fight, as it's just a 

Hack the console and the place will begin to empty as babies and screamers fill
in. Eventually a super slasher will appear, and he is top priority - I can
safely confirm that failure here will likely result in the super slasher not 
returning in a retry… And as the wall slides away, three more screamers and 
that's it. You can try to use the babies as makeshift bombs, but it's too
risky, just shoot everything and hope they die before you. I would use the 
canister in the corner on the slasher if low on ammo.

Loot the place and lockers before taking the door. Move up and enter the middle
room for a text log and schematic. Proceed and at the playground snag the 
power node from the rocket to the left before getting on the elevator. 


*NOTE: If you run low or run out of ammo for a gun, don't reload if you can 
help it.*

Tons of items and a save station. Head out to the transit hub for a chat, but
DO NOT sit around, start looting every inch of this place until you hear her
fighting some necros. That is when you return to the door you entered from as
you wait for the new brute to appear. They are a little tougher than the last
ones in that hitting their shoulders no longer disarms them, but that is the 
spot to aim for - preferably with your vertical cutter. Just strafe and when
he charges at you, dash to a side, but don't be fooled, he sometimes doesn't 
charge, so if he is in the same spot, continue to run until he has charged.
Then turn and fire at his shoulders. Stasis can be used to bail you out, but
it doesn't freeze him for long at all.

*NEW GAME+ ONLY: Elite Vintage Suit in this area.*

For some crazy reason, the detonator really ate him up, so if you have that it
will be of much use and you can just aim in front of his feet. If desperate,
there is a canister to the right of where you entered. Once dead, loot the
place, and take the only door. Smash the boxes and you can grab the two boxes
behind the gates by shooting them and grabbing the loot. Through the door you
will hit two mines that you must shoot, and then there is a guardian around
the corner. To kill, hit all six tentacles, but also hit the tentacles of the
eggs it spits out. If you can, avoid and maybe even smash the eggs, just kill
the guardian quickly. Grab the item, semiconductor it drops, loot the box, 
and take the elevator.

Chapter 07: Path of Light		( ch07 )

A leaper and torso puker will be incoming when you move around the center
thing, so be ready, and also there are some swarmers under the body by the 

You should be sitting on nearly 50,000C and about 4 power nodes. My advice is
to have the seeker, pulse, and detonator guns. I would also say get the third
damage node for the cutter by taking the middle path of its tree to get there,
and getting capacity upgrades for any empty guns. Feel free to buy a few nodes
too, maybe staying within 20-30k creds in your pocket.

Head out and past two doors to reach zero-G. Smash the box and use the debris
from the box to bust the red spot to get the chunk out of the way. You know
the first thing I did was get a load of the view out the window, then there are
a few scattered small items floating between here and the bottom, and then
items just above the ground including a schematic, and then get the power node
inside the pit. Then make your way back to the opening and through the doors,
kill the one leaper inbound, and get in the elevator.

Turn it on and enjoy the view for a bit. After a good while, necros that
resemble lickers will begin attacking from the windows, so try to stay in the 
middle but it's not safe there, you'll just have to try and get them quickly.
Use the cutter and aim for the yellow on their limbs; a few good shots will
dislodge them. There will be about 12 of them, and they do drop items, but 
just know that there is most likely a necro at your back.

/hack return

When you arrive there are two side areas with lockers, both with two mines and
you can use the canisters to kill the pairs; don't forget the schematic. There
is one more mine over the door. 

Inside you'll find a single mine in the room with the store. There is a text 
log in the bedroom and a power node among other items in the store room. Make
space in your bag and consider buying something small like pulse rounds. Save
and notice the door will not let you through. Go back to the bedroom and pick
up the body on the bed and hold it in front of the door to unlock. 

Down the corridor the system says it needs verbal access, so stand as far back
as you can and pull the cans you see at the end of the first right side 
corridor, and that will take out a laser grid or two, and use that can and the
other to take out the other grids, including the left ones. Down the left 
side is a power node on the wall. 

*NOTE: Bench is upcoming, so try to conserve ammo if you can buy some 
capacity upgrades.*

In the next room, kill the torso, smash the box to your left, and I would 
kinesis the items you see on the ground. When you move to the middle of the 
room, laser grids trap you as a leaper should bust in. You can let him take the
grid or kill him, but I'm pretty sure there are more enemies and if they touch
the grid you'll have to shoot a red lock above the window (stand by the 
right side window). Take out whatever may be left; I missed the lock on my
first try and on the second try there were just baby bombs that appeared.

In the small room grab all the items including a text log. Hack the terminal,
just be careful of the double red spots. When you come out there will be a 
leaper and then two slashers from the nearby panels, so I would post up left
of the door. When you get on the lift, a slasher should emerge behind you,
so I would just take the lift back down and kill him. Once the music stops 
you're all clear. Get on the bench and I say upgrade the pulse rifle to it's
first damage upgrade. 

*NOTE: Save a power node! Such as the one upcoming.*

Go to the walkway and move the plate out of the way, then pull down the bridge.
Careful as a grid will pop up. Look right and pull a toolbox and stand back to
use it to blow the grid. Around the left corner be careful as another grid
pops up, so use the toolbox again. Loot the items including a power node, and
kill the slasher that pops out of the panel when you move back. Break the box 
and save.

In the next corridor the life support will get turned off, and then a stalker
and torso will appear; just stasis the stalker. Loot them and there is a wall
box in the left corner. Go to the console up ahead and hack it to breathe 

*PENG TREASURE: It's worth going into the left room first and killing the 
slasher, then examine a panel on the wall near the vent you crawled through
to read of a pattern. The way to expose the power of the mainframe is to turn
the power cores green, but if you position them so that they turn blue you can
turn the rotating vent so that you crawl to a back room where you have the 
peng treasure and some other items including power nodes.*

Item or two in here and remove the panel. Just crawl through to the right room
first. Remove the first two panels and behind the third a few swarmers will
emerge. You need to take the four power modules from the first two panels and 
place them in the third panel so that they are all green. Do that, and I think
there is no consequence to placing one incorrectly, and then use the console
that rises up.

Return through the vent and press the button near the opening to switch the 
vent to the left room, then go through. Remove the panels and be careful if 
you come back or turn around as a super slasher will pop out of the wall vents.
Get all the power modules into the third panel and green, then use the console
to see a super slasher drop down behind the glass. Go back through the vent and
wait for the two ugly buggers to appear, use stasis if you must, and take the
two down. Now you have to bust all five of the energy nodes, but doing so will
drop in a few slashers from either side. So I advise you stand by the vent and 
pop all five with the pulse rifle, and handle the slashers. You could be really
smart and lay some mines down either side before you start.

Take the door and in this corridor you have three cysts and about five critters
called dividers parts, which compose a bigger necro of course, but for here you
just have some parts. They are hard to pop, especially when close, but just do
your best to hit them fast. Lots of items in here, including a wall box at the 
back of the left side, just watch for the mine at the other end and the mine
by the door. 

*NOTE: For lurkers that die and drop their loot to an inaccessible area, like
the ones upcoming, you'll have to kinesis their loot while it's in the air. 
Shouldn't take but two seconds.*

In the next area be ready for a super slasher, leaper, and three lurkers to 
jump you when you move up. So backpedal and let them come to you, and when you
move up to the other side a leaper should appear behind you. Feel free to use
the canister in the middle. Open the power node door for a schematic and text
log among others. Then save before hacking the console to open the door.

Space Man

Go to the control room and use the computer to get this show going. Go out and
you are in the vacuum of space. Look around first and notice that there is one
of the array beams pointing up. It's your job to get the other two pointing up
as well. Lots of oxygen stations all around the ring of the station, and even
more boxes of items (why someone left boxes in space is beyond me). For the 
sake of convenience, I will not describe all the boxes, and all I'll say about
the oxygen is to get it often - no reason to skip a station.

*NOTE: Oxygen stations are the things with big blue circles over them. And
don't forget your boost, which makes this entire segment much quicker and 

Let's start by going to the one array that is aligned, and from there go left
and you should see a monstrous necro construct attached to the ship. It will
start sprouting spears that will seek you out (only one shot, so they do not
turn around and come back). Just get in close to the mouth of the thing and
strafe as you start blasting the yellow bulbs on it to kill it. You should
expect a few hits from the spears, but not if you use your boost.

Get all the items and refill your oxygen before going to the top of the array
near the dead monster. Go up to the top (I would say avoid the front of the
beam) and get to the control panel and use it. To turn the array, just use 
your aiming (RS for PS3) and turn it to the opposite mirror on the middle

Go down and get more items between here and the other array, but before you
start to correct it, you may want to make sure you got all the other items,
like the ones around the one array that is fine. Come back, refill your air,
and go up to correct the second array, which requires you to turn it up as 
well. Then boost to the spire and get in.

Wait for the seat to open up and strap in. For this drop sequence you WILL 
want to avoid the debris. Hard to see, but you only have a limited area to 
wiggle around so you don't need a ton of time to react. After you dodge a few 
you'll have to go through a pipe, then another opening in a big piece, and 
then you'll see another cylinder that looks like a pipe but it's not. From 
there you're mostly clear and just aim for the opening.

Brutal Round 2

Lots of items, and if you need space just hit the store around the corner. If
you haven't used the seeker much, stash it and get the contact beam, and maybe
a power node or two for the road (depending on how much ammo you have to sell,
you can maybe buy a bunch of power nodes). Bring a fair amount of health, 
consider bringing a few stasis packs, save, and take the door. 

*NOTE: No time to smash corpses unless you bomb or shoot them, and you can try
to pick up items but it's not worth taking a hit.*

*NOTE: TRI for PS3 uses a stasis pack, I know I hadn't used any to this point,
but in hindsight they would have helped a ton here.*

Reload your guns, maybe lay down a few mines in the middle or sides, and just
get ready for a big fight where you have to stay alive for a minute or so as
screamers, leapers, pukers, and tough slashers descend. The only challenge
are the slashers who are very touch to bring down, so I would recommend kinesis
and the contact beam to handle them. You can mostly ignore the pukers so long
as you are mobile. Pulse rifle is a good choice for the screamers and leapers.
Just hold them off and wait for the door on the right side to open, then just
take it to get safe. Press the button to end the chapter.

Chapter 08: Crawling			( ch08 )

Grab the items and the audio log. At the store, please note that you have a 
40,000C suit upgrade upcoming. You may be low on health, but there is some
health ahead as well. Hopefully you have enough ammo and such tucked away to
get the suit, so I would suggest roughing it for a few rooms. Save and take the

Three items to your right, including a power node and med pack tucked under 
some debris by the wall. In the next room, be ready for four necros to be 
created and they will enter your room; the first should come from the entry
door and then the others from the other vents. I suggest killing the one from
the door first, then posting up at the door. You could even lay a mine or two
down beforehand. 

On the side is a power node door, so go in for a schematic and semiconductor. 
Since the store is just a room back, go and spend the 40,000C on the new 
suit; you lose the pulse rifle perk, but you gain space and armor, so it's a 
simple choice. Save.

Head back to the fight room and take the door. Don't miss the wall box, and
when you go around the corner be prepared for a pregnant in front and a slasher
behind you. Consider stasis on one, or take the pregnant head on and turn for
the other, it's your call. Grab the audio log in the corner and enter the next
room which has a power node to the left. Through the next door is a tiny room,
and then a small walkway to reach some familiar faces in the next room. Two
lockers and then save.

Schematic to the left, and go down the right side path, but either one will
work. When I took the right path, it wasn't until I reached the top corner 
that two slashers appeared from the opposite side and one from behind, so you
can lay some mines ahead of time or just play them straight up. You're safe 
from there, and you can use the bench. I say just upgrade the pulse rifle to 
it's bottom damage node. 

Thick Chop

In the next room, the goal is to attach one of these red canisters to the 
bottom of the panel you see blocking your path. One is floating in front of
the panel, but there is an endless supply from the platform near the start. 
Just grab one, carry it to the bottom of the panel, and stand back to shoot it.
Go through and grab the two items at the top of the next area. Move left to
have the machinery turn back on. 

*NOTE: I forget to mention it at times, but there are boxes in the areas 
upcoming. There are also plenty of stasis stations if you don't notice.*

The first set is easy. Orient to the ground (R2 on PS3) and take the low path,
but you could go up top, just take it slowly. Just be ready to dodge and kill
the lurker whose spikes can knock you backward. Kill it and then either take
the top or bottom of the next machine to kinesis and boost through. Two more
lurkers at the next machine. Now try to wait for a spinning blade to get
in the front of the column, freeze it, and zoom through (use another kinesis
when it's in front if you want to be safe).

Two more lurkers around the corner, and two boxes up top. Then take a booster
from below and attach it to the side of the panel above and shoot (pulse round
is best). Some items on the other side and you have a basic wave of fire in
three rings down this corridor. The problem is there is another one of those 
spear-shooting growths at the end. You can try to attack from behind the third
ring of fire, but you had better just dodge (boost) and get to the side of the 
monster so you can shoot it's three bulbs. Grab the semiconductor it drops,
then use a booster to open the door that leads to your way out of here. Med 
pack before you take the door.

In the next room, torso to your right, then grab the power node before entering
the next room for a scene. To the left is a box and schematic, and to the 
other side are lockers and a save. 

Chapter 09: Engineering Degree		( ch09 )

*NOTE: Consider making a second save now as I think you can kill your game
if you make a fatal error upcoming.*

Clear the path and go out. Before going left, I say set a mine up at the
intersection in the walkway as you go past it as a slasher will come from
behind, or further up a bit. And before you go to the end where the lift is, 
consider placing a few mines above the locked door; spread out a bit. The trap
is that once you reach the lift, the slasher will come from where you were,
and three leapers will crawl down the wall. The leapers are top priority, so
freeze them and kill before they swarm you, then get on the lift.

You can have the detonator ready as when you go around the corner a slasher 
will burst from the vent, just don't plant it close to you. Soon after you
can use the pulse rifle on some baby bombs, maybe a few straggles from up the
wall as well. Some boxes in a room to the left and then take the door ahead.
There is a puker and then two lurkers on the ceiling. Loot the place and 
grab the audio log. Hit up the store and I say just grab some pulse rounds. It
is up to you if you want the force gun, as it does do well against dividers. If
you do, swap the force gun with the detonator, especially if you haven't
gotten much use of it - though I do recommend using the detonator in areas
upcoming, so it's your call.

Through the door you will run into a whole divider. You can kinesis if you
like and charge a contact beam round and finish it off with a force blast. 
Take the elevator and the game plan here is simple. You're going to run up, 
hang a right, turn, and once you see the exploder just aim for the middle
glass and shoot to suck it and the super slasher out of the room, and be sure
to hit the red target as you won't have much time. Power node in the corner and
take the open door. 

Use the box in the corner here to detonate the mines down the first path, grab
the item, then clear the corner of debris to get an audio log and schematic.
Down the other path you have a guardian, and one mine should be all you need,
otherwise hit all the tentacles, or use one of the red canisters. Take the 
lift and be ready for a slasher immediately, then a pregnant to your direct
left, and an exploder. One solution is to contact blast the slasher, stasis or
avoid the pregnant, run out, and isolate the exploder, then handle the 

*NOTE: Consider bringing some stasis packs if you have not been keen to 
carrying them, for a part involving stalkers a bit further ahead.*

Enter the room for items and hit the bench. I would say get the second damage
node for the pulse rifle taking the middle path of its tree. Save and please
be sure to save as I'm more than confident there is a way to kill your game
here (I will try to avoid telling you how to kill your game, but still). The
puzzle here is to get the three matching parts in this room into the middle

Bottom gear - In the left machine. Pull the cover up.
Top gear - To the right on a shelf, with a divider part behind it.
Middle gear - In the right machine. You'll have to pull the cover up, and as 
it is going up (before it sparks) you can either grab the gear or stasis the
cover and then grab it.

Place all three in the middle machine and you're ready. But first, lay two 
mines on both sides; one mine in front of the doorways and another a bit inside
the room. This is because once you turn the transport on, two super slashers
will enter from the side doorways. Then just go out, get inside, push the 
button, and then open the door.


*NEW GAME+ ONLY: Elite Security Suit over the railing.*

Once you stop, lots of boxes and then save. Inside, go left for a power node
and head up, but watch for the two mines, and only one of which you need to 
clear. Pick up the audio log from the left wall, but watch out if you move up
any further as there are three stalkers in the area; I suggest sticking to the 
right side so you can see them better, that means kinesis grabbing the log. 

Throughout this area are many stasis canisters, and feel free to carry one with
you and use whenever you feel threatened. You start off with three stalkers,
one of which may be a torso, so you can set up mines if you want. Move up and
hug the left wall as more stalkers will pop up when you get near some boxes. 
Stasis the ones to your right, the ones that hop over the containers, and try
to blast anyone to the left using the exploder that appears in the corner;
feel free to use the stasis canisters as well. 

Head to the corner for items and then a box tucked away near the wall. When you
reach the next corner, be ready for an exploder to pop out of the second vent
opening and stalkers to jump over the containers. Just hit the bomber and
possibly lay some mines on the right side of the railing in anticipation of the
stalkers. If you can hear something lurking, then there is probably another 
stalker incoming (he was poking over the top of the container for me and looked
like a mine). 

Collect the items and proceed to see a guardian, and either use a mine or the
canister nearby to take it out. Boxes and go directly right of the elevator 
door to find items and a schematic in this dark corner. Then get on the
elevator. Lots of mines in the next hall, so pulse round shoot all but the last
one (don't miss the one on the ceiling too). Use the last one to kill the 
slasher that is hiding in the alcove.

*NOTE: I bought two power nodes, but it's optional if you like stasis.*

Buy a few pulse rounds or cutter ammo, and please bring some stasis packs. Save
and enter the next room. Get a good look at the object held by the tentacle.
To bust it you need to send about five red canisters directly at that thing in
order to overheat it. The first one is easy, as you have the supply of bombs
on the wall to use. Then take the lift. 

*NOTE: The pods have indicators to let you know how much damage is left.*

Down here is the second pod. First, open the boxes near the lift. Then note 
that there are two supplies of bombs on opposite ends of the shaft. You want to
start with the furthest one, launch, then quickly grab the one from near the 
pod and hit the thing again. By now a licker will have dropped in. The key here
is that there will be one at a time, and killing one drops another. So you do
want to kill the lickers, but can't ignore the pod because destroying that 
will allow you to move on. So the first priority is to launch canisters at the
pod while moving, and while the supplies fill up, stasis and hit the yellow of
the licker's legs. Try to coordinate killing the second licker and hitting the 
pod for the last time.

Once the pod is sabotaged, just run for the lift across from it (not the one 
you just used), and run for the transport. 

Move out, take the cart, and down the corridor you have two boxes. Take the 
lift up and welcome back to the Ishimura. 

Chapter 10: Deja Vu			( ch10 )

*NOTE: Triple and quadruple back-tracking, possibly more going on here.*

No trophy in the middle - rats! Two boxes near the door, and then a locker
inside. Grab the items and save. Clear the path of the left door and go to the
old bathroom for an audio log and item.

Come back and take the right door to use the computer, then take the door, grab
the item in a small room, and continue to the elevator. Few items in here 
and a bench. I got a capacity for the pulse rifle and used my two purchased
nodes on getting the extra duration for stasis, leaving me one.

In the hall, go left for an item and then right for the next room. Item by
the window, a locker, and then save. Head to the hallway and take a left to
find an audio log and item, then come back - isn't everyone just begging for
something to break the ice by now? Head down and past the door pick up the item
to the left. Couple of items down the long corridor, and then another box past
the door. 

Never mind about that icebreaker. Moving up you'll run into a brute. Stasis and
chew away at his shoulders. Without any sides, you'll need to burn stasis packs
so you can avoid being hit - the mines didn't seem to work this time, but
feel free. Moving up some more is another brute, so again with the stasis. 
After him will be about five or so slashers from ahead, including a super 
slasher. And further up is a pregnant, and don't miss the items on the sides.

Hallowed Grounds

You're clear to head to the end for a power node. Hack the console to take
the lift up. An item in the waiting area, a box near it, and two more by the
door. Head to the next room for a few items, a store, and save. Remember, this
is the place with the guy, and that thing happened to him - 'member?

At the store I say heal up, get some cutter and pulse ammo, and buy a node or
two if you can have 30k or so creds left - and you can always spend more if
you have a bunch of unused stuff, just keep in mind the last suit cost 40k,
and we've yet to put on the V-shaped one. 

Save and take the elevator down while you listen to the audio log. Lockers and 
a bench. I had 4 nodes and I spent 3 to get both energy upgrades for the stasis
module. Go through decom and get the lockers on the other side. 

The hallway of fun. You'll have a lurker to your right, but more importantly
you'll have necros to your left, so you can consider going left to buy time
until having to turn for the lurker. We're going left anyway, and there are 
pregnants, torsos, and slashers all in your way. Once you grab the power node,
you'll have to turn for more necros as you fight your way back to the door
you entered from. 

Going right is a different story. You'll move up and face a lurker or two, but
you have to watch your back as slashers, a pregnant, and super slasher will
be coming. At the corner is a lurker, and that is when the super slasher will
be inbound from behind soon after, aside from the two slashers in front of you.
I kinda lost count and order here, but I do know I had a slasher, then
pregnant, then super from behind at least.

Take the door at the end to save. Enter the centrifuge chamber. Three boxes up
above. What you need to do here is replace four parts to the central power
grid, thing. Start on the right side, the side where the controls are, and the
first piece is floating in front of the slot it goes in. Go right and that 
piece is under the walkway. The third to the right's piece is along the wall
behind you (I think), and the fourth piece is near a lift on the floor. Don't
miss the schematic on the ground.

*NOTE: I believe the stasis stations are there as part of the puzzle from
the first game, serving no purpose now. That's my guess.*

Before you activate the computer, be sure to grab the ammo nearby on the rail. 
Turn it on and go back. Get ready for the same ol' tentacle grab trick... Well
they at least recycle the decom room trick. No use setting up mines in here as
screamers will enter first, then a puker or two, and some supers. So pulse 
rounds for the screamers and either cutter or contact beam the bigger ones; 
don't forget your stasis. The fourth time I've been through this, and the
second time I've been attacked (or was it three?).

Feel free to hit up the bench again; like for the middle capacity upgrade
for the pulse rifle. Then you have a dormant super slasher in front of the 
elevator door. Take it back and you can hit the store again, possibly getting
the same stuff as before: med pack, 2 power nodes, cutter and pulse ammo.

Save and head back to the waiting station, where two super slashers attack,
followed by a normal slasher climbing up from the side. When you approach
the tram, be ready to clear the swarmers. Get in and use it. It wouldn't be
so funny if it were any less tragic…

Operation D'oh!

A few items in the waiting area, then enter the hall for a lurker, puker,
and super slasher. May to hit the lurker first, or send some mines down the 
hall. In the next room you got a stasis pack and power node. When you move
up a super will drop from the right wall, then an exploder, then a super,
and another exploder. I would suggest stasis on supers, possibly all, and
running away to get distance so you can assess the situation. You don't want to
get blown up, but can't let the supers run free. Refill your stasis and I say
lay some mines in front of those vents and covering you around the console,
then hack the console. 

After, turn around and be ready to engage a super puker, slasher, exploder,
and normal slasher. If you put up some mines you hopefully won't have too much
work to do, but go stasis crazy. Go through the door for lockers and save.

Head into the room and watch the screens. There is a box by the entry door
and when you try to pick up the box in the corner, be ready for a super slasher
to jump out of the vent - stasis. Grab the power node and get out. Pick up the
item and take the lift up. 

Move along and clear a path to reach a noisy room. Slide the path and on the 
other side a lurker climbs over the rail. Have your cutter ready and slide 
the path over to meet a super leaper up ahead. You MUST STASIS these things 
or you're gonna take a bunch of hits. Contact beam and stasis works well too. 
Take the lift down and be ready to two more along the wall to your left. 

Enter the room to the right for item and power node. Come out and pull the 
battery out of the wall, and I believe that dormant slasher is waiting on the
path. Once you try to cross over, you'll get a super slasher, leaper, and 
another slasher appear in front of you, so stasis ahoy. 

Open the power node door and there should be tons of health in here, and don't
miss the boxes on the left, one of which has two swarmers inside. Come out and
I had 5 power nodes, committing 4 to getting two duration increases for my
stasis. Stasis recharge in the next room, and an item in the corner of the 
long hallway. 

You should be at a familiar nexus point from the last game, which has items,
a locker, and a box. Hit the store and all I did was swap out the detonator 
for the line gun since I was running low on ammo for my better guns. Save
and head out.

Should be an item in the waiting area, then start gliding down the corridor.
Farther up should be a lurker, as well as some items, and past the higher 
vehicle will be some ammo and then if you turn around there is a power node.
Should be three more that gang up on you at the end, don't miss the items
below the platform, and then loot the wall boxes as you enter the next area.

The Escape, Again

Head up to the control room. Few things to note: super leaper is coming, 
swarmers inbound, I believe super stalkers in the area, and two super pukers
should be among the last to appear. Just keep the stasis handy, and it may be
worth it to set a mine at the swarmers. If you have mines, feel free to set
them at the corners of cover where the stalkers like to hide. The pukers will
always come from around the left side of the elevator shaft.

*NOTE: All of the side boxes in the area were locked for me, but you can
at least check them*

There is an audio log and bench in the left room, and I got the pulse rifle
within 1 node of it's last damage slot. Head out and to the back of the area,
grabbing some boxes (stomp to kill the swarmers inside one), and take the
steps to save. Take the lift down and in the captain's room there is at least
one open wall box. Activate the controls by holding down the button until
the countdown ends. After a bit, go out and get into an escape pod.

Chapter 11: Miner Complications		( ch11 )

Look to the opening and pull the audio log and some items from the air. Go 
down and collect the items, no reason to hit the bench, save, and take the 
door. Grab the item and then look left to pull items from the bodies, 
including the necro. 

Down the slope you have four super stalkers, and I believe two baby bombs. 
The first two stalkers appear when you begin heading down, and the next two
appear with the bombs when you're almost to the bottom. For the first pair, 
just back up to a corner and stasis/contact beam them. For the second pair it
may be best to run down to the lower right room where you have some spears and
you'll have distance from the bombs.

Items up and down, and in the left room. Take the door when ready and loot this
room. Hack the console and head through the door. Look right and shoot the wall
box and pull the power node to you. Turn the corner and hit a mine so you can
grab three items in the alcove. Head down to clear a mine on the ground,
then another around the corner on the wall, and one more at the end. There
is ammo on the floor and a power node. In the next hall you got one more mine
and you are free to shop and save (lol).

Somehow I had like no health and ammo a second ago, now I had like 10 med packs
and 2 stacks of each ammo - go figure. I just stashed some stuff and bought
a single power node in this time of great excess.

In the next room you'll see a lurker, but it should run away without causing
trouble. You can wait for it to return, but note that there is a super slasher
walking on a path a bit further up, and he's going right. If you move left and
up he will run after you, so be ready, and then be ready to take out the 
lurker. Follow the upper path to a corner with boxes, and then head for the 
other side where the broken lift is. Note all the red canisters, and pick up
the item, but look back to the walkway as a super puker should be incoming. 
If you want, you can dodge his spit and let him run in and use the red 
canisters, or just take him out however. 

Now backtrack to the beginning of the upper walkway and there should be another
puker near the entry door. When you head down the ramp you'll have an
exploder and puker in the upper right corner from a hole in the wall, and
behind you'll have a slasher and lurker. So try to nail the exploder to clear
your front, then run down and turn to handle the two behind you. When you try
to move right there should be another puker and more lurkers emerging from
that hole, as well as a few from the ramp. I say grab one of those stasis 
canisters to slow the puker, then either wait for the lurkers to come out
of the hole or handle them at your leisure. 

Two boxes under the lift, and three to the far right which also has a stasis
refill. Now go back to the corner, the area under the lift, and open the box 
near the hole to reveal a battery. Pull it out and take it to the other corner
and replace the old battery. 

Get ready for a super puker, then bombs and an exploder to appear. If you go
up the ramp you'll have a slasher at the top and then a puker from behind,
and when you approach the door two more slashers will come from the walkway.
However, I'm not sure if these same things happen if you take the lift, but I
assume it doesn't matter. 

Moment of Calm

Save and move up for a scene and to get dragged out into space. First thing,
go forward and kill the growth. Now you have a lot of items here to grab:
power node up high to the left, med pack middle left, ammo lower right, box at
the bottom, box to the right, and a schematic on the left side of the long 
tunnel in the middle. Just know that you have oxygen stations at the blue

*NOTE: Directions assume that you're looking out into space, which is another
great view fyi.*

Now go to the upper left area to see a floating pod. In it are more of those
booster packs. Take one and fly it up to the device that is sending a red
beam to the middle tunnel, then attach it and shoot to remove the beam. Do 
this again for the other beam. Now you can go into the tunnel, where there is
an item and mines. Grab some air and through the door are more mines, then
you're safe again.

Lots of items in here and save. Take the lift and a slasher will be inbound,
and there will be two lurkers in the area who you can handle as you like. Move
up the path and when you see two boxes, grab them with kinesis as they are 
under a spawning point and they can get lost. As you approach that corner in
the walkway a puker will appear, then when you go around be ready for a
slasher in front and behind. Then look left to grab a power node. When you move
up again you'll have another pair from the front and behind, and there may
have been one more pair, so be ready just in case. Don't miss the boxes of 

Head for the door and go in. To the right is a power node door, so you should
be able to get in thanks to the node in the last room. You'll find items and
a schematic for the last suit. Then use either the box or the bodies to blow
the mines off the door. In here there are three mines, one to the right up
above and two on the ceiling down the way, as well as boxes. Hack the console
and you'll be interrupted. Items inside and through the next door you're back
at the old spot, so take the lift down and feel free to run to the door.

Be ready for a slasher to climb up in front of you, then you can call the lift
down and go over to pull the items from the other side, including an audio log
and power node. Of course this lift is going to be overrun with enemies. The 
best thing you could do is to post up in a corner and hopefully just take out
the regular slashers with ease. After a while there will be a few super
slashers dropped into the mix, so use stasis on them if you want to live. And
remember that unless you see the body drop an item, it's probably not dead, so
I would suggest not moving to collect items unless desperate.

*NOTE: I don't think you'll need to heal once the fight is over.*

*NEW GAME+ ONLY: Elite Advanced Suit behind elevator at the top.*

At the top, start using limbs to ensure the bodies are dead before collecting
all the items. Take the door and now you can get the best suit. With the 
Vintage Suit, the new suit will only cost 36,000C, or 40k as the normal price.
After that, I spent all but 10k on power nodes and some ammo.

I had a total of 8 power nodes, and with that I spent 7 to get my second HP
upgrade for the RIG, and then I spent 1 to get the last damage upgrade for the
pulse rifle. If you are not quite to this point, hopefully you can sell some 
excess ammo to get close, but you really do want to upgrade your HP first. And
feel free to spend all your power nodes, and there is even one in the next
room. Remember to save your game too.

Chapter 12: Gone Drillin'		( ch12 )

Boxes and if you move up you can pull some ammo, and you can even pull a power
node from around the right corner. Down the path and to the left is a box in a
corner below, and then move up for a scene. More boxes nearby and take the ramp
up to find a box and a diamond semiconductor on a rock, and then one more box
further up the path. Come back down to the floor and look behind the drill to
see a bunch of mines. Kill the two on the right to make a path and get the 
battery out of the box. Bring it to the side of the drill and insert it.

Now go back up the path and take the gondola to the other side. Two slashers
will climb up, grab the items, then remove the panel to grab the circuit 
breaker. Ride back over and kill the puker. Stick the circuit back into
the drill and then you can hack the console on the side. Then back up.

Get ready for screamers to emerge from the hole to the left and from somewhere
up the ramp, but please don't stand next to the drill as she turns it. Once the
drill is turned, just get on the lift to start the ride.

The Ride

Soon you'll get two pukers on your left and a slasher to the right. When you
reach a cavern, pull the three items from the right and maybe grab the red
canisters to use on the lurkers up ahead. The lurkers will also be on the right
and far too many to kill and not be hit, so the red canisters will help, and a 
slasher should drop in at the same time. 

pukers and slashers can drop in at any time, so be ready. About when you hear
a chat and you say "good times!" that is when you'll have lurkers to the left
and slashers will constantly be climbing one. Keep looking left and you'll see
a red canister and items you can grab, and of course use the canister on the 
lurkers. Then it's all clear.

Chapter 13: Dead Fortress		( ch13 )

*NOTE: Most enemies are supers at this point, fyi.*

Grab the item on the left and save. Head down the hall to find a bunch of wall
boxes and a power node on the right side in a corner. Follow it to the end and
then turn around to head back to the open door. Head through for a scene, 
then continue to hit a store and save. I just bought a couple of power nodes
and some ammo, and brought 3 med packs. Then take the elevator.

Come out to see an exploder and puker run to the door, but feel free to kill
them. Now be ready for super lurkers and maybe another necro or two to drop 
into the area from behind the drill. The super lurkers take quite a bit more
to kill and hit much harder than the regulars. When things are clear, go to the
left of the drill to find a power node. Now go to the big door and hack the 
console to the left in the corner and go through (when nothing is in the area
of course). 

Head down and when you're spotted, quickly run right and through the door. Grab
the power node and head for the closet for more items. Crawl through the vent 
and go up the stairs for a wall box. Some items in here and then save.

Who Left the Door Open?

Remove the battery to let in the horde of necros below. Head back down and if
you wait a bit, an infector and slasher should drop in from a vent above the 
steps. Going out the door should be a slasher to the left and then a puker 
to the right, along with a few swarmers, and then an exploder from deeper down
the path. Head through the door where you have a bunch of items and some wall
boxes, and a necro body to smash. Enter the door and keep going to hit a save
point. I believe either door you take will have a slasher drop down, but be
sure to grab the creds down the right side (kinesis of course).

In the next room be ready for a big fight, but try to hunt down the infector
and take it out; it should go to the middle. Then you can either post up in a
corner or try to stay in the middle as enemies drop from both sides. I posted
up in the left corner and two super slashers dropped in, while from the right
side only normal slashers dropped. You gotta watch for the pukers and 
exploders. There are items all over, including a box in the middle and some 
items in the middle.

In the next room is a bunch of lockers. The power node door here didn't offer
me much, just some items and a bronze semiconductor, so it may be one to skip.
And it was either when I emerged or once I got on the bench that the divider
dropped - best way to kill is to stasis and contact beam. I had 6 power nodes,
and I got the last HP upgrade for the suit and got the line gun a damage node.

In the next room be ready for stalkers when you move up. So walk up the room to
trigger them to appear from above, then back up to the wall so that you can see
the other side of the room, and just wait for them to take their shot at you.
Doing this, the only thing you have to worry about is when the puker jumps
out of the wall panel behind you. Other than that, just stasis away and you
even have a stasis can to the right. But careful if you go too far right as 
there is a puker waiting over there too.

After the music dies, again, watch out for the puker to the right side, and
go about collecting the many items, including a power node on the right wall
and an audio log on the left side. Then come back to the start, look down the
middle of the room, look up, and grab the battery. Replace the one by the door
and go through. Hit the mine in the corner for the wall box and save.

Head down and go straight left and hide as deep into the corner as possible. 
If you have mines (line gun too) you can drop some of those just outside the 
doorway as bombs and torsos will be inbound. The hardest part is hitting the 
ones that come from the left, so what you could do is retreat back to the 
right and let them come to you. Loot what you can and be ready to follow a beam
as it goes in front of you and hide in the first alcove, where a slasher will
be waiting and then two torsos will come from behind. The best thing to do is
have a stasis ready for when you get into the doorway. Grab the wall box and
the power node.

When you head for the third doorway, be ready for torsos from the middle and a
slasher in the safe part, so post up in the corner. Grab the items and take the
lift up. Items at the end and deactivate the controls. Pull the arm down to
make a bridge and do so again on the other side. If you go left, be ready
for two slashers as you come back, so consider just pulling that box over to 
you. Take the door and head down.

A Test of Skill

Few items in here and bodies to loot, then save. Now begins a slow descent 
through some very nasty fights. Babies are in the area to start, and if you
notice there are a bunch of slashers down below, and no, they are not stuck
there. You can quickly try to loot what you can, but get ready for huge 
incoming. The safest spot may be the entry door, but there isn't much safe
about it as there are enemies all over.

These have possibly appeared before, but there are a lot of necros here that 
look like slashers but they spit, so they are called spitters. So just because
they are far away means nothing, and of course there are the more deadly super
pukers mixed in with the slashers as well. It makes this whole encounter a test
of skill, mainly with the use of stasis and quick kills. So beyond that there
isn't a lot I can say other than good luck and don't forget to loot the bodies.
Wall boxes as you head for the exit door. 

Items down this hall and two necros at the bottom. In the next level you have
another big fight, but not as bad as the last one; just stay by the entry door
and it's not that bad. Items to loot and more down the next hall.

On the ground floor you got some boxes to loot and an audio log. But careful if
you approach the door as a brute will drop from behind you. So use the stasis
canister, freeze him, juke him to the side, and unload your pulse rifle into
him and hopefully you'll get the "Brute Juke" achievement/trophy if you 
hadn't already. Hack the console and go through.

*NOTE: Consider bringing a stack or three of stasis packs. If you haven't 
been fond of the contact beam, consider bringing the detonator.*

Enter the inner chamber and in the room you can grab a text log and audio log
in the desk area. Hit the store and I just went crazy and bought 8 power nodes
for a total of 9. Then I spent 8 getting the line gun two damage upgrades on
the top of its tree and the reload node on the bottom, skipping the bottom
corner capacity node. Take the elevator and then get the wall box and enter 
the room to pick up more items, and when ready get in the machine. You have to
steady the needle down and stop just above the pupil, wait for your eye to 
to calm when the pupil is near the middle, and jam it in there!

Chapter 14: Run				( ch14 )

Look to the left as a new necromorph will appear, called the ubermorph. These
are like the regenerators in the first game as you cannot kill them. What you
want to do is get him on the left side of the room, near the wall panel, and
then take out his legs, possibly more, and stasis him before, during, and/or
after you jump on the console by the door to hack it. 

Lots of items in this hallway including an audio log and power node, and don't
forget to save. Head through a few doors to hit the next room where a super
puker awaits. Items in the right corner, a power node behind the middle
column, and an audio log near the computer by the window. Now be careful when
moving toward the door as the ubermorph will drop right in front of it and 
supers will drop in nearby as well. What you want to do is run to the start of
the room and from here hopefully take out the 3 other necros, then let the 
uber get close and fully dismember him near the entry door, freeze him, and
then go to the computer and pick up the body. Take this body to the door, let
it scan, and run through.

Um, no this is not a great time to save - the monster will jump through the 
vent near the save station! So just run down the ramp and head past a door and
ignore the puker, just run to the end and grab the power node by the locked
door, then turn and take the side path. Three super slashers in here, but you
can't run past them, you need to do what you can to kill them now, so consider
some well-placed contact beams along with stasis. But do that quickly as you
want to call the elevator at the end, and it takes time to open. Hopefully 
you had good enough distance between yourself and the uber, otherwise you may
need to stall him one more time, but keep an eye on the elevator door and run
in when open.

Yes, the uber is still hot on your trail, and in the next room are some
infectors making enemies. You have a couple of options here, neither of them
great. You can skip the few boxes in this first room and try to make a run for
the second room, or you can post up by the windows of the first room and from
there handle the infectors and slashers when they enter while holding off the
uber. You can lay some mines if you can to help a little. To get in the second
room, pull the panel off the wall and break the fuse. The only item of note in
here is the diamond semiconductor along the window, then get through the door.

Turn off the gravity and jump up. Turn on the booster and get through the two
pistons, then you have some fire walls to get through, but be very cautious
of the "nest" shooting spears at you far in the back. You want to time your 
movements after you see fire go away, but do try to hurry so you can get in
range and kill the thing. You'll have to strafe so it doesn't knock you back
into a fire stream. Grab the semiconductor above it, restore gravity, and 
head through the door.

To the right is a power node door that has two power nodes and a semiconductor
inside, and further down the path is another power node to the left on the
wall. Then head for a safe room. 

I spent all I had and had 10 power nodes. I spent these on some contact beam
upgrades and that capacity for the line gun, but if you are lacking the RIG
HP upgrades, get those.

I pulled out all my health, using my small packs to heal me immediately and
had four medium packs and one large in bag. I bought about 24 cutter rounds
and 6 stacks of pulse ammo. I also brought two stacks of line ammo and two
stacks of contact ammo. Save and head out.

Chapter 15: De-Convergence		( ch15 )

When you step out be ready for two super leapers from both sides. Then go right
for some lockers and run back left. But you may want to take note of the 
puker up high and you may want to kill him before taking the corner, because
when you turn the corner the ubermorph will be waiting. Just like last chapter,
at least take out his legs and freeze him, then move on into the room. 

*NOTE: I don't mention the lurkers because, as you may have guessed, we are 
going to ignore them during this.*

I believe this room is safe, aside from the two slashers. Grab the wall boxes
and careful as you approach the door as the uber will drop in as you exit. But
more important are the super leaper and puker waiting for you. If you can
stasis both and run around, good, if not, use the little bit of time before the
uber returns to take them out or at least disable the pucker but you'll have to
kill the leaper. 

In the next room you are still followed by the uber, so quickly handle the
slashers that enter and the pukers. Once clear or soon after the uber will 
appear, so freeze, take out his legs, and loot the lockers and items in the 
area. Freeze him again and move the stuff out of your path and go out the door.

You got a leaper and slasher inbound, as well as a lurker, but try to just run
to the end, open the door, turn, stasis the two big guys, and run inside the
door. Grab the text log and take the lift. Go ahead and save up top.

*NOTE: I hear you can kill the uber, but taking the right side door after the
second fuse break, and then you knock him back into a fan in the dead end area
with the force gun or something, but there is no incentive to do this as I 
can tell.*

When you go through this door, the uber will drop in. De-leg him, stasis, and
run up to break a fuse. Take the doorway and run right to break another fuse;
remember to keep the uber at bay. And take the left door, as the right door 
will lead to a dead end. Cross over the bridge and be ready to mash some series
buttons as you can't casually press X or A or whatever it is, you have to go
rapid fire (I know because I went pretty slow for the rest of the game and 
didn't fail, but this time I did and it was kinda cool to see the death). Do
it twice, then you'll need to aim and shoot.

Dead Memories

The final boss fight is much easier in comparison to the uber. Throughout the 
fight you'll get an endless swarm of dark things at your feet, and they will
kill you. If you made it to this fight with four medium or greater med packs 
then you probably have nothing to worry about. But to reduce damage the key
would be to blow your stasis and just freeze large chunks of them, but killing
the dark things will do you little good. 

You need to damage Nicole, that is your top priority. Do enough damage to her
and she will vanish, allowing you to shoot at the red, exposed heart of the 

Do not let Nicole touch you, but she is pretty easy to avoid. So the best
advice is to use the pulse rifle or cutter to handle Nicole, possibly hitting
a dark guy or two in the process, then swap to the contact beam and nail the 
heart when it's exposed. And that will be it - much easier than last game's

There is one more thing to do after. You have your booster (L2 on the PS3) so
use that to catch up and steer clear of any debris as best as you can tell. 
And when close mash the button to board. Also, may not need to, but just to be
safe may as well press a button when asked to close the hatch.

The End

And that's it. Wait for after the credits to save your completed game file in 
a new slot. You can load that save to start a new game with your gear and can
access a new suit, but I don't believe your credits transfer over, unless I was
just broke.

You also unlock hard core mode which gives you little help in items and limits
you to three saves. Obviously it's for those who have little time to do 
something else.

I believe you can start a New Game+ and choose Zealot difficulty for that 
achievement, which would be the only way you would be challenged with your
same gear. But you cannot start a new game+ on hardcore, you have to start

Playing a round 2 on Zealot is about the same relative difficulty as starting
a normal fresh game for the first time, but easier if you have something fully
upgraded like the pulse rifle. I believe items are in the exact same places
and drop, but only in lesser amounts, like instead of 25 pulse rounds you only
get 12 (as opposed to 12 and half a bullet).

* 5. Enemies ( BADS555 )                                                      *

*Aim for the limbs, duh.

*The ones that can grab you and then you see a button on your back as you try
to fend them off, just tap that button as fast as you can for a kill animation.

*Use spears or their own limbs to ensure a kill and also reveal loot.

*Hit corpses to drop loot, and some enemies drop it anyway.


Slasher - The basic enemy type. Shoot a leg off, then take out an arm while
	it's on the ground and it's dead. Just use the horizontal cutter angle
	and aim at the feet.

Torso Variants - Most necromorphs can appear as or degrade into torsos, which
	are just their upper bodies.

"Dead" Variants - If you ever see a corpse on the ground, find something and 
	shoot it with kinesis. Some necros are either playing dead to start or
	play dead after you damage them.

Leaper - Just a torso, and they leap around. Not that many in the game, and
	all you can do is aim low to hit them. 

Lurker - Aim for the two of the three tentacles they shoot with. They don't do
	much damage on their own.

Exploder - Suiciders with a big, yellow bomb at their side. Shoot that bomb,
	duh. If you kill the morph alone, you can use the bomb with kinesis
	or like a cannister.

Infector - Fast and very hard to fight. Just lay into them with whatever you
	got and don't let them jump on you. If dead bodies are around, you
	have only seconds before these guys turn them into super slashers.

Pregnant - DO NOT SHOOT THE BELLY! You do and you'll also fight a ton of 
	swarmers. Just aim high at the shoulders and these things die without
	too much grief.

Swarmer - These are chunks of flesh rolling around the ground. If there are
	only a few, let them get on you and shake them off, but in bigger 
	numbers you can shoot some of them, or use an area of effect gun.

Brute - Only a handful in the game, so they are like mini boss fights, but not
	really. You need about three stasis blasts, then either run behind 
	them and aim for the yellow parts of their back, or just aim your 
	vertical cutter blades into their shoulders. You could also just shoot
	line racks into their shoulders and a few mines, that did work for me
	once. Remember, they die when an item falls out of them, or you'll 
	fire ammo at a dead body.

Divider - Just a few of these, maybe a few more of their parts. These are tall,
	loud things that rush you and scare the crap out of you. All you can
	do is aim at their long legs, then use force blasts on their parts.
	The parts of hands or the head that crawl around and can jump on you
	if you don't take them out. Again, one force blast and they are all

Guardian - These things are attached to walls and shoot out bady eggs. The 
	eggs shoot at you from a tentacle, just like a lurker, but only one. 
	Your best bet with the guardian is to shoot a cannister at it, or just
	aim for its four tentacles attached to the wall. DO NOT get close or
	you will be dead. You should ignore the egg fire unless you are just 
	sickened by the thought of taking a slight bit of damage.

	*New to Dead Space 2*

The Pack - Or as I like to call them, Screamers. They take one shot to kill
	and attack in large numbers, so the pulse rifle and stasis help avoid

Cyst - Or as I like to mistakenly call them, Mines. They discharge their bomb
	when about 5 feet away, but seem to only hurt at 4 feet, or something
	like that. You can grab the bomb before it explodes and use it to take
	it out, or send anything, even have a living necromorph go over it,
	and it will blow up.

Puker - They are slow and shoot a projectile at you, and I believe even if they
	lose their head. They can take quite a beating. You can grab their

Spitter - They are a mix of a puker and a slasher. I think there were forms of
	these in the first game.

Crawler - Baby bombs, with a single point of hp.

Stalker - More like mini-bosses, they attack in a pack of about five in each
	encounter, which is only a few in the game. The detonator is your
	friend for killing these things, with stasis being your emergency
	button. Take out their legs and they are pretty much harmless, or they
	turn into torsos.

Nest - Only three or so in the game. They are big growths encountered in some
	of the zero-G segments. They have 2-3 bulbs that are their weak points,
	and they can shoot "heat-seeking" spears at you. Just strafe and get
	in close.

	*Not in Dead Space 2*

Tentacles, Twitchers, Wheezers


Supers are fast, darker versions of their normal counterparts. They are just
tougher to compensate for your increased weapon power. None of them last long
against some fully upgraded pulse rounds.

Super Slasher - Fought mainly in the second half of the game, they are deadly
	when close, requiring stasis when you first see them, but once your
	guns and skills increase you can handle them with normal fire.

Super Lurker - Hardly any change from the normal form, mainly that you'll have 
	to pump more ammo into each tentacle.

Super Leaper - A much faster enemy. You'll either need some big hits or need
	to use stasis to not take damage.

Super Puker - They spit a lot faster and run in close, and upon losing their
	legs they are just as potent. You can grab their spit.

Super Stalkers - Hardly any different from the normal versions, and I could be
	wrong of their existence as stalkers are a rare enemy.


Not many real bosses in this game.

Tripod - Or as I like to mistakenly call them, Lickers. You fight one early
	and then get dragged by another, and then have to fight two more packs
	of these things. Just stasis and aim for their legs to kill.

The Tormentor - Not a true boss, just a button press sequence. Aim for the
	yellow, and when out in space aim for the canisters.

Ubermorph - You run into him after you poke your eye out. From then on he will
	follow you until the end. To slow him down, just take his legs out and
	stasis him, and feel free to stasis him as you run away. You can kill
	him, but no reason to.

The Marker - Just shoot "her", ignore or stasis "them", and then shoot "it" 
	with your strongest gun.

* 6. Shop Items ( GUNS666 )                                                   *


Small Med Pack - 2,000C; a very small amount late in the game

Medium Med Pack - 5,000C; a much more fair amount late

	Schematic: Found in chapter 5 at the top of the zero-G chamber.

Large Med Pack - 10,000C; should fill you up

	Schematic: Found at the end of chapter 8, in the room where you meet

Stasis Pack - 2,500C; should NEVER need to buy these unless you totally abuse
	stasis throughout

	Schematic: Found at the train station, on the ground of the tunnel the 
	burning train went through.

Power Node - 10,000C; these are good for opening about six doors in the game,
	but mainly to upgrade weapons; you should be able to buy a good amount
	of these during a game

	Schematic: Behind a power node door in chapter 2.

There are many other RIGs to come in DLC, but I won't cover those.

	Normal Suits
Engineering - 1,000C; found near the first store in chapter 1.

Security - 20,000C; found before you crawl through a vent in chapter 4.

Vintage - 40,000C; found in a room behind a power node lock in chapter 8.

Advanced - 40,000C; found in a room behind a power node lock in chapter 11.

	New Game+ Only
Elite Engineering - 11,000C; found in chapter 1 at the first store.

Elite Vintage - 50,000C; found in the area where you fight the brute at the end
of chapter 6.

Elite Security - 30,000C; over the rail when the tram stops in chapter 9.

Elite Advanced - 50,000C; found behind the lift at the top and after the big
fight in chapter 11.

Riot - 0C; beat the game and this is available in any store, not just a new

Zealot - 0C; if you bought the collector's edition.

Hacker - 0C; if you have a Dead Space: Ignition complete save on your storage

Arctic Security - 0C; beat the game on Zealot difficulty and load a new game+

Solder - 0C; beat the game on hardcore mode.


I believe if you miss any schematics, you'll get the items available at some 
later point. 

	Plasma Cutter
Cost: free
Ammo(6): 1,200C
Available: Chapter 1

Description: This is your standard weapon, and as is usually the case, it's
the most effective when mastered and upgraded. The ammo is cheap, and you may
need to buy it late.

Alternate Fire: changes cutting angle 90 degrees

Upgrade Tree:
Special - added fire damage
D - Damage
C - Capacity
R - Reload speed
S - Speed while holding cutter

	          |     |
	    D--C--o     C--SPEC
	       |        |
	    |  |  |  |  |
	    R--S  |  o--C
	    |  |  |  |

Suggestion: You can either run the bottom to get the capacities and sneak up
on the special, or you can go down the middle to maximize damage. I found the
speed and reload nodes for this gun unnecessary.

	Line Gun
Cost: 9,000C
Ammo(2): 2,000C
Available: Chapter 2

Ammo Schematic: Found in chapter 5, after you fall it's behind some junk in
the wall of a room.

Description: This gun is like the cutter in that it fires a wide slash, but
only horizontally. This gun is far more powerful than the cutter, but it's
capacity is less and it fires much slower. It's best used for lurkers and 
taking out the legs of slashers. The alt fire is slow as well. Fully upgraded
it's very potent.

Alternate Fire: a powerful timed mine

Upgrade Tree:
D - Damage
R - Reload speed
A - Mine power
W - Width of cut
T - Shortens timer on mine

	 |     |     |
	>D-----o     A
	 |           |
	 o        C--W--o--D--T
	 |           |
	>C-----A     C  A  o--A
	 |     |     |  |  |

Suggestion: You want the reload upgrades, so you'll be attacking this tree 
from both ends

	Javelin Gun
Cost: 11,000C
Ammo(2): 400C
Available: Chapter 2

Ammo Schematic: Found at the end of chapter 3, in the waiting area outside
the church of Unitology where you have a big fight.

Description: This gun is exactly what it sounds like, which is exactly what you
have for free with your telekinesis power and something sharp nearby. You can
spend another ammo to ignite the last launched spear with electricity. This
alt fire is the key to this weapon's usefulness, as it can be a more deliberate
mine if upgraded.

Alternate Fire: charge the last launched spear

Upgrade Tree: 
A - Alt damage
S - Speed while carrying
D - Damage
C - Capacity
R - Reload time
Sp - Causes the alt fire to explode

	          D     A
	          |     |
	                |  |
	       C    Sp  S  |
	       |     |     |
	    C  |  D  o--A--o
	    |  |  |        |
	>D--R--o--R--C--o  |
	                |  |

Suggestion: My least favorite gun, but it looks like the lower path of this 
tree packs more punch.

	Pulse Rifle
Cost: 7,000C
Ammo(25): 1,250C
Available: Chapter 3, found in the room the train breaks into

Ammo Schematic: found just after you meet Ellie in chapter 6, if you go around
the corner.

Description: This gun took a big boost from the last game. It's not necessary
for the early part of the game, but the back half almost requires this gun,
as it and the cutter will be primary guns when the other is out of ammo.

Alternate fire: grenade shot at the cost of 25 rounds

Upgrade Tree: 
D - Damage
C - Capacity
R - Reload speed
A - Alt damage

	     |        |  |  |
	 >C--o--R-----C  |  C--D
	     |  |        |  |

Suggestion: I didn't even attempt the alt nodes, so the best choice is to take
the middle path and dip down from there to reach the lower nodes.

Cost: 11,000C
Ammo(25): 1,000
Available: near the end of the school in chapter 6, found in the middle room 
before you leave.

Ammo Schematic: Found in chapter 9, when approaching the lift that takes you
up to the puzzle room, there are traps covering a path, and the schematic is 
beyond in a corner.

Description: It's like an air conditioner set to really hot and focused on
the enemy. I only used it like three times and put it away. Also, doesn't work
in space.

Alternate fire: exploding ball of fire

Upgrade Tree:
D - Damage
C - Capacity
R - Reload speed
R - Duration
A - Alt fire damage

	    R--o     R--o  o  o--C
	    |  |     |  |  |  |  |
	>C--o  C--U--o  R--o--C  D
	    |  |     |  |     |  |
	    o--D     C--o     U--o

Suggestion: Obviously, unless you like the alt fire, you'll start on the lower
path. But from there you have several forks in the road and all of the nodes
are worth getting for this gun.

Cost: 8,000C
Ammo(4): 1,800C
Available: Chapter 5, in the room where you mess with the gravity, this is at
the back of the lowest room with the spinning core.

Ammo Schematic: found at the bottom of the zero-G elevator shaft in chapter 7.

Description: This gun fires a blade in front of you that spins at a length,
almost like extended on a pole. Horrible when up close, but decent if you can
see the enemy coming. It lasts a short period.

Alternate fire: fires a blade forward, not wise with a small clip

Upgrade Tree: 
D - Damage
C - Capacity
R - Reload speed
U - Duration
A - Alt fire damage

	       |        |
	       |     |  |
	>D--o--o--C  |  o--C
	       |     |  |

Suggestion: You don't need to extend from both the cap and damage starters,
and you don't have to connect the lower starters to the alt path up top, OR you
can even skip all the alt nodes. Basically, there are a lot of options to 
save you from wasting too many nodes.

Cost: 8,000C
Ammo(3): 1,200C 
Available: At the end of chapter 5 where you save in an office.

Ammo Schematic: Found in chapter 8 in the corner of the loud room after you
speak to Ellie through a glass window.

Description: Place a proximity mine on a surface which detonates only when
something crosses over the laser beam above it. Effective at points when you
know something will be approaching, or against stalkers.

Alternate fire: Simply disarms the last mine, and with kinesis you can easily
retrieved it.

Upgrade Tree: 
R - Reload speed
C - Capacity
D - Damage
S - Special, increases radius of the blast

	>R     o-----o--D
	 |     |        |
	 o--o--D  R     o--D
	 |     |  |     |  |
	>C     o--o--C  C  S

Suggestion: Neither the reload or capacity upgrades are needed unless you are 
playing without this guide and intend to mistakenly use this thing as an 
offensive weapon or use it all the time out of paranoia. So just go for the 
damage and get the special node fast.

	Seeker Rifle
Cost: 11,000C
Ammo(5): 1,000C
Available: Early in chapter 6, you'll find this on a balcony.

Ammo Schematic: Found in chapter 9, after you kill a guardian, take the dark
path along the wall before the door to find this in a corner.

Description: A pseudo "sniper rifle" as the zoom doesn't really zoom you in,
just blows up the screen a bit. It's very powerful, but useless at close range,
which is most of this game.

Alternate Fire: Zoom in.

Upgrade Tree:
D - Damage
R - Reload time
C - Capacity
A - Alt fire when zoomed in

	    |           |
	>o--A     C--o  A
	          |  |  |
	    D-----o--o  o--A
	    |        |
	>R--o--C     D--o--C

Suggestion: Difficult tree to navigate. The best way to use this is to get the
alt fire, but you can get a lot of the other nodes with the nodes it takes to
max the zoom mode. Just get all the normal damage nodes.

	Contact Beam
Cost: 9,000C
Ammo(1): 2,000C
Available: Found in chapter 7 behind a power node door.

Ammo Schematic: Outside the tunnel in zero-G in chapter 11.

Description: Hold and then release the trigger to shoot a powerful beam at the
enemy. It's extremely powerful, but the delay needed to fire detracts, not to
mention it holds very little ammo early and upgrades take more effort than
the other guns. Still, this gun un-changed is a powerful weapon. And no need to
aim for limbs with this baby.

Alternate fire: Pound the ground, great for crawlers or when surrounded.

Upgrade Tree:
R - Reload time
C - Capacity
H - Charge time
S - Adds a stasis effect to your blasts

	         >A--o--A  A--S
	          |     |  |
	    o--R  o  C  A--o  R
	    |     |  |        |
	       |        |  |  |
	    H--o        o--H  C
	       |        |

Suggestion: Charge time is the key to this tree, with alt fire being good only
when you plan to get swarmed a lot. But clearly this tree requires a ton to 
max out. You can only avoid the two, lower empty nodes.

	Force Gun
Cost: 11,000C
Ammo(3): 900C
Available: After the lift ride in chapter 7, this is in a locker at the top.

Ammo Schematic: Found on the ground of the generator puzzle room in chapter

Description: It's extremely weak to start, especially if you use it like the
cutter, but this gun could very well replace the cutter as the default gun.
The blast is not as concentrated as a shotgun spray, but it does knock over
anything in front of it. Get close to an enemy's body and these shots will tear
them to pieces. Great against smaller enemies too.

Alternate fire: Concentrated beam, like the contact beam, and possibly better
than the normal fire.

Upgrade Tree: 
D - Damage
C - Capacity
R - Reload time
S - Speed while carrying
A - Alt fire power

	    |     |
	    A     A
	    |     |
	>D--R--o--R--o--D  D
	 |     |     |     |
	 C--D  C  C--o  C  o
	 |     |  |  |  |  |
	>S--o--D  o--S--o--C

Suggestion: One option is to take the middle path and grab the two middle alt
fire nodes, this way you get the reload nodes too.

* 7. Logs / Schematics	( FILE777 )                                           *

(coming soon)

* 8. Unlockables                                                              *


Old School Plasma Cutter
For free if you have a Dead Space 1 save on your storage device.

Hacker Suit 
Have Dead Space: Ignition on your storage device. (game from online

New Game+
Beat the game to start a new game using your same inventory.

Riot Security Suit
Available in any new game (including a new game+) after you beat the game.

Arctic Security Suit
Beat the game on Zealot difficulty

Soldier Suit
Beat the game on Hard Core Mode

Hand Cannon
Beat the game on Hard Core Mode

New Game+

Elite Engineer Suit, 11,000C
Found before the first outer space segment in chapter 1.

Elite Vintage Suit, 50,000C
In the area where you fight the brute at the end of chapter 6.

Elite Security Suit, 30,000C
Found after the tram stops and you step out, kinesis this over the railing in
chapter 9.

Elite Advanced Suit, 50,000C
Found behind the elevator where you fight a bunch of slashers at the end of 
chapter 11.

Online Unlockables

Level 04	Solid Army Green Suit
Level 07	Line Gun
Level 08	Solid Red Suit
Level 11	Force Gun
Level 13	Solid Black Suit
Level 14	Increased Magazine Size (Plasma Cutter)
Level 16	Solid Olive Suit
Level 17	Seeker Rifle
Level 20	Urban Camo Blue Suit
Level 23	Urban Camo Army Green Suit
Level 25	Increased Magazine Size (Line Gun)
Level 26	Urban Camo Red Suit
Level 28	Javelin Gun
Level 29	Increased Magazine Size (Force Gun)
Level 32	Urban Camo Military
Level 33	Increased Magazine Size (Seeker Rifle)
Level 34	Increased Weapon Damage (Plasma Cutter)
Level 36	Urban Camo Olive Suit
Level 41	Tiger Camo Blue Suit
Level 42	Increased Weapon Damage (Line Gun)
Level 44	Increased Magazine Size (Javelin Gun)
Level 45	Tiger Camo Army Green Suit
Level 46	Increased Weapon Damage (Force Gun)
Level 49	Tiger Camo Red Suit
Level 50	Increased Damage (Seeker Rifle)
Level 52	Tiger Camo Military Suit
Level 56	War Torn Suit
Level 57	Increased Weapon Damage (Javelin Gun)
Level 59	Visceral Games Suit

Online Necromorph Upgrades

Level 03	Lurker Range Damage Increase
Level 06	Pack Melee Damage Increase
Level 09	Spitter Execution Damage Increase
Level 12	Puker Ranged Damage Increase
Level 15	Lurker Melee Damage Increase
Level 18	Pack Execution Attack Damage Increase
Level 21	Spitter Melee Damage Increase
Level 24	Puker Execution Attack Damage Increase
Level 27	Lurker Execution Attack Damage Increase
Level 31	Pack Health Increase
Level 35	Spitter Ranged Damage Increase
Level 39	Puker Melee Damage Increase
Level 43	Lurker Health Increase
Level 48	Pack Gets Out of Stasis Faster
Level 53	Spitter Health Increase
Level 58	Puker Health Increase

Achievements / Trophies

Special Kills

Bouncing Betty
Kill a Cyst by catching its Mine and throwing it back

Going for Distance	
Impale an enemy and make him fly through the air for 17 meters - it must
stick to the surface

Peek a Boo!
Kill a Stalker with the Seeker Rifle while in Zoom Mode

Knock down an enemy with Contact Beam Alt-Fire then kill it with Primary Fire
before it stands up

Clean Cut
Sever all three tentacles of a Lurker with one Line Gun Primary Fire shot
(single player only)

Brute Juke
Kill a Brute without taking damage

Skewered in Space
Impale an enemy into a Decompression Window to cause it to blow out

Taste of your own Medicine
TK Impale a live Slasher to a surface using a Slasher's arm - it must stick
to the surface

Shock Therapy
Impale an enemy with the Javelin Gun and use its Alt-Fire to shock 3 others
(single player only)

Kill X of Y with Z

Frozen in Time	
Kill 50 Necromorphs while they are in Stasis (single player only)

Necro Flambe
Kill 50 enemies using the Flamethrower

The Nanny
Kill 30 Crawlers without detonating them

Vacuum Cleaner
Decompress 20 Necromorphs without getting sucked out yourself

...And Stay Down	
Kill 25 crawling enemies with Stomp (single player only)

Think Fast
Kill 30 Necromorphs with Kinesis objects

Shoot the Limbs!
Dismember 25 Necromorph Limbs (single player only)

Epic Dismemberment
Dismember 2,500 Necromorph Limbs (single player only)

It's a Trap!
Kill 20 enemies with Detonator Mines in a deployed state

Lawnmower Man
Kill 4 enemies with the same Ripper blade

My Boom Stick
Kill 6 enemies at once with Line Gun's Alt-Fire (single player only)


First Aid	
Use Quick Heal ten times (single player only)

Picking favorites
Upgrade 1 Weapon completely

Fully Loaded	
Simultaneously have 4 completely upgraded weapons

The Sampler Platter
Kill a Necromorph with every Weapon in the game (single player only).

Fully Outfitted	
Upgrade your RIG and Stasis completely

The Electrician
Collect 10 Semiconductors

The Engineer
Collect 10 Schematics

Romper Stomper
Stomp 10 Containers

The Librarian
Collect 100 logs

Looking good
Purchase the Advanced Suit


Collect Peng
Find the Peng treasure (chapter 7, server room)

Lightspeed de Milo
Dismember the Lightspeed Boy Statue (concourse in chapter 3)


Made Us Whole
Complete the game on any difficulty setting

Mission Impossible
Complete the game on Zealot setting (possible on new game+)

Hard to the Core
Complete the game on Hard Core setting

The Final Frontier
Earn all Trophies in Dead Space 2


Patient on the Loose
Get your first Suit

Survive the Train Sequence

One Small Step
Get through the first Zero-G area

Clever Girls
Survive your first encounter with the Stalkers

Torment Me No More
Kill the Tormentor

The Graduate
Win the fight at the School

Elevator Action	
Knock off every Tripod during the Elevator Sequence

Shut Down
Defeat the AI

Powered Up
Complete the Solar Array Puzzle

Hornet's Nest
Destroy the Tripod Nest

Snare the Shard with the Ishimura

Knock Knock
Complete the Drill Ride

Cross your Heart, Hope to Die
Survive the Eye Poke Machine

The Final Sacrifice
Destroy the Marker

The Fugitive
Escape the Facility

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