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Follow the dark path or use the light

multiplayer map FAQ

by stormform

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Multiplayer Map FAQ

Table of contents
--original maps
-Sub Base
--Stimulus DLC
--Resurgence DLC
-Trailer Park
--Contact info


So this is my first FAQ of all time so don't expect it to be very good.
i did the best i could with this. most info is from playing the game alot. others are scraps gotten from friend
if you want to comment or correct me please do so to my email at the end of the FAQ.



Afghan is set around an accessible C-130 crash site in the middle of a desert canyon in afghanistan near site hotel bravo. The East and West areas feature cliffs and bunkers, perfect for snipers. A cave inside the mountain is often filled with intense close range battle, the large entrance to the cave being a great spot for overlooking the plane crash below. Around the other side of the mountain, there is a pathway that leads from the bunker, around the back of the cave to the high-up ledge. This path is great for flanking an opponents, alongside the pathway through the bunker and across the fields planted with opium poppies.
Due to its circular walkways and design patterns, every place has two or more flanking routes, making it perfect for Team Deathmatch. However, there is a solution to these flanking routes in one of the most open and undefended places on the map.

All edges of this rocky, desert wasteland are fairly defendable, but the open and narrow avenues make it easy for even an entire team to become pinned down. Even the very center of the map offers effective multidirectional cover inside the enclosed openings of the C-130 wreckage, but again, advancing between positions of cover or even getting to them after a respawn can be impossible if any of the map's overwatch positions are taken by enemies. The map is therefore structured to reward the player(s) that take patient advantage of the best overwatch positions and wait for their opponent to dart from their cover; however, as all overwatch positions have a number of directions for enemies to come up behind them, it is essential to ensure that teammates are always guarding against this before focusing downrange from one.
Afghan is popular among snipers, as it offers many long sightlines, as well as good areas offering large amounts of camouflage. There are several positions which offer a good tactical advantage over enemies; especially in Hardcore HQ, as silenced snipers will guarantee one-hit-kills as well as having a degree of stealth due to the lack of killcam.
A sniper positioned on the rocks at the Pipeline canyon can get a clear view into the cave, which can help in defending objectives, or halting enemies from exiting their spawn. Similarly, a marksman perched on the cliff can take out enemies trying to reach the bunkers. However, due to the length of time Modern Warfare 2 has been played, many sniping positions are routinely checked, and often result in snipers being killed repeatedly by users of automatic rifles.
Thermal Scopes are very useful on the map, as the white contrasts greatly against the desert-colour of the map. However, it is less useful for seeing players at the top of the cliff as the sky appears white as well.
Vantage Points
Afghan features two "secret" vantage points which both look over the C-130 crash site. One is situated below the clifftop, where players must slide slowly off the edge and land amongst shrubs next to a tree. This spot is usually only useful for a few kills until the player is found by enemies.
Another small ledge juts out above the cave mouth. It is accessable by climbing the wing of the downed aircraft, and by jumping from the top edge over to the ledge. This spot is a little less obvious and less revealing. To make the jump, players need 100% mobility, and if not, they will fall to their death unless using Commando Pro.
Another area useful for sniping is the rock near the B objective in S&D/Demolition. It offers views across the rocks to the West Air Defence section. However, it is well known and players sniping there are likely to be killed from behind.
	•	The multiple pathways toward all fighting positions make domination matches particularly hectic, as the offense will often be able to find an unguarded approach.
	•	Rushing is an effective strategy at catching the unprepared, but there will almost always be a sniper waiting to pick off any player. 

	•	The small and completely enclosed interiors of the pillbox bunkers make those inside particularly vulnerable to explosives, particularly rockets from afar.
	•	The propellers on the C-130 make for a good camping spot, especially when attacking the cave. Although these propellers offer little cover.
	•	If the player runs on the C-130 and jumps onto a small box just off of the wing an opened sniping spot is available. From here, the player is invulnerable to virtually anything.
	•	The tall poppy plants in the northeast corner make for superb concealment, even without a ghillie suit (which, being set in a desert on this map, doesn't blend much with the lush green plants anyway).
	•	There are a lot of dips and a rock where a prone sniper can be effectively concealed near Demolition Site B. The dips are even large enough to conceal care packages, but it is possible for a package to roll off the edge of the map from here.
	•	An experienced sniper can camp in the small bunker with a claymore and hold off a few enemies before moving.
 Claymore Tips
	•	The small doors into the pillbox bunkers are particularly easy to secure with Claymores. However, the bunkers are small enough that an enemy can often shoot anyone inside from just outside the door.
	•	Claymores can easily be mistaken for rocks in this map.
	•	Claymores prove invaluable in several areas of the map, and can be planted between the hydrogen tanks near the high cliff sniping spot, as well as the two choke points leading down from there to the left, through the poppy field.
	•	The small places of vegetation make good places to hide Claymores, such as the poppy field near the bunkers.


The map is one of the largest maps included in Modern Warfare 2. It is however smaller than the DLC map fuel. The map takes place in the surroundings of a train derailment, in a snowy environment which may be in russia or alaska. The map is mostly open land, separated by train tracks, including a bridge, as well as large warehouse buildings in the center and a strip mall at one end of the map.
Derail is often considered a sniper-orientated map, though it can easily accommodate many different styles of play. Close quarters fighting occurs in the large buildings in the middle of the map, whereas long range fighting suiting assault rifle or sniper rifle users will take place across the fields and on the roof of the larger warehouse.
	•	A common strategy is to defend the center building, as it provides a good field of vision over the rest of the map.
	•	The trees on either side of the map provide excellent cover for flanking. It should also be noted that the bushes make the player nearly invisible to the enemy.
	•	A common way to get first blood on Derail is to rush to the center building and instead of going inside you go towards the side of the building next to the trains.
	•	This map provides several high vantage points ideal for placing sentry guns. This includes the parapet out of the warehouse in the back, looking out of the windows in the central building (provided your team controls it), on top of one of the rail cars, or on top of one of the single story buildings near the Task Force 141 start.
	•	On this map, the AC-130 circles around the map but leaves some areas where the weapons cannot aim to. Use this to great advantage to quickly take out any enemy AC130s that are called in. The best way to take down an AC-130 or Chopper Gunners is to have the Cold-blooded perk and fire a Stinger from one of the windows of either warehouse (the player will be very hard to see indoors), then quickly relocate to another window as the gunner will see the smoke trail and fire again. In the case of AC-130s, however, there may need more than one person with Stingers, a javelin or the Scavenger perk.
	•	Because of the vast distance that players are placed from the opposing team's spawn, it is recommended to have marathon or lightweight perks to reach the enemy quickly. One can also use the Marathon and Lightweight combo to flank the enemy quickly at the start of the match.
	•	Within the ground floor of the railyard warehouse, there are stacks of boxes which provide well-covered vantage points for camping objective B (for search and destroy and demolition) and also make an easy job of camping the main entrance of the warehouse.
	•	The multi-story buildings in the back of the town can provide shelter for players who want to use their killstreaks. It is also a good place to plant a Tactical Insertion on Capture the Flag if the enemy flag is by the TF141 spawn point (for Team Deathmatch).
	•	Because some of the train cars are open, the player can run and jump up in the cars to use user-activated kill streaks.
	•	Players can get on top of most of the train cars using the ladders along the sides of them. This is also possible on the engine on the western edge of the map.
	•	The Artic Ghillie suit found on snipers contrasts with the insides of buildings, increasing susceptibility to being spotted.
	•	Using any colorful camouflage makes weapons extremely visible against the snow.
	•	The Thermal Scope is very ineffective because enemies will be hard to distinguish against the snow, however an enemy with cold-blooded will stand out.
	•	Despite the massive distance between spawns on this map, it is very easy for the defense team to wipe out the attackers before they even reach them. To cover the bridge side, a sniper with Marathon can run all the way to the third floor of the back warehouse and bust the windows to access a snowy parapet that offers a perfect and shady spot to pick off attackers before they cross the bridge or run past it towards the northern flank. The southern approach is also easily defensible. The best method is to climb the snow-covered boxes next to the cargo containers near the central office structure. From the top of the container, one can then jump back to the highest box and from there jump left to another container which overlooks the entire southern flank, and the fence provides decent concealment with some fine adjustment of position. This particular spot is also out of line of sight from the infamous town rooftops which usually allow the attackers an early advantage. Having two skilled snipers to use these two spots forces the enemy to approach the railyard directly, which is an extremely uncomfortable position


Expect long range combat along with close quarters combat near and in the houses on the map. It is influenced by the Special Ops level Estate Takedown and the singleplayer level Loose Ends. The map has a triangular layout for Domination games instead of actual sides for the factions. It is contested by Task Force 141 and the Spetsnaz. Estate is set on an estate grounds with terrain similar to the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare multiplayer maps Creek and Overgrown.
The Map of Estate.
Estate is a good sniping map. When using a ghillie suit lying down in the grass you are almost impossible to spot. However, in the actual estate building, heavy close quarters combat is usual, and shotguns dominate here. Sometimes even usual Team Deathmatches in Estate will quickly turn into something like sieges, where one team is fortified in the estate, and the other team tries to storm it. This may continue through the whole match, and the attackers may become defenders and vice versa many times in a match.
	•	On Team Deathmatch, the Task Force will have a disadvantage as merciless Spetsnaz snipers and grenadiers will bombard the position killing the majority of the team. Good countermeasures are going to the house with the sniper perch or waiting until the snipers go inside the mansion before flanking through the greenhouse.
	•	If you jump up from the couch to the wooden beam above the window and turn 135 degrees to your right, jump on to the thin ledge. This is a great spot for Domination as you can kill players trying to defend A, or you can defend A yourself.
	•	The best place to take control of the main house area is in the basement, if someone were above you throw a stun grenade and shoot him. This is also a good spot because every player passes by the cars to go in the house.
	•	If the player is looking to maintain control of the house, a good place for tactical insertion is inside the bathroom (the en suite in the bedroom as opposed to the one on the landing) as well as placing it on the bench in the basement, under the staircase.
	•	Another good area to camp is by the wall to the left of the 1st to 2nd floor staircase, in the suite. It is recommended to have a close range/long range combo of weaponry such as a Intervention with a Thermal Scope and a SPAS-12, as this will allow a player to operate from both the windows and the interior.
	•	A knife wielder with Commando can be effective inside the house.
	•	On the top floor, jump toward the couch and jump/climb to the roof beam above, this is a good camping spot.
	•	Much like in Afghan, at the beginning for Spetsnaz, a good but heavily frowned upon technique is with a grenade launcher run to start firing grenades down towards the Task Force 141 below or using a sniper, it is an excellent way to get quick kills at the beginning of a match.
	•	If playing Search and Destroy, and defending the bomb site in the house, you can hide underneath the stairs but can be flanked and killed from behind.
	•	A thermal scope is a good idea because it's very easy for enemies to blend into their surroundings. A good idea would be to use a class with a Cold-Blooded perk.
	•	When sniping remember to relocate often. As always, a good player using defensive skills will seek out and eliminate the target if one has not moved, or is camping.
	•	An AA-12 is effective for clearing out the top floor of the mansion.
	•	A great spot to call in a care package is behind the greenhouse, the player should not do this if his/her team does not have control over the main house.
	•	Another good spot to call in a care package is on the edge of the map where the electrical lines and the tower are. This is obvious, but it works. Be cautious, as it may get stuck up above if you don't throw the signal grenade at the right position.
	•	This can be a good map for Commando Pro, as there are many large drops that can be utilized to escape a pursuer or to reach an objective quickly. For example, the cliffs by the estate.
	•	There is a good camping spot beside the house where two walls meet, staying here the player is impossible to spot from behind and from the sides, with a good view of the sunroom of the house, and the greenhouse.
	•	In the main room on the house, it is possible to jump from the indoor balcony onto the horizontal beams on the walls near the side windows, this can be an excellent camping spot.
	•	Another good camping spot to snipe from is on top of the boathouse. The player can climb on the chair round the rear of the building to reach the barrels. From the top most barrel, jump onto the wooden pole opposite and then onto the roof.
	•	Using a pistol with a tactical knife can make one deadly in both the house and the greenhouse.
	•	It is also possible to get on top of the green house from the slanted part of it, while this does leave the player out in the open, it is a good vantage point if one can get up there without being spotted.
	•	The player can walk up a small rut near the creek to the back of the house, completely bypassing the greenhouse, and avoiding any claymores and/or campers in it.
	•	There are several patches of grass along the side of the house, giving a large vantage point of the map, and a nice bit of camouflage.
	•	In the garage where the snowmobile is, when using the upper room there is a walkway leading to the back where the player can plant a claymore to protect the ladder, but the player may be caught in the claymore blast.
	•	The deck on the top is a common sniping spot, placing a sentry gun there just about controls the front of the house.
	•	When sniping in this map, stay in an elevated position. When sniping out of windows, stay back from them so one's body isn't as easily visible and can't be killed from the side of the window. Always look for potential counter sniping spots where an enemy sniper could get a clean shot at the player. When moving in this map be quick and stealthy, while running through open areas zig-zag because odds are an enemy sniper has their crosshairs trained to the player's head.
	•	In the small bathroom there is a very good camping spot. The player must jump on the sink and walk towards the wall away from the door. The player will then randomly go up a little bit, not much, but is good because by placing a claymore in the middle of the doorway, having a good Assault Rifle (or LMG), and then a shotgun (preferably a Striker or Model 1887 w/ Akimbo), it can make a very good camping spot. As in large games people will run by the three areas that the player has control over, and can be good for getting the "None Spared" accolade. A good counter would be to throw grenades in, as its hard to run out of the room fast, and if they throw a frag grenade back out, then the opposing players know that they're inside. A humorous way to counteract multiple enemies that rush in for a shotgun or knife kill would be to grab a shotgun (Model 1887 Akimbo is best), run into the room on the other side of the hall, and then kill the players attempting to rush the player. This is harder on an online match, but is good for getting multi-kills and the "Cruelty" Challenge.
	•	The player can get on top of every roof in Estate except for the main house and the garage across from the house with the red SUV sticking out of it.
	•	Be wary of Predator Missiles, as when they are fired, they tend to go at a slant. In addition, there are many obstructions that will stop it, including, trees, posts and even the power lines.
	•	The player can climb the railing on the left side of the main house and jump onto the upper balcony, making 3 ways to get upstairs.
	•	A good place to drop a Care Package is at the back underneath the dock.
	•	A free-for-all match with 2 players can turn into a King of the Hill game. This would happen by one player holding the house, while the other player tried to infiltrate it and take the house.
	•	Throw a grenade or C4 to the cars near the front of the house to eliminate a common sniper spot.
	•	If the player is inside the house, it is a great domination point, but also becomes a main target. It is wise to have at least 2 team members inside the house so one doesn't get surrounded.
	•	A Sentry Gun placed on the upper floor can control the boathouse and anyone is slaughtered trying to advance from the front. This allows more players to defend the back, where flankers will attempt to root the player out.
	•	The Power Station area is one of the best places in all of Estate to call in Emergency Airdrops, Sentry Guns or a Care Package. Most of the action happens at the mansion and the boathouse.
	•	It is possible to get on top of the power station in the northern part of the map, by climbing the ladder to the top of the building next to it, walking along the fence, and jumping to the station. This is a good place to snipe from, as most players are not aware of how to get up there.
	•	A sniper with a woodland ghillie suit can pick one of two great sniping/ambush spots. The first of these spots is to lie prone in the grass on the left side of the boat house, this provides a shot on anyone in that part of the map. Another great spot is hidden in a bush directly across from the main doorway into the house. A silencer is recommended for both of these spots, and playing on Hardcore will make it near impossible to be found.
	•	If in trouble, just run and don't look back until the player is in cover. Snipers can be deadly accurate on this map and extremely dangerous.
	•	To counter those who fire from the windows or openings from the house, use FMJ on a weapon. This can be very useful mainly because most players like to fire from the windows and the player is able to obtain some kills for Extended Magazines.
	•	In Domination, at flag B you can lay down by the snowmobile and aim at the door. This can help you hold it and rack up kills easy.
	•	A well placed Javelin rocket or Predator could wipe out every enemy in the house. A good tactic is crashing one through a sunroof.
	•	A good place to hide while using controlled killstreaks is to hide behind the counter in the basement, The fields in the back, the open but eye tricking the grassy small river fall right of the 1st floor entrance to the green house, and finally the power station and fields in the back of the map. Areas such as inside the house OR under and the boat house are common used places. The player's enemy team might fight and try to take the Cabin in the middle of the map so it is very unreliable. Under or Behind the boathouse is a commonly used area more stealthier players.
	•	A good S&D tactic (Behind the cabin spawn) is to have a Assault rifle and claymores and plant them in the are behind and the 1st floor entrance of the greenhouse. While the player covers the area leading to the side of the cabin (Near where the river ends) by climbing onto the wood stacks and having the height advantage (You might get from a player that reached the cabin's 2nd floor area.
	•	One good camping spot is on the roof of the boating house by the lake, it overlooks a pretty decent area of the map. However, this roof doesn't give you much cover, so most of the time just stay prone and don't crouch a lot.

This is an extremely tricky map because enemies can be found coming from almost any direction. The fact that most buildings feature two stories make keeping track of enemies very difficult. Getting the high ground on this map may give players more range, but they need to keep their eyes open in all directions and altitudes since there is seldom any solid cover on the higher levels. The Commando perk or a Tactical Knife can be very useful on this map, as players will frequently be running head-on into enemies. Commando Pro's fall damage resistance can be useful too; on the roofs, sometimes the best way to get out of an enemy's sights (or to get the drop on him) is to drop off a building. Also, falling too far from buildings will cause severe injury or death unless using the Commando Pro perk.
Controlling the high ground will help win a match, though every building has more than one way of reaching the roof. Players can jump across most roofs, to help with the battle.
Although this map is fairly large, close quarter encounters are frequent, especially near buildings that lead to rooftops.
The ditch on the upper level (The flag spawn for Task Force 141) is often overlooked, as most action takes place down at the lower level. This area can be a useful defensive feature for objective-based games or for ambushes. Hiding in the ditch, and waiting till the signal that an enemy is taking the flag, can be a very effective ambush.
The Favela is a challenging place to fight in, as the map contains narrow alleyways, claustrophobic rooms and multiple stories from which players can shoot. Running into the open can result in being targeted from almost any direction. However, going into buildings can result in players with shotguns or SMGs waiting in ambush. In addition, the sides of the map are clear, straight and covered by easily defended positions, making it also relatively dangerous to move around the edges. In some gametypes, teams can often get bogged down in bloody fighting on the road because of this reason. Those who seek higher ground can easily flank and travel the map much faster. However they become easy targets if there is no cover from air support or enemies on the rooftops.
Light automatic weapons are recommended for this map. Because of the prevalence of close quarters combat, assault rifles and submachine guns are preferable. Shotguns, especially the AA-12 for its automatic fire, are also highly effective at sweeping alleyways and clearing rooms. A class with Marathon and/or Lightweight can be very effective in getting around the map quickly, and for surprising enemies.
A good tip for snipers is to not always seek the high ground, but to look for wide open areas where a runner is an easy target, and make sure that the location one is sniping from is either hard to get to or has only one entrance to prevent embarrassing knife deaths. A neat little spot is on the roof next to the building with the stone cover, as the roof is a hard spot to target without one noticing. The only problem with this spot is getting killed from behind, but that is not much of a problem because the TF141 spawn point is on the other side, giving the sniper an advantage when they run outside.
This map features many effective places to place claymores, especially in tight alleyways and corners found in the center of the map. Claymores can be a very effective way to defend flags B and C, and to a lesser extent A, in Domination gametypes.
In Domination, a good place to defend A, (Task Force 141 spawn), is behind the flag, players can see a small trench with a small bridge of boards in the middle. Players can sit in here and have an almost complete view of the entrances. When a few people start to get killed, enemies will start taking counter-measures against the player, such as throwing grenades into the trench, or flanking the player. Because of this the player needs to be aware of his surroundings at all times while in the trench, if fighting against a player in the trench, players should make sure take a good look around the A flag, as there may be a player, or a group, waiting to take them out when they get near, or start capturing A. Also with Lightweight and Marathon, if the player decides to attack while on the TF141, a player can run from point A to point C before the enemy captures it and kill everyone with a semtex. Also, it is possible to capture B from inside the ice cream shop nearby.
If using a Harrier Airstrike, a good place to call it in is the large courtyard (the large area between B and C), it can easily gun people down due to a lack of cover for players, but with buildings adding to it's protection making it hard to shoot down.

Highrise is set atop a nearly constructed skyscraper with two office buildings on opposite sides of the map. Most of the combat on the ground is short to medium range with the construction equipment and in the office buildings. Shotguns and submachine guns are excellent for these offices, but assault rifles are ideal for the sometimes medium-long range combat that occurs in the more open areas. The map is also suitable for sniping, with several vantage points that look over most of, or nearly all of, the map.
A unique feature of this map is its multi-tiered construction; both offices can be accessed by a tunnel underneath, which leads upstairs at various points in between. Near the cranes, there is an elevator shaft with a ladder; behind it is a climbable ledge players can hide behind. Players can access the roof on the South block, and see almost the entire map, although after a few kills these players can easily be taken out and the journey to the roof needs a skillful player that can run and make quick turns on the ledge, while avoiding getting shot. For this reason, a Tactical Insertion is recommended for doing this. Players can climb to the top of the crane at the West side of the map, giving a similar view on the map, and become harder to spot. From that crane, there is access to the ledge above the North tower's office - a Tactical Insertion is also useful here. To get to the North tower, players must climb on to a crane, walk across to the North building, then climb onto one of several window-cleaning platforms and walk across the ledge. There will be a window were Players can crouch under it, there will be a choice if the player wants to go onto the platform (smashing the window) or stay on the ledge.
This map is one of the best places to get the Extended Mags attachment, as there are many good places to kill enemies through cover with FMJ, for example the windows, and office furniture.
 Tips & Tricks

From the start, players like to rush forwards and take aim, especially with snipers, to the other side of the map, through the front windows. From there, players can snipe any unaware players rushing forwards through the windows. Thermal Sights can help with this, as well as using powerful assault rifles, especially in Hardcore.
Spawning in the northern building is disadvantageous. Snipers from the south can kill all of the team, especially devastating in S&D, from the spawn: Sniping directly from the windows at the front, as well as from the cubicles in the middle to the other way enemies can run to at the start.
From either spawn, a ledge is accessible, with help from two window cleaning platforms, at the east edge of the map. This is an effective flank route, especially in search and destroy, where it can be used to take a team from behind.
The stairs on the helipad offer a view through the gap between the actual helipad and the building in which it is situated on. Players can effectively kill players as they spawn as enemies can do little to prevent this.
In the southern building there is a skylight feature in the roof. This can be used to call in care packages, as well as fire a javelin through. It can also be an area to aim a javelin from outside. This is useful if enemies are camping in their spawn in Search and Destroy, which is common.

Invasion is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 set in Afghanistan and based off of the second campaign mission. It's similar to the map Crash in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, featuring many elevated positions, close range fighting, and cover. Invasion is actually based off the area that Pelayo crashes in "Shock and Awe" in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. On the eastern side of the map, the street is exactly the one same as the one that Jackson walked down to retrieve Pelayo from the helicopter.
This is an excellent map for car bombing other players, as C4 can be hidden under the many Humvees on the bridge and in the city. There are a total of nine Humvees but only seven can be blown up as the two near the left side of the base are invincible. On Search and Destroy gamemodes players can immediately shoot at the enemy spawn with grenade launchers. This is especially devastating on hardcore.
It was also a planned multiplayer map in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's PC 1.6 patch. All that is known to prove its existence in Call of Duty 4 are two files called "loadscreen_mp_invasion.iwi" and "compass_map_mp_invasion.iwi" present in the game's source files.
	•	Invasion combines hectic close combat and precision sniping in one map. This is one of the more predictable maps and predictability is key to winning here. Although assault rifles are common, submachine guns work as well in the alleyways. SMGs like the UMP45, MP5K and Vector are common and effective on this map.
	•	The inner side of the map has two great sniping spots that overlook the alleyway in front of the bar and bookstore and the street. Both towers have two ways in, check both ways often to ensure nobody attempts to sneak from behind.
	•	The embassy at the back of the map is rarely used in online play making it excellent for sniping people in the courtyard. This is also a nice place to call in airdrops, although the rarely traversed Humvees nearby work even better. It is also quite easy to flank careless players in the embassy, especially when they are calling in airdrops.
	•	The blue destroyed building has an alternate vantage point from that of the balcony building, thus allowing it to take potshots on the video store, cover the balcony or even camp A flag.
	•	It can be hard to maintain control of the center and alleyways, due to so many doors, it is very easy to get flanked and ambushed.
	•	Sniping can be one of the players greatest advantages, or their greatest foe, it would help to have a sniper or another player providing cover fire.
	•	The bookstore has many campers, particularly behind the shelves and the dead end in the back. Angle a semtex so it sails into their hiding spots and flushes them out. Rushing also works well.
	•	Be careful with the Predator Missile, it can hit a light post or the side of the building and not even touch anyone. You don't have to accelerate the missile once it comes online.
	•	Riot Shielders can get a lot of attention when pushing forward. Since most people focus on the shield, teammates can easily flank the distracted players.
	•	There are many depressions especially on the ocean side, going prone can provide cover from an attacker, but the player can easily be killed by a well placed grenade.
	•	A well thrown grenade can flush out potential ambushes in the tight areas in the buildings.
	•	A good starter tactic on the Rangers side is to run to the ocean side and scope in to catch Opfor players sprinting for easy sniper kills. There is are sandbags that provides good cover from most gunfire that one can crouch behind. Another good piece of cover is the corner of the building that extends outdoors.
	•	The buildings on this map are numerous and typically only have two ways in or out, this would allow for easy target loss by moving quickly between the buildings.
	•	The counters in the bar and bookstore can conceal someone crouching. Easy stealth tactic.
	•	Near the gas station in the map there is a broken tank. Crouch under the treads (wheels) of the tank and the player can see right through it and shoot down the alley.


Karachi (Urdu: کراچی) is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It is set in Karachi, Pakistan. This map is a medium sized urban map. The map offers an excellent balance of open area combat, combined with building and rooftop battling.
One of the map's main advantages for players is the variation of levels, these different heights offer players the ability to use most of the guns. The small corridors of the buildings benefit shotgun and SMG users where a quick fire rate would be ideal. The rooftop locations and upper floor windows benefits players who use sniper rifles, assault rifles and LMGs as their extended range and damage can be utilized.
The nature of this map isn't friendly to players who use the higher Kill streaks. The ability to go into buildings can render the Predator Missile, Precision Airstrike, Harrier Airstrike, Attack Helicopter, Pave Low, Stealth Bomber, Chopper Gunner and AC130 Kill Streak rewards useless. Although they can still get kills as there are large open areas, rooftops and outdoor spawns, players should not expect to get 10 kills per streak every time.

	•	The best places to call in a Care Package is the far back of the SEAL spawn, as there is only one way into that area, and the far back of the OpFor spawn near the school, as it is rare for players to enter these areas. The same goes for Emergency Airdrops, but it is ill-advised since there are many buildings with non-accessible rooftops as well as the edges of the level surrounding these areas.
	•	Chopper Gunner does not work very well on this map, only if you are catching the enemy spawn will it work good as approx. 70% of this map is indoors. An AC-130 will be more effective but can still have difficulty if all enemies are hiding inside buildings. If they are, the player's teammates can throw a grenade to wipe them out and the AC-130 operator can begin decimating.
	•	Rooftop camping is an easy way to complete the Prone Shot challenges.
	•	Near the SEALS spawn, there is a ladder the player can climb up to a roof. To the right, it gives the player a large portion of open space to snipe.
	•	In Domination, the player can set up a Sentry Gun to watch site B. At a high vantage point, it is relatively unnoticed and can get quite a few kills.
	•	The player can view enemy names through the bus when prone, this is especially useful in Search and Destroy.
	•	A smoke grenade can virtually conceal a bomb planter from enemy eyes without thermal scopes for at least 30 seconds. Grenades will still remain a problem unless thrown on the other side of the bomb planter.
	•	When playing Domination, if the player is on the SEAL's team, the player could rush the OpFor team with a rushing class with Marathon and Lightweight at flag A. Most of the time the player could throw in a grenade/semtex, or fire a rocket at A - this can get the player any number of kills. Making multi-kills at the start is very possible and very likely. Alternatively, Danger Close could be used to boost the explosive damage of the player's explosive armanents.
	•	Although it seems an obvious spot, the blown-out building near the B flag in Domination can be a highly effective method of suppressing an entire enemy team in Hardcore Ricochet:HQ Pro, especially if their spawn point is in the eastern side of the map. Using a silenced sniper rifle, such as the (M21 EBR), can rack up large killstreaks easily, with the only threat being a quick flanker armed with a grenade. The room is surprisingly easy to defend.
	•	Maintaining the higher ground will give the player an upper hand, but there are many ways up, jeopardizing the player's control.


The map is located at a large rock quarry somewhere in Brazil, indicated by the Brazilian flag shown on one of the buildings. It has excellent sniping positions located all over the map, however most have become well known and even the most experienced snipers will find difficulty in surviving in one spot after neutralizing several enemies. The map also features buildings and pathways allowing for good close-range combat. This map is excellent for all types of weapons, with sniper and assault rifles making use of the long ranges and camping spots, and SMG/shotgun runners making use of the small pathways in between and around the rocks.
In some places players are able to climb up onto the rocks themselves, and make use of the high ground for some excellent sniping positions. Unfortunately, if the Desert Ghillie Suit has not been unlocked, or an Assault Rifle is being used, players are extremely exposed the majority of the time - even the ghillie suit can stand out against the rock as well, in places. Furthermore, there are numerous amounts of camping and hiding spots inside all the buildings at the top of the quarry, such as several ladders reaching the top of one of them, players can go prone and neutralize targets entering the building. However, sniping spots, such as the one on the top gantry in the large warehouse, have become notorious, so many players will check them out for snipers before rushing out.
Assault Rifles, due to their versatility, are the most common weapons used on this map, as there are areas of long range, as well as close range, where rifles such as the TAR-21 are very useful. SMGs are less used as there are many long sightlines where the lack of power and higher recoil will often result in enemies still surviving, and possibly cause the user to be killed. Sniper Rifles are also commonly used, as there are many areas where a sniper can control easily due to long sightlines and abundance of camouflage and elevated positions.
Moving through the loading bay and Warehouse through to the offices, players using SMGs can easily control the area. Claymores coupled with Scavenger are very useful for protection, as well as obtaining killstreaks. Picking enemies off at distance with an assault rifle or sniper rifle is also a viable option, especially in team games where backup players can help defend the flanks. Elevated areas used by these marksmen are often watched or targeted by recently-killed enemies, so it is advisable to not use common areas such as the gantry at the highest point of the warehouse. However, on the gantry, players can stand atop the rails and take out enemies flanking by the tank garage or the red barrel area.
Commando Pro is by far one of the most useful perks for the map, as there are many drops which will kill players using other tier 3 perks. It can be very useful for Rushing or sniping, when elevated positions are compromised by enemies, and Commando Pro is vital for escape. Scavenger, as stated above is useful for replenishing equipment such as claymores when defending buildings. Marathon, coupled with Lightweight, is a useful perk for flanking, and taking out players camping in the warehouses.
UAVs as always, are one of the most useful killstreaks to use, as it is vital to know which area enemies are spawning in, which in turn will help the team defend areas. The Pave Low is a potent killstreak which gains many kills, as a lot of Quarry is open areas, and indoor areas often are warehouses with large doors which the helicopter will shoot through. In team games, AC-130s are usually better than Chopper Gunners, as the Apache is less useful for shooting in large open space.
The area atop the hill containing explosive red barrels is often where many players first go to in TDMs. Throwing stuns from a distance will cause these to explode and kill any rushers running through, or those waiting to get a few early kills. Domination flag B can be captured while standing on the ladder; this is used by experienced players to avoid being killed by the wave of explosives which usually follows after the announcement of a flag being captured.

Rundown, like Favela, takes place in a 'run-down' village in Brazil. A mountain similar to Corcovado is visible in the background, suggesting it is located close to Rio De Janeiro. The map is contested by Task Force 141 and the Militia.
A murky river seperates the east and west sides of the map, with three of bridges connecting the main village to the ruined buildings outside. The Militia spawns in a field on the west, while TF 141 spawns in a large building in the east. Most buildings have accesible second floors as well, which echoes the vertical fighting seen in Favela.
Overlooking the three bridges is a large section of the second story of houses in a neighborhood, in which many teams in Team Deathmatch or Domination will try to secure. This is because it provides a high level of cover for players, as well as long sightlines across the bridges. It also provides areas to defend A and B in Domination. To counter this, enemies will try to conceal themselves as much as possible and wait for players Camping in this area to expose themselves to try and take them out.
The small, most northern bridge is frequently under fire, as well as players camping underneath it waiting for enemies to cross. Because of this, it is advisable to use a Shotgun to either cross this bridge, avoid it altogether, or to flush out players watching it with explosives or secondary grenades.
However, players crossing any bridge whatsoever are likely to be taken out very quickly, as there is little cover whatsoever and two of the bridges are extremely wide and exposed. It is advisable to use smoke grenades if planning to cross, as well as using Marathon and Lightweight or Cold Blooded as Thermal Scopes are able to see through smoke.
Most buildings in the map are made of sheet metal. This means powerful assault rifles or LMGs having FMJ attached can make easy work of players taking cover in their buildings that they are camping in. Even the more dense brick or concrete buildings are easily penetrable, making this one of the best maps for unlocking Extended Mags for primary weapons with FMJ penetration kills.
For added vertical attacking ability, players have access to several roofs on the map which are favourites for snipers. The most common is probably at the South side of the map, just to the West of the river, where players can jump out on top of an awning then access two other shed roofs. The third shed roof gives a long sightline across the river and the front of the main neighborhood building.
Unguided rocket launchers such as the AT4-HS or RPG-7 can be used to counter campers in second stories, as there are often large windows in which players can stand underneath and fire through at the ceiling for maximum splash range and also could perhaps take out several players at once.
The cantina on the west side of the river offers a good area to defend B in domination, as well as an area to quickly take out players camping in the neighborhood. Players can also access the rafters underneath the roof via support beams, this being useful to counter revenge killing players, or if the Headquarters is located in the building.
At the Northeast section of the map is a villa, in which an accurate sniper can devastate targets at the other end of the map. This building is however easily flanked, so Claymores or a teammate with an automatic weapon can be useful to counter players going for revenge. It is also useful for defending A in Search and Destroy, but this is a known spot for attackers to check before planting.
There are masses of foliage and rarely ventured areas on the map, these being perfect spots for players to lie prone in while waiting for killstreak rewards or while operating manned ones. These areas are also frequented by Boosting players, but their Tactical Insertions are relatively easy to see as they contrast with the dark terrain. This high grass is also useful for players setting up ambushes. Care Packages or Emergency Airdrops are recommended to be placed in the grass as their markers are difficult to see as well as the packages when they drop.
The river that runs through the map is very useful for attacking enemy spawns, or trying to break a Spawn Trap. The river is often overlooked and is also easy to conceal players running through as it is dark and if players stay to the sides they are difficult to see.
This map is commonly used by players wishing to complete the Flawless Challenge, by hiding in remote buildings like the gas station, or in the long grass, using Perks such as Cold-Blooded and Ninja.
This map is very good for an assault rifle - rocket launcher combination because of Rundown's close quarters areas and areas where you just have to make a mad dash for it.

It is contested by the Task Force 141 and Afghan OpFor. It is set in an oil yard in the middle of the desert. It is the smallest map in any Call of Duty game, featuring a tall tower surrounded by open space with some cover such as containers and some pipes. The central tower has a ladder and two connecting pipes to reach the top, allowing players to see the area below. There is another elevated area in the corner by accessing the round pipeline. Behind this building is a small tunnel, one of the few areas that provide good cover from air attacks. Furthermore, the area around the tower has two hidden "tunnels", one by the ladder, and the other on the other side. They are very dark and small, and can be used by stealthy players to ambush enemies.
Rust is the 'spiritual successor' to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's Shipment. While the majority of Rust's layout is different, the two maps are both very small maps. This is also one of the more multiplayer-flexible maps. Only close range weapons will work here.
Due to the small size of the map, players will spawn within close proximity to each other. Occasionally, players will spawn directly in someone else's line of sight, resulting in very quick kills. There are very few viable camping spots as most locations are exposed or easily accessible.
This map is generally unpopular due to the amount of "spawn kills" and grenade spamming as well as a large amount of grenade launchers and thumpers. Although it is easy to get vast amounts of kills on this map it is still generally skipped for larger maps.
While the player is being loaded onto the helicopter at the ending of campaign level Endgame, Rust can be seen in the background.
	•	If there is a camper on top of the tower in the center of the level, he can be dipatched by throwing a care package marker underneath him next to the ladder in the enclosed area in the center. The crate will fall and kill the camper.
	•	Next to the wall by the covered area of the tower; there is a broken ladder that looks unclimbable. If the player sprints to it and jumps, he/she can reach it and climb to the top. This is more easily achieved by using lightweight and/or marathon.
	•	Be careful calling in care packages. Because the map is so small, it is easy for an enemy to kill the player while waiting or retrieving it. A care package does make for some tempting bait, however, thus it can be used to draw enemies into a trap.
	•	A good place to call in a care package is on the platform at the top of the map. This will only work if the player goes to the very back of the platform and aim straight down when throwing the marker. Otherwise the package will fall off. Make sure to stay low while waiting for it.
	•	At the bottom of the tower, on the other side of the ladder, is an invisible ladder. This ladder makes for a good camping spot.
	•	Try to avoid running on the middle pipe that leads to top of the map as it is very easy for enemies to get a kill.
	•	A fairly good camping spot is on top of the container on the north side of the map. It is hard to see one in a ghillie suit beside the tower as the only sniping spot in the map. The player can get on by climbing on the barrels then climbing up to the top.
	•	Placing a sentry gun at the top of the tower is useful, as the sentry gun will cover almost the entire map.
	•	Most forms of air support will easily bombard the map due to its small size and lack of good cover. An airstrike can cover about 50% of the map's area, and the Stealth Bomber will cover even more. With Danger Close Pro, the Stealth Bomber can bombard the whole map if placed properly. Due to lack of overhead cover, manually controlled killstreaks such as the Chopper Gunner, are extremely powerful.
	•	Running up to the top of the tower on the main pipe may seem like the quickest way to get to a vantage point, but it is really one of the quickest ways to get killed.
	•	While playing 3rd Person, climb to the top of the tower, the player can get a bird's eye view while being fully covered.
	•	Be aware of the sheltered area underneath the tower, it provides good concealment and relative safety from fire but is vulnerable to grenades.
	•	Fast moving players will find this map to their advantage, due to the small packed space they can find unsuspecting enemies faster, and dispatch them with a close range shotgun kill. Also due to the scattered debris they can quickly run to cover should they come under fire.
	•	Holding one of the covered corners is a sure-fire way to victory. The map is small, so the enemy will have to attack via a very limited number of paths, and sticking together will prevent enemies from spawning too close or in behind.
	•	If the player goes to the North-Western corner of the map, a small, detached piece of pipe is accessible. This is a good spot to camp from, as it is impervious to all weapons that aren't fired directly into it.
	•	Rust is a great map for using Akimbo with weapons such as the Vector and Mini-Uzi. Close combat situations happen all the time in Rust so the player needs a quick trigger finger to get a good score.
	•	If calling in a controlled killstreak (such as the Chopper Gunner), it is a good idea to go prone on the top platform before calling it in because most people will not climb up there due to the lack of cover.
	•	Stay in corners where it is easy to see everyone and have lots of cover. Never be somewhere where an enemy could sneak up from behind if travelling the map, this will happen plenty of times.
	•	The deathstreak Painkiller is very useful on this map, because players often will run around the map and this will reduce the chance of being spawn killed.
	•	Using Claymores around corners is a sure way to get kills, because many players will pass through looking to camp.
	•	Another great place to place claymores is at the top of the map. After climbing the ladder, place a claymore directly facing the ladder, and then go prone as far away as possible away from it, while still being covered. A person climbing the ladder would not notice the claymore until it is too late, giving the player an easy kill.
	•	The best way to play this map is with low kill streaks, and high rate of fire weapons. Then go to one spot, kill one or two people, then move on to another spot.
	•	There is a good camping spot most people may not know about. Run about 1/2 way up the pipe and look to the left, there will be a little port sticking out which the player can jump on and go prone and will be virtually invisible.
	•	A good camping spot is underneath the ladder in the center of the map. There is a good viewpoint and while looking through it the player is virtually invisible and can shoot down the entire length of the southern part of the map (east to west). To get there climb on top of the girder, underneath where the round pipe crosses to the main building, and sprint towards the ladder. At the last second, jump towards the box. If executed correctly, the player will climb up.
	•	Shotguns can be very effective, sniper rifles are almost useless in this level considering the close-quarter-combat.
	•	Sitting in the corner by the ramp leading to the top level and facing the opening to the ladder is a great way to get chain spawn kills. Simply sit there with a Tactical Knife on any Pistol and knife as soon as they spawn. However the player is completely open to enemy fire on 2 sides.
	•	The orange container/lorry is a perfect camping spot because movement can be seen from nearly the whole map.
	•	Using the deathstreak Martyrdom can be very effective on this map due to its size.
	•	Snipers are irrelavent due to the small size of this map. Shotguns though are exceptionally effective.
	•	If the player is lucky enough to get an AC-130 on this map, it could take out the entire team with one 105mm shot.
	•	When hiding under the pipe next to the oil rig, it is possible to survive an airstrike or AC-130 attack, which makes it a very good place for cover.
	•	It is possible to jump from the top of the air vent and onto the top platform, even without Lightweight or Marathon. This is a quicker way up since somebody's always watching the ladder.
	•	A effective close quarter weapon is the ranger akimbo with FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)


Scrapyard is an airplane scrapyard with many airplane parts scattered around. It is a moderately linear map, similar to Highrise in some aspects, but is much smaller. Game modes such as Ground War Domination and Hardcore Headquarters are highly chaotic; the size of the map combined with a high number of players or highly-damaging weapons means there is constant action.
The plane carcasses offer limited cover, and provide camping areas for players, however constantly killing enemies from inside the planes cause enemies to begin to use explosives or use FMJ to shoot through the weak metal walls, for a revenge kill. Spawn Trapping is ultimately useless, unless with an experienced full team of 6 or 9 players, as the map is very small, and players moving into spawns is very common.

Given that most of the map is close-quarters, many players tend to use SMGs, however, at times combat is at longer ranges where these players find themselves outclassed by Assault Rifle users. Sniping is definitely a tactic to be avoided; given the quick spawn changes and high-powered weapons found in Modern Warfare 2, a sniper is at a huge disadvantage. The map also does not feature any decent sightlines where sniping is useful. However, many players like to camp atop the gantry in Warehouse 3, and snipe from there. However after one or two kills their position is more than likely given away, and enemies killed by a sniper here will likely try for a revenge kill either from below or from an explosive. If the enemy spawn is predictable, camping in an airplane body such as the one to the east of the blue plane, and looking down to the Power station and office area, a user of an assault rifle can rack up quick killstreaks. FMJ is one of the best attachments as every surface enemies can hide behind are easily penetrable.
Because of the random spawning, players camping can easily be flanked. However, staying and patrolling one area can be particularly effective, for example the offices in the game mode Free For All. It is incredibly risky to walk into the middle of the map, and will almost certainly cause a quick death. Staying around the perimeter is generally advisable for most game modes, especially TDM for flanking.
Although it may seem less obvious, using UAVs on Scrapyard is wise as it gives a good idea to the team where the enemies are spawning, as it is usually very random. Predator Missiles or Airstrikes can take out large groups of enemies, as well as the Stealth Bomber, which can potentially wipe out an entire team if placed correctly. The Chopper Gunner is always useful, but is bad if short on time as it takes a long period of time to reach the map.
Secret Areas
There are two main "secret" areas, commonly known as glitches (even thought they aren't), on Scrapyard.
The player is able to get on top of the 3 planes in the middle of the map from accessing the broken wing and climbing up and then jumping to the top. This can be used for some very quick kills but it would be advisable to not stay up there for awhile unless the player has a supportive team. Also, the player can get on top of the tail end of the plane by jumping up using the open windows. This is also an excellent place to set up a Sentry Gun.
At Bomb Objective A, players can climb over several boxes, and by strafe-jumping can easily get onto a higher vantage point of which to look over the objective.

The map features many alleyways that serve as chokepoints, as well as large open streets where combat is more ranged and spread out. A large central apartment building serves as the focus of most of the combat, both within its lower section at the rooms and long hallway above. Portions of other outside structures serve to foil the middle apartment building, offering various positions to shoot in on opponents. This map is most suitable to Assault classes since the range varies from very close combat inside to much more ranged combat in the streets outside. There are enough enclosed spaces however to permit dedicated CQB classes. Snipers will find themselves with more limited options than some larger maps such as Derail.
For overall performance, the map is best suited for players using Assault Rifles and Sub machine guns. The map has many long-range sightlines which these weapons, for example the SCAR-H, excel in, as well as in close quarters where the TAR-21 and UMP are very useful and powerful weapons. Both burst fire and semi-automatic weapons perform poorly on this map; due to the CQC that often occurs on this map.
SMGs are also a useful alternative, as a lot of the map features close quarters engagements, as there are many narrow alleyways and tight corners. the UMP45 is a useful weapon for all purposes, due to its power. However, it is less useful in this map because the MP5K has better close quarters power and will outperform the other SMGs as it has a higher rate of fire. Camping with such a weapon in the middle apartment block will earn a lot of kills, as the SMGs are the best weapons in close quarters and the use of Scavenger with Claymores can aid in defending the Flag in Domination or both objectives in Demolition.
LMGs are less used than Assault Rifles or SMGs, as they provide poor movement speed combined with slow ADS, and this can be costly in the close quarters battles which are prominent in Skidrow. However, the stairs at the end of the corridor at B in Domination can help an LMG user with a high power weapon such as an RPD, L86 or AUG HBAR in holding the flag, or Spawn Trapping enemies at the flag, as the LMGs can provide long periods of suppressing fire down the hallway.
Sniper Rifles are likely to go unused on this map, however it does feature some well-defendable sniping positions. For example, as mentioned above, the long hallway with the stairs at one end can be used to rack up many kills with a sniper rifle. The building adjacent to the main apartment block (With Objective B in Search and Destroy) can be used to pick off enemies that are either attempting to plant or defuse a bomb planted there. At the other end of the map, there is a commonly camped-in building with a small hole in the wall which overlooks A in Domination, as well as the long alleyway; this provides an excellent sniping position as it is very difficult for enemies to enter the area when overwatched by a good sniper.
Again, due to the close quarters engagements that are dominant in the map, secondary Shotguns are very useful, and very commonly used. A player using a SPAS-12 or another powerful shotgun such as the M1014 can be devastating against enemies using other weapons in close range. Rangers are less useful due to their smaller range, but are good for waiting for an enemy coming round a corner.
Killstreak Rewards, especially the AC-130 and Chopper Gunner are generally ineffective on this map unless the enemy is spawn trapped at the outdoor flag in Domination, or on the Attacking Side in Demolition. This is because most spawns are located indoors and there are few ways a killstreak reward that is airborne will have much use. Therefore, UAVs and Counter UAVs are incredibly useful as it disorientates enemies due to the multi-leveled fighting seen indoors, or will expose flankers Rushing down the alleys at the sides. Sentry Guns are very useful for defending flags or positioned at chokepoints, so generally the lower killstreak rewards prevail.

Tips and Tricks

	•	The RHS (facing) fire escape balcony above the roof overlooking the West Lot is accessible. It is very difficult to get there, but due to the fact that it is not well known and players do not check there, you are able to kill many players before being spotted (especially on Hard Core). To access you need to first jump onto the blue AC box, by first climbing onto the sandbags. Once on the AC box, jump onto the lower arial (the part sticking over the edge), once on there jump onto the higher arial and from there onto the RHS balcony. Hide (or go prone) behind the sandbags. This takes considerable practice to achieve and in game really only works if you start on this side of the map, and you are able to get into position before the enemy arrive.
	•	Try to avoid using the minigun situated on this map, as you are vulnerable to attack on both sides.
	•	Try to hide in corners deep in enemy territory. Helps your KD a lot. Plus, hide in the center of the map. Put scavenger on and lay claymores all over the area.

Sub Base

Sub Base is a snowy, multi-leveled map, with many large open spaces as well as enclosed buildings and exposed rooftops.
Amid the buildings is a large courtyard-styled area in the middle of the map. Many routes on the map flow into this area, making it a highly-contested area for gunfights. Players on the catwalks fight against enemies approaching through a tunnel as well as an adjacent rooftop. A large warehouse at one end is used for long-range firefights whereas at the other end, the power station is home to close-quarter battles.

A good S&D tactics when the player feels that planting the bomb is uneeded (Such as when only a few players are on the other team) is to get to the walkway over the submarine and jumping onto the ledges. This is especially good with suppressed weapons and Cold-Blooded since the death skull will attract other players while not giving your position away from gun fire or an enemy UAV.

In the two killing-based game modes, Team Deathmatch and Free for All, the dock area to the east of the map is generally the area where most players contest. There is an abundance of cover in which snipers can use to their advantage, as well as areas where assault rifles will overturn enemies quickly. Flanking is extremely common as players begin to get frustrated at being constantly killed in the same area, so in TDM it is advisable to have an individual watching the back of the team. The courtyard plays host to more intense battles in Domination, as the controlling B flag is situated in the loading bay. It is advisable to rush straight to this flag at the beginning in order to capture it before the enemy as it is very difficult to take over unless powerful air support is laying waste to enemies. Controlling just two flags, with B being a neccessity, helps greatly in this game mode as knowing where enemies are spawning can help in attaining killstreaks, or simply killing them to stop them taking over other flags. The Control Room and Maintenance yard area is where many players tend to call in Care Packages or Emergency Airdrops, as little fighting occurs in the area as well as the abundance of open space. However, experienced players know of this and are likely to check this area as soon as they hear their announcer state the airdrop incoming.
Airstrikes are very effective on Sub Base, something not seen with other maps. The dock area to the East usually has a large number of enemies located within it, so well-placed Stealth Bombers and Precision Airstrikes can potentially kill all of the enemy team, especially if they are spawn-trapped at the A flag, or on attack on Demolition. AC-130s and Chopper Gunners are less useful as there is a large amount of cover and several buildings. Pave Lows can decimate teams if they spawn outside, as well as Harriers. UAVs are less useful on this map than others, as there are many levels which enemies can be on.
Long-range Assault Rifles are usually the most effective weapons to use. There are more long-range encounters than close range, so powerful rifles such as the M16A4 and SCAR-H are usually preferred over weaker SMGs such as the P90. Sniper Rifles can be effective to an extent but are limited in the fact that they perform poorly in close quarters where flanking players are likely to appear. The Riot shield, coupled with Cold-Blooded and a Blast Shield, used with a Smoke Grenade, can be critical for securing objectives such as at the start of Domination in attaining the B flag.

This map, which is an airport terminal, is full of luggage, bars, and small shops; the outside area of the map, where planes and cargo are stationed, has many tiny areas that are accessible as well.
Security checkpoints and barricades make the map very maze-like. Players can even head inside one of the planes. The indoor area can provide some cover from enemy killstreaks, but there are many overhead windows that should be avoided
 Tips & Tricks
Terminal is considered one of the easier maps to use the Riot Shield on due to its many choke points. A common method on nearly any game type is for a player with a Riot shield crouch down and another fires over him making the duo a formidable front line attacker.
Be very careful when placing Care Packages, as this level has many obstructions. Remember that if a care package lands on glass, the Care Package will always break the glass as it falls though.
This map is by far one of the easiest to rack up FMJ Penetration kills for unlocking Extended Mags. Simply sit in the grey room with windows opposite the plane and when an enemy is spotted either in the cockpit or the passenger area (through the open or closed windows) shoot through the thin hull for easy kills. Also notable is that the player can cause damage (and sometimes get kills) through the jetway to the plane from the main building, and also the black/white walls near that area too.
Near the east end of the tarmac, there is an oil truck. On the back of the oil truck, there is a ladder. If the player climbs that ladder onto the oil truck, he/she can snipe from there, getting decent coverage of the lobby, control room, and the hallway.
Do a running jump off the life slide on the airplane onto the wing, from here the player can climb onto the fuselage, crawl to the tail and get into position for a superb, yet little known sniping spot.
The front side of the security office is a prime spot for snipers as they are totally hidden while crouching and have a clear shot down the tunnel leading to the plane. Also players going down the tunnel have no cover, except for right in front of the stairway door.
From the top of the control room, it is possible to get into the window frame above the main entrance into the lobby. The window is to the left of the window you broke to get to the top of the control room. Shoot that window, and then jump from the roof of the control room to the window frame. You have complete coverage of the escalators, the lobby, the tarmac, and partial coverage of the hallway. At the back of the accessible plane, there is a very dark room where the player can get a view of the ladder below and the rest of the fuselage/cockpit; good practice during Free-For-All. Be wary though, there are some explosive barrels here. Shoot them before camping there. Also, if they watch the Killcam, the victim of the players surprise attack will then learn the position. After killing another player, move along the fuselage to a different spot. Having Cold-Blooded Pro always helps. The enemy can also shoot the side of the plane, as the bullets can go through the side of the plane even without FMJ.
A useful but heavily frowned upon tactic is to camp in the cockpit of the plane with a shotgun, usually the SPAS-12, and kill any enemies coming in through the main gate. This is easily countered, but many players will become frustrated and keep entering the plane through the gate, allowing for easy kills. The small placement of flowers behind the bookstore and across from Burger Town is a great spot to hide with a Ghillie Suit and a good sidearm to sneak up on enemies. It is surprisingly effective with Cold-Blooded Pro, allowing for silenced ambushes seemingly coming from nowhere.
[edit] Using Killstreaks
An AC-130 can shoot every weapon through the top glass, if it isn't broken the shell will detonate on the roof, making the blast harmless, but breaking the window for other weapons to go through. Its 105mm cannon shots (the biggest ones) can wipe out a whole team occasionally if funneled through the roof.
A good place to put a Sentry Gun is inside the plane on the dark area from behind the ladder on the plane because it will be almost impossible to destroy and will attack any player entering the plane. The windowed corridor is arguably one of the deadliest areas on the map. Sentry guns are frequently placed at either entrance, or on top of the roof of the adjacent outside building, to guard the area. The small room of this building is generally occupied by at least one member of any team, making the corridor one of the best places on the map for flanking. Also airstrikes can easily blast anyone running here to oblivion.
There is a hole where the extension and the plane meet, that allows Predator MissIles to kill people in the plane if they are directed right in through this gap. Anyone in the extension or near the cockpit will be killed, as the Predator will detonate inside the bend which joins the extension to the plane. It is easier to guide the Predator Missile in through the gap if the player does not boost the missile, as it requires careful aim. When using a Predator Missile on this map many glass roofs can be easily used to the player's advantage and the missile will penetrate the glass, killing everyone in the area.
A nice place to control long player controlled killstreak rewards such as the AC-130 or Chopper Gunner is underneath the accessible airplane. It will confuse an opponent searching out the player, even when the opponent's UAV is on. Use a Cold-Blooded Pro class just to be safe.
 Objective games.
Note that Bomb site B is particularly dangerous in Search and Destroy and Demolition because of the many spots a camper can hide. There are boxes and the garden can conceal a player hiding at the site. Site A works better with only three ways to defend and the entire team can easily conceal themselves while waiting for a saboteur or counting the bomb.
On Demolition when defending the plane a little known strategy is for 1 player to guard the back, 1 or more guard the middle entrance and 1 with a Riot Shield guards the tunnel entrance where the other team respawns. This works well when only guarding that site with the other destroyed. If the Riot Shielder uses Scavenger, Commando Pro, Hardline and a Semtex (A Throwing Knife works well too, but doesn't have multi kill potential) and is skilled with the Riot Shield he/she can single-handedly protect the entrance, block the path and dispatch would-be attackers with ease and rack up loads of kills. Although, the Semtex grenades will be a deadly enemy. Note, once the shielder is gone it leaves the team not only a man down for a while but leaves them open for attack. Many people don't know how to properly kill a shielder there without dying themselves and most unexperienced and even skilled players try a jump stab which obviously won't work forcing the other team to rethink their strategy. As long as no one breaches from the other side and the shielder, if killed, makes it back in time the team can easily win when defending. Though a person with their own Riot Shield after the shielders death will cause major problems. On Sabotage or Search and Destroy, if attacking the bomb to the right of the plane and the bomb has been planted, plant a Claymore at the back of the plane, then the team should be well protected.

Underpass takes place in the rain under the remains of a highway overpass. It's a great map for all types of weapons. It has narrow corners that make for unrivaled camping spots and wide curves that can hold devastating firefights. Players must be careful moving around, as it is a perfect map for hiding claymores and staging ambushes. In spectator mode, one can see the rest of the highway, and a large bridge.

Underpass is mostly a hit and run map, although there is almost constantly a sniper at either end of the map. Silencers work great on this map, since firing without a silencer will produce bright flashes at the tip of the barrel when firing, which will be heavily contrasted in the darkness of this map.
 Controlling Killstreaks
Many air based killstreaks are little more than useless on this map, due to the tight and in-door nature of the map. Another downfall of killstreaks on this map is that Care Packages, Emergency Airdrops or Sentry Guns can get stuck on the overpass overhead quite easily. One of the safest places to call in Care Packages, Emergency Airdrops or Sentry Guns is in the parking lot on the far edge of the map, as people rarely venture over there.
The player should be aware of pinpoint airstrikes, it is easy to call them in on the highway rendering them totally useless.
The Thermal Scope is highly effective on this map as it is very dark and player's images stand out as bright-white. Correspondingly, Cold Blooded is very effective at hiding from Thermal Scope users.
Warehouse B is a popular sniper ambush point, as a player can climb onto the short roof and go prone, as well as putting another member in the tall grass, giving them an easy opportunity to shred anyone coming up the side.
The small, red bricked, two story shack is popular for snipers and is perfect for getting one or two quick kills. It's open on all sides, but there's only one path up, so a sniper with a claymore could easily camp out there for an extended period.
It is almost impossible to spot a sniper who is hiding in the underbrush, especially if the player has Cold-Blooded, and has a camouflaged sniper rifle with a small sidearm or dark weapon. This map is great for playing dead in a Ghillie suit, because of the difficulty of identifying targets who are not moving at all.
The grass on this level is so tall, ambushing an enemy is fairly easy; even more so when Cold-Blooded and/or Ninja is used, claymores are also very useful in the long grass as one cannot see the red trip lines. Heartbeat Sensors can be used to great effect in the in-door sections of the map.
It's possible to get on top of the large cluster of buildings in the center of the map. The player can get on the roof from climbing a pile of boxes, leaping from the burnt-out car, using the ladder within the shacks, or by jumping off the concrete piling with the ladder. Another camping spot is on a catwalk in the large warehouse with the tanks and long stairwell. Climb the tank from the upper floor and then climb onto the high beams. This is a popular spot for ambushing. The dark corner next to the stairs is a potential location to use controllable killstreaks or ambushes.
Stealth can be a major factor on this map. Using a silenced weapon with a Heartbeat Sensor can greatly help a player stay safe and not show up on UAV radar. Ghillie Suits also can help a player blend in when they are in the tall grass.

Wasteland is set in the wilderness somewhere near the Chernobyl Nuclear plant. It contains some elements from the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare level All Ghillied Up, and features radioactive zones around the perimeter. A large, multi-entrance bunker sits in the middle, and once a team is settled in, it is tricky to root them out. A large hedge sprawls over the center of the map. Many trenches criss-cross the map, complete with heavy-duty manual sentry guns. A few buildings, low walls and a helipad are scattered around the edges but seldom see any notable combat. The map has a similar layout to the Call of Duty 2 multiplayer map Brecourt .
Despite being a perfect sniping map, many people also like to camp in the bunker. Anything that makes players stealthier is ideal such as going prone or using a silenced weapon. Thermal scopes and Cold-Blooded are both essential for rooting out snipers although it can be hard to find those that are prone, due to the undulating nature of the map. A sniper wearing a ghillie suit is practically invisible if they are prone. Smoke grenades will have some benefit when crossing open ground, except most snipers on this map prefer to use thermal sights to spot enemy ghillie snipers. This makes Cold Blooded effective; because of the grey-tone nature of the map, the player is practically invisible even when sprinting in the open if someone is using a Thermal scope, and especially while running through smoke.
 The Bunker
The bunker can be quite troublesome to control as there are many entrances. Grenade launchers work wonders in this area as well as Semtex and Claymores, as do grenades due to their tendency to roll to the lowest point. Also, RPGs are useful for clearing bunkers when used with Scavenger and Danger Close. Placing a Sentry Gun at the back of a wall can assume control of multiple of entrances. One technique is to let the other team take control of the cave, and then firing an RPG-7 or AT4 into the cave. This is advisable with Danger Close and Scavenger, and is an easy way to get multi-kills.
In the bunker it is very useful to have a Blast Shield almost always on, as it is usually obvious where the enemies are, and it is common for a lot of explosives to be used in storming the bunker, but it wouldn't protect you from flashbangs. This is always a switch off, losing offensive power to gain defensive power. If the player is using Blast Shield, they will be at a severe disadvantage if they assault the bunker.
When the bunker becomes the war zone, it helps a lot to flank the enemy, especially if your team mates are maintaining and taking control of it, and the enemy charges on one entrance.
With proper coordination and skill, players with air support kill streaks can encourage the enemy to herd into the bunker, allowing teammates to get multikills with grenade launcher, RPGs, Thumpers or AT4s. Also within the bunker, there is a small crack that gives a view from the other side, it is big enough to just squeeze a grenade, but small enough to keep the player safe from most fire without FMJ.
 Commanding Killstreaks
The houses and bushes offer perfect hiding spots to control killstreaks. It is advisable to not cross open ground without moving slowly or hugging the hedgeline, as snipers tend to aim for easy targets instead of those partially concealed. Air support can decimate a team on this open map, especially AC-130s so it is advised to take them out fast.
Almost every killstreak is effective here, with that being said, Emergency Airdrops, Sentry Guns, [[Chopper Gunner]s, AC-130s and Care Packages work better here than almost any other map, thanks to its open nature. If an enemy gets a Chopper Gunner or AC-130, try to take it out or get inside. These killstreaks are extremely deadly here since there is virtually no cover from above except for the bunker and the houses, but the AC-130's 105mm cannon can kill almost anyone in there as well. The miniguns can be a good alternative to taking down killstreaks, just make sure the player is using Cold-Blooded, though continuous fire leaves the gunner susceptible to sniper fire or even by another minigun, and they are not as effective as their M240 mounted counterparts in CoD4 (which destroy helicopters in around 5 seconds) and the Stinger.
The Stealth Bomber can devastate an enormous portion of the map, try setting the direction length-wise ,or sometimes a diagonal path, through the map.
The mini-guns scattered around the map offer many opportunities to gain a significant advantage over an enemy team. For example:
	1.	They can be used to easily take down enemy killstreaks (Be sure to have Cold-Blooded equipped).
	2.	They can be used for suppressive fire to keep snipers down while teammates take them out.
There is a mini-gun within the broken cars on a jersey barrier. While the turret itself is helpful, the surrounding cars and rusting metal provides great cover for snipers, and the cracks between the metal and cars can be used to take out enemies if they are within view. It has a view of the chopper and the fence area near it and can be used with great ease.
Another turret is located by the broken church; however, it is open to half the map and invites sniper fire. There are also two turrets in the middle left side of the map when playing Domination at point Bravo. They are very useful while playing Domination, but players can be easily spotted by snipers.
There are many great sniping locations within this map, one of the most elusive is the helicopter in the bottom left of the map, if the player jumps on the front nose, then jumps left on to the exhaust, then jumps onto the cockpit, the player can then get on top of the rotor blades or to the top of the tail. Although be careful when sniping from this position, as any other sniper on that half of the map has a line of sight on that position.
Bling Pro can be very useful on this map combined with Cold-Blooded Pro and Ninja, giving the player the ability to use a silenced sniper rifle with a thermal scope and a good silenced sidearm, like the PP2000 or the G18 with another attachment like a Red Dot Sight or Akimbo. With the Ghillie Suit, [Thermal Scope|Thermal Scope]], Cold-Blooded Pro, Ninja and the silencers equipped, the player will be very difficult to detect, while the thermal scope will give away enemy snipers' positions.
On the outskirts, it has been known that it is possible to place a Tactical Insertion halfway or more, into the Radioactive area. Once the player dies, he/she will re-spawn and continue from there, past the radioactive area, to a safe area to snipe from.
Sniper rifles, particularly the Barrett .50 Cal and the WA2000, can be used very successfully inside the bunker. By going prone inside, the player can easily pick off numerous enemies as they enter the bunker from the east.
Stimulus DLC

The map is a "multi-layered apartment complex" as players storm through blown out buildings and their adjoining parking lots. Bailout offers great sight lines, elevated positions, and flanking routes. The map is varied - once inside the apartments and houses the fight is taken to close quarters, but in the streets outside, fighting is close all the way to long range. Many of the houses and apartments connect to each other, almost allowing the player to cross the entire map without setting foot outside. The map is set in the United States of America. It resembles the residential area in Exodus and vaguely resembles the style of the map Bloc from Call of Duty 4.
This map was released on Xbox 360 on March 30, and was released May 4 for PlayStation 3 users living in North America. PC users and PS3 users living outside of North America were able to purchase it on May 5. The console codename of the map is different than the real name of the map: it is called "Bailout" while its console name is "mp_complex."

Inside buildings, the firefighting is close range, sometimes up to medium range, so Submachine Guns and Shotguns using Marathon are useful. There are many entrances and exits to the buildings, so Claymores can be useful for protecting flanks. Assault rifles have a decent effect in this map, but high fire rate or damaging ones such as the TAR-21 are good to use in conjunction with Stopping Power. Sniper rifles have limited use, as there are long sightlines and open areas, however there are many flanking routes for enemies to kill snipers. Many of the building's outer surfaces are easily penetrable, so high-powered weapons using FMJ are useful, for example the AUG HBAR. Due to these factors, no one style will dominate the map. Rushing works well due to players being surprised easily round tight corners. Conversely, using Cold Blooded and Ninja Pro and stealthily flanking works well also.
Camping in Bailout is very difficult due to every building having several entrances. It is very easy for players to toss cooked Fragmentation grenades, or even Semtex into elevated positions, so the SitRep perk can also work well so you can evade any incoming grenades or Claymores that cover your path, then hunt down and eliminate the enemy without them having an advantage.
The inside area with the vending machines and pool tables can be difficult to attack objectives, for example the A Objective in Search and Destroy is easily defended due to many corners and elevated positions looking over it. There also is the "glitch" in which players will jump from the banister on the stairs leading from the arcade onto the outdoor window ledge to look over the bomb with a low risk of being killed, to get someone camping there, a Semtex or grenade launcher work best. The B Objective is less easy to defend (therefore easier to attack) as places where it can be watched over are largely exposed.
Although difficult, as mentioned above, it is possible to get onto the roof of the house where the A target in Search & Destroy is. It involves using Lightweight and an SMG or Sniper Rifle (due to their 100% mobility). The player must stand on the banister and move downwards, then sprint-jumping to the window second from right. The player can use a Tactical Insertion and One Man Army for unlimited ammunition to maximize this spot. It is incredibly useful for attaining FMJ kills, especially in Hardcore as the windows count as surfaces but can be shot through. As well as this, it is very difficult in Hardcore to kill players here as the player in the "glitch" can have several angles from which to attack from, and it can be difficult for players who do not know about the glitch to locate them, due to the lack of KillCam in Hardcore. A good way to counter these people is to use a grenade launcher or other secondary launcher (Danger Close recommended) and shoot through the windows at the wall of the building on either end. Since there is not much room for the opposing player to hide and they will most likely be along one of these walls, this can kill them and may destroy any Tactical Insertion they have placed.

The map is relatively small in comparison with other maps, and plays host to intense and fast paced matches. There are many blind corners and narrow corridors and dark corners, which encourage players to camp. Conversely, there are large open spaces and high rooftops which allow players to snipe. Airborne Killstreak Rewards such as the AV-8B Harrier II or Attack Helicopters have limited effect due to the high availability of cover. Conversely, UAVs can help root out the players that are taking cover. The thin walls allow players using Deep Impact or FMJ to kill people window camping, or those defending bombs in Search and Destroy or Demolition.
In Domination or Ground War Domination holding the three story building and the small shop with the roof top and having snipers and machine gunners in those buildings is a good tactic for spawn trapping. (NOTE: The player needs points A & B and this is recommended with a full or almost full party.) In TDM a similar tactic can be used, but don't rush in to their spawn or it will change. If the player is on the opposite side, rush down the alley way to the left of the small shop and take the A flag.

	•	The shop is an effective camping spot especially near the bottom, behind the counter, as the middle section of the map can be seen. The player will be seen rather clearly as per other players running by the street. This also applies to snipers in the opposite building on the other side of the street. However, putting a claymore in the corridor behind the player and to the side entrance of the room will provide protection from being flanked. Camping on the top floor of the shop is not recommended as players will check there more often and the player could be targeted by a sniper in the opposite building.
	•	Avoid going to the top of the three story building as it is a popular camping place and other players will likely check there before moving across the crash site. The only time this location would be an effective place to camp would be in the Headquarters game mode when the headquarters is in that building.
	•	The building by OpFor's spawn is a good place to camp as it has a good view of the middle of the map and it is rather good at protecting the left side of the map.
	•	Marines could camp on top of the dumpster, by the 3 story house, this is a good position at the start of a match as OpFor usually run from the 2 story house (by the helicopter) to enter the 3 story house. Although this is easily countered by snipers in the two store building next to the OpFor spawn.
	•	Near the Marine spawn is a glitch that allows to get on top of the shop. Player must climb up on the building next to it and jump past the ladder onto an A.C. unit then move to the peg and jump on the roof.
	•	It is possible to get onto the lamp post near Flag C. Climb a ladder to the building overlooking C, then sprint and jump onto the lamp. Most people do not think to look up here, allowing the player to rain death onto those who come too close to the shop until caught.
	•	There are a number of secret areas in this map that are hard to reach and require the jumping from one balcony, to another which other non-experienced players find difficult. It might be easy to spot for other players because it is near a balcony with a ladder. Just go inside the store below it then go up the stairs, get to the balcony then beside it is a balcony with a ladder. Jump to it then climb the ladder. Once up there, plant a claymore near the ladder, protecting from being flanked easily. Then go to the nearby edge then start sniping. If damaged, just go to the middle of the roof and go to prone.
	•	It is advised to place a Sentry Gun atop the three-story. It can cover a good portion of the map. However, beware of people coming up the stairs to destroy it. Camping by it and placing claymores is advised to protect it.
	•	A player can easily get a large killstreak by using scavenger or one man army to plant claymores by the stairs leading to the second floor of the three story building in the building, and under the ladder leading directly to the roof. It is also recommended to use a fast repeating shotgun such as the M1014, Striker or the AA-12. Also, sniping from inside the staircase that leads from the second floor to the third floor gives much more cover than sniping from the windows.
	•	The Sea Knight has a very thin hull, rounds can penetrate and be extremely lethal to campers inside. This is also a good method for getting the Extended Mag attachment with FMJ.
	•	When defending the bomb sites in Search and Destroy. Crawling under the truck near B with a silenced weapon and Cold-Blooded and Ninja an make an excellent camping spot. Unless an enemy discovers the player. This spot may also only work once since someone on the other team will watch the killcam or the player gets the game winning killcam.
 Other Tactics
	•	Watch all the buildings, if the player gets sniped, go in and watch out for claymores.
	•	There is a way to get onto the top of the tower by going back and jumping, the player will probably surprise some snipers. Also, in the back alley, there is a ladder which puts the player on top of the shop, which makes for some easy flanking and sniping tactics.
Sniping is a very common strategy on this map. There are many points where one can snipe with a lot of cover or a huge view of the Crash Area. Both beginning spawn points have an easily accessible sniping spot close to them. For the American spawn, the building closest to the spawn has a tower that a sniper can snipe from. However, this can be dangerous as some enemy snipers could have already situated themselves. If this happens, then the player could be killed by the enemy sniper. On the OpFor spawn, the building closest to the spawn also has a sniping point, the stairs from the outside leading into the building, or the broken wall of the building. Be aware, however, that enemies can position themselves on the building straight across. The enemies can be hard to find if they're hiding behind/under the windows, but the player has little cover from the wall.

While sniping, be aware of a few things:
	•	Flankers: If in the TF or Marine sniping spot or the very high sniper tower, there are two ways up. Plant claymores out of sight so a shotgunner can get caught when least expected. Sentry guns also work well.
	•	Grenades: These can be a real nuisance when tossed in your direction, if the player has claymores nearby and the grenade makes them go off, it's an embarrassing way to die.
	•	Enemy Sniper: A sniper can be a quick and deadly threat to the player's sniping rampage, the quicker he/she is taken out, the better. Be aware, the enemy might go right back to where he/she was or change locations. If eliminated, there will be limited ranged opposition.
	•	Common countersniper tactics: Counter snipers will sometimes trick the player into luring one out of hiding to be picked off. Be aware of these tricks and don't get overzealous trying to snipe the same mere player.
	•	Panicking: When a sniper is caught, they will panic and squeeze off several rounds to no avail. This wastes precious ammo when not equipped with Scavenger. Stay calm, find a way to retreat and pull out a secondary weapon.
	•	Breath holding: Sniping is easier if holding one's breath longer. The longer it is held, the sharper the accuracy will be. If the player holds it too long, it will shake uncontrollably and the player is quite vulnerable trying to regain control of the swaying scope. Use Steady Aim Pro to increase the durability of breath. Thermal scopes seem to have a dampened sway, making sniping with thermal easier.
	•	Tactical Insertions: Only good if hidden and killed by someone on the other side. Watch the flanker and be ready to kill him if he isn't looking. Also keep the TI out of sight, if an enemy discovers it they can destroy it or even worse, spawn kill.
	•	UAV: Enemy UAVs can expose the player's position immediately. Snipe using Cold-Blooded with a rifle that doesn't need Stopping Power to achieve a one shot kill, such as the Barrett 50.
	•	Enemy Helicopters: Just because one has Cold-Blooded or UAV Jammer doesn't mean they are completely safe. In Call of Duty 4, the enemy helicopter will still see the player and try to eliminate him/her.
	•	AC-130 or Chopper Gunner: MOVE to a secluded building and watch the opening for enemies approaching. Don't go outside until the AC-130 is destroyed or finished its run. Chopper Gunners should be easier to avoid because several buildings can block the attacks. Move when it moves and don't wander too close to it.
It is easy to flank enemy positions on this map because of the side streets. They allow passage to the opposing side of the map without being seen or shot by snipers. This tactic is effective to take out enemy snipers who camp in one general location, but be wary of claymore mines. There are also other flanking paths, for example, if the enemy is on the northern side, the player can go through the southern path to flank them, and vice versa. Using a silenced weapon is ideal.

Overgrown is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 (downloadable from the Stimulus Package.) It is a wide, open map with plenty of vegetation and cover spots. The map has three distinct sections: a farm located on the northern half of the map containing a large barn and two fields that provide cover and concealment. A curved street lined with buildings on the southern half of the map, and running horizontally through the middle of the map is a river bed with two bridges on the east and western sides of the map crossing over it. Just north of the river bed in the middle of the map is a two-story farm house (with a mounted M249 on the second floor, or a mini-gun in Modern Warfare 2) that is accessible from the all the sections of the map.

	•	When on Team Deathmatch, if an enemy helicopter is called out to the match the player can use the mounted M249 SAWs in the houses to take it down. Many players have used this method and have taken down the helicopter in seconds.
	•	When sniping, if the player spawns by the building with open windows, go around the back towards the ravine. There is a small box that the player can snipe behind which gives a good view of the other team's spawn.
	•	The player can plant C4 on the helicopter when it hovers about seven feet above the wheat field.
	•	At "Grandma's House", watch out for C4 at the doors and staircase. Also, if sniping from it, don't stay for long. Players will often check the building for snipers and there is a ladder which is often overlooked at the side facing the barn.
	•	Any airstrikes work best in the riverbed, when the enemy moves across it becoming sitting ducks.
	•	Snipers will often camp in the grass, so watch for any movement. Thermal scopes can show uncloaked ones, while the Cold-Blooded ones will be a bit more challenging to root out.
	•	The dry riverbed at the middle of the map is a great place to snipe the buildings on it, especially the ruined building near the wooden bridge.
	•	There is a way to jump on the ledges in the dry riverbed and go directly into the ruined building, this is good for surprising snipers.
	•	At the start of Team Deathmatch use a sniper at the end of either bridge and pick off anyone who tries to cross the other bridge. Be careful, once a kill is achieved, move. Enemy snipers may be trying something similar.
	•	Snipers can use the Spetnaz spawn point's house as cover to snipe across the bridge. This is especially useful while trying to hold the bridge area.
	•	At the large house near TF141's spawn, a player can climb up onto the normally unaccessible part of the second floor. By climbing onto the centermost protrusion of the destroyed wall and jumping to the remnants of the second floor a player would have a superior sniping spot, being able to see over the hay field. THe lethality of the sniper can be increased by using a Tactical Insertion to consistently spawn on the second floor.


It can be described as a snowy junkyard fortified by stacked debris and crushed cars.[1]The junkyard setting provides plenty of cover in the form of crushed vehicles and debris, yet is very open in some areas. It appears to be based on the same section of the singleplayer level Contingency that was used for the Special Ops level Sniper Fi.

	•	The map features a prominent building, known to some as the Zakhaev house. This building is popular for players to camp in, due to the many simple ways of defending it. However, eventually enemies will use launchers or other means to flush players out. The walls are easily penetrable without FMJ in this building, and in all other buildings throughout the map, so this is something to consider when trying to combat people who are window camping.
	•	A great place to counter-snipe enemies on the second floor of the Zahkaev house is to position yourself inside the bush close to the Task Force 141 spawn. Having an arctic Ghillie and cold-blooded pro makes you very difficult to spot from afar.
	•	Due to the small size of the map, and its narrow corridors and tight corners, many players decide to shotgun-run. However some players will still camp, as there are several areas with good sightlines. The roof of the Zakhaev house is accessable, and can be a useful place for snipers, for a limited time due to revenge killing.
	•	In Search and Destroy, "A" is incredibly easy to defend; the defending team's spawn is at "A", and moving towards "B", players can position themselves on top of a dumpster and watch across the area where attackers moving towards A have to cross. "B" is usually mortared by grenades at the start, as it is simple to rush to the right from the attack spawn. "B" is also easily rush-planted by these players, unless the defenders have players positioned on the pile of cars in the middle.
	•	In Capture the Flag, as stated before, the Zakhaev House flag is easily guarded. Claymores and high powered weapons such as LMGs can help with defending. There is a broken car lift with barrels on it, which provides a good vantage point if attacking the Zakhaev building.
	•	The "C" Flag in Domination is very easy to defend, and therefore difficult to regain if lost. Claymores or C4 can help defend it, as can putting a Tactical Insertion nearby.
	•	Submachine Guns and Assault Rifles are very useful on this map, due to the close quarters areas, and the sometimes medium-long range fighting. Shotguns excel in the tight alleyways. Sniper Rifles are less useful, but can be used well on the rooftop, and in the windows in the building near Search and Destroy objective A.
	•	The Javelin is extremely deadly on this map, particularly the center alley, which is often used as a camping spot.
	•	The map features a doghouse in which players can crawl inside. It is ultimately a bad position, as once one player has been killed by someone in there, they will likely just shoot through it with little problem to kill the player. However, some players in Search and Destroy completely fill the doghouse with Riot Shields and stay there until the enemy finds them, just for novelty.
	•	An easy way to get kills is to cause the fuel tanks to explode, most easily done with a launcher or semtex.
	•	There is a dog house in the map that you can get into by crawling into it. This is a good place for camping with a shotgun.


it is described as "an open industrial park littered with heavy machinery." Like its name implies, outside of the warehouse is a heavy storm. Storm shares characteristics with the maps Killhouse and Vacant from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

	•	Storm is a very unpredictable map, having many choke points where it is easy to be flanked. Weapons like the UMP45, ACR, SCAR-H, M4A1, Intervention, P90, and MP5K are common and effective on this map.
	•	When on the warehouse floor there are little overhangs which the player can hide under that will provide cover from any fire coming from the catwalks.
	•	In the construction yard, there are deep holes in which the player can hide in when prone.
	•	The roof of the mannequin store provides a great view of the map.
	•	Maintaining a presence in the multi-story buildings across the map can prove to be invaluable as it provides long sight lines covering large portions of the map, whereas the ground level is littered with cover, thus obscuring a player's view.
	•	In Search and Destroy, Ninja Pro is a very useful perk since most of the surfaces in the warehouse and near the bomb sites are metal and makes the players footsteps very loud.
	•	Conversely, SitRep Pro will make enemy footsteps impossible to ignore.
	•	Grenade launchers can fly over some obstructions, killing the enemy without exposing the position of one using the grenade launcher.
	•	In every building, there is more than one way to the top floor. Plant claymores at one and occasionally check the other entry to ensure of no flankers.
	•	It is actually very easy to go from the Spetsnaz spawn point to point A in Domination before the Task Force 141 troops can get there if the player has Marathon, Lightweight, and any third perk. This can easily kill most of the enemies there, and actually enable the player to gain an edge in the map.
	•	There are many piles of wood which can be seen and shot through, thus giving slight cover and the element of surprise when an enemy comes into sight.
	•	When playing domination, it is a good idea to take control of the building overlooking the A flag because it gives you long sight lines in two directions that are common for enemies to go by.

Resurgence DLC

Carnival is a map made up of an abandoned, dilapidated amusement park. It is located most likely in Brazil, considering that the factions are TF-141 and Militia, as well as the fact that the surrounding mountainous landscape is similar to the terrain of Rundown. However, the highway running alongside the map seems to be the same one as featured in parts of the campaign.
The map is made up of sections that all are connected, usually by several routes. The most important and well known being the Funhaus, the "World of Tomorrow" - a space-theme area, the medieval castle, a roller coaster and an area with many food vendors along with a carousel.
The Funhaus is an influential area for most gametypes; it has several access points and looks over three sections of the map: the castle, the spaceship area, and the rollercoasters. It can be helpful to hold down while Spawn Trapping or in Free-For-All, as it is usually a high-traffic area. The Rocket is usually a bad place to camp, even against the least experienced of opponents, all it takes is one shot to expose a camper, and from then on they will be mercilessly targeted, if found.
Carnival is a very simple map for using callouts; landmarks on the map are noticeable and don't require a lot of map knowledge like condensed urban maps such as Strike do.
In team based games, one sniper in the rocket can cause a tremendous amount of damage to the other team, and it is essential for protecting one of the bomb sites on the map. Riot shields are also recommended as there is absolutely no cover on 50% of the map. It is essential you hold the area with the castle and the bumper cars as the castle provides great fortification and it gives you a height advantage to any intruders that may come through. The isolated parts of the map (roller coasters) are great places to flank the enemy as it allows for a stealthy inflitration without much trouble. Being a sniper here is not recommended as there is just too much CQB and the map offers advantages for SMG users the most.

Fuel is a diverse map, which accommodates many playstyles. There are very large, open areas with nothing but rocks for cover, contrasting the mainly urban area in the middle, which focuses on close quarter battles. The map is divided into two main sections, with the deserted, rocky landscape surrounding the warehouse and oil refinery. Fuel is one of the largest maps in Modern Warfare 2, competing with Derail, Overgrown and Wasteland in terms of actual size.

In objective-based game modes, due to the size of the map, it can take a large amount of time to travel between flags or Bomb Sites, therefore perks such as Marathon especially coupled with Lightweight are effective for changing areas quickly. Because it is a large map, placing claymores in areas where camping is a necessity and is helped with use of Scavenger.
At both bomb objectives, there are several sightlines where a well-planted bomb (In S&D) can be covered, so many players find difficulty defusing when there are many enemies left alive. Camping is extremely common in killing-based games, given the size of the map. Conversely, camping in objective games often results in a loss as objectives are spread around. In Domination, it is possible to take point B from the outside in the corner and outside the wall. Similar to hiding in the poppy fields in Afghan for point B, and around the corner at Karachi for point B.
Long range combat prevails over CQB, so running a sniper kit is recommended. Fuel is good for snipers, given the large open spaces. There also is a rock glitch similar to the patched one on Afghan, which is frequented by snipers, especially in hardcore game modes.
Snipers and Submachine gunners usually prevail for this map as you either need a quick reflex weapon or a long range weapon, which an assault rifle can perform both, but not as well as an SMG (reflex weapon) or a sniper rifle (long range shooting weapon) can do.
The drainage pipe leading into the largest building is key to infiltrating and exfiltrating undetected in the middle of heated matches.
If boosting occurs in Free-For-All, in the rock glitch, it is advised to try and get everyone to leave as they will be impossible to kill.
There are many random buildings scattered throughout the map, the most common ones being by the main generators and the large warehouse, and the office buildings. There is also a secondary power station to the north of the Opfor spawn that provides a great area to operate killstreaks, pick off people, etc. The outside is also a very common place to fight as many snipers have a key advantage of range here. There is also a building at the opfor spawn that is EXTREMELY isolated. This is also a great place to operate killstreaks.

Strike is a very urban map with the largest open space being the two roads that run through the map. There are many small building that see little combat, although a good sniper can own a large area of the map while being safely planted inside one. Light Machine Guns are favored here.
"Taliban Avenue" and "Al-Qaeda Road", the two main intersecting streets (in the middle of the map creating a "T", below the marketplace) are where the most choke points for snipers and Assault classes are located. The apartment block to the south provides sniper points covering nearly the entire map. But beware of the Al-Jazeera towers to the West, they provide a blind corner for rushers. There are long lines of view, and most fighting occurs building-to-building across the streets. People tend to enjoy this map most with Team Deathmatch or Headquarters settings. Desert Camouflage is often preferred.
	•	Sniping is very effective in the apartment at the top right corner of the map, on account of the overview of the intersections, good cover, and the exits can be covered by claymores. The use of claymores can also get kills if positioned properly. The corners are sharp, so no one sees them.
	•	It is possible, on Domination, to hide in the far back corner on the bottom floor of the building closest to flag C and take it without being spotted/attacked. It has been stated by Robert Bowling that this is not possible in the Modern Warfare 2 version of the map.
	•	The walled in area near the Marine spawn can be used to snipe and secretly kill someone in the building across the street.
	•	Low recoil and/or high power weapons are recommended for this map, due to most of the combat occurring in the streets or at long ranges.

Trailer Park

The map is centered around a mobile home park. The map size is small with tight corridors and run-n-gun type combat. It is reported that set in context of the game, this is the living quarters of the people who run U.S. Vehicle Disposal Yard 437, which is visible in the background. This is the smallest map in the Resurgence Package and one of the most intense for short range combat with plenty of places for players to camp.
Tips and Tactics
	•	This is an ideal map to score FMJ penetration kills to earn Extended Magazines as nearly all of the buildings and fences are very light cover with many gaps to see through, offering many opportunities for easy penetration kills. At some points using FMJ on a high penetration weapon may allow the player to fire a shot all the way to the other edge of the map passing through all obstacles on the way.
	•	Stay where the plane is. Players don't frequently go there and the caravan near one of the planes is a brilliant spot on Capture the Flag.
	•	A sniper's best bet it to snipe from near the roadblock. Going down the path a bit will allow the player to shoot at a distance not usually availible on this map. Note however that the player may die easily in the open here, but staying close to the small section of fence will limit the player's view and at the same time make it a little bit harder to kill the player.
	•	A brilliant tactic is to use Claymores and place them in tight locations, such as in and around trailers. The map is so compact and complex that players just rush through to get to their enemies, and will rarely notice them.
	•	Despite what many may think, LMGs are very useful in this map, being able to kill enemies quickly, and providing suppressive fire.

It is a small map that is set in an abandoned office building. The main building contains various pieces of office equipment, cubicles, and random debris lying around. Attached to the main building is a warehouse, which connects to the main office area. Outside one can find multiple destroyed vehicles, abandoned shipping containers, and a large oil tank. The map plays host to intense close quarter battles, due to most of the map being indoors, with the outdoor areas usually serving as flanking positions. Also at the each corner of the map, there are overviews of the city.

	•	Since most of the map is close quarters combat, shotguns and SMGs are generally favoured, but LMGs and Assault rifles can prove useful in the outdoor sections of the map.
	•	A well thrown grenade can take out multiple enemies, due to the closeness of the hallways and the lack of area to escape to. An RPG-7 or Grenade Launcher could be used just as effectively.
	•	Woodland Camouflage and Digital Camouflage are the most useful, but Blue Tiger Camouflage can work decently as well.
	•	Despite airstrikes seeming near useless, a well placed airstrike can still kill, as there are holes in the roof of the building, most notably the warehouse.
	•	Special Grenades x3 can be extremely useful due to the amount of narrow hallways and chokepoints.

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