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Skate 3 Cheats for PS3

Cheats and Tips for Skate 3


We have 11 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Skate 3 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our Skate 3 Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Meat Man

Beat ALL the 'Hall of Meat' challenges to unlock Meat Man as a playable character.

Unlock Dem Bones

When you have beaten ALL the 'Hall of Meat' challenges Dem Bones will become available as a playable character.

Cheat Mode

Press 'Start' and go to 'Options', select 'Extras' followed by 'Enter Cheat Code' and enter one of the following codes (without the quotes) to enable the corresponding effect in the game.
Unlock Isaac from Dead Space as a Playable Character:
Enter the code 'deadspacetoo'.
Unlock Mini-Skater Mode:
Enter miniskaters as a code.
Unlock Zombie Mode:
Enter the code 'zombie'. In this mode the screen will turn yellow and pedestrians will chase you.
Unlock Hoverboard Mode;
Enter the code 'mcfly'. In this mode trucks and wheels disappear from your board.
Reset ALL Objects to their Original Positions:
Enter 'streetsweeper'.

Perfect Push-off Point

When you bail, you can push off the ground to try and cover some extra distance or to make your bail last longer. You can do this by pressing the R2 trigger, but don't just randomly attack this poor trigger, doing so will actually slow you down and quickly stop your bail. To get maximum speed, height and distance, wait until your skater's feet are on the ground and hit R2 and you will push off the ground at pace.

Space Skater

Enter deadspacetoo as a cheat to get a suit and a cool skate board.

Super speed

Sprint and jump and when you are about to hit the ground you jump on your board

Meat Man

To get this skateable meat lump, complete the Hall of Meat challenge "Thorax Crunch".
You do not need to complete all challenges.

Cheating at grinds

If you need to hit a ledge/rail that's too high, or whatever, you can get off you board and run towards the ledge. When close, jump and get back on your board. You'll land in a grind, and be closer to owning that challenge.

Run over by car

First go to factory roofs then go across the red bridge on the far left then climb the stairs and once you reach the top,go run and jump on the pipe.Place a session marker and spread eagle infront of a car!
Happy killing!

Easier Grinds

If you're having trouble grinding, try approaching the rail at an angle, then ollieing (Spelling? Lol). In mid air, just a few alterations are needed to land your board on the rail.

How to get to the roofs of buildings

You can get onto the roof of any building in Skate 3, you just have to use a little imagination. The easiest way is to open up the 'Object dropper' by holding L1 and pressing circle. If the building has levels of roof, such as the large, orange roofed, two storey buildings, can be accesed by placing a slide (in the ramps section) to get onto the first part of it. Then, to reach the uppermost roof, you can use a landing ramp (also found in the ramp section). Set your marker by holding L1 ang pressing up on the d-pad, and Skate.
\\++++Moynihan ++++//

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