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Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Cheats and Tips

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A collection of cheats for you to check out which includes Skill point unlockables, unlocking Challenge mode and unlocking the RYNO IV ultimate weapon.

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We have 11 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Challenge Mode

This mode is unlocked when you have beaten the game. In Challenge mode you play through the game against harder enemies but retain ALL your weapons, experience points and bolts from the previous journey.

Skill Points

When you have completed the following tasks you'll receive the indicated amount of Skill Points.

Promoted To Inspector:

Collect ALL the gadgets.

Golden Children:

Collect ALL the Gold Bolts.


Buy a single Combuster shot.

For The Hoard!:

Collect ALL the combat devices.

Global Thermonuclear War:

Collect ALL the weapons.

Its Even Better The Second Time:

Complete Challenge mode.

Happy Feat:

Get 9 penguins dancing on screen.

Chorus Line:

Make 11 enemies dance together.

No, Up Your Arsenal:

Upgrade every weapon to the maximum.

Bolts in the Bank:

Sell 20 Leviathan Souls to the Smuggler.

Everybody Dance Now:



Complete tasks at the following locations to get the corresponding achievement.


Expert Marksman:

Kill a large percentage of ALL the enemies.

Can't Touch This:

Don't make contact with anything before fighting the Boss.

Pyew Pyew!:

Without secondary fire complete the level.

Cragmite Ruins

Gotta Catch Them All:

Using the Magnet Launcher hit ALL the Cragmite soldiers.

Voron Asteroid Belt


Clear out 10-15 mines.

Whats that, R2?:

Barrel roll 10 times.

Imperial Fight Festival

I Think I'm Going to be Sick:

Without taking damage ride the Ferris Wheel multiple times.

Fast and Fire-ious:


Unlock RYNO IV - Ultimate Weapon

The RYNO (which stands for 'Rip Ya a New One') and if you have this weapon the game becomes incredibly easy. If you have ALL the Raritanium mods at v5 the Omega can be bought for 50,000,000. At level 10 the RYNO IV has 900 rounds with 5141 damage each.

Unlock RYNO IV

This weapon is unlocked by collecting each of the holo-plans.

Unlock RYNO 4Ever:

Play in challenge mode and fully upgrade the RYNO IV. Then purchase RNYO 4Ever from any weapons merchant for 50,000,000 bolts.

Skill Point Unlockables

These extra features are unlocked when you have collected the indicated amount of Skill Points.

Unlock 2007 E3 Trailer:

Get 25 Skill Points.

Unlock Big Head Mode (Ratchet Only):

Get 50 Skill Points.

Unlock Character Concept Art:

Get 75 Skill Points.

Unlock Big Head Enemies:

Get 100 Skill Points.

Unlock 2006 GDC Trailer:

Get 150 Skill Points.

Unlock Enviornment Concept Art:

Get 250 Skill Points.

Unlock Wrench Replacement:

Get 300 Skill Points.

Unlock Ratchet Drawing Tutorial:

Get 350 Skill Points.

Unlock James the Galactic Defender:

Get 400 SP (replaces Mr. Zurkon with James).

Unlock Weapon Concept Art:

Get 450 Skill Points.

Wall climb

If you have the razor claws you can climb walls by crouching in front of one and doing a high jump then pressing O at the top of the jump to attack the wall, and before you fall back down do another high jump in mid air. Just keep repeating this and you can get pretty far before running out of ammo. Some pretty awesome glitches with this, but the rest is up to you. Good luck.

New Stuff

Once defeating the game once you unlock "challenge mode" and these are better things that come with it:

1. Increased bolts and raritanium will be received from enemies as they are harder to defeat.

2. The extremely helpful gadget called "Golden Groovitron" is purchasable from the gadget supplier at Cobalia for 200,000 raritanium. This is a groovitron that once used replaces itself, therefore it's endless supply.

3. Omega weapons, once leveling up your weapon to level five(this is when it upgrades eg. Tornado Launcher-Tempest Launcher), the weapon vendor supplies an Omega version. The Omega versions of weapons are an automatic upgrade to level six for the weapon, the weapon can then go on and level up to level X(10).

Ratchet cheat


Secret Agent Clank RETURNS!

Greetings inferior beings of Polaris. In the Clank section of the IRIS, on Kreeli Comet, You can find a secret hexagonal space just after the VERY first Zoni charge-up area. Standing on the space causes a Gagetron Helpdesk message to appear, and it gives you a code. Please note, this code is for the upcoming PSP game, Secret Agent Clank. The code is: left, left, right, up, down, down, X.

Golden Groovitron

During your second playthrough (on Challenge Mode), you can purchase an item called the Golden Groovitron for 2,000,000 Raritanium.

Funny fall !!!

On any level of the game fall and spin while useing the thruster pack around and around and you will fall quicker and it's like in side a wheel

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