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Follow the dark path or use the light
Dynasty Warriors 6 Pack Shot

Dynasty Warriors 6

How do you unlock red hare sadlle?

fantasy01 asks:
Added Mar 1st 2008, ID #111573

How do you unlock red hare sadlle?

I have beaten most of all the stories and unlocked Lu bu, now I would like to unlock Red Hare any body know how?


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Best Answer

dynasty warrior answered:
Added 12th May 2008, ID #254129

You can't get red hare on this one.

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Guest said: 30th Mar 2015 | REPORT
i have red hare with skill: attack 500 speed: 500 jump: 500 destruction: 490
i get using lubu and xiao qiao. use 2 grey king with skill find saddle and play in battle of shi ting. easy mode. xiao qiao take the crate saddle
Guest said: 28th Apr 2015 | REPORT
I have just unlocked red hare saddle by completing 1 object on battle of shi ting now riding it so much fun!!!!!!
Guest said: 3rd May 2015 | REPORT
How do you unlock red hair axsactly
Guest said: 5th Nov 2015 | REPORT
i did not understand

Other Answers

ninja=) answered:
Added 3rd Jun 2008, ID #258442

If you want a fast horse find the 1 on lvl 1 when you start and it has 480 speed on lvl 1

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Roydan said: 19th Aug 2011 | REPORT
how do i get it?
Guest said: 25th Oct 2013 | REPORT
go to battle of guan du use 2 character with lady luck and horse with find saddle and if you din't get it. not lucky
Guest said: 29th Jul 2014 | REPORT
i got it at invasion of xu du [lu bu side]
Guest said: 27th Apr 2015 | REPORT
Please tell me with picture

d.cuz answered:
Added 8th May 2009, ID #309416

You can get a horse like red hair but called something else go on the battle of guan du with diao chan or liu bei find a box and break it repeat this a few times untill you get a red horse with phantom in it's name and legendary in it's description

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Guest said: 27th Dec 2011 | REPORT
he is right
Guest said: 2nd Jan 2012 | REPORT
The Horse I got that is a red hare king is named savage sun
Guest said: 29th Mar 2012 | REPORT
how to get shadow king?
Guest said: 26th Jul 2014 | REPORT
I got that red hare king it named bay eagle and dusk warlord i have two memory card so i can get two
d.cuz answered:
Added 8th May 2009, ID #309417

On my previouce responce I put leendary in description I meant heavonley

Bel-te answered:
Added 29th Jun 2009, ID #313917

And if you can't find a horse like in d.cuz's answer then simply find one that has the highest speed you can find. As there is simply no red hair. As this game deals in horses you trane not the famis horses like Hex Mark or Red Hair

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Guest said: 24th Feb 2013 | REPORT
how can u get it
Guest said: 10th Nov 2014 | REPORT
I got the grey king on the battle of shi ting on wu side on hard difficulty with lvl 50 yuan shao and lvl lui bei. Get the crate then kill officers until one of them drops a horse saddle then kill cao cao
Guest said: 30th Mar 2015 | REPORT
i got grey king on battle of shi ting on wu side on easy difficulty wiht liu bei and xiao qiao. take the crate use liu bei and kill cao cao
Guest said: 16th Dec 2016 | REPORT
All horse can be legendary play guan du lubu cause horsemanship kill 90 soldier but can't kill officer until u kill yuan shao but the special of grey king is they back additional thing ok
Guest answered:
Added 13th Jul 2010, ID #340052

guys red hare is in here and you can get him on chaos at jing province i got my red hare there and his name is royal titan[list]

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Guest said: 28th Mar 2014 | REPORT
how unlock Red her dynastr warriore
Guest said: 4th Jun 2015 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 8th Aug 2010, ID #347523

You actually can get Red Hare. Sounds stupid, But you have to edit your time and date to a specific one and then play the game. You need 2 players both with the skill "Lady Luck" (Liu Bei

Guest answered:
Added 9th Sep 2010, ID #355107

this is work 100%

first find a box in chang ban
cao cao force
fing the orange box in the northwestern part of the map
there you cannot kill the peasant refugee
after you get the box, kill liu bei. i mean it!
i can get Grey hare(mitsukaze horse)that in samurai warrior 2 that keiji maeda used

Guest answered:
Added 6th Oct 2010, ID #359601

i have soo many ways i have seen but most of them don't work i have a ps2 and i tried one time trick and got auborn king its pretty much luck. trie chang ban chaos liu biu and zhen ji with both find saddle get the saddle from the crate and kill lui biu or trie guan du cao caos forces with the same people don't pick up anything during game play. You will know the horse is a king if its discription says his eyes consider the world and has heavenly physke key words are heavenly and consider. I have not gotten the horse yet but iam sill trying

Guest answered:
Added 16th Oct 2010, ID #361375

if you get a horse named ultimate dream this red hare but you have to train it with either 'Guan Yu' or 'Lu Bu' also they have to have there horsemanship ability unlocked

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Guest said: 24th Nov 2013 | REPORT
not just them,xiaho dun,zhangliao,sun jian also have horsemanship
Guest answered:
Added 24th Oct 2010, ID #362836

did you in hu lao gate with lubu force(EASY)?

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Guest said: 29th Dec 2013 | REPORT
I get 2 auburn king, 2 ebon king, 2 dapble king and a shadow runner king ! Why i don't get red hare horse
shyman25 answered:
Added 16th Nov 2010, ID #367120

It's easy. Train the "Ultimate dream" horse to level 5 with either Lu Bu or Guan Yu but they must be level 50. To get the Ultimate dream horse, reset your time to 12:01am, Select the battle of Guan Du and select 2 players with the skill "lady luck." Complete 2 objectives only. Do not collect any weapons or saddles. You will then get a horse named "Ginger Striker." Keep that horse. Redo this process, you should then get the "Ultimate Dream" horse. After you have reached level 5 it should be known as the "Red Hare King." If this does not work then you have either forgotten to change the time, or either Lu Bu are not level 50.

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Guest said: 31st Jan 2012 | REPORT
Everybody say that this works,but is like mine DW6 Broken?Cause it doesent work -_-
Guest said: 28th May 2013 | REPORT
It does not work in my pc... Please help me comment me fast how to get...
Guest said: 8th Dec 2014 | REPORT
Change the time to 00:01:00 you get a horse called evening mist which says consider and heavely do the same and you Will get ultimate dream
shyman25 answered:
Added 16th Nov 2010, ID #367121

Oh I also forgot to mention that you must be in Cao Cao Forces

Guest answered:
Added 30th Nov 2010, ID #369887

What is lady luck skill. And is that only level?

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Guest said: 3rd Jan 2013 | REPORT
Lady luck is skill, like horsemanship, stamina, dll
Guest said: 3rd Jun 2013 | REPORT
This skill has only have liu Bei,Yuan Shao,Zhang Ji
Guest said: 27th Nov 2013 | REPORT
Lady luck like who??
Guest answered:
Added 21st Dec 2010, ID #374383

as guan yu on his last misoin of musou mode i unlock a hourse caled red king witch has tremndous speed and jump but the destruction is quite small

Guest answered:
Added 28th Jan 2011, ID #384024

Listen carefully, 1st.Do the Battle of Chang ban (chaos mode) with liu bei and another charakter with lady luck 2st.The key words to king horse are ,,consider the world'' ,,heavenly physke''. 3st if you get a horse with those options look if it's speed is 380 or near if it is the gratz you Got it!!! And I know because I got it Smile

Guest answered:
Added 12th Feb 2011, ID #386627

You have to hack if with a jailbroken ps3 and thne sklfksdjflkj you use it and you hack with your dika so

Guest answered:
Added 3rd Apr 2011, ID #396481

I have red hare I got it on the yellow turban

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Guest said: 17th Nov 2012 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 3rd May 2011, ID #403416

The red hare king is also known as the eastern eagle and you can get it by using Lu bu in free mode on any level but you gotta either be in master mode or chaos

Guest answered:
Added 11th May 2011, ID #404815

I did not get a red hare but ...I got a sparkling eagle which is like red hare but when level 50 it does not say red hare king you have to raise it with lubu or guan yu I raised with lubu it will have 500 speed and 488/489/498 attack I got it from guan du with lui bie and xoui quiao and two horses with find saddle

Guest answered:
Added 26th Jun 2011, ID #415991

Someone told me that you have to finish the hu lao gate on coalition team riding or having the red hare next to you, which you steal from lu bu during the match.

Dw king answered:
Added 1st Aug 2011, ID #427642

Most player think so deeply. It is easy, since red hare is the harness of Lu Bu, unlocking by Lu Bu is the most correct way. Play the Battle of Hongzhong with Lu Bu forces with chaos, take the horse box under the Mt.Cha Qi .

Guest answered:
Added 10th Aug 2011, ID #430871

Red Hare is avaivable in the game. Most of the time it is called Ultimate Dream but, any horse witht the Wind Spirit ability can run as fast as the Red Hare.There is a time trick that allows you to get it on Guan Du on Wei Forces, just go look up the time and date for it and use 2 levels 50 characters with Lady Lucky and 2 level 5 horses with Find Saddle abilities.

Guest answered:
Added 11th Aug 2011, ID #431251

I have tried the guan du won atleast 15 times and it don't work

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Guest said: 22nd Jul 2014 | REPORT
I tried three times and i always got dapple king
Guest said: 1st Aug 2014 | REPORT
I got shadow runner king, auburn king, ebon king, and dapple king by that
Roydan answered:
Added 12th Aug 2011, ID #431728

All king horses in the game are random,it depends on your luck,I got my grey king at chang ban bridge wei side using lu bu(easy mode)

Guest answered:
Added 15th Sep 2011, ID #440851

How to get throught the wind?

Guest answered:
Added 27th Sep 2011, ID #443287

I have Dusk Leopard that is great. It has almost everything at 500.

Guest answered:
Added 8th Oct 2011, ID #445948


Guest answered:
Added 12th Oct 2011, ID #446983

How to get your horse Lubu?

Guest answered:
Added 12th Nov 2011, ID #455007

I have tried all of your answers. HOW DO I GET RED HARE!!!

Guest answered:
Added 23rd Nov 2011, ID #458033

I found this on and when I tried it it worked I already have the red hare, hex mark(grey king) and shadow runner thanks to this guy
-set date and time to 08/04/2008 12:01 AM
-Battle of Guan Du, Cao Cao's forces, Easy
-2 lvl 50s with lady luck(Zhen Ji & Liu Bei preferred)
-Both horses with find saddle (not find saddle and find weapon)
-Complete targets 2 and 3 ONLY!(Do not pick up any weapons or saddles during gameplay not even the saddle in the crate)
-You will get a horse named Ginger Striker(make sure you keep Ginger Striker!) save this horse and repeat the steps again(reset to same time, same date, everything) When you are finished you will get a horse named Ultimate Dream which will be Red Hare King by lvl 5( make sure you use a lvl 50 Lu Bu or Guan Yu to train the horse!)

Guest answered:
Added 12th Dec 2011, ID #463204

The Red Hare is actually very rare.. You can get anywhere in low chance. But the chance increases if you have a level 50 character with Lady Luck. And this chance will be doubled if 2 players playing a level 50 character with Lady Luck. And the chance also increases if you play Master/Chaos Mode and with 6 bar rating battlefield.. The 6 bar rating is always on the last stage of musou mode. Hope I helped! ^_^

Guest answered:
Added 26th Dec 2011, ID #466417

I get horses called ginger striker, I used it on cao cao on musou mode chaos diff. Of course when it get lvl 5 it all have 500 atributes and 4 ability : find sadle, find weapon, musou spirit, jagged hoof.

Guest answered:
Added 14th Feb 2012, ID #482854

Hey I actually got two shadow harness by using yuan shao and lui bei both lv.50

clacoco answered:
Added 12th Apr 2012, ID #498155

I have an ultimate boulder he got 500 in everything except destruction and became a legendary horse
(to get a red hare just get a horse with the description, his eyes Consider the world and he hes a heavenly physique) good luck

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Guest said: 11th Dec 2015 | REPORT
I got ultimate boulder. But the attributes are not 500. It is like the worst horse I ever got.
Guest answered:
Added 16th Apr 2012, ID #499249

I go to the Battle of Guan Du easy mode with a level 50 Liu Bei and sometimes I get horses with the description" His Eyes Consider The World And Has Heavenly Physique"………
This Description Means It's a good horse which has almost everything 500

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Guest said: 26th Apr 2012 | REPORT
i got one with named cosmic song tee hee..
Guest answered:
Added 27th May 2012, ID #510411

I have a grey king, auburn king, and ebon king without having to get it

Guest answered:
Added 27th Mar 2013, ID #579222

In my experiences,now I have 6 king horses by playing most at chang ban :-). I got red hare king at chang ban. To get red hare king,you can use 1 lvl 50 character that have lady luck skill such as liu bei/xiao qiao,1 lvl 5 horse that have find saddle skill or karmic spirit(function: increase the chance to get a good horse or weapon) such as grey king. Then,play the stage at chang ban,wei side,easy difficulty, or you can play at any stage either with higher difficulty such as hard/chaos mode. Chang ban is the fastest way to get the harness box. Next,ride the horse straight to the last bridge at the end of the map and find the box after you kill the refugee to stop liu bei from advancing. After getting the harness by breaking the box,go kill liu bei and his officers around him. Repeat and playing the stage again until you get red horse that have description(his eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique). Only the horse that have description(his eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique) that can change horse into king horse. Btw,it's all depends on the luck. Good luck!

Guest answered:
Added 27th Mar 2013, ID #579226

Continue to my answer above,after you get red horse(his eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique),save this horse and train it with lvl 50 character that have horsemanship such as lu bu/guan yu. Then,play at stage guan du,cao cao side,easy mode and kill 50 k.o count people on the horse for the first train. Then repeated it all again for the second train and kill 100 k.o count people until the horse reach to lvl 5. When the horse have reach to lvl 5,it will change into armored horse that title is red hare king. Good luck.

Guest answered:
Added 27th Mar 2013, ID #579228

Ultimate dream is the random name of the horse. Any horse can have that name. My red hare king was called Grey Cat. The only horse that have the description(his eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique) can change into king horse. There are 6 king horses with their special ability in dw6 such as 1. Red hare king(wind spirit) 2. Grey king(karmic spirit) 3. Shadow runner king(stone spirit) 4. Auburn king(steel hoof) 5. Dapple king(winged hoof) 6. Ebon king(jagged hoof)

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Guest said: 7th Jun 2014 | REPORT
my red hare name is western emperor
snowline2014 answered:
Added 29th Jun 2013, ID #594572

Go to battle of Chang Ban in free mode, Chaos difficult, Cao Cao's side
1. Choose Liu Bei or Zhen Ji lv50 both (if you have 2 remote of ps2), both of them must ride a horse with skill find saddle
2. Forget Zhen Ji and use Liu Bei kill 1 peasant then find a wood box and ficd a horse in the box
3. Kill Liu Bei !!!
At last you will have 4 horse, 1 of them is a rare horse: red hare, grey king, shadow runner,...
Setting the time trick ( I do not know much about this )

Guest answered:
Added 8th Dec 2014, ID #648849

If talking about PlayStation 3
Yes you can get red hare king
First set date 4th agust 2008
Time 00:01:00 like that know at battle of
Guan du you can play easy cao cao forces
Just character with lv50 and ladyluck
Once the game start get to the saddle crate and head
Stright to yuan shao you only need to achieve target 2 and 3
Then you get horse evening mist which says consider the world an has heaavenly physic save it's king horse do again the same method and you will get ultimate dream
Which evolve to red hare king
To level your horses to their fullest I suggests you to use lubu
Since his the powerful but first make sure his leve 50


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