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Follow the dark path or use the light
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Pack Shot

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Cheats for PlayStation 3

We have 9 cheats on PlayStation 3
We also have cheats for this game on:   Xbox 360

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PlayermovesAdded 3 Mar 2011, ID #3696
The faility moves of players

Easy WinsAdded 23 Feb 2011, ID #3638
This can be done by selecting a character that can teleport (Captain Marvel, Shan Tsung or Raiden) and immediately teleporting and attacking the enemy when they start to attack (the enemy must finish the attack). Then teleport when they block and repeat. If the enemy doesn't go into rage you can defeat most enemy attacks doing this.
Fatalities and Heroic BrutalitiesAdded 23 Feb 2011, ID #3637
Check out the video below if you want to see ALL 40 Fatalities and Heroic Brutalities. Also included is The Joker's original uncensored fatality.

Watch the video
Easy 'Combo Champion' TrophyAdded 23 Feb 2011, ID #3636
To get this Trophy you have to do a 10-hit combo. This can be done easily by selecting The Flash and when the fight begins press Away, Forward, Triangle. If you entered the sequence correctly The Flash will charge at your opponent and do a series of punches which gives you a 11-hit combo.
Random Character SelectAdded 17 Mar 2009, ID #1501
If you hold 'Up' on the D-pad at the 'Character Select' screen and then press 'Start' this feature will become activated.
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Fatalities and Brutalities cheat guAdded 30 Dec 2008, ID #1237
Hello this is a cheat guide made by me blackspawn67 concerning
MK and DC Fatalities and Brutalities I hope you gamers will enjoy
This guideAlthough there is one thing I should let you guys know before.I get
Any questions on the matter Darkseid and Shao Kahn do not have any
Fatalities.But those two characters will be only unlocked when you
Beat the game on both DC and Mk sides of the game.Although that is
One fault in the game I hope you still enjoy this guide.
Chapter 1
MK Characters Fatalities

Baraka's Fatalities



Jax's Fatalities



Kano's Fatalities



Kitana's Fatalities



Liu Kang's Fatalities



Raiden's Fatalities



Scorpion's Fatalities



Shang Tsung's Fatalities



Sonya Blade's Fatalities



Sub Zero's Fatalities



Chapter 2
DC characters Brutalities

Batman's Brutalities



Captain Marvel's Brutalities



Catwoman's Brutalities



Deathstroke's Brutalities



Green Lantern's Brutalities



Lex Luthor's Brutalities



Superman's Brutalities



The Flash's Brutalities



The Joker's Brutalities



Wonder Woman's Brutalities



Well that is all the Fatalities and Brutalities I hope you enjoy this guide as much as I did making it goodbye.

FatalitiesAdded 17 Dec 2008, ID #1194
Baraka’s Fatalities:
1. Stab Slam (close): Press Back, Forward, Down, Forward, Square.
2. Chest Stab (close): Press Forward(2), Down(2), X.

* Batman’s Heroic Brutalities:
1. Bat Swarm (close): Press Down, Back, Forward(2), Circle.
2. Grappling Hook (sweep): Press Down(3), Up, X.

* Captain Marvel’s Heroic Brutalities:
1. Slam & Stomp: Press Down, Forward, Back, Forward, Square.
2. Ground Slam: Press Down, Back, Down, Forward, Triangle.

* Catwoman’s Heroic Brutalities:
1. Neck Breaker: Press Down, Back, Down, Forward, Triangle.
2. Claw Attack: Press Forward, Back, Forward, Back, Circle.

* Deathstroke’s Heroic Brutalities:
1. Gunshot (close): Press Forward(2), Down, Forward, Triangle.
2. Neck Breaker (close): Press Forward, Down, Back, Forward, X.

* Green Lantern’s Heroic Brutalities:
1. Orb Squeeze: Press Forward, Back, Down, Back, X.
2. Hammer Smash: Press Back, Forward, Down(2), Circle.

* Jax’s Fatalities:
1. Head Smash (close): Press Back, Forward(2), Back, Triangle.
2. Machine Gun (close): Press Forward(2), Back(2), X.

* Kano’s Fatalities:
1. Knife Throw (close): Press Back, Down, Back, Forward, Square.
2. Flip Stomp (one step away): Press Down(2), Forward, Back, Circle.

* Kitana’s Fatalities:
1. Fan Throw to The Head (sweep): Press Back(2), Forward, Square.
2. Kiss of Death (sweep): Press Forward, Down(2), Back, X.

* Lex Luthor’s Heroic Brutalities:
1. Body Twist (close): Press Down, Forward, Down, Back, Triangle.
2. Missile Attack (one step away): Press Up(3), Square.

* Liu Kang’s Fatalities:
1. Mortal Kombat 1 Arcade Drop (sweep): Press Forward, Back, Down(2), X.
2. Head Stomp (one step away): Press Down(2), Forward, Down, Circle.

* Raiden’s Fatalities:
1. Ground Slam (close): Press Down, Forward, Down, Up, Triangle.
2. Electrocution (close): Press Back, Forward(2), Down, Circle.

* Scorpion’s Fatalities:
1. Toasty! (sweep): Press Down(3), Circle.
2. Lava Pool (close): Press Forward(2), Back, Down, X.

* Shang Tsung’s Fatalities:
1. Back Breaker (close): Press Back, Down, Forward, X.
2. Morph (close): Press Down(2), Forward(2), Triangle.

* Sonya Blade’s Fatalities:
1. Kiss of Death (sweep): Press Down(2), Back, Forward, Square.
2. Neck Breaker (one step away): Press Down, Back, Forward(2), Circle.

* Sub-Zero’s Fatalities:
1. Freeze Kick (close): Press Back(2), Down, Back, Circle.
2. Freeze Slam (close): Press Back, Forward, Down, Forward, Triangle.

* Superman’s Heroic Brutalities:
1. Ground Pound (close): Press Down(2), Forward(2), Square.
2. Freeze Slam (close): Press Forward(2), Down, Back, Circle.

* The Flash’s Heroic Brutalities:
1. Flashy Beatdown: Press Back(2), Forward(2), Circle.
2. Whirlwind Slam: Press Down, Forward, Down, Back, Down, Forward, X.

* The Joker’s Heroic Brutalities:
1. Gunshot (close): Press Forward, Back, Forward, Square.
2. Playing Cards (close): Press Back, Down, Back, Forward, Triangle.

* Wonder Woman’s Heroic Brutalities:
1. Lasso Slam: Press Up, Back, Down, Forward, Square.
2. Lasso Spin: Press Forward, Back(2), Forward, Circle.
Unlock Alternate CostumesAdded 11 Dec 2008, ID #1179
Press 'Start' when choosing a character at the 'Character Selection' screen to unlock their alternate costume.
Play as Shao Khan and DarkseidAdded 18 Nov 2008, ID #1059
These evil characters can be obtained by completing the corresponding Story mode and then pressing R1 at the 'Character Selection' to bring up a mini-menu with the unlocked character.

Unlock Darkseid:
Complete the DC Universe Story mode.

Unlock Shao Khan:
Complete the Mortal Kombat Story mode.

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