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Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum

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Check out our cheats to find out how to summon Lord Exodia, how to get Trent and how to get Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon.

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We have 15 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum please send them in here.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum Cheats

Fusions Unlocks
Flying Penguin:
Penguin Soldier with Level 2 Penguin Knight

Gate Guardian:
Sanga with Suijin and Level 3 Kazejin
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon:
Fuse 3 Level 2 Blue Eyes White Dragons

Cyber Saurus:
Level 5 Blast Juggler with a Level 4 Two-Headed King Rex
Darkfire Dragon:
Firegrass with a Level 5 Petit Dragon

Harpie Lady Sisters:
3 Harpy Ladies at Level 3

Metal Zoa:
Level 2 Zoa with a level 3 Steel Scorpion
Summoned Lord Exodia:
Level 2 right and left arms and legs and Exodia the Forbidden One

Rabid Horseman:
Battle Ox & Mystic Horseman at Level 3
Kwagar Hercules:
Hercules Beetle with Level 3 Kuwagata Alpha

Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon

Get Red-Eyes B. Dragon at level 5 and evole.

How to get Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon?

Hi! guys! long time no see!
I got some help.
To get blue eyes ultimate dragon, what all you have to do is raise 3 blue eyes white dragons to level 5 and fuse them.
You'll need a lot of AP to fuse 3 blue eyes white dragons in to blue eyes ultimate dragon. First you have to summon all 3 blue eyes white dragons at level 5 from their capsules, then you have to wait one turn, and if you have enough AP to fuse them you can fuse them. I fused my 3 blue eyes white dragons against Kaiba in King Coliseum.
I hope it works.

How to get summoned lord exodia

First you need to have the arms, Legs,and exodia the forbidden one (wich you get by having both of the legs and both the arms in youre party when you go to the shop) All at lv.2. When you finish summoning all parts at lv.2 you will then see a fusion selection on exodia the forbidin one selict it and say yes.

Duelists to duel at areas

Area 1: Joey, Tristan, Duke Devlin, Tea Gardner And Yugi’s grandpa.
Area 2: Weevil Underwood, Rex Raptor, Mai, Mako, And Mokuba Kaiba.
Area 3:Pegasus, Bakura (normal), Odion, Marik, and Bandit Keith.
Area 4: Yami Marik, Yami Bakura, Shadi, Ishizu, and Seto Kaiba.
King Coliseum: Pegasus, Ishizu, Yami Marik, Shadi, And again Seto Kaiba.

How to make the pieces evolve?

In order to evolve the pieces you gotta place em on their artibute, you got to have enough AP for them to evolve, and they have to be on the correct level in order to evolve.
For example: If you want to evolve Dark Magician. He's got to be on level 4, you got to have enough AP for it evolve, and he has to be on the dark artibute in order for it to evolve.
Hope I helped.

How to get Trent

First you have to get ancient tree of enlightment to level 3. Then duel against shadi in king coliseum and wait until the lights turn green and you will get trent.
Note:(i have done it and confirmed it before)

Get body of exodia

To get the body of exodia you need to have the other four pieces ready to use, then beat seto kaiba in area 4 and immediately go to the shop.
Then go to buy cards and grampa will say something about a card and then you just scroll down until you find it and there you have it.

Sudden Shop Appearance!

A lot of people were hitting their heads just because they didn't know how to get Dungeon Worm. I was one of those people until.......
I had just beaten Ishizu in the King Coliseum. I went to Grandpa Moto's shop. Out of the blue, he told me: "Let me show you this special monster, just for you!" When I checked the choices, there was Dungeon Worm plain as day!
I checked my monster collection and saw I had all the other Wood-type monsters. Then it hit me: to get Dungeon Worm, you don't need to beat the game eleven-teen times! You need all the other Wood-type monsters in your collection!
That's how you get Dungeon Worm--I think: You need to collect all of the other Wood-type monsters in order to find Dungeon Worm at the shop!

Celtic Commotion Kaput!

Guys, no more Celtic Guardian hassling! I finally figured it out!
I was recently playing Area 3, trying to get Celtic Guardian. I had surrendered like 5 times there before beating Marik and moving on. Afterwards, I went to the shop and there was Celtic Guardian in his bright background! I found him by surrendering 5 times in Area 3! You guys should try my idea out and see if it helps!

Shortcut to Trent!

I've figured out how to evolve the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment without going through too much hassle! Partial credit goes to those who recommended using Hercules Beetle's special ability to help!
Grab a level 3 Ancient Tree of Enlightenment as well as a level 3--or higher, I used a level 4--Hercules Beetle and take them into Kaiba's Aerial Palace in the King Coliseum. To save time, put the Tree onto the flower bush near the beginning. That spot has forty wood in and of itself! You need a spot with fifty wood in order to evolve the Tree. Use Hercules' SPA to raise the wood Attribute to fifty-five. Now do the evolution!
BINGO! You've got a Trent! Sorry this is really long!

Perfectly Ultimate Shortcut!

If you have problems trying to get the Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth, here's a solution: bring a lv 4 Great Moth to Pegasus' Shrine of Chaos in the King Coliseum. Put your symbol on the grass spot; the squares should turn wooden. Put Great Moth on one of those spots. Then do the evolution.
Or you can save time and take Great Moth to Kaiba's Aerial Palace and evolve him right away; it's up to you!

Monster Evolution: To Trent

Ok here is a hint that lots of people have been looking for Evolving (Ancient Tree of Enlightenment) to “Trent”.
To Evolve to “Trent” Go to “King Coliseum” level, next choose Pegasus stage (make sure you are on the light side.) Put your symbol on the wood attribute. Make sure you also have two Hercules Beetle on the field with a level high enough to use Hercules’s Beetle SPA to raise the land attribute 15% for each Hercules Beetle. Now move “Ancient Tree of Enlightenment” LV3 or higher to the attribute square and on your next turn you can Evolve to “Trent”
Keep gaming

Firewing Pegasus isn't hard to get!

As it turns out, Firewing Pegasus isn't at all hard to get! In order to get Firewing Pegasus, YOU DO NOT NEED TO WASTE 10 HOURS OF YOUR LIFE IN AREA 2! All you need to do is have less than 5 fire-type monsters in your entire collection by the time you beat Area 2. I know because I looked at my fire-type monsters before I bought it. Have less than 5 Fire-types in your total collection when you beat the whole thing and Firewing Pegasus should show up in the store!
Anybody who disclaims me will have to try it out, or else you're all noobs!

How to beat Seto in the last area easier.

Sup guys this is how to beat Seto in the last area faster. You should get three Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon(high Lvls) and then the rest should be, one 1000s Dragon, Harpie Ladys Sisters, if possable 2 Dark Magitions(if Possable),and the rest is up to you and your best monsters. One more sugestion is to have your monsters be at least at Lvl. 5 each. I have 3 Ultamate Blue Eyes at Lvl. 7,8,and 9.
Have fun beating Seto and I wish you luck. Peace.

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