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WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010

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We've got a collection of cheats that include unlocking bonus characters and unlocking alternate costumes.

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Cheat Codes

Select 'Cheat Codes' at the 'Options' menu and enter the following case-sensitive codes without the quotes to enable the corresponding effect.
Unlock Dirt Sheet and Vince's Office Backstage Brawl Areas:
Enter the code 'BonusBrawl'
Wrestle as The Rock:
Enter the code 'The Great One'

Unlock Bonus Characters

The following characters become available options when you complete the corresponding task in 'Road To WrestleMania' mode'.
Unlock Eve:
Play as Mickie James, and pin or submit Maryse in Week 2.
Unlock Jesse:
Play as Edge, and hit every opponent with a finisher in Week 2.
Unlock Ezekiel Jackson:
Play as a created Superstar, and throw each opponent out of the ring at least once in Week 3.
Unlock Green and Red Dummies:
Play as Randy Orton, and refuse Cody's help, then reverse 3 of Batista's attacks in Week 3.
Unlock Cowboy Bob Orton:
Play as Randy Orton, and do not use any strikes in your match in Week 9.
Unlock Mr. McMahon:
Play as Edge, and put Triple H through an announcer table in Week 1..

Unlock The Rock

Go To The Cheats Menu And Type "The Great One" Make Sure The Capital And The Space In Between Is Proper Otherwise It Won't Work

Unlock Alternate Costumes

When the following tasks have been completed in 'Road To WrestleMania' mode the corresponding character's alternate costume will become available.
Unlock Shawn Michaels Alternate Costume:
Play as HBK, and hit both opponents with Sweet CHIN Music in Week 4.
Unlock Shawn Michaels Alternate Costume (DX Option 1):
Play as HBK, and accept the Retirement Match in Week 10. Then, have your partner be the legal man longer in Week 11.
Unlock Shawn Michaels Alternate Costume (DX Option 2):
Play as HBK, and decline the Retirement Match in Week 10. Then, execute 3 Double Team attacks in Week 11.
Unlock Triple H Alternate Costume (DX):
Play as Brand Warfare, and win your match in under 3 minutes with Triple H in Week 6.


hells gates
andoconda vise
surfboard stretch
walls of jericho
boston crab
single leg boston crab

Unlock John Cena attire with T-Shirt

Type CENATION at the cheats code menu

The preset movesets are as following

Moveset 1: Hurricane/Gregory Helms
Moveset 2: Charlie Haas
Moveset 3: Jamie Noble
Moveset 4: Shane McMahon
Moveset 5: RVD
Moveset 6: Paul London
Moveset 7: Lance Cade
Moveset 8: Trevor Murdoch
Moveset 9: Viscera or Big Daddy V
Moveset 10: Elijah Burke
Moveset 11: Boogeyman
Moveset 12: Bob Holly
Moveset 13: Val Venis
Moveset 14: Kung Fu Naki
Moveset 15: Tajiri
Moveset 16: Brock Lesnar
Moveset 17: Goldberg
Moveset 18: Floyd Mayweather
Moveset 19: Kurt Angle
Moveset 20: Booker T
Moveset 21: Rhino
Moveset 22: Bubba Ray
Moveset 23: D-Von
Moveset 24: Samoa Joe
Moveset 25: AJ Styles
Moveset 26: Ric Flair
Moveset 27: Mick Foley
Moveset ..

unlock santiono marella's attire

enter Milan Miracle

here are some wwe smackdown vs raw 2010 cheat codes

At the options menu, select the "Cheat Codes" option, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:
Dirt Sheet and Vince's Office Backstage Brawl areas
Enter "BonusBrawl" as a case-sensitive code to unlock the Dirt Sheet and Vince's Office Backstage Brawl areas. -From: Matthew Hamilton
Wrestle as The Rock
Enter "The Great One" as a case-sensitive code to unlock The Rock.
John Cena's alternate attire
Enter "CENATION" as a case-sensitive code to unlock John Cena's alternate attire.
Randy Orton's alternate attire
Enter "ViperRKO" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Randy Orton's alternate attire.
Santino Marella's alternate attire
Enter "Milan Miracle" as a case-sensitiv..

Bonus characters

Go to cheat codes an enter The Texas Rattlesnake for stone cold. For the rock enter The Great One.

Mr. Vince Mc Mahon

Type 'NoChanceInHell' in the code menu (add spaces in between the words if necessary).

unlock randy orton's attire



Start with template 1
Hair: 3
Head Morphing:
Head:5, -18, 8
ForeHead: -100, 46, 100, 20
Eye type: 1 default color
Eyelashes: 4 default color
Eyebrows: 22 default color
Lips: 13: 100, 2, -3
Teeth: default
Skin Tone: 1 color 90, 2, -5
Skin aging: 46
Face Morphing:
Eyebrows: -30, 63, -25, -30
Eyes: 1, -24, 21, 100, 98, 20, 8
Nose: -16, -50, -37, -8, -44, 42, 13, -15
Cheeks: -47, -100, -36, 100
Mouth: 24, -66, 9, -73, 20, 20, -14
Jaw: 0, 30, 5, 20, -24, 57
Ears: 7, -30, 15, -21
Facial Hair:
Templates: 15 color 90, -14, 11, 82
Mustache: 1 color 90, -7, 11, 82
Goatee: 14 color 85, -5, 28, 82
Height: 6'4"
Body Morphing:
Neck: -20, 67, 66


To unlock Trish finish Mickie James's Road To Wrestlemania.

unlock john cena


shawn michels dx attire

enter BowDown

unlock the rock

enter TheGreatOne

The preset entrances are as following

are as follows:
Legend 01: Hulk Hogan
Legend 02: Jimmy Snuka
Legend 03: Mr. Perfect
Legend 04: Junkyard Dog
Legend 05: Eddie Guerrero
Legend 06: Terry Funk
Legend 07: Mick Foley
Legend 08: Ric Flair
Superstar 1: Kurt Angle
Superstar 2: Booker T
Superstar 3: King Booker
Superstar 4: Chris Masters
Superstar 5: Rob Van Dam
Superstar 6: Sabu
Superstar 7: Sandman
Superstar 8: Jamie Noble
Superstar 9: Kenny Dykstra
Superstar 10: Bobby Lashley
Superstar 11: Greggory Helms (Heel)
Superstar 12: Colin Delaney
Superstar 13: Balls Mahoney
Superstar 14: Lance Cade
Superstar 15: Trevor Murdoch
Superstar 16: Big Daddy V
Superstar 17: Snitsky

easy CAW level up

If you follow this hint, you will only have to level up two CAWs & still create as many as you want with their attributes exactly how you want them.
1. Just create a superstar & diva who you won't use aside from the leveling up process.
2. Then, level up their attributes to level 20 each (the highest level). Do NOT add any attribute points to these CAWs, or it defeats the purpose.
3. After you've done this, put a title on these two CAWs (remember that one is a diva, so you're limited to the Women's or Divas Championships for her).
4. Then copy the CAWs once.
5. Go to the Superstar Management menu in My WWE, go to the new CAWs (you'll be able to tell because they'll be the ones without the titles you placed on the originals) ..


Durability : Durability score of 85
Exploder Tunbuckle Attack : Speed score of 75
Fan Favorite : Charisma score of 80
Fired Up : Overall rating of 90
Hardcore Ressurrection : Hardcore score of 90
Kip Up : Technical score of 85
Lock Pick : Submission score of 80
Object Specialist : Hardcore score of 70
Resiliency : Overall rating of 92
Strong Strike : Strike score of 75

Easy Royal Rumble Win

First you must have two controllers plugged in, then enter both characters 1 & 2, next you eliminate one of them and make him come in next then just repeat it until the Royal Rumble Match is over. (Works good if you wanna increase your CAS stats and overall).

way to up your superstar/diva stats

to up the stats on your superstar/diva enter then into a tag mach (6-man or normal) if u have just 1 diva just enter it in 1 on 1 (also works with superstars) if you have more than 1 superstar/diva put on same team and if u have more than 3 put on other team (if the team looses they only gets 1 point) good luck getting stats up!!!!

Get Durability Ability For Created Superstar

Get Your Characters Durability Above 85 And You Can Unlock This Ability For Him

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