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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007

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A large collection of cheats for you to look through and includes how to do Rey Mysterio's finisher in a backstage brawl, how to use John Cena's finsher on the Great Khali, easy ways to win Superstar and Challenge modes and how to unlock unlimited Experience points and new GM mode options.

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We have 105 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : PSP

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Unlock Unlimited Experience Points and New GM Mode Options

Win the GM of The Year Trophy

Unlock the Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 Tester Challenge

Complete ALL 15 Superstar and ALL 15 Legend Challenges.

Pre-Set Entrance List

This is a list of the Pre-Created Entrances in 'Create-an-Entrance' mode.
Superstar 01:
British Bulldog
Superstar 02:
Hollywood Hulk Hogan (nWo)
Superstar 03:
The Hurricane
Superstar 04:
Doug Basham
Superstar 05:
Danny Basham
Superstar 06:
Ted DiBiasi
Superstar 07:
Scotty 2 Hotty
Superstar 08:
Muhammad Hassan
Superstar 09:
Andre The Giant
Superstar 10:
Jimmy Hart
Superstar 11:
Paul London/Brian Kendrick
Superstar 12:
Jake 'The Snake' Roberts
Superstar 13:
Brock Lesnar
Superstar 14:
Stacey Keibler

Superstar 15:
Christy Hemme


Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock Divas Loading Screens:
Win the No Mercy Trophy
Unlock Legend Loading Screen:
Win the Legend Challenge Trophy
Unlock D-X Stable Entrance Animation:
In Season mode win the Vengeance Trophy

Moveset List

Moveset 1 - Eugene
Moveset 2 - Sylvan or Dupree
Moveset 3 - Charlie Haas
Moveset 4 - Brian Kendrick or London
Moveset 5 - Hurricane
Moveset 6 - Orlando Jordan
Moveset 7 - Taijri
Moveset 8 - Chris Jericho
Moveset 9 - Rhyno
Moveset 10 - Dreamer
Moveset 11 - Bubba Ray Dudley
Moveset 12 - D-Von Dudley
Moveset 13 - Spike Dudley
Moveset 14 - Jeff Hardy
Moveset 15 - Christian
Moveset 16 - AJ Styles
Moveset 17 - Goldberg
Moveset 18 - Scott Stiener
Moveset 19 - Sting
Moveset 20 - X-Pac
Moveset 21 - Kevin Nash
Moveset 22 - unknown
Moveset ..


Unlock Alternative Costumes
Unlock Masked Kane:
Buy in the WWE Shop for $4,000
Unlock Triple H Suit:
Buy in the WWE Shop for $4,000
Unlock JBL Suit:
Buy in the WWE Shop for $5,000

Unlock Arenas
In Season mode win the following trophies to unlock the corresponding Arena.
Unlock Saturday Night Main Event Arena:
Win the Superstar Challenge Trophy
Unlock SummerSlam Arena:
Win the SummerSlam Trophy
Unlock Unforgiven Arena:
Win the Unforgiven Trophy
Unlock Vengeance Arena:
Win the Vengeance Trophy
Unlock WrestleMania 22 Arena:
Win the WrestleMania Trophy
Unlock Backlash Arena:
Win the Backlash Trophy
Unlock No Mercy..


Let's make one thing clear. There are no cheats for this game. So for those of you who think they can get Jeff by cheating, think again.

K.O. In Parking Lot Brawl

1.Get a special.
2.Store it.
3.Get another special.
4.Irish Whip your opponent into the back of the garbage truck.
5.Press L1 while still having two specials.
6.Watch the garbage man drive away with your opponent.

UCD (Ultimate Controlled Damage) (I know it's UCM)

How is everyone doing!
Ok, I know the title says UCD but I do know it is meant to be UCM but my way fits better for this!
Right, first have a Hell in a Cell match with a person with a chokeslam/chokebomb UCM, and go against someone which would look cool doing this to(I used Undertaker, me, against Khali, COM).
Next, go outsidde the cell and take cover of both announcer tables.
Get on top of the cell and as soon as the opponent comes up get them in the chokeslam/chokebomb UCM next wander to the edge of the cell in which you would be facing the tables, and don't go to far as to fall off!
Then simply throw them, and they should end up going through the table, causing UCD!
If it works, please rate! Homers Assistant in! D'OH! I mean Homers Assistant out!

Easy win/Easy Money

You must have two controllers for this cheat. First, change your season mode "hardness" to Legend. Then begin your week. The match screen should show up. Hit multiplayer then be your self and have the second controller to be nobody. Then simply slam your moveless opponent to the ground for the 1,2,3! The only reason I said to put it on legend mode is because you'll get $15,000 for that one match!

Money In The Bank

To easily win the Money In The Bank match get both ladders in the ring, and set them up so one is leaning into the other, run up the leaning one and hold both analog sticks up. This will grab onto the title (or briefcase) and the ladders will fall, leaving you hanging on, find the sweet spot and win.

garbage truck and fire truck and fake beer stunner and hulk hoga

When You are in a parking lot brawl first irish whip him in to the garbage truck
To open it.Then store a finiser and have you momentum full irish whip him in to
The truck agian and it should say you wil be able to use a finiser and do it and
It will put him in the garbage truck and it will drive away and it will be a atuomatic ko.

Now it is still in the parking lot brawl but you just have to have a stored finisher.First irish whip him in to the silver stuff on the fire truck then move
To him and move the are button and it will exstend the ladder on the fire truck and then with a stored finisher irish whip him on to the ladder then press the
L1 button then it will activate a specil finiser where the oponate is on top and
You chase him down ..

Easy way to win

An easy way to win a match is to go out of the ring. Wait for your opponent to go out of the ring too. Then use grapples (quick or strong) to keep him on the ground. When the ring out count goes to 9 get back in the ring.

Tester Challenge (special challenge)

To do the tester challenge (special challenge) easily just change Mickie James moves to the best moves that you do without picking up.
Specail Moves I recommend are the Pedigree 1 (it's funny because she it looks she jumps on his head!) and Goldbergs Spear (Spear 4)

To springboard go to the ropes and press triangl..

To springboard go to the ropes and press triangle,and square at the same time and your superstar will springboard.

Test callencher

I defeated him by using the ring rope and choking him and just keep doing that until his head is red then do mickey james's finisher.

Unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin

Play with Undertaker to unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin.

MONEY IN THE BANK (NEW)In it, six different WWE ..

In it, six different WWE superstars battle it out for a shot at the title from their particular brand (SmackDown or Raw).
Similar to a traditional ladder match, this contest places a briefcase with a championship contract suspended high above the ring.
The first wrestler to successfully navigate his way to the top of a taller ladder and grab the briefcase wins the match. Being successful guarantees that superstar the right to a title shot any time they want. Sadly, the exact way in which this works during the career mode is still unknown. But at least we know that it's in there.
Incidentally, the first two people to win the "Money in the Bank" match (Edge and Rob Van Dam) went on to win the WWE Championship later in the year. By co..

Who's on the roster

I'm know 100% that these people are on the roster.
Booker T
John Cena

Confirmed Roster

Gday lads. The confirmed roster is as follows:
Batista, Jillian Hall, Rey Mysterio
The Big Show, Joey Mercury, Ric Flair
Bobby Lashley, John Cena, Rob Van Dam
The Boogeyman, Johnny Nitro, Shawn Michaels
Booker T, Kane, Shelton Benjamin
Candice Michelle, Ken Kennedy, Snitsky
Carlito, Kid Kash, Super Crazy,
Chavo Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Torrie Wilson
Chris Benoit, Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch
Chris Masters, Lita, Triple H
Daivari, Mark Henry, Trish Stratus
Edge, Matt Hardy, Umaga
Finlay, Melina, The Undertaker
The Great Khali, Mickie James, Viscera
Gregory Helms, Paul Burchill, Vito
Hardcore Holly, Psicosis, William Regal
JBL, Randy Orton
The people above are the people you can PLAY..

Matches & wepons & arenas and more

On DQ matches if your bad hit the ref and get a ladder chair sleaghammer bat or a tabble and hit your oppnent with the wepon saves time.

Actually this is an answer to most of your quest..

Actually this is an answer to most of your questions.
I just got done looking at IGN's videos for SVR 07 for PS2 and I noticed that sometimes when you fight and you or your opponent get hit.Example Carlito vs Randy Orton you hear Carlito's voice when he gets hit he says uhhhh owww
Same thing with Orton as well so this game you can still go to the top of the arena and jump off like Angle did in the first SVR 07 ad movie.Thats still cool about this.

Get Unlimited EXP

To Get Unlimited EXP for Superstar or Tag Team Attributes, Finish and Win One Year On General Manager Mode.
An Easy Way To Win Manager Mode Is To Do A Two Player Manager Mode and Have Player 1 Do Well and Have Player 2 Do Rubbish.

No stamina

You can turn off your stamina by going the the main menu and go to options then go to Gameplay Settings then InGame Options. On the bottom it should say Stamina System,then you can change it to off
You can do the samething on smackdown vs raw 2006

If you bought this game and you do season(which ..

If you bought this game and you do season(which you probally will eventually) hold R1 and grapple anyway then press R3(if you don't know what that is,it is when you press down the right analog stick)then lift him in the air and drop him.This is a good way to keep the enemy down and gain momentum.Then store your finisher and do your finisher.Then he/she will lay lifeless on the ground and ready to pin him/her.Hope this helps you win more matches,it helps me.~AL-X~

Tazz And The King

What people are saying about The King and Tazz is not true they are playable characters

2 People in a crowd!!!!

This is no fake, READ ALL!!!
Match: Single/no manager/ no-DQ
1) Go to the crowd area
2) Irish whip opponent on to the barrier
3) Get a chair and put it DIRECTLY in front of your opponent
4) Grab your opponent while they are still dazed on the barrier, because the chair is blocking your way, you will end up running THROUGH the barrier and then ramming your opponent in the crowd
5) CONGRATULATIONS!! You have surpassed a glitch!
6) Enjoy fighting in the crowd
WARNING: This takes a hell of a lot of time, it took me 25 minutes to do!

Leap of Faith On Announcer Table

First of all to do this you have to get a stored finisher. After that get your opponent on th eanouncer table. To get him or her on it press square plus right next to the table then irish whip your opponent onto the table. When they are on the table it will tell you to press L1 press it and WALLA.


These are the CAW pre-ready movesets
2)Rene Dupree
3)Charlie Haas
4)Paul London
6)Orlando Jordan
8)Chris Jericho
10)Perry Saturn
11)Bubba Ray Dudley
12)D-Von Dudley
13)Spike Dudley
14)Jeff Hardy
16)AJ Styles
18)Scott Steiner
21)Kevin Nash
22)Rick Rude (DX)
23)Road Warrior Animal
24)Road Warrior Hawk
25)Ultimate Warrior

Finisher on the Fire Truck in Parking Lot Brawl

First, get the ladder on top of the fire truck to move outward to the sewage truck by irish wipping your opponent into the side of the fire truck.I don't know if you need 1 or 2 storeed finishers but get both just in case. Get your opponent to climb the fire truck. If you walk up to the ladder at the end of the fire truckit will tell you to click to use a finisher. If you do you climb up the ladder to you opponent and throw him off the ladder on top of the fire truck. He falls to the ground.

Ladder in the corner

In a ladder/tlc/money in the bank match, first set the ladder in the corner. Next, aim the left analog stick towards it and press the x button twice. It should set the ladder across the space between the second and third ropes. Fling your apponant into the ladder (left analog stick towards the ladder, hold down R1 and press x) then move the right analog stick in any direction (when you're near your apponent) and you should pick your apponent up and slam him down on it. (just like on the black crowd guard)

Make Jimmy Wang Yang

Make Jimmy Wang Yang
Name: Jimmy Wang Yang
HUD name: Wang Yang
Nickname: Default
Nickname Placement: None
Announcer Introduction: The Cowboy/James/Jeremy(sounds like jimmy)
Hometown: Texas
Gender: Male
Weight Class: Light Heavyweight [205 lbs]
Match Tactic: Clean
Show: SmackDown!
Voice: Voice 1 is best for him.
Match Specialty: -
Choose Basic Face 9, Then delete the make-up that is used.
Hair: 49/50 [Stylize – go right once] Custom Color [X: 100 Y: -5, Shade 100]
Eyes: 2/8
Eyebrows: 44/54 – Custom Color [X: 85 Y: 0, Shade –4]
Facial Hair:
Moustache: 3/11 – Custom Color [X: 90 Y:0, Shade –6, Alpha 61]
Sideburns 2/17 – C..

Super jump through tables

When you are in a match where you can leave the ring, go into the crowd area and grab the table their (x) (make sure your apponent is in their too) Then, walk towards the opponent and move the right analog stick in their direction. This should put them onto the table. Next, climb up the scaffolding (x) There should be a mini shot thing. The camera will zoom out. Then all you have to do is press the left analog stick up or down while pressing the square button. You will jump and hit your apponent, putting them through the table.

Shovel in Street fight

In a street fight irish whip your apponent into the dumptruck. When the dump truck door slides up walk towards it and press x. You will pick up a shovel.

Unlock ECW One Night Stand!

To unlock ECW One Night Stand! Just win the Money in the Bank Trophy.
To win the Money in the Bank trophy just win any Money in the Bank match on Legend difficulty with any players in Exhibition Mode.
NOTE: You CANNOT win the Money in the Bank trophy if your friends play with you in the match!
From, BloodGulch

Announcers Table Special

Ok all you have to do is go by the announcers table, take off that thing that is covering it by pressing the x button,make sure you have a stored special.Then through your opponent on to the announcers table and press L1.You should have been able to perform a diving elbow on the turnbuckle and put your opponent through the announcers table.


Hello there! Homers Assistant talking.
Now I've been doing some research and J.R. Is a bit thick, if you know what I'm saying. Right, to do this you HAVE to be in a RAW Arena or just with J.R. At ringside. Be HBK and get a finisher then store it. Lay your opponent on the ground and activate the finisher. Sometimes while Shawn's "Tuning up the Band" J.R. Shouts "RKO RKO We all know what's coming next!". So that proves he's missing a brain cell on finishing moves.
Hope I Helped!

Easy win for the Mexicools Challenge in challenge mode

Just do environmental grapples enough that your opponent is all red and then use a weapon to knock him down and then pin him

Winning the Tester Challenge

This is an extremely hard match since you are Mickie James and you hav to beat The Ultraheavyweight Khali. To win this match I had a strategy and I stuck with the whole way through until I won. Here's my strategy: At the start of the match you run (by pressing triangle) at the great Khali and press x to go behind him the move the right analog-stick right to do a move which puts the great khali to the floor and hurts his body and head. When he's on the floor kick him to hurt him even more. As he gets do what I just did again. Keep doing this until you get a special move. Store your finisher and do the move again to take him to the floor. Press R1 and x to pick him up and L1 to do a special. Keep playing like this to beat him. When I beat him his body was yellow and his head was red. He wa..

Easy way to win money in the bank

Ok get a really good superstar and 5 rubbish wrestlers or you can create 6 superstars make ones overall 99 and leave the rest really low now change the difficulty to legend now play it with the following and it's a lot easier thats how I got my trophy

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