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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Rock N Deep


                          THE SIMPSONS ROAD RAGE

                          Author: Rockin N Deep
                          Last Update: 21/02/08
                              Final Version


                             TABLE OF CONTENTS  

          1.....................................REVISION HISTORY
          4...........................................GAME BASIC
          5............................................MAIN MENU

          6A......................................ROAD RAGE MODE
          6B...................................EVERGREEN TERRACE
          6C..............................ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT
          6D.....................................SPRINGFIELD DAM
          6E.................................NUCLEAR POWER PLANT
          6G...............................SPRINGFIELD MOUNTAINS

          7...................................END OF GAME SCREEN
          8..................NEW VEHICLES AND STARTING LOCATIONS
          9.........................................SUNDAY DRIVE

          10........................................MISSION MODE
          10A.................MISSION 1- WILLIE'S PAPER SHREDDER
          10B........................MISSION 2- HOMER ON THE RUN
          10C...........................MISSION 3- BARNEY'S RAGE
          10D.....................MISSION 4- OTTO'S DRIVING TEST
          10E.........................MISSION 5- SNAKE'S DAY OFF
          10F.............MISSION 6- THEY'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE
          10G......................MISSION 7- SAVE THE HOVER CAR
          10H...........................MISSION 8- NOT THE TREES
          10I.........................MISSION 9- KRUSTY'S ESCAPE
          10J............................MISSION 10- BURNS ARENA

          11........................................HEAD TO HEAD

          13...............................SECRETS AND SHORTCUTS
          13A..................................EVERGREEN TERRACE
          13B.............................ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT
          13C....................................SPRINGFIELD DAM
          13D................................NUCLEAR POWER PLANT
          13F..............................SPRINGFIELD MOUNTAINS

          14....................BURNS TRANSIT BUS STOP LOCATIONS
          14A..................................EVERGREEN TERRACE
          14B.............................ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT
          14C....................................SPRINGFIELD DAM
          14D................................NUCLEAR POWER PLANT
          14F..............................SPRINGFIELD MOUNTAINS

          16.....................................INFINITE ROUTES
          17..........................................LEGAL INFO

=1=                           REVISION HISTORY

1.0 - 7/7/03 - Finished! For expected updates see the FAQ Plans section.

2.0 - 12/7/03 - Made BIG changes today Updated the art at the top and added
the Playable Characters And Vehicles section.

3.0 - 15/12/06 - This will probably be the final update to this guide. I
have done some formatting but I've changed not a word of the content. Added
new and more basic section headers. File Size is around 74kb.

Final- 21/02/08 - Removed ASCII at top of guide. Remove the "Vehicles"
section of the guide as it didn't really serve a purpose. This is the final
update without question. This update is basically to update the guide and
remove the unneeded bits. I've also spell-check this as I was possibly the
most mis-spelled document ever. File size is 53kbs.

=2=                           INTRODUCTION 

Hello and welcome to my Simpsons Road Rage FAQ. This was a difficult guide to
compile, the game doesn't really lend itself to a solid walkthrough-type
guide. However, it is now complete in its entirety and there will be no
further updates. Thanks a lot to all whole take the time to read this FAQ.

This guide contains near everything that you will need to know about this 
game. For this reason I won't be taking contributions or answering queries
by email. 

=3=                               STORY

Springfield. City on the move- or is it? This once-bustling borough has been
brought to a stand-still by the malignant magnate C. Montgomery Burns. The
man who owns the nuclear power plant has bought out the Springfield Transit
Corporation and is sapping the wallet of every Johnny Commuter and Janie
Buspass in this fair town. The dastardly devil has even converted the buses
to nuclear power and has given his drivers free reign to wreak havoc on this
hamlets otherwise sleepy streets.

But look out, Mr. Burns- the good people of Springfield are rising up to
take on your transportation tyranny. They're arming themselves with their
cars and are braving the bumper-to-bumper mayhem to provide a shuttle
service for the stranded citizenry. Will these chivalrous chauffeurs, these
vigilante valets bring down Montgomery's mass transport monopoly, or will
evil keep it's grip on the wheel? Only time will tell.

=4=                               GAME BASIC

                                 GAME CONTROLS

             Accelerate..............X button or Right analog stick up
             Steering.......................D-Pad or Left analog stick
             Handbrake....................................Square or R2 
             Horn.......................................Triangle or L1
             Look Back..............................................L2
             Reset Vehicle......................................Select
             Pause Game...................................Start Button

                                 GAME SCREEN

This is the screen on which you play the game. I will explain the different
sections to you.

In the top left hand corner, in yellow is the game time remaining. When this
has expired, you will get the 'end of game' screen.

Below the game time is the money which you have earned so far.

Next to both of these is the 'trip timer'. When this expires, your current
fare will leave the vehicle. A constant sound will be heard when you have
only 10 seconds left.

A hand is in the top center of the screen. This hand points in the direction
you need to go to deliver your current fare. When you get more experienced
with the game, you find yourself using this less and less.

In the top right hand corner is your Road Rage/Safe Trip status.

In the bottom left is the town map. Find your way around using this.

                                 PAUSE SCREEN

In the pause screen, there are many options. Select continue to resume the
game. Select Sound Settings to adjust your music, SFX and dialog volumes.
You can also select your preferred camera angle, turn the vibration on/off,
restart your current run or quit to the main menu.

                                GETTING A FARE

To get a fare, stop inside the flashing blue rings around a character. They
will get in and tell you where they want to go, and you must get them to
their destination before the 'trip timer' expires. The destination area is
marked with golden lights.

                          EARNING EXTRA TIME AND MONEY

There are many different ways to earn money and extra time. Here are the
ways to do so-

* Every second of a trip is worth about $10

* Every second left on the 'trip timer', when a fare is complete earns you
bonus cash.

* If you fail to get a passenger to their destination on time, you still keep
the cash earned from that trip so far.

* You can earn extra time and money for the speed of a trip. The tip
boundaries are-

Slow Trip- Between 0% and 20% of trip timer left= +$25 +0 seconds

Normal Trip- Between 21% and 35% of time timer left= +$50 + 1 second

Fast Trip- 36%+ of trip timer left= +$100 +3 seconds

* If you crash into the green 'Burns Transit Bus Stops', you will receive +2

                           ROAD RAGE AND SAFE TRIPS

You can also earn extra money by the way of Road Rage or Safe Trip.

If a white sign saying 'Avoid traffic for bonus' appears when you pick up a
passenger, you can earn a 'Safe Trip' bonus. Simply hit less than 3 vehicles
on your trip to earn the bonus. When you get to the destination, you will
receive the bonus which is +$250 and +5 seconds.

If a red sign 'Destroy stuff for bonus' appears, when you pick up a
passenger, then you can earn a 'Road Rage' bonus. Destroy the number of
listed objects, before the end of the trip. If you do this, the Road Rage
bonus is +$1000 and +5 seconds.

Here is a list of destroyable objects-

Trees, lamp posts, mail boxes, fire hydrants, road signs, fences, bus stops,
barrels, barriers, boxes, telephone boxes, tyres, fruit stalls, small huts,
benches, chairs, gnomes, statues, gravestones.

=5A=                              MAIN MENU

There are 5 options in the main menu, they are-


Beat the clock to deliver passengers, make money and earn rewards.


Explore Springfield at your own pace.


Help your favourite characters achieve their goals before time runs out.


Compete head to head to deliver passengers to their destinations.


Load saved games, choose skill level, configure controller and other options.

=6A=                           ROAD RAGE MODE

Select 'Road Rage' and you will be asked to select a driver. If you leave
the cursor on a character, but do not select them, then their demo will be

At the start of the game the only characters available are Homer, Marge,
Bart, Lisa and Grandpa. To see how to unlock more go to the 'New
Vehicles/Starting Locations' section.

Once you have selected your desired character, you will be asked your
starting location. At the start of the only location available to you is
Evergreen Terrace. Others to unlock are Entertainment District, Springfield
Dam, Nuclear Power Plant, Downtown and Springfield Mountains (see
'New Vehicles/Starting Locations' for more details).

=6B=                         EVERGREEN TERRACE


Homer calls Evergreen Terrace 'the swankiest street in the classiest part of
Pressboard Estates' and it would be hard to argue with him. It has all the
ingredients for good, wholesome family living: Springfield Elementary School,
Springfield Community Church and Springfield Retirement Castle. Stop in for
a quick bite at Krusty Burger, or pick up some supplies at the Kwik-E-Mart
for a savoury home-cooked meal. This is what small-town living is about.


Patty and Selma, Kwik-E-Mart, Willie's Shack, Skinner's House, Krabapples,
Retirement Castle, Grocery, Wiggum's House, Millhouses, Church, Krusty
Burger, Baby Sitters, President's House, Smithers Apt, Gas Station,
Lovejoy's House, Molemon's, Apu's Apt, Barney's Apt.

=6C=                        ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT


Located on a seedy side-street just a couple of blocks away from the heart
of the Entertainment District, Moe's Tavern has everything a local
watering-hole should have: beer and barstools. If food is what you are
after, pop in for all-you-can-eat seafood at the nearby Rusty Barnacle, or
go up-scale at Planet Hype. Then why not catch a movie at the Springfield
Googaplex or the Aztec Theatre? But the entertainment doesn't end there! Take
a tour of the Duff Brewery, get in some hot mini-golf action at Sir
Putt-A-Lots or play ten frames at Barney's Bowl-A-Rama. Yes, Springfield has
it all.


Moe's, Googaplex, She She Lounge, Rusty Barnacle, Frying Dutchman, Duff
Brewery, Tattoo Parlour, King Toot's, Noiseland Arcade, Box Factory,
Bowl-A-Rama, Planet Hype, Aztec Theatre, Gilded Truffle, Dating Service,
Mini-Mall, Grandma's World, Krusty Burger, Fiesta Terrace, Candy Most Dandy,
Try N Save, Circus Of Values, Phineas Ice Cream, Lardlands Donuts.

 =6D=                          SPRINGFIELD DAM


The original Springfield Dam was just a shoddy, hollow thing, constructed by
the evil Cecil Terwilliger, who wanted to blow it up and drown the city.
Thanks to Bart, Lisa and his own brother Sideshow Bob, he failed- but the
flimsy dam collapsed anyway. The hearty people of Springfield rallied, and
the new dam stands as a symbol of the towns pride and resilience. take some
time to explore it and it's scenic environs, including Mayor Quimby's
Mansion, Kamp Krusty and Rancho Relaxo. Steer clear of the Stonecutter's
Lodge though- strange things always seem to be afoot around there.


Interesting House, Kamp Krusty, TNT Storage, Builders Shack, K Radio, Rancho
Relaxo, Stonecutter's, Jittery Joe's, Quimby's Mansion.

=6E=                        NUCLEAR POWER PLANT


Can you feel it? That tingling in your bones? Well yes, that's partly because
of the radiation, but mainly because you're in Burn's territory now! The
Springfield Nuclear Power Plant dominates the landscape here, from It's main
office to it's giant turbines, to the cut-off valve that Homer plugged with
his ample frame, thus averting a nuclear meltdown. And then there's the fuel
rod and nuclear waste storage areas. Is it me or does the Springfield
Isotopes baseball field (property of C. Montgomery Burns) seem to be just a
bit to green?


Main Gate, Turbines, Cut-Off Valve, Run-Off Stream, Emergency Generator,
Leftorium, Baseball Diamond, Community Centre, Springfield Mall.

=6F=                              DOWNTOWN


Perhaps no song has captured the sprit of downtown Springfield better than
'Springfield, Springfield' by Bart Simpson and Millhouse Van Houten.
'Springfield, Springfield, it's a hell of a town: the schoolyard's up and the
shopping malls down. The stray dogs go to the animal pound.' Besides the
security of having the police station nearby, downtown Springfield also has
some good shopping- stop by the Android's Dungeon for the latest issue of
Radioactive Man, or get some genuine WWII-era weaponry at Herman's Military
Antiques. Look out 5th Avenue!


Clown Collage, Cathedral, Hospital, Sit and Rotate, Springfield S+L, Sushi
Yes, Happy Sumo, Singing Sirloin, City Hall, Palace Of Fine Arts, Copy
Jalopy, Black Box Bar, Social Club, Stadium, Painless Dentist, Plasma
Center, Veteran's, Herman's Military Antiques, Police Station, Frink's Apt,
Bus Depot, Airport, Area 51A, School For Girls, Android's Dungeon,
Observatory, Museum, Burns Casino, Teen's Apt, Shorty's Diner, Convention
Centre, Library.

=6G=                       SPRINGFIELD MOUNTAINS 


Have you had it up to here with the hustle and bustle of the city? Then head
for the beauty and serenity of the Springfield Mountains! Take in sweeping,
panoramic views of downtown Springfield while cruising with your sweetie to
Inspiration Point. The air is crisper and cleaner up here, although you may
notice a foul stench when you reach the peak- that's where Mr. Burns has his
mansion. From there, it's all downhill to the Springfield Gorge. Better get
up some good speed if your going to try and jump it!


Tire Fire, Burns Mansion, The Gold House, Biggest Toilet, Cemetery,
Springfield Gorge, Gas Station, K Radio.

=7=                           END OF GAME SCREEN

When you have run out of time (the game timer has expired) you will be taken
to the End Of Game Screen. Krusty The Klown will appear on a TV screen and
announce your rating. You are rated as follows-

$0                      Loser
$1-$999                 Grandma
$1,000-$2,999           Timid
$3000-$4999             Destructive
$5,000-$6999            Reckless
$7000-$9999             Insane
$10,000-$12,499         Speed Freak
$12,500-$14,999         Gazelle
$15,000 +               Madman

After you have been given your rating, the top 10 greatest scores are shown.
To begin with they are default but as you get better scores, your name will
appear more and more. There is an example below-

1.MAX     $70,538
2.MAX     $62,025
3.MAX     $59,376
4.MAX     $58,844
5.MAX     $37,456
6.MAX     $26,424
7.MAX     $25,762
8.MAX     $23,378
9.MAX     $14,076
10.MAX    $12,877

The progress screen is now shown. It tells you how much cash you earned on
the previous run, how much cash you have totally, how much cash you need for
a new reward, how many vehicles and neighbourhoods you've unlocked and how
many missions you have completed. See below for an example.

Gain               Next Reward
$9,287               800,000

Total               You Need
$700,001             99,999

                   Vehicles 17 of 17
                   Neighbourhoods 3 of 6
                   Missions 10 of 10

If you have a previously saved game, after this screen the game will


To earn new vehicles and starting locations you must earn certain
amounts of money, these are-


When you have passed one of these landmarks, you will have a choice to
unlock either a new vehicle or a new starting location. This option will
appear on the End Of Game Screen.

When you have $1,000,000 you will unlock the End Of Game Movie.

=9=                            SUNDAY DRIVE 

When you have selected Sunday Drive mode you will need to select your
character. Once you have done so you will need to select your starting

When you both your character and your starting location, you will begin your
Sunday Drive. In Sunday Drive mode you can browse the town at your leisure.
There is no time limit and you don't earn fares, though you still pick up
passengers. This also means that there are no Road Rage or Safe Trip
bonuses. As there is no time Burns Transit Bus Stops do not give you the
extra 2 seconds, as in Road Rage Mode.

Sunday Drive is useful for two main reasons. One is that if you are new to
the game, you can learn how to play.

And two, is that you can learn a whole manner of shortcuts and side alleys
that do not appear on the map, that could make your trips quicker. Also you
can find the locations of things such as Burns Transit Bus Stops, to earn
those extra seconds.

=10=                            MISSION MODE


On the mission mode screen , there is the trip timer, your mission status
and the area map.

In mission mode you must complete certain tasks with a character, in a set
time. If you complete all 10 missions, then you will be rewarded with 'Car
Built For Homer'. Now when you select Homer you will have the choice to
drive the Family Sedan or Car Built For Homer. I have given each mission a
difficulty rating out of 5. 5 being the hardest, 1 the easiest. The things
which you must knock over are surrounded by the small neon blue rings as
passengers are.



TIME ALLOWED - 1 minute


Mr Burns has bought up the Springfield Shopper and filled it pro-transit
propaganda. Willie won't let this stand. he needs to seek out and destroy 12
of 20 newspaper boxes before time runs out.


The way which I am going to tell you isn't the only way, but it is the way
which I find easiest. This will go for all of the missions.

When you start, you will notice that you are in Willie's bright red tractor.
To destroy the boxes simply crash into them hard.

1. The first one is ahead of you, on the right hand pavement.

2. Follow the road along and the next one is next to/underneath the green
sign saying 'Springfield Entertainment District'.

3. Take the left hand fork and a little way along on the left hand pavement,
is another.

4. Carry on along the road and there is one on the right hand pavement, near
a Sideshow Bob WANTED poster.

5. Keep following the road over the bridge and there is one on the right
hand pavement, next to an orange building.

6. A little way after that, there is one underneath the sign saying 'OH

7. Along the road still, there is one on the right hand pavement, next to
some gnomes.

8. Stay on the pavement and drive a little further and there is another.

9. Go to the left hand pavement and there is one on the street corner, next
to a tree.

10. From here go over the flower beds and there is one dead ahead of you on
the pavement.

11. Take the left hand fork in the road and on the righthand pavement, next
to a graffiti wall is another.

12. Carry on along this pavement and there is the final one on the street
corner, next to an orange building.

=10B=                   MISSION 2 - HOMER ON THE RUN


TIME - 25 seconds


Mr. Burns found out that Homer left work to watch the baseball game and is
planning to sneak back into work. Bart has to drive Homer back to work
without being hit by Mr. Burns.


This one is pretty easy. Once Homer is in the car, head out of the baseball
stadium, by the tunnel straight ahead of you. Take a right and follow the
perimeter of the grey fence. When the fence turns upwards, keep following it.

When a gap in the fence appears, (where the road is), go through it. Look to
your and you will see the destination marker in yellow neon lights. Get here
and drop Homer off, with Mr. Burns driving into you otherwise the mission is

*Note Mr.Burns can appear anywhere on the mission, not just at the very end.

=10C=                     MISSION 3 - BARNEY'S RAGE


TIME - 45 seconds


Barney has a rough night and he's going to take it out on the towns various
mascots. He needs to find and destroy 12 mascots, before time runs out.


1. From the start there is a mascot ahead of you in the corner of the park.

2.Cut diagonally across the park (past the Jebadiah Springfield statue) and
there is the second one, on the other corner.

3. From the last one turn left and there's one of the left hand pavement.

4. Carry on forward and there is one on the planter between the roads.

5. Carry on along this plant and there is another one.

6. At the end of the planter look right and there is one on the street

7. From the last one, a little way along the road, on the left hand
pavement, next to the 'Springfield Savings and Loans' sign, is another

8. From the last one, on your 1st right there is one on the street corner.

9. Carry on along this side of the pavement and there is another one.

10,11,12. From here head towards the stadium (the big black building ahead
of you and to the left, with the Moe's sign on) and the entrance is in the
right hand side. On your way in there are 2 more, but if you don't get those,
there are 3 inside the stadium.

=10D=                 MISSION 4 - OTTO'S DRIVING TEST


TIME - 30 seconds


It's time for Otto's annual driving test. He knocks over 15 of 20 street
lights at the mini-mall before the time runs out he gets to keep his


From the start, reverse 180 and get the 4 behind you. Then go to your right
and there are 2 rows of 5 street lights (at the right hand large car park).
When you have smashed all of these, look across the street and you will see
more street lights. You only need one of these to finish the mission.

=10E=                    MISSION 5 - SNAKE'S DAY OFF


TIME - 50 seconds


Snake is out on parole and has decided to wreak havoc at the power plant as
part of his community service. If he runs over 20 barrels of nuclear waste
Mr.Burns won't have any fuel left for buses.


1.From the start head forward and next to a tree is a barrel.

2,3,4. Carry on in a straight line from the previous barrel to get the next

5. Before the purple building, take a left- the barrel is here.

6. After this, hang a quick left and another is here.

7. Carry on in a straight line from the last and here is the next one.

8. Take a right, around the corner and the next one is left hand side of
the big blue building.

9. Hang a right after the blue building and there is another.

10+11. Carry on and the next 2 are next to a planter and next to a big pink
building respectively.

12. Carry on and the next one is in front of you.

13. After the last 1 hang a quick left and the next one is on the road that
goes to the cooling tower.

14,15,16,17. All of these are around the right hand side of the cooling

18,19,20. Just follow the grass around the back of the power plant.



TIME - 40 seconds


Grandpa Simpson forgot to take his medication and is convinced that the
garbage cans along the road are out to get him. He needs to knock over 12
garbage cans before time runs out.


1. From the start, go down the hill and get the one on your left.

2. Then look to your due right and there is one ahead of you.

3,4,5,6. Now head over the dam collecting these 4 along the way. They
are all on the left hand side of the dam, next to the white (kerb?)

7. When you come off of the dam, follow the road and there is one
between the fork in the roads.

8,9,10. Carry on along the road which you are following to gain 3 more.

11. You now need to jump over the broken dam, so you need some serious
speed. When you make it there is a can as soon as you land, to your

12. The final one, is further along the road, which you have just
landed on, on the right hand pavement.

=10G=                MISSION 7 - SAVE THE HOVERCAR


TIME- 35 seconds


Professor Frink has just developed a fuel-efficient hover- car and Mr. Burns
is determined to destroy it. He and Mayor Quimby must get to City Hall to
patent his invention. Watch out for Mr.Burns.


Go straight ahead, as soon as Mayor Quimby is in the car. Take your second
right (the one after the bridge) and head along the freeway, until it ends.
At the end is City Hall. Try and avoid all traffic and especially Smithers
and Mr.Burns. These two appear about 3/4 of the way along the freeway, and
try to get a head on collision with you and will bring you to a halt, so if
you get stopped, it's unlikely that you will complete the mission.

=10H=                  MISSION 8 - NOT THE TREES


TIME - 50 seconds


Lisa just found out a logging company is hopping down tree in Redwood
Forest. She is going to disrupt their plans by knocking over 24 piles of
their neatly stacked piles of wood.


You don't actually have to knock over 24 piles of wood what it means is
pieces of wood. There are 3 pieces of wood to a pile.

1. From the start, drive up the hill. Once at the top you should see a
pile of wood on your left, under a Duff beer sign. Mission
Status- 3/24 piles.

2. Now take the right hand fork, and go over the bridge. A little way along
is a pile on the left hand side of the road.

*Occasionally after you have taken the fork Mr.Burns appears. Be careful not
to get hit by him.

3. A little further along is another pile under the brown railway bridge.

4.Just after the last one is a right turn. Take this and get the first pile 
you come to.

5. Quickly do a 180 turn and carry on up the road which you turned off.
There's a pile next to The World's Biggest Toilet. You should now have
15/24 wood piles.

6. Follow the road around until you come to the Gold House and there is a
pile outside here.

7. Carry on along the road and go over the wooden bridge. Take the uphill
road on your right. At the top of here is another.

8. The final one is just along there road from the last one.

*Note you will have to be quick as one mistake could mean failure.

=10I=                    MISSION 9 - KRUSTY'S ESCAPE


TIME - 1 minute


Krusty The Klown is tired of dealing with all of the tour buses that follow
the street signs that mark the path to his house. He needs to knock down at
least 15 of the signs to throw them off track.


1. As soon as you start, head forward and at the bottom of the hill, on the
corner is the 1st one.

2.Take a left  and there is one at the beginning of the planter, which is
separating the roads.

3. At the bottom of the same road, on the right hand corner is another.

4. At the bottom of this road, hang a right at the junction. On the left
hand pavement is another.

5. Carry on and on the same side of the pavement, there is another, next to
a Burns Transit Bus Stop and a tree.

6. Further along on the other side of the road, next to a brown building, is
the next.

7. Carry on and on the same side of the road is another next to the gas

8. On a bit further and on the opposite side of the road is another next to
a Burns Transit Bus Stop.

9.Just after that there is one between the fork in the roads.

10. Take the left hand fork and there is another one on the left hand side
of the road.

11.Carry on along this road and you will come to another, on the left hand
side of the road.

12. Carry on forward (don't take the right hand road) and there is the next
one on the right hand pavement.

13. Further along this road is one, on the left hand pavement.

14. On the next right hand turn, there is one on the street corner. Next to
Mort's Deli.

15. The final one- Cut diagonally across the park and the last one is on a
corner next to a Burns Transit Bus Stop.

=10J=                   MISSION 10 - BURNS ARENA


TIME - 45 seconds


Homer is going to get Mr.Burns once and for all by destroying the statues in
his garden. Each statue is made up of 2 or more pieces. Homer needs to break
20 pieces before time runs out.


From the start go forward (through the hedge) and the camera angle will
change. Simply destroy 20 pieces of statue in the time. Be careful Mr. Burns
will be prowling the area.

=11=                           HEAD TO HEAD

When you select head to head mode, the first thing which you need to do is
select your target earnings. This is the amount of money you need to reach
to win. The options are $5000, $10,000, $15,000. Each player must then
select their desired character. Then your starting location, the only
available options are- Evergreen Terrace, Entertainment District, Nuclear
Power Plant and Downtown. For some reason unbeknown to me Springfield Dam
and Springfield Mountains are not available.

Head to Head mode is the two player section. Two players race for one fare.
The person who delivers the fare to their destination earns $1000. You must
be the person to deliver the fare to claim the money. If you don't get to
the fare first, don't worry because if you crash into your opponent at a
good speed, the fare will come and hop in your car. You can also lose fares
in the same. The game is only finished when a player reaches the target
target earnings selected before the game.

* Note when you pick up the passenger, a flag appears in the top right hand

=12=                              OPTIONS


Select this option and you can load up a previously saved game, or start and
entirely new game.

Here you can set your controller configuration to Configuration 1 or
Configuration 2.


Here you can set the game difficulty.

Easy- Start with 75 seconds
Medium- Start with 50 seconds
Hard- Start with 40 seconds

On a higher difficulty level, you can earn more money, but have less time to
earn it in.


Set music, sound effects, voice volume. Also set sound to stereo/mono.


View your top ten highest scores.


If you have earned $1,000,000 (completed the game) you can view the end of
the game again.


See who made the game. Normally I just skip the game credits but these are
enough to make me watch. It has animations of the creators and comments from
Comic Book Guy. Worth a watch.


I put this section in as I thought that it would get a lot off attention
from people. Some of these shortcuts you may already know, whereas I might
be able to help you out with some. Read on and see how much you missed.

=13A=                        EVERGREEN TERRACE

1. Next to the sign on the pink building about greyhound racing. Before the
orange sign which says 'Stop The Planet Of The Apes, I Want To Get Off'.

2. Crash through the door of the Elementary School.

3. There is a small downhill dirt track to the left of the great, big, long,
pink building, that has lots of windows, (I think the building is

4. Across the road from the orange 'Springfield Grocery Store'. It's an
alleyway between a pink and brown building.

5. Across the road from the Church is an open space of grass. Just to
the right is a big, brown, long sewage pipe. You can drive straight through

6. Behind the Church you can get to the watering hole.

7. Opposite the Babysitters, there is an alleyway, next to a sign 'BURNS

8. To the right of the Retirement Castle is a dirt track, running behind the
block of building, which starts with a yellow building.

=13B=                       ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT

1. The Duff Brewery-just drive through the green panels.

2. To the right of the She She Lounge. Go up the sand ramp and over the roof.

3. Opposite the Tattoo Parlour (near Moe's).

4. On the right hand side of the Try N Save.

5. Through the pink castle at the mini golf course.

6.Smash down the fence under the Moe's and Duff advertising signs (head
towards Plant Hype from the Rusty Barnacle and you will see it on the way.

7.Smash down the fence next to the Gilded Truffle.

8. You can cross from road to road next to the bridge where the two roads
straddle each other (the lower on is the housing estate).

9. Behind the Bowl-A-Rama, through the trees.

10. Behind and to the left of the Googaplex, through the trees.

=13C=                         SPRINGFIELD DAM

1. You can drive up and down the side of the new dam.

2. from the start, drive until you reach the first real corner and then look
left of the road and there is a grassy bank. You can drive up this and cut
off one of the hairpins.

3. From Quimby's Mansion, look past the TNT Storage and you will see a path
going into the cliff. Go through this tunnel and it brings you out at the
far side of the broken dam.

4. Go to the barn with the truck across it, on the bank to the side of it is
a dirt track leading you eventually to the bottom of the dam.

5. From Kamp Krusty (far side of new dam) take the road to your left. If you
have enough speed, you will be able to jump the broken dam, which is at the
end of the road.

=13D=                       NUCLEAR POWER PLANT

1. if you go to the cooling towers, then you can drive inside the power

2.You can get inside the baseball stadium.

3. At the far end of the river (near where you start) there is a dirt track
running up and down to the river.

=13E=                            DOWNTOWN

1. Opposite Herman's Military Antiques

2. Through the green panels of Area 51A.

3. The drains can prove to have many short-cuts. The drains are located
under the freeway.

4. Near the Convention Center is The Escalator To Nowhere. This is really
just a big jump.

5. Behind Nelson's house (opposite Snake's Apt) is a dirt track. You can
also access the track. You can also access the track-

* Behind 24/7

* Behind PhineasQ. Butterfats Ice Cream Parlour

6.Next to Area 51A is a plane with a platform and a car. Drive up the
platform with speed and you can jump the plane.

7.From the previously mentioned plane, head down the runway, which it is
facing and at the end is a dirt track and a jump. When you have gone over
this jump, turn around a you can go back over (the shortcut works two ways).

8. Opposite the Plasma Center and next to Cheque$ Ca$hed is a railroad.

9. As you enter Springfield Park, from the side which the Singing Sirloin is
on, on your right is a red car on a platform. Drive up this platform with
speed to make the jump.

10. In the planter in between the road, in front of the girls school, is a

=13F=                    SPRINGFIELD MOUNTAINS

1. You can go inside Burns's mansion, by crashing through the doors. His
mansion is situated up the hill from the cemetery.

2. You can get on the railway at numerous points when it crosses the road,
but it doesn't lead to anything important that I know of.

3. At the end of the tunnel which is near Burns' mansion and the cemetery
is a jump. If you are going fast enough, you will land in the car park. But
if your not going fast enough then you won't get over the barrier and you
will fall down Springfield Gorge. If you do this you will be reset at the
mouth of tunnel.

4. When you land in the previously mentioned car park, on your right hand
side is a dirt track, that will take you back to the tunnels.


This is a list of all the Bus Stop locations in in each area.

=14A=                       EVERGREEN TERRACE

1. As soon as you begin there is one on the right hand street corner.

2. Next Reverend Lovejoy's House (it's all purple) and also next to a
green Android's Dungeon sign.

3. To the left of the elementary school, next to an 'Eat Deer' sign.

4. In front of a yellow house with a purple roof, on the housing
estate behind Krabapple's.

5. In front of Patty and Selma's.

6. At the side of the orange Springfield Grocery Store.

7. Next to the Church

=14B=                     ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT

1. Opposite the tattoo parlour.

2. Outside Krusty Burger (opposite Moe's).

3. Outside Only Hardware (across from Duff Brewery and gas station).

4. Outside the gas station, across from Moe's.

5. Outside Java The Hut (across from the Rusty Barnacle).

6. After the previously mentioned Burns Transit Bus Stop, go a little
way down the road, and just after the Moe's advertising sign is

7. Across the road , between the fork, across the road from the gas
station (near Planet Hype).

8. Across the road from the left hand car park of the Googaplex.

9. Across the road from the Girlesque (around corner from Noiseland

10. Outside the Bowl-A-Rama

11. On the pavement, outside the car park of the Mini-Mart.

12. Next to Fiesta Terrace, next to a Sideshow Bob WANTED sign (Fiesta
Terrace is an orangey pink building).

=14B=                         SPRINGFIELD DAM

As far as I know there are no Bus Stops in this location.

=14D=                       NUCLEAR POWER PLANT

1. Outside the Springfield Community Center.

2. To the left of the baseball stadium.

3. In the car park, to the right of Springfield Mall (near shop list
on a pole).

4. On the outskirts of the same car park.

=14E=                           DOWNTOWN

1. Across the road from the Police Station.

2. Outside veterans.

3. Outside the Cathedral.

4.On the road in front of Clown Collage.

5. Outside the multi-storey car park next to the stadium.

6. Next to a planter, outside the stadium.

7. On the street corner of the road which has balloons of the Simpson
family suspended above it.

8. Across the road from Channel Six, which is a pink building. It is
on the same road as the Hospital.

9. Across the road from the Popsicle Stick Skyscraper, which is near
Sushi Yes.

10. Next to Sit And Rotate.

11. Next to Springfield S+L (the bank).

12. Outside City Hall.

13. Outside hall, on the corner of the park which Jebadiah Springfield
is in.

14. In the opposite corner of 'Jebadiah Park'.

15.  Outside the Library.

16. Outside the Convention Center.

17. Next to the Escalator To Nowhere.

18. As you enter Springfield Park there is one next to the red car on
a platform.

19. Outside Springfield Drive-In (near the Singing Sirloin)

20. On the walkway of the intersection which has a great big hole in it.

21. Outside the Bus Depot.

=14F=                    SPRINGFIELD MOUNTAINS

1. Outside Tire Fire.

2. Outside The World's Largest Toilet.

3. Outside the Gold House.

4. Outside the Cemetery.

5. Just about the tunnel after the Gold House.

6. When you have made the jump at the end of the afore mentioned
tunnel, there is one on the road leading to the car park, which
you just landed in.

=15=                             CHEATS

I do not agree with cheating, but there are some of you who do, so
here they are-

Hold down L1 and R1 in the OPTIONS section and input-

CHRISTMAS APU- Triangle, Triangle, O, Triangle

COLLISION LINES- Triangle twice, and X twice


HALLOWEEN BART- Triangle, Triangle, 0, X

MORE MONEY- Square, Square, Square, Square

NEW CAMERA VIEWS- Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle

NEW YEARS KRUSTY- Triangle, Triangle, O, Square


BURNS TRANSIT BUS- Triangle, Triangle, Square, X

MR.BURNS- Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square

SOAPBOX CAR- Triangle, Triangle, Square, O square

FREEZE CLOCK- O, Triangle, Square, X

PILGRIM MARGE- Triangle, Triangle, O, O

To undo the cheats, simply input them again.

For the holiday characters, there are certain dates which they are unlocked
on e.g. Halloween Bart is available at Halloween. 

* Note the holiday characters occupy the ? section on the character select

=16=                           INFINITE ROUTES

What is an infinite route? Follow these paths repeatedly and you will never
run out of time or stop earning cash! This is easily the best way to rack
up the dollar and complete the game. I have found a few of these routes
myself but I am far from mastering all of these routes. Here is a very 
helpful link to a guide by SubSane, which is the best source for information
on the infinite routes.

=17=                            LEGAL INFO

This guide can only be used on the following sites-


If you would like to use this guide on your site, then permission must be 
obtained from me first. I will review your site and then make a decision.
This is to make sure that my guide will be kept up to date and the site is
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This guide is the and everything included herein is the sole property of 
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