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Follow the dark path or use the light

Tekken 5 - Jinpachi Mishjma FAQ

by Kayreiko

| Kayuza's Jinpachi Mishima FAQ             |
|        |
| [email protected]                         |
| V1.4 - 11 May 05                          |

FAQ summary and future insight

 -V1.4 has most of Jinpachi's gameplay details and damage points.	

Jinpachi Mishima gameplay facts

 -Only playable using a 3rd party cheat device in Tekken 5.
  >Action Replay Master Code: AXR0-Z0RX-YYMUR 10ZA-R68H-6YU4U
   >1st Player Always Plays As-
    >Jinpachi demon model 1 (red): HF2Z-A3H6-PN3D2 HND6-PZ1R-5FKAY
    >Jinpachi demon model 2 (blue): XWXH-FD2F-Q85Z8 EVAN-0KVD-V5QYA
    >Jinpachi human model 1 (gold): M3DT-BC51-NFF0P T7V4-MRHJ-3PN9G
    >Jinpachi human model 2 (jade): ZMZ3-059C-EC23F 252C-FYN5-D0HJX
   >2nd Player Always Plays As-
    >Jinpachi demon model 1 (red): M7DE-Q2EW-J2VGR UDVR-C0GK-EY6H7
    >Jinpachi demon model 2 (blue): KH7Z-TE85-66JZD QWZN-KVEC-9RWGK
    >Jinpachi human model 1 (gold): 75C9-V5PT-Q1V2T 88CH-93W8-9M9W2
    >Jinpachi human model 2 (jade): U916-WGCE-VHJ45 7NFR-W2BK-T76D8

 -Controllable in Story Battle, Arcade Battle, Time Battle, Vs Battle,
  Team Battle (as first selected character), Survival, and Practice.

 -No moves are listed in Jinpachi's move command menu.

 -All this boss' moves are available.

 -Human Jinpachi's fireball move is invisible for the human model.

 -Fighting in Practice against another Jinpachi or Metal Mokujin* in
  default mode will trigger automatic defensive counter attacks.

 *To get Metal Mokujin enter the master code from above, then:
  >1st player always Metal Mokujin: 7CK5-EF7J-6ZWBG YWGM-7C3M-HYETD
  >2nd Player always Metal Mokujin: 9CPD-DWRQ-TXEAM DJAA-4549-9A3ZF
 (Metal Mokujin is a simple model w/ Paul's vs. screen picture)

 -Jinpachi only has two winning poses:
  >Holding Left Punch or Left Kick right after win - Arms out, yells
  >Holding Right Punch or RIght Kick right after win - Arm out, says
  "Die!" in Japanese.

 -Jinpachi's block damage is 4 points per hit when enabled.

Basic Move Info

"+" - press buttons/motions together
"_" - can replace buttons/motions with
"," - break in command step
">" - do command immediately following last step

u - up key on d-pad - hold varies length of upward jump
d - down key on d-pad - hold for down crouch, tap for side step
f - left/right key on d-pad - forward step
b - left/right key on d-pad - backward step
u/f - forward jump          
u/b - backward jump
d/f - forward crouching step     
d/b - backward crouching step

any motion in caps (U, F, D, B) - press and hold that motion

f,f - quick dash
b,b - back dash
f,f,F - run
d,D - side step walk

W/C - while Jinpachi is crouching
W/S - while Jinpachi is coming up from the crouch position
W/L - while landing from a jump move

1 - Left Punch
2 - Right Punch                                
3 - Left Kick
4 - Right Kick

"[,]" - damage amounts, comma splits up regular/powered up damage


facing opponent
1+3		headgrab, impale, kick off [25,15]
2+4		jumping spinning piledriver [35]

facing opponent's back
1+3_2+4		turning hip toss [50]

on opponents left side
1+3_2+4		wrist flip [45]

on opponents right side
1+3_2+4		hip toss [40]

air throw
1+3_2+4		leg grab, clothesline [20]

Getting Up

On ground, face Up position
d+1		roll over to face down position
f+1+2		dive [15]
3		strong sweep kick [10]
4		sidekick [12]
b+3+4		handspring, dive [20]

On ground, face down position
3		weak sweep kick [7]
4		sidekick [10]



1		punch [15,18]
 >1		punch [15]
 >2		strong punch [20]
f+1		horizonal chop
 >2		palm uppercut
d/f+1		uppercut [8,9]
f,f+1		clothesline [20,24]
b+1		lunge punch [30,36]
b,f+1		backsway, charging elbow [30,36]
d+1		tile splitter [25,30]
U_U/F_U/B+1	jump punch [12,14]
W/S+1		uppercut [12,14]
W/C,d/f+1 	low swing punch [16,19]
W/C,d_d/b+1	crouch punch [10,12]
2		punch [15,18]
 >2		spinning punch [20]
f+2		lunge punch [30,36]
 >2		crouching backfist [30]
d/f+2		palm uppercut [30,36]
f,f+2		impale, kick off *air throw* [25,30],[15] *[17],[15]*
b+2		low power swing [20,24]
d+2		gound punch *when opponent on floor* [11,19]
U_U/F_U/B+2	jump ground punch [18,21]
W/C,d_d/f_d/b+2	crouch punch [16,19]
W/S+2		godfist uppercut [30,36]
f+1+2		forward lunge punch [30,36]
d+1+2		elbow rush [35,42]
d/f+1+2		outward arm scisor punch [30,36]
d/b+1+2		headbutt [30,36]
f,f+1+2		inward arm scisor punch [20,24]
W/S+1+2		power godfist Uppercut [40,48]
3		high knee [30,36]
f+3		high kick [30,36]
d/f+3		sidekick [17,20]
f,f+3		lunging sweep kick [30,36]
b+3		high round swing stomp kick [25,30]
d+3		sliding kick [30,36]
U_U/F_U/B+3	jumpkick [25,30]
u_u/f,3		popup jumpkick [25,30]
u_u/f_u/b,W/L+3	mid/low jumpkick [25,30]/[15,18]
W/C,d_d/f_d/b+3	low spinkick [12,14]
4		roundhouse [30,36]
f+4		axe kick [27,32]
f,f+4		thrust kick [35,42]
b+4		mid round-swing heel kick [30,36]
d/b+4		low leg stun [30,36]
d+4		stomp [24,28]
U_U/F_U/B+4	jumpkick [15,18]_[25,30]_[11,13]
u/f,4		flying roundhouse [30,36]
d/f+4		sidekick [15,18]
W/C,d_d/f_d/b+4	crouch kick [10,12]
W/S+4		high knee [30,36]

f,f,F		run, takedown/shoulder [5]/[21,36]
 >1		punch [5]
  >2		punch [5]
   >1		punch [5]
    >2		punch [5]
     >1		punch [5]
 >2		punch [5]
  >1		punch [5]
   >2		punch [5]
    >1		punch [5]
     >2		punch [5]
 >1+2		dive [30,36]
 >3		jumpkick [30,36]
 >4		slide [17,20]

1+2+3+4		power up
 >1		power godfist uppercut [54]
 >2		godfist uppercut [42]

1+2		fireball *unblockable* [80,96]
b+1+2		opponent focus distortion *unblockable*
3+4		backwards teleport
 >1+2		inward arm scisor punch *unblockable* [40,48]
f+3+4		forwards teleport
 >1+2		inward arm scisor punch *unblockable* [40,48]
d/b+3+4		inward arm scisor punch *unblockable* [40,48]


Copyright (c) 2005 Leland R. Repp.

This FAQ, containing my descriptions of the move set, may be not be
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It
may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
without advance written permission. Use of this FAQ on any other web site
or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

Action Replay codes taken from the Action Replay code database found at, (c) 2005 Datel.

Some move names are similar to those described in Tekken 5, (c) 2005