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Follow the dark path or use the light

Spartan: Total Warrior FAQ/Walkthrough

by monty mike


- Game: Spartan: Total Warrior
- System: Playsation 2
- Publisher: SEGA
- Developer: Creative Assembly
- Current Version: 0.05
- Last Updated: October 22, 2005

- Contact me: [email protected]

Please note that I am writing this walkthrough as I'm playing it.  Therefore,
if I'm not up to a certain point it's because I'm not there in the game or
am a little busy with other things.  Whenever a time-window opens I do my 
best to add to the FAQ.  Evidently, if you are stuck somewhere that isn't yet 
covered by this walkthrough, your best bet is to ask on the board.

If you have anything to contribute, please send me an email detailing the
information (though don't send me stuff concerning parts of the game that the
walkthrough has not yet covered).  I will give credit where it is due.

- Table of Contents                                                   [A100]

 0. Table of Conents..................................................[A100]
    A. Version History................................................[A101]
 I. General Info......................................................[B100]
    A. Controls.......................................................[B101]
    B. Move List......................................................[B102]
    C. Character List.................................................[B103]
    D. Weapon List....................................................[B104]
    E. Secrets & Relics...............................................[B105]
    F. Ancient Artefacts..............................................[B106]
II. Act I.............................................................[C100]
    A. Chapter I - The Storm Breaks...................................[C101]
    B. Chapter II - A Spartan Welcome.................................[C102]
    C. Chapter III - The Last Stand...................................[C103]

    ?. Credits........................................................[?100]

- Version History                                                     [A101]

~ Version 0.05 added on October 11, 2005
  - Version 0.05 updated on October 22, 2005

- General Info                                                        [B100]

This section fills in all the little extra parts about the game  which 
can be found in the manual.  If you do not have access to a manual, but 
are the type of gamer who likes to find out some information before 
beginning, then I hope this section will help.

- Controls                                                            [B101]

Below lies a basic list of the controls.
I've given the In Game Controls as well 
as the Menu Controls

- IN GAME CONTROLS  <----------------
------------------                   |
L2 -- Raise Shield                   |
L1 -- Draw Bow                       |
D-Pad -- Change Weapon               |
Left Analogue -- Move the Spartan    |
Start -- Pause                       |
Right Analogue -- Move Camera        \
Square -- Context Sensitive Action   |
X -- Direct Attack                   |
O -- Radial Attack                   |
Triangle -- Jump                     |
R1 -- Range Attack                   |
R2 -- Power Up                       |

            ___        ___
           /   |      |   \
          | ^   \____/   ^ |
         / < >   =  =   # o \
         |  v            x   |
        /     /(_)--(_)\     \
        \    /          \    /
         ---/            \---

- MENU CONTROLS     <----------------
-----------------                    |
D-Pad -- Move through Menu Items     |
Start -- Access the Menu Screens     |
         from the title screens      |
Right Analogue -- Scroll any menu    |
                  text               \
X -- Select Menu Item                |
Triangle -- Return to Previous       |
            Screen                   |

- Move List                                                            [B10]

EVASION          L2 + traingle        Roll to the left or right 
                                      to avoid attacks or surprise 
                                      an enemy from behind.

FATALITY         Square               Finish an enemy while he's down.

FIRE QUENCHER    L2 + traingle        While on fire, drop and role
                                      - quickly!

SHIELD BREAKER   traingle + X         Jump then strike to unleash your
                                      shield breaker move.

DIRECT RAGE      R1 + X               When the Rage Bar is full, hold
ATTACK                                R1 and press X to unleash a 
                                      charged move against a single

RADIAL RAGE      R1 + O               When the Rage Bar is full, hold 
ATTACK                                R1 and press ) to unleash a 
                                      fearsome enraged move against 
                                      many oponents.

DIRECT RAGE      R1 + L1 + X          When the Rage Bar is full, hold
BOW ATTACK                            R1, L1 and X to fire a stream of
                                      enhanced arrows at a single enemy.

RADIAL RAGE      R1 + L1 + O          When the Rage Bar is full, hold 
BOW ATTACK                            R1, L1 and O to fire multiple
                                      enhanced arrows against many 

POWERED DIRECT   R2 + X               When you Power Bar is full, direct
ATTACK                                the power at a single enemy with 
                                      this ferocious move.

ATTACK           R2 + O               When your Power Bar is full, direct
                                      its strength against many with this
                                      ferocious move.

POWERED DIRECT   R2 + L1 + X          Fire a power arrow into a single 
BOW                                   enemy.

POWERED RADIAL   R2 + L1 + O          Fire a power arrow into a crowd of
BOW                                   enemies.

- Weapon List                                                         [B104]


Well-balanced offensive and defensive capabilities, allowing
medium-paced attacks.


Accurate for firing one or many arrows at a time.  This ranged 
weapon can be modified with a fire pickup for a limited time.


Fast and agile twin blades, which can also be used for limited 


A long reach, offset by a slow speed.


Slow but very powerful.

- Character List                                                      [B103]


The ultimate lone warrior.

The Spartan is a man of courage and honour - his purpose in 
life revealed only in the heart of battle.  Orphaned at birth
and raised a a true Spartan warrior, he quickly became one of 
the city's most promising fighters.

With the twin brothers, Castor and Pollux at his side, the Spartan 
will lead is allies into the battle that will decide the fate of 
their city.

- Allies


The Spartan's brave and ever-present friend and comrade.

Courageous and physically very powerful, Castor has been the 
Spartan's closest friend since their first days in training.
Though less reckless and more reliable than his twin brother, 
Pollux, he nonetheless relishes combat as much as any Spartan.

Destined to lead, Castor if faithful to his king and his people, 
he will fight to the death to uphold the Spartan way.


The born optimist and skillful warrior.

Pollux doesn't take danger too seriously.  He is confident in his
own ability to conquer any obstacles and is certain of Sparta's 
invincibilty.  Never happier that fighting alongside his brother
and fellow Spartans, Pollux is the type who will take on any 
challenge - the bigger the better.

What he lacks in the brute strenght he more than makes up for in 
skill.  Like any Spartan he knows fear, and is one of Sparta's 
finest swordsmen.


The fearless leader of the Spartans.

King Leonidas has led and protected the Spartans for many years and 
is respected and loved by his people.  He has seen many battles and
won many wars, but nothing has prepared him against the might of 
the Roman Empire.  As the legions line up outside the city walls, 
Leonidas must lead his people to glory, or to death.


The Warrior Princess.

Electra, the highborn princess of the Amazons, leaves her home to 
protect her people and prove her worth in battle.  A firecer fighter
skilled in all weapons, Electra's speciality is sword-to-sword combat.
She is fiercely independant and proud to a fault, and only grudgingly
joins the quest alongside the Spartan soldiers.  Her love for her 
people pushes her to fight the Roman Empire, abandoning all else in 
her quest for vengance.

- Mythical Beasts & Legendary Men


An enormous bronze mechanical man, animated through sinister powers,
which threatens the very walls of Spartan.


The Romans have harnessed her power to turn mortals to stone, 
chanelling her destructive glare into a powerful beam that can 
petrify entire phalanxes of soldiers in a flash.


The giants responsible for waging wars against the entire pantheon 
of gods, these monstrous beasts are kept as pets to protect the 
Barbarians from their enemies.


The mighty was chief of the Danes and leader of the Barbarians, who 
creates diabolic fire using alchemy.


The ruthless Roman General and warlord, a thuggish warrior who loves 
to get into the thick of battle, leading his men frmo the front and 
reaping the spoils of war.


The Praetorian Prefect, cunning and completely amoral with no concerns 
other than his own power and ambition.  Rumours of his knowledge of 
dark magic abound.


The decadent Emperor of Rome, pushed ot the brink of madness by corrupt
influences and dark forces.


Trained in the dark arts of necromancy, Sejanus keeps the Priestess 
close to him.


Half man, half bull, this is the beast that resides in a maze-like den,
awaiting more victims to devour.

- Ancient Artefacts                                                   [B106]


Look for bombs placed around the level.  They will not always be in 
obvious places, and may even be hidden inside other objects.  If you 
are having trouble finding a way forward a path may be revealed once 
these explosives have been used.


Almost everybody (allies and enemies) can be burnt and are vulnerable
to death by fire.  Barrels and amphorae (vases) found around the levels
sometimes contain naptha, which is highly flammable and can be ignited
once its vessel has been smashed.


Another useful way to clear paths and take out multiple enemies, these
kegs can only be detonated with fire arrows.


Look our fot chests while exploring the locations.  These contain 
helpful items such as arrows, fire arrows and arena pick ups.


Many types of items may be hidden in crates including health and power
orbs and bombs.  Break them open to see what they contain.

- Act I                                                               [C100]

- The Storm Breaks                                                    [C101]

Sparta under siege.

Before I ruled, the Roman Empire's invasion of the free world, led by the 
Emperor Tiberius, mercilessly spread towards our land.  We watched 
helplessly as Athens fell and the rest of Greece was taken over.

The city of Sparta remained defiant - enemy torches had never before 
illuminated our great city walls, and as Spartan warriors we would stand 
firm against the Empire.

The early skirmishes cost Sparta dearly - the greatest of our warriors 
fought and fell.

King Leonidas called on the newly trained and inexperienced soldiers; 
soldiers like my brother and myself.

We had to return with our shields - or upon them.

- Defend Sparta from the Roman invasion

- OBJECTIVE: Kill the Centurions

The best way to kill these guys is by using 'Shield Breaker' to smash up 
those big shilds they carry and then treat them like normal soldiers as 
they are completely defenceless.  By that, I mean continuously bash X or 
O until he's dead.  X is a faster attack but O is more powerful - usually 
a combination of both is most effective.
Asides from this strategy, the next best way to defeat them would be by 
using the 'Power Radial Attack'which stuns them for a second or two and 
then charge them with a O attack.  Do this over a few times and it should 
finish them off.

In total you will have to get rid of three Centurions (one from each tower) 
and then your objectives will change.

Whilst you're in the courtyard, you may want to open up the chest in the 
centre which contains some arrows.  To use your bow hold L1 and then press 
X to fire them.  Don't forget you can heal at green shrines by pressing 
square in front of them.

- OBJECTIVE: Escort the sapper to the middle tower

Basically, your aim is to prevent the sapper from taking any damage.   I
think the best way to do this successfully is by clearing his path with 
either 'Power Radial Attacks' or O attacks.  Both methods tend to take out 
quite a few soldiers at once.  If he does take too much damage, make sure 
your not in the area as the fuse is short and the explosion can kill you.

Once the sapper makes it there, your objective will change to 'Ignite the 
bomb at the middle tower'.  All this requires you to do is press square 
when facing it.  You'll have around 4 seconds to run and then another 
sapper shall appear from the same building as the first and you'll have to 
defend him again.  In total there will be three (one for each tower) and 
then your objectives will change.

- OBJECTIVE: Follow Castor and Pollux

What can I say other than the obvious.  Follow your two brothers to the 
huge gate which shall be opened allowing you to proceed through and begin 
your next objective.

- OBJECTIVE: Kill all the Romans

Don't be intimidated by the hundreds of Romans running around - they're a
soft bunch!  The best advice here is to make good use of your shield as 
attacks will be coming from all sides - after all, you'll in quite a crowd.
Aim to take out the Centurions first by using the same tactics as you did 
on previous ones (i.e. break their shields or stun them before using O or 
X attacks).  If you find many Romans swarming round you then don't be 
afraid to take them out in numbers with O attacks.  X attack, in this level 
are fairly useless as your dealing with large numbers of enemies.

After you've taken out the Centurions you should have no trouble finishig 
off all the other soldiers who only require a few hits.  After doing this,
you will again be set new objectives.

- OBJECTIVE: Protect King Leonidas
- OBJECTIVE: Protect the gates

You'll find that the king can pretty much take care of himself - he's never 
surrounded by more than 4 or 5 enemies, though a helping hand now and again 
never goes a miss.  The most important objective is the second one (protect
the gates).  If you don't pay attention you'll be surprised how fast they 
give way, and remember that failing either objective results in game over, 
though you can start from your last checkpoint.

Don't forget to open up the gate adjacent to the one you're protecting by 
pressing square on the lever by its side.  Spartan soldiers will line up 
behind it until they are released (and they'll keep coming).  There are
roughly 13 there at the start of the level, so your first goal should be to 
release them.  After doing so you'll have around around 20 seconds before 
the enemy arrive in numbers.  In this time you may want to open up a few 
chests here and there.

Remember to keep constant eye on the gate, fighting off any who attack it.
There will be many Centurions and if you don't handle them well you may 
lose a premature defeate.  The fastest way to dispose of them is by breaking 
their shields and swiping them over and over with X attacks.  Once their 
defence is gone they'll fall pretty fast.  Aim to take out the masses of 
ordinary soldiers with Powered Radial attacks (L2 + O) and O attacks.  After 
a few minutes of fighting release the next batch of Spartans from behind the 
bared gate - having them around makes quite a difference.

Ignore cries of "the King is under attack" as they're designed to avert your 
attention from the gate.  Once you've taken care of everyone in that area, 
release a final bunch of Spartans who will naturally take a defensive stand 
in front of the weakend gate.  You can now heal yourself, go in search of 
more chests which can be found by climding some stairs and following a path 
at the south end of the map, and help out the king who may be struggling 
with a remaining centurion or couple soldiers.  Immediately after this, a 
cut-scene will occur and you'll be led to your next objective.

- OBJECTIVE: Follow King Leonidas to the city gates

Follow the group of Spartans, led by the king, round the maze of the city to
where all the Romans are attacking.  Go to the edge that overlooks the Roman 
adavance and a another cut-scene shall begin, after which your new objectives
shall become aparent.

- OBJECTIVE: Prevent Talos and the engineers from breaking the city gates
- OBJECTIVE: Protect the oil cauldron

Use the time at the start of the stage to heal any damage your character may 
have taken.  Keep the area around the cauldren clear of enemies for as long 
as you can.  Use the lever nearby to pour hot liquid over the advancing 
engineers for the first time, and be ready to activate the first catapult as 
soon as your told.  It's very important to stay one step ahead of the enemy 
at this stage, as if you fall behind everything will get hectic and Talos 
will most likely make it to the gates.

Pour the cauldren over the engineers for a second time and head straight to
the next catapult - fire it.  Then rush back to the cauldren, hit the lever
for a final time, take out a few guys and run to the last catapult.  Once 
you let it rip a cut-scene shall occur and the level will come to an end.

                          ~ LEVEL COMPLETE~

- A Spartan Welcome                                                   [C102]

Despite our defeat of the mechanical man, Talos, we knew we could not rest.

The sounds of shrieking metal pierced the silence of the night as the Romans 
salvaged what they could of the giant machine.  In the dark, atop the city 
walls, we kept our desperate vigil.

All we could do was wait for another attack... or so we thought.

- Recover the Blades of Athena

You'll notice when you start this level that the only way forward is the way
your brother takes you (all other routes are blocked off by fallen trees 
which just happened to land so conveniently).  Anyway, follow the map North,
taking out guards as you go, until you reach the huge gates.  once there, 
run all the way east (archers will shoot at you so it's a good idea to stay 
close to the fort walls) and kick open the chest that contains fire arrows.
As you know by now, they only remain lit for around 20 seconds, so quickly
make your way back west and fire them at explosives - be sure to stand a 
good distance so as not to take any damage.  If, for whatever reason, you 
don't make it in time and the arrows go out, they will have no effect on the 
explosives and so you'll have to return to the chest.

Assuming you blew the explosives, your brother will again lead the way 
through the small gates and within a few seconds you'll come to a group of 
three soldiers which shouldn't cause any problems.  Take them out and head 
right up the slope where you'll find a brown crate which you'll need to break 
to expose the bomb, light it and remember to keep your distance.  You and
your brother will rush through the newly created passage, and find your first
real chalange on the other side.

It's likely that you might have to restart this stage once or twice - 
espcially if your playing on hard.  Be sure to make good use of your shield 
as arrows will constantly be flying in your direction as well as the hacks
and slashes of the surroundingt soldiers.  keep the camera focused south 
(i.e. away from the alarm ringer) so you can see when a drummer is on his way
to screw you over.  Take him out as soon as possible, as allowing him to ring
that alarm is asking for trouble.  Beat-up as many soldiers as possible when 
the chance presents itself, and once you clear the groups around the alarm, 
head towards those anoying archers and take them out.  To speed the process
up, kick open the chest that you start beside and fire a lit arrow at the 
explosive keg positioned by the archers; this will kill the vast majority of 
them.  Also, don't be fooled into thinking that once you kill the first 
drummer the alarm threat it over, no, no, no - more will keep coming, so 
watch out.

After you've cleared the general area, go heal yourself and head east to 
where your brother is waiting.  To the right you'll see two chests which both
contain useful arrows, so be sure to open them up.  Now, just left of where
your brother is standing, you'll see a big water tower.  Climb up the ladder
and press square to contaminate the water supply (the first of three).
Go see your brother who will proceed to release part of the lock on the gate
- you have to do the second part simply by pressing square.

- OBJECTIVE: Infiltrate this area

You have two choices here; either charge straight into the 22 or so soldiers
(including Centurions) who are keeping to their own business over to your 
left, or take your brother's advice and follow him through a north route that 
will leave you undetected.  If you do the latter, you'll come to a gate that 
can be opened and continued through.  Doing so, however, will mean you are 
missing out on some kills and items.  Let's say you decide to attack the 
enemy group, you'll be able to kick open some chests containing both normal 
and fire arrows, two arena bonus items and Archimede's scroll.  Some of these
are on the other side of the bridge, though watch out for the three chests at
the west end as the middle one is actually a bomb (with a fairly short fuse).
When fighting the enemy, you'll notice that your special bar fills up pretty
fast due to the number of blows you infict, and using it will save you some
time spent towards killing them.  Also, once on the other side of the bridge,
turn to face north and you'll see some brown crates.  Break them and you'll
find a bomb which can be lit to destroy the first of the enemy artillery.

- OBJECTIVE: Get to the guard towers

Once you've done it all, continue through the gate that you would have had
you decided not to take on the group of soldiers.  Heal your health the usual
way and then climb the ladder to your left.  At the top, cross over to the 
other side and light the explosive which is hiding within more brown crates.
It will explode, collapsing one end of the tower which you can jump down from
and continue on the path.  If earlier you decided to avoid the group of 
enemies, then nows your chance to get some of the items that you missed.
Simply turn left at the end of the path and light the bomb a little further 
on.  It's exlplosion will break the fencing and allow you access to a few
chests and also the bomb that destroys the first enemy artillery.

After doing all this, turn back and continue north over two large containers.
A quick cut-scene shall occur and you're next objective will become apparent.

- OBJECTIVE: Stick with Castor

Follow him to the end of the strech (another chance to heal will present
itself) and just before turning right at the end, you'll be confronted by no
more than 5 or 6 soldiers.  This, however, is only the beginning of a much
larger fight that you're about to begin.  Continue right at the turn and 
tremble with fear at your new objective.

- OBJECTIVE: Kill all the Romans

- Credits                                                             [?100]

My thanks go out to the following:

- Creative Assembly and SEGA for making the game.

- Gamefaqs for hosting this walkthrough and making it available to so
  many users worldwide.

- Everyone over at Hacked message board - why not? :p

- Victor Fugitt (Victor Industries).

- And finally you for reading my work.  Thanks.


Copyright  2005 Mike Montgomery