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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Joe23419

                                  *NCAA Football 07*

System: Sony Playstation 2
Version: 1.0
Author: Joe23419
Last Updated: July 30, 2006
Contact: [email protected]



A. Legal Information

This FAQ is copyright (c) 2005 Joe23419. All rights reserved. Copying and/or
distributing this FAQ with out permission of the author is illegal. It may not
be distributed publicly with out permission from the author. Use of the guide
on any website besides with out my consent is prohibited and is a
direct copyright violation. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this
document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. This
document is for personal use only.




A. Legal Information
B. Controls
C. Top 25/Impact Players
D. Profiles
E. Playcalling
F. Momentum
G. Impact Players
H. Home Field Advantage/Match-up Stick
I. Top 25 Toughest Places to Play
J. Audibles/Coverage Audibles/Extra Defense Controls
K. Hot Routes
L. Hurry-Up Offense
M. Campus Legend
N. Dynasty Mode
O. Rivalry Games


A. Legal Information

    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2005 Joe23419. All rights reserved. Copying and/or
distributing this FAQ with out permission of the author is illegal. It may not
be distributed publicly with out permission from the author. Use of the guide
on any website besides with out my consent is prohibited and is a
direct copyright violation. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this
document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. This
document is for personal use only.


B. Controls

D-Button/Anolog stick - move player
Sprint - X
Dive - []
Jump/Intercept/Catch - /\
Spin/Switch Player - O
Call timeout - Select
Pause - Start

Offense - Before Snap
Fake Snap - O
Send man in motion - D-Pad down + D-pad left/right
Coach Cam - R2
Quiet the crowd - L2
Slide Protection - L1 + D-pad
Snap Ball - X

Offense - Running with the ball
Stiff Arm - L2
Juke - Right anolog stick
Cover Ball - Triangle
Small Juke - L1/R1

Offense - On the Option
Pitch ball/Fake pitch - R2/L2
Hand to fullback - X
Slide - []

Offense - Passing/Receiving
Throw ball away/Pump fake - L2/R2
Catch - /\
Pass - /\, O, [], X, R1, L1 (hold for bullet, tap for lob)

Defense - Before the snap
Switch player - O
Pump Crown - L2
Adjust line/linebackers - L1/R1 + D-pad

Defense - After the snap
Jump the snap - X
Switch to player closest to ball - O
Swat ball - L1
Big Hit - R analog stick in direction of player
Strafe/Strip ball - R1/R2
Swim/Spin - L1/R1 (with linemen)

Adjust height - Left analog stick up/down
Adjust Power - Right analog stick down, then up
Abandon Kick/Punt - L2

Returning Kicks
Fair Catch - /\
Kneel it - Stay in endzone


C. Top 25

This is the EA Sports' Top 25 teams in the NCAA at the start of a season or
dynasty. It will change rapidly during gameplay, but it is how every 1st
 year is started out. The three players listed with the team the the
teams respective impact players. These players are exactly what they
sound like; they make the most impact on your team. In parentheses next to
the player is their overall rating, which is also subject to change during
the season.

1. Ohio State Buckeyes
Troy Smith            QB    95
Quinn Pitcock         DT    93
Ted Ginn Jr.          WR    93

2. Texas Longhorns
Jamaal Charles        HB    89
Michael Griffin       SS    92
Tim Crowder           LE    92

3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Brady Quinn           QB    97
Tom Zibkowski       LOLB    95
Jeff Samardzija       WR    95

4. Southern Cal Trojans
Dwayne Jarrett        WR    95
Steve Smith           WR    93
Lawrence Jackson      LE    92

5. LSU Tigers
LaRon Landry          GS    98
Chase Pittman         LE    94
Dwayne Bowe           WR    89

6. Florida Gators
Chris Leak            QB    93
Brandon Siler        MLB    94
Marcus Thomas         DT    93

7. Auburn Tigers
Brandon Cox           QB    88
Kenny Irons           HB    93
Will Herring        ROLB    88

8. Oklahoma Sooners
Adrian Peterson       HB    90
Rufus Alexander     LOLB    98
Calvin Thibodeaux     WR    88

9. West Virginia Mountaineers
Kevin McLee         ROLB    94
Steve Slaton          HB    91
Pat White             QB    90

10. Louisville Cardinals
Michael Bush          HB    94
Brian Brohm           QB    92
Nate Harris          MLB    88

11. Miami Hurricanes
Brandon Meriweather   FS    95
Baraka Atkins         LE    94
Greg Olsen            TE    92

12. Florida State Seminoles
Buster Davis         MLB    95
Lorenzo Booker        HB    88
Lawrence Timmons    LOLB    88

13. Penn State Nittany Lions
Tony Hunt             HB    90
Paul Posluszny        LOLB  98
Derrick Williams      WR    88

14. Michigan Wolverines
Steve Breaston        WR    91
Mike Hart             HB    92
LaMarr Woodley        LOLB  91

15. California Golden Bears
Marshawn Lynch        HB    94
Daymeion Hughes       CB    95
Brandon Mebane        DT    94

16. Georgia Bulldogs
Tra Battle            SS    91
Quentin Moses         RE    91
Thomas Brown          HB    88

17. Iowa Hawkeyes
Albert Young          HB    91
Drew Tate             QB    92
Kenny Iwebema         RE    88

18. Tennessee Volunteers
Justin Harrell        DT    93
Arian Foster          HB    88
Jonathan Hefney       FS    88

19. Arizona State Sun Devils
Sam Keller            QB    93
Zach Catanese         SS    90
Zach Miller           TE    86

20. Nebraska Cornhuskers
Adam Carriker         RE    93
Stewart Bradley       LOLB  90
Terrence Nunn         WR    86

21. Virginia Tech Hokies
Xavier Adibi          LOLB  95
Vince Hall            MLB   93
Eddie Royal           WR    86

22. Texas Tech Red Raiders
Jarrett Hicks         WR    99
Joel Filani           WR    91
Keyunta Dawson        DE    88

23. Clemson Tigers
Gaines Adams          RE    99
Anthony Waters        MLB   91
Chansi Stuckey        WR    88

24. Alabama Crimson Tide
Juwan Simpson         ROLB  94
Kenneth Darby         HB    92
Ramzee Robinson       CB    92

25. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Calvin Johnson        WR    98
KaMichael Hall        LOLB  94
Reggie Ball           QB    88


D. User Profiles

Keep track of all accomplishments with a user profile. Also, a profile keeps
track of you pennent collecting and personal records.


E. Playcalling

Flip or reverse a play - R2
Swap packages - O

You can also ask Corso for his advice on what you should call, but don't rely
on him too much. Press [] to do this.


F. Momentum Meter

EA claims to have this important Momentum Meter (top left of the screen) which
could make or break the game. It is sort of like a tug-of-war type of feature.
If you gain yards, you gain momentum, and if you loose yards, you loose
momentum. Interceptions, fumbles, big hits, and touchdowns can also alter
the momentum.


G. Impact Players

Every team has three impact players of a variety of positions - even kicker and
punter. These players will make the most impact on the outcome of the game.
Your impact players have white circles under them. When these white circles are
flashing, your player is in the zone and is ready to make a big play.


H. Home Field Advantage/Match-up Stick

The crowd makes a big difference in your players' abilities. The louder the
the more your controller is going to shake. This will rattle players on the
away team. Hold R2 and with the right analog, press up, down, left, right to
view the different composers and to see who is rattled.


I. Top 25 Toughest Places to Play

1. Ben Hill Griffen Stadium (UF)
2. Ohio Stadium (Bucks)
3. Tiger Stadium (LSU)
4. Beaver Stadium (PSU)
5. Lane Stadium (VT)
6. Neyland Stadium (Tenn)
7. USC Stadium (USC)
8. DKR - Texas Memorial Stadium (Texas)
9. Kinnick Stadium (Iowa)
10. Doak Campbell Stadium (FSU)
11. Kyle Field (TAMU)
12. Sanford Stadium (UGA)
13. Autzen Stadium (Oregon)
14. Notre Dame (ND)
15. Mountaineer Field (WVU)
16. Memorial Stadium (Neb)
17. Bryant-Denny Stadium (Bama)
18. Gaylord-Oklahoma Memorial (OU)
19. Camp Randall Stadium (Wisc)
20. Jordan-Hare Stadium (Aub)
21. Michigan Stadium (Mich)
22. Miami Stadium (Miami)
23. Clemson Memorial Stadium (Clem)
24. Papa John's Cardinal Stadium (Louis)
25. Williams-Brice Stadium (S Car)

J. Audibles/Coverage Audibles/Extra Defense Controls

Call an audible by pressing [] + O, X, [], L1, R1. Press /\ to audible back
to the origonal play. As for coverage audibles, press /\ and then up, down,
left or right. Extra defense controls are:

Call off linebacker blitzes - R1 + Right analog stick up
Blitz with all linebackers - R1 + Right analog stick down


K. Hot Routes

Press triangle, player icon and then:

Fly Pattern - Up
Quick Hitch - Down
In/out - Left/Right
Slant - L2/R2
Pass Block(RBs/TEs) - L2/R2
In/Out Flare(RB) - Left, Right


L. Hurry-Up Offense

Hold /\ after a play


M. Campus Legend

From high school to college, make the transition. You are trying out
for any football team you can. Pick your apperence, hometown, and
compete at summer camp for a scholarship. Eventually, build yourself
up in ratings.

Choose your major

You have to maintain a 2.0 GPA, so start studying. Pick out of Easy,
medium, and hard majors, each different. Study as much as possible
so you do good on the midterm and final.

Dorm Room

Calender - Tells you what to do, and when
Progress Report - Your GPA, your legend status, etc.
Computer - Stats, Top 25, Standings, etc.
Newsletter - Read what the media is saying about you
Fan Mail - Read what fans are saying about you
Closet - Edit your appearance, add attributes
Traphy Crate - View your accomplishments

You will start no matter how bad you are from your freshman year. In
between games, you have to study to keep a good GPA. After the season,
immediatly start again unless it was your Junior or Senior year; if
it is, you can declare yourself for the draft.


N. Dynasty Mode

In the preseason, you can customize your schedule and redshirt players.
Practicing really has no purpose that I can find, just getting your
players ready. In-Season recruiting is when you can label the importance
of certain prospects by giving them a certain percentage of your time.
ESPN The Magazine shows the Top 25, Conference Standings, Heisman Race,
etc. Spring Drills is when you play mini games to improve your
players and you can even play a Spring Game. At the end of the season,
you can export your draft class and play as them in Madden 07.


O. List of Rivalries

Air Force/Army - Battle for the Commander-In-Cheif's Trophy
Akron/Kent State - Battle for the Wagon Wheel
Alabama/Auburn - Iron Bowl
Alabama A&M/Alabama State - Magic City Classic
Alcorn State/Jackson State - Capital City Classic
Appalachian State/Western Carolina
Arizona/Arizona State - The Big Game
Ark-Pine Bluff/Texas Southern
Arkansanas/LSU - Battle for the Golden Boot
Army/Navy - Army Navy Game
Ball State/Northern Illinois
Bethune-Cookman/Florida A&M
Boise State/Idaho
Boston College/Notre Dame - Battle for the Ireland Trophy
Bowling Green/Toledo - Battle of I-75
BYU/Utah - Holy War
Central Michigan/Western Michigan
Chattanooga/Georgia Southern
Clemson/South Carolina
Colorado State/Colorado - Rocky Mountain Showdown
Cornell/Penn - Battle for the Trustees' Cup
Delaware/Morgan State
E Washington/Montana
E Illinois/Illinois St.
E Kentucky/W Kentucky
E Michigan/C Michigan
ECU/Southern Miss
Florida/Florida State - Battle for the Governor's Cup
Florida A&M/Bethune-Cookman - Florida Classic
Florida Atlantic/FIU - The Don Shula Trophy
Fresno State/San Diego State
Furman/The Citadel - Battle for the Silver Shako
Georgia/Georgia Tech - Clean, Old Fashioned Hate
Georgia Southern/Furman
Grambling State/Southern - Bayou Classic
Hampton/Norfolk State - Battle of the Bay Classic
Harvard/Yale -  The Game
Hawaii/Fresno State
Houston/Rice - Battle for the Administaff Bayou Bucket
Idaho/Boise State
Idaho State/Weber State
Indiana State/Illinois State
Iowa/Iowa State - Battle for the Cy-Hawk Trophy
Jackson State/Southern
Jacksonville State/Samford
James Madison/William and Mary
Kansas State/Kansas - Battle for the Governor's Cup
Kent State/Akron - Battle for the Wagon Wheel
Kentucky/Louisville - Battle for the Governor's Cup
Maine/New Hampshire
McNeese State/Northwestern St.
Michigan/Ohio State
Michigan State/Michigan - Battle for the Paul Bunyan Trophy
Minnesota/Wisconsin - Battle for Paul Bunyan's Axe
Miss Valley State/Jackson State
Mississippi State/Ole Miss - Egg Bowl
Missouri/Kansas - Border Showdown
Missouri State/UNI
Montana/Montana State - Battle of the Wild
Morgan State/Deleware State
Murray State/E Kentucky
NC A&T State/S Carolina State
NC State/North Carolina
New Hampshire/Maine
New Mexico/New Mexico State - Battle of I-25
New Mexico State/UTEP - Battle of I-10
Nicholls/Northwestern State - Battle of NSU
North Carolina/Duke - Battle for the Victory Bell
North Texas/New Mexico State
Northern Arizona/Montana
Northern Illinois/Toledo
Northwestern/Illinois - Battle for the Sweet Sioux Tomahawk
Northwestern St./McNeese State
Notre Dame/USC - Battle for the Jeweled Shillelagh
Ohio State/Michigan
Oklahoma/Texas - Red River Shootout
Oklahoma State/Oklahoma - Bedlam Game
Oregon/Oregon State - Civil War
Penn State/Michigan State - Battle for the Land Grant Trophy
Pittsburgh/WVU - Backyard Brawl
Portland State/Montana
Prairie View A&M/Texas Southern
Purdue/Indiana - Battle for the Old Oaken Bucket
Rhode Island/Brown - Battle for the Governor's Cup
Rice/Houston - Battle for the Administaff Bayou Bucket
Richmond/William and Mary - South's Oldest Rivalry
S Carolina State/NC A&T State - Carolinas Classic
Sacramento ST/ Portland State
Sam Houston State/Stephen F. Austin
San Diego State/UNLV
San Jose State/Fresno State
SMU/TCU - Battle for the Iron Skillet
South Carolina/Clemson - Battle of the Palmetto State
Southern Illinois/Illinois State 
Southern Miss/Memphis - Black and Blue Bowl
Stanford/Cal - Big Game
Stephen F. Austin/Sam Houston State - Battle of Piney Woods
Syracuse/WVU - Battle for the Schwartzwalder Trophy
Tennessee State/Tennessee Tech
Texas/Texas A&M - Lone Star Showdown
Texas Southern/Prarie View A&M - Labor Day Classic
Texas Tech/Texas
Toledo/Bowling Green - Battle of I-75
Tulane/LSU - Battle for the Tiger Rag
Tulsa/Ok State
UAB/Southern Miss
UCLA/USC - Battle for the Victory Bell
UL Lafayette/UL Monroe
UMass/New Hampshire
UNI/Missouri State
UNLV/Nevada - Battle for the Fremont Cannon
Utah/BYU - Holy War
Utah State/Utah - Battle for the Beehive Boot
UTEP/New Mexico
Virginia/Virginia tech - Battle for the Commonwealth Cup
Wake Forest/North Carolina
Washington/Washington State - Apple Cup
Western Carolina/Appalachian State - Battle for The Old Mountain Jug
William and Mary/James Madison
Wisonsin/Minnesota - Battle for Paul Bunyan's Axe
Wyoming/Colorado State - Border War
Youngstown State/Western Kentucky