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Follow the dark path or use the light
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Pack Shot

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition


Speed Guide

by dvdboys

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition (Play Station 2)
Speed Guide 
By dvdboys (eternalwhitedoor(at)yahoo(dot)com)


Table of Contents


2.Version History


4.Tips & Trick
  5a. Cow
  5b. Sheep
  5c. Goat
  5d. Chicken
  5e. Horse
  5f. Dog
  5g. Cat


1. Introduction
The purpose of this guide is, to make a successful farm as FAST as possible.
In order to do that, I'll mention on the walkthrough about the fastest way to 
have lot of money, and way to manage your farm efficiently.

So, I hope you like this guide.

2. Version History

0.85: Added Animal section, fill in the tips & trick section, and added about 
alarm clock at the walkthrough.

0.70: First release.

3. Walkthrough

Chapter 1

***Day 1, Spring***

Alright, after several scene with takakura, you'll wake up in your room ready 
to work. I assume you already know about the place, the people, the controller, 
and the basic farm's work. If you are new with this game, then spend couple of 
hour to be familiar with this game.
Anyway, after your character woke up, get out of the house and go straight to 
the barn. After that, take care of your cow, feed her, talk to her, and milk 
her. That's it, for now your job in the farm is, to take care of your cow. 
(note: don't sell any of your milk unless I told you so). Now it's time to 
exploring. Get out of the farm and gather all the flowers you can find, those 
are gifts for some important people (Your wife, Vesta, Romana, Cody). Oh, and 
don't forget to gather mugworts, they are your food. After 12 pm, you should go 
back to farm and take care your cow. If you free go to the dig site, and dig. 
Try to get 2 bones, they're daryl's favourite (you can only dig between 10 am 
to 5 pm). That's all you can do today, try to sleep early so you can wake up 
before 5 am. (IMPORTANT!!: Don't use your money unless I told you so).

***Day 2, Spring***

Wake up and take care your cow, after that go to vesta's farm, and give a 
flower to her, also buy 10 fertilizer from her. After that go to cody's house 
and wait until 9am when he's woke up, go in and give him flower. Your next 
destination is romana's villa, give her flower too. Right now you'll have some 
free time, now is your chance to give gift to the girl you want to marry. After 
that, go to daryl's house and give him bone (you can enter his house at 1 pm). 
Next thing is take care your cow and use those fertilizer to grow your grass on 
the field. Sleep.

***Day 3, Spring***

I want you to do everything exactly like yesterday, except for today van will 
come to town at 12 pm, he sells brush for 500 and fishing rod for 500, buy 
them. After you take care your cow, you can either sleep or fishing, but make 
sure to wake up before 5 am.

***Day 4, Spring***

Do everything just like yesterday, but today, add fishing to your schedule. I 
recommended fishing is your last activity before sleep. I want you for a day 
make 600g from fishing. For now the best place for fishing is the upstream aka 
the waterfall. Here the list of the fish you can catch from the upstream:

Tiny Nyamame 50g
Nyamame      60g
Big Nyamame  130-156
Huge Nyamame 200-240

Tiny Huchep  60g
Huchep       90g
Big Huchep   170-204
Huge Huchep  250-300

Tiny Yamame  300-360
Yamame       500-600
Big Yamame   1000-1400
Huge Yamame  2000-2400

***Day 4-7, Spring***

Nothing special, just don't miss anything on the schedule, especially the 600g.

***Day 8, Spring***

Sell all of your milks and fishes to van (make sure to haggle), you should have 
around 6000-7000g, I want you to buy 60 fertilizer and use them for the grass. 
Other than that, nothing special.

***Day 9-10, Spring***

Prepare the second field to be planted with 25 turnips. But I warn you, your 
character will be VERY tired. So when free, hoe 25 squares on the field, but 
don't make it excuse for not fishing. Remember 600 a day! 
VERY IMPORTANT!!: Are you sick of walking? Did you ever think something like 
"oh man, are you saying that's running?"? Well, fear not your savior is on the 
way. The one, and the only HORSE! But before that, at day 10, before you sleep 
ship something so the next day, takakura can go to the city, and buy you horse.
The last thing is, go buy 25 turnip seeds. 

***Day 1, Summer***

Go plant those turnips ASAP. Now you need to add watering crop to your 
schedule, but that won't be a major problem. Watering 25 turnips should take 2 
hours game time, and you need to do it twice, with at least 12 hours interval. 
So get used to it. Your horse will arrive at 11 am. With horse now you can 
transport faster, and you can expand your schedule. Just remember not to 
interrupt the main schedule. IMPORTANT NOTE!: At day 1,5,9 summer make sure to 
harvest the happy lamp, there are 10 of them per day, but they need 4 days to 
respawn so make sure you harvest them at day 1,5,9. They will be important for 
the future.

***Day 2, Summer***

Nothing special.

***Day 3, Summer***

Do your daily activity and sell all the milk and fishes. Now you should have at 
least 10000g. Use those money to buy 1 star cow (7000g) and 1 normal bull 
(3000g), now you see why I urge you for 600g a day right? But don't stop 
fishing, now the fishing standard will be different from 600 a day, to 6 fishes 
a day, which is easier, especially, if you fishing downstream (the bridge just 
outside your farm) I'll explain why at Day 6-7. From now on, don't sell your 
milk, EVER, we'll use it later.

***Day 4-5, summer***

So you're not confuse, here some schedule for you (this is base from my 

3 am: Woke up
3-5 am: Watering turnips
5-6 am: Take care cows
6-7 am: Arrived at vesta's house
7-9 am: Fishing
9-10 am: Give gift to Cody and Romana
10.30-12.00: If flower blooming, gather flower, otherwise fishing
12-2 pm: Watering turnips
2-3 pm: Take care cows
3-6 pm: Fishing
6.30: Sleep

As you can see daryl's not on the schedule, that's because I already have free 
seed maker from him at day 3 (just enter his house at 1 pm if you already 
friend with him he'll give you the seed maker). If you don't get the seed maker 
then give up about him, you can buy seed maker anyway, but not now!

***Day 6-7 summer***

The turnip should be ready, either at 6 or 7. So harvest them and go to your 
house and cook 25 light pickles, chose salad and chose turnip. After that the 
entree option will be available. Now that entree option available at cook, now 
you can cook sashimi, which turn 1 any kind of fish into food that sells for 
180g after haggle! Now you know why 6 fish a day right? 6x180=1080 a day!
After you've harvested the turnips, change the watering turnips schedule into 
fishing, if you want more money then fish more.

***Day 8 Summer-Day 2 Winter***

Nothing special. Just reminder, 6 fishes a day okay. Oh yeah, at this period 
when you have money buy 100 fertilizer and use them at the grass, also at this 
period cody will give you strange sickle, so cutting grass will be easy. Also 
buy 3 hen. After you have chicken, you can start be friend with tim, give him 
egg at his inn at 12 pm. Also buy seed maker.

***Day 3-4, winter***

Your second and third cow should be mature right now, so do a miracle potion to 
your star cow with your normal bull. After the miracle potion complete buy star 

***Day 4-10 Winter***

Nothing special, just prepare to be a father.

Chapter 2

***Day 1, Spring***

As soon as you gain control of your character go straight to grant house ASAP, 
you'll get an alarm clock. Now you can wake up anytime you want, just set the 
alarm clock. Note: Grant will leave his house early, so make sure you go to his 
house ASAP.

***Day 2-9, Spring***

Nothing special.

***Day 10, Spring***

Before sleep make sure you have 99 turnip seeds and 99 strawberry seeds, I'm 
not joking, just buy them. And the most important thing is ship something, just 
like the horse's case. If I recall correctly your cow should give birth right  
now, when it did, do a miracle potion to your second star cow.

***Day 1, Summer***

Ok, this will be the most painful day for you. Make sure to harvest happy lamp 
today, so now you should have 40 happy lamp. Anyway at evening go to takakura's 
house when he's home. The next thing you'll see is the alien two-headed plant 
Tartan!! Talk with the tartan until you have the hybrid option, now keep 
hybridize 1 turnip and 1 strawberry seed until it success, sometime will fail, 
if success you'll have dhibe seed and if fail you'll end up with either 
strawberry or turnip. I want you to make 35 dhibe seeds, it'll take while, and 
will be painful, since tartan fail A LOT but after awhile the success rate will 
increase. After you have 35 dhibe seeds now hybridize them with the happy lamp, 
in order to create dhibe seed that can grow in any season, because they won't 
grow in summer. After that talk with takakura and he'll say that he'll make a 
great field for you. Now you can order great field with 20000g, order them!

***Day 2, Summer***

Nothing special.

***Day 3,Summer***

You're great field is done, and you can start milk from your star cow too. Now 
visit tim's bedroom at 7 am, and you'll get weird hoe from him. Go to romana's 
house at 7.30 am and enter her bedroom, you'll get watering can w which can 
water 3x3 field per use, now watering crop will be easy.

***Day 4, summer***

Go to vesta house at 11 pm enter her storage when she's alone, you'll get 
strange hoe. Now you can stop give gift to tim, vesta, and romana.

***Day 5-6,summer***

Nothing special.

***Day 7, summer***

Dhibe should be ready right now, harvest them. Turn 24 to seed, and turn 11 of 
them to dhibe cake (dessert: any milk + any egg + dhibe). Sell the dhibe cake 
to van tomorrow.

***Day 8-???***

Now you should have 48 dhibe seeds, so now you'll have money cycle every month 
by turn 24 to dhibe cake and 24 to seed. And now you can buy your third star 
cow. So here what you'll do every month:
-Plant 48 dhibe seed
-Harvest 48 dhibe fruit
-Turn 24 to dhibe cake
-Turn 24 to 48 dhibe seed
-When 1 cow give birth, do miracle potion to the other
-When summer relly your money making with cow and fishing 

4. Tips and Trick
In this section I'll cover every necessary and useful tips and trick to create 
a successful farm. So here they are:

* Make sure to keep your SP full, I believe this is necessary for socialize 
with people.
* Make sure to eat properly (twice a day), especially before fishing. If you 
hungry when fishing, the hungry scene will interrupt and stop the fishing.
* On van's day at 12 pm and 6 pm, van will interrupt your activity with his 
stupid announcement. He can't interrupt you while you're reeling fish, but he 
can interrupt you while you're at waiting and biting stage at fishing. 
* Eat a cooked food, it restore AP and SP greater than eat raw food.
* Make sure to keep your ST high. If it's very low, then your sleep time will 
be longer (unless you have clock from grant).
* You can restore ST by drink at the bar, and drink the medicine that van sell.
* When cow eats the grass at the field, the grass doesn't have to be fully 
grown. The cow still eats the grass even though the grass is half mature.
* You need to wash your cow. If you never wash the cow they will be dirty, and 
their health bar will decrease, resulting low quality milk.
* The soil level has nothing to do with crop's growth rate. 
* Make sure to buy 25 fertilizer 6 days before buy a cow, so that won't be any 
food crisis.
* Tree aren't reliable for money-making. Tree does produce lot of money, but it 
takes long time to harvest them. Imagine you have 6 tree, 1 tree drops 8 fruit, 
8x6=48. Harvesting 48 fruit is really time consuming, plus the tree takes long 
time to grow, and only bear fruit 1 season per year. 
* Don't digging to much. Digging only to find gift, not to find money.
* Sheep and goat are only for decoration, don't buy them.

5. Animals

This section is about animals, and what they role on your farm. Oh yeah, 
sometime you'll see something like this "200g-240g" that means, if you sell the 
product via Takakura the price is 200g, but if you sell to van and haggle it, 
the price is 240g.

5a. cow
Role: Main money making
How to get it: - You get 1 for free in the beginning.
               - Order from ledger.
               - Do miracle potion, and wait until it give birth.
Type: Normal Bull : 3000g 
      Normal Cow  : 4000g

      Brown Bull  : 4000g
      Brown Cow   : 5000g

      Marble Bull : 4000g
      Marble Cow  : 5000g

      Star Bull   : 6000g
      Star Cow    : 7000g

Product: Normal milk B : 75g        
         Normal milk A : 115g-138g  
         Normal milk S : 150g-180g  

         Marble milk B : 115g-138g
         Marble milk A : 175g-210g
         Marble milk S : 225g-270g

         Brown milk B  : 115g-138g
         Brown milk A  : 175g-210g
         Brown milk S  : 225g-270g

         Star milk B   : 270g-324g
         Star milk A   : 405g-486g
         Star milk S   : 540g-648g

5b. Sheep
Role: They're not important.
How to get it: Order from ledger.
Type: Male sheep: 1500g

Product: Wool: 75g
         White wool: 138g
         Gold wool : 720g

5c. Goat
Role: They're not important.
How to get it: Buy from van. Available to buy at Chapter 2, Day 3, Spring
Type: Female goat: 4000g

Product: Goat milk: 115g-138g

5d. Chicken
Role: Their eggs are necessary for dhibe cake.
How to get it: Order from ledger.
Type: Hen     : 900g
      Rooster : 900g

Product: Egg            : 40g
         Fertilized egg : 50g
         Golden egg     : 300g-360g

5e. Horse
Role: Your car.
How to get it: Ship something at Day 10, Spring. It'll arrive the next day.
Type: Male horse: 0g

Product: None.

5f. Dog
Role: Your pet, friend, and farm protector.
How to get it: Default.
Type: Pointy ear
      Floppy ear

Product: None.

5g. Cat
Role: Decoration.
How to get it: At fall, wake up at 10 am.
Type: Black cat

Product: None.

6. Copyright

This Guide may not be reproduced with any reason except for personal use.
If you do so then you're violating the copyright law.

Thanks for reading.