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True Crime: Streets of LA Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for True Crime: Streets of LA

We have 24 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for True Crime: Streets of LA please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : Xbox : PC

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Cheats and Extra Characters

All Driving Upgrades:
Press Left, Right, Left, Right, X at the Map screen.
(Enabling this code will prevent the Training missions from being accessible.)
All Weapon Upgrades:
Press Right, Left, Right, Left, X at the Map screen.
Hold Up and press X (x 3) at the Map screen.
Extra Car Mass:
While in a car, display the Map screen and press Down (x 3), X.
Show Nick's Coordinates:
Press X, Circle, Square, Triangle at the Map screen.
Impound Garage Cars Unlocked:
Press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, X at the Map screen.
Unlockable Characters
For all of the following, hold L1 and R1 when entering the letters and selecting OK

The co-ordinates for the dog bones

1. Pos =3888, 734
2. Pos = 3231, 1225
3. Pos = 3525, 2455
4. Pos = 2418, 1878
5. Pos = 1223, 2276
6. Pos = 1620, 1385
7. Pos = 2762, 830
8. Pos = 2399, 213
9. Pos = 3779, -234
10. Pos = 1694, -276
11. Pos = 602, -266
12. Pos = -218, -186
13. Pos = 324, 111
14. Pos = 918, 260
15. Pos = 1338, 797
16. Pos = 672, 1766
17. Pos = 136, 1410
18. Pos = -193, 1206
19. Pos = -264, 775
20. Pos = -590, 95
21. Pos = -1375, -202
22. Pos = -1872, -554
23. Pos = -2275, -1818
24. Pos = -2238, 1231
25. Pos = -2825, -810
26. Pos = -3308, -351
27. Pos = -2687, -176
28. Pos = -2450, 289
29. Pos = -1273, 770
30. Pos = -3449, 41

Blow cars up in one shot

Press select and enter:
(left,right,left,right) if it has been put in right you'll hear a sound that cheats given you weapon upgrades then go in a car go close up to a car then hold R1.
To get on the aim for your gun,aim below the cars bumper wen the aim goes red.
Shoot your gun then it will blow up in one shot.
What a cheat...!

Add some color to Nick

At the enter your "plate" screen, hold L1 and R1 and press up or down untill you see the color you want.
Green, yellow, purple, black, blue, red, and brown(the white line)
Young 1

Auto pilot

To watch Nick drive by himself without pressing any buttons, you need to start a mission where you're in a car.
Dont press any buttons, just watch. While the cars are moving just before you start to play sit back and relax as nick will drive towards the green dot.
He also stops at the lights and does the speed limit. Trust me it works.

More people with illegal stuff

Most people you frisk on the street will probably have nothing but if they are walking differently then that most likely means that they are carrying something illegal.

$n00p D0G

Get 30 bones To Unlock $n00p D0g

Play as Snoop Dogg

At the map screen press:
R1, L1, up, right, left, down, L3, R3, x, square, circle.
A sound will confirm the correct code entry.
Immediately save the game before exiting to the main menu. Then when you go to the mission selection screen you will see Snoop's head at the top.
Enter those missions to play as Snoop Dogg.

Car related cheats

All these cheats are to be typed in during the pause menu:
(all on the pad)
All driving upgrades unlocked - u r l r x
Bigger Car (must be in car) - d d d x
Boost - u x x x
Impound garage cars unlocked - u r d l u x

When you are at the city map to unlock every thi..

When you are at the city map to unlock every thing you press up,right,down,left,up,and X then you should hear a confirmation.

Unlock Snoop

To unlock Snoop, collect the 30 bones scattered throughout the city.
Once unlocked, you have an hour to solve as many random crimes as you can for points.
Depending on your score, you get a different title, such as "Lap Dogg" or "Top Dogg". FoShizzle MaNizzle!!!!

Play As Numerous Different People

Create a licence plate using the following (shown below this paragraph) and hold L1 and R1 before pressing X while highlighting OK:
FUZZ Play as Police Man (Johnson)
5WAT Play as Swat Officer
M1K3 Play as Commando
B00Z Play as Bum
TFAN Play as Gangsta_Alt (T-Shirt Homie)
HARA Play as Asian Worker
MNKY Play as Streetpunk

Snoop Bones

To unlock Snoop, collect the 30 bones scattered throughout the city.
Once unlocked, you have an hour to solve as many random crimes as you can for points.
Depending on your score, you get a different title such as "Lap Dogg" or "Top Dogg."

Losing Your Chaser

When you have to lose somebody just go to the Gas Station and go into the car repair and you'll automatically lose whoever's chasing you.

Snoop Dogs location

When you are snoop dog, go to the city map before you start, move analog stick around to put Snoop Dog anywhere on map....!

How do beat wu's dragon

If you want to beat wu's dragon when he pops up to breath fire shoot him in the mouth and he will slowly die


When holding a knife or anything else sharp wait until they are nearly dead then throw it at them, it should stick straight through their face and they will die!


When fighting Ancient Wu's Dragon{Nightmare} when he prepares to blow you,presicion aim and shoot his nose and chin.It hurts him a lot,stops you from getting hurt,and saves time.

Biggest jump ever!

If you want the biggest jump ever find some stairs that go up a lot.Drive a fast car up the ramp and there is a glitch where it gows crazy and says you have jumped thousands of metres.Good if want the ultimate prize at the end.

Change Nick's Appearance

Look like the Chief - B1G1
Look like Rosie - ROSA
Look like Rosie in lingerie (like in the Blood Money episode) - HURT_M3
Look like a cop - FUZZ
Look like a police officer - FATT
Look like a SWAT officer - 5WAT (alternate code - SWAT)
Look like a commando - M1K3
Look like a female worker - HARA
Look like a male worker - HARA
Look like a female punk - B00B
Look like a male punk - MNKY
Look like a gangster - TFAN
Look like a boxer - BRUZ
Look like a gambler - MRFU
Look like a butcher - PHAM
Look like a biker - HAWG
Look like a S&M donkey - JASS
Look like Ancient Wu's concubine - TATS
Look like a pimp - P1MP (alternate code - PIMP)
Look like a hobo - B00Z
Look like a corps..

Various Codes and people

At the City Map in a Destination Driving mission, input the following codes(us the D-pad to input directions)
All combat moves- up, down, up, down x
All driving manuevers-left, right, left, right,X
All gun upgrades-right,left, right, left, X
Show Nick's coordinates- X,O,Square, triangle
Extra Car Mass-down,down,down,X
License plate cheats(people)
Create a license plate using the following codes. Then highlight OK, hold L1+R1 and press X. Nick will look like the corresponding character.
BIG1-The Chief
HURT M3-rosie in lingerie
FUZZ-Policeman johnson
5WAT-SWAT officer
HARA-Asian Worker
MNKY-street punk
MRFU- jimmy fu

Great View!!!

Ok, if you are looking for a good sniper spot, try on top of a building. All you need to do is get a fast car, then find a building,thats small, then drive your car by the building were you will see a wall by it, then peel-out with your car,make sure you shake the car around til the car goes up in the air, the release and jump out of the car and you should land on the building. It took me a few times to do it. NOTE, if you fall through the building, try another one.

Here's some extra cheats!!!

All weapons and unlimited Ammo
Anywhere in the game, pause the game
L1, R1 (together), press X, Circle, X, Circle and Square
All Driving Upgrades Unlocked
Left, Right, Left, Right, X
Bigger Car (must be in car before you enter it on the pause menu)
Down, Down, Down, X
Show's Nick Kang's Current Location
X, Circle, Square, Triangle
All Fighting Moves Unlocked
Up, Down, Up, Down, X
All Gunplay Skills Unlocked
Right, Left, Right, Left, X
Smaller car
Up, up, up, x
Up, x, x, x
Impound garage cars unlocked
Up, right, down, left, up, x
Enjoy Smile

Master code

At the map screen press R1,L1,Triangle(2x),X(2x)

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