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True Crime: New York City Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for True Crime: New York City

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We have a collection of codes that includes unlocking Zombie mode, getting unlimited ammo and experience, unlocking Ghetto City and giving Nick all the upgrades.

More True Crime: New York City Cheats and Tips

We have 50 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2.If you have any cheats or tips for True Crime: New York City please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : GameCube : PlayStation 2 : Xbox

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Unlock Ghetto City:
Hold L1 + R1 at the CompStat/Map screen and press X, Square, X, Triangle(3).
Unlock Fights:
Hold L1 + R1 at the CompStat/Map screen and press Square(2), Triangle(2), Square.
Unlock Street Races:
Hold L1 + R1 at the CompStat/Map screen and press Triangle(2), X(2), Triangle.

Unlock Codes

While you are on the CompStat/Map screen hold down the shoulder buttons before entering the following codes
Ultra Easy Mode:
Circle, Square, X, X, Triangle and Circle
Unlimited Endurance:
Circle, Square, x, Square, X and Circle

Unlimited Ammo:
Circle, Square, X, Square, Square and Triangle
Double Damage:
X, X, Square, X, X and X

Get a Million Dollars:
Square, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle and Square

Super Cop:
Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Triangle and Triangle

Unlock Redman Gone Wild Mini-Game:
Triangle, X, X, Circle, Triangle and Square

Unlock Redman Gone Wild Mini Game:
Complete the Game 100%

Debug Menu

This cheat is easy to do just go to the compstat and hold L1 and R1 then let go and in half a second push the right D-pad button and hold L1 and R1 again.
You will be in the music player if you see the map in the back let go of L1 and R1 and push left and there you go the Debug Menu.
(NOTE) some things in the Debug Menu might make the game crash so before go to the debug menu make sure you save

Super car mode

Go to the comp stat/map screen. Then hold L1 and R1 and enter.
Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Triangle, Triangle.

Give tickets

To give out a ticket, go next to a car, and flash your badge. When they get out, go close and flash your badge again.

Carry more melee weapons

Ok, first, throw away your nightstick. Remember were it is if you still want it. Then, geab a car you own, open the trunk, and fill up your melee weapon slots with your faveorate wepons. Now toss them to the same place as the nightstick(so they don't get lost).get more wepons and repeat as much as you want. Now pick up all the weapons in the pile, and have fun.

best way to hide from cops

Listen yall the best way to hide from the cops is to find the nearest store
If you do your meter will go down

Zombie mode

Map screen hold down L1 and R1 than entre circle,triangle,square,cross,square,cross

How to defeat P.Lincoln without getting killed.

The best thing for you to do, is hide behind the walls that are standing up( They are located on the bridge that you walk on to get towards Pesident Lincoln.
) Hurry up and neutral-lize P.Lincoln befor you can get killed.
P.S. Remember to shoot in the limb, hand, or knee-cap.

A Lot of cheats For True Crime: New York City

First thing go to the Comp-Stat/Map screen, then hold L1 + R1 this will open up a window for you enter the codes.
Infinite Ammunition
Circle, Square, X, Square, Square, Triangle
Infinite Endurance
Circle, Square, X, Square, X, Circle
$1 Million
Square, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square
Double Damage
X, X, Square, X, X, X
Easy Mode
Circle, Square, X, X, Triangle, Circle
Super Cop Mode
Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Triangle, Triangle
Fights Open
Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square
Street Races Open
Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Triangle
All Music Tracks
Circle, Square, Circle, Square
Puma Shoes Costume
Triangle, X, Circle..

Money, Money, Money

If you want to get loads of easy money, go to a pole dancing club and frisk everyone there. I usually get at least three people to arrest which means 9 career points and either more money in your salary or you can sell the evidence at pawn shops for money. Once you get all the evidence, go out of the club and go straight back in and keep doing it all over again. (or an easier way is to just go to the map, hold R1 and L1 and put in square, square, triangle, square, triangle, square to get $1,000,000

All Cheats!!!

At the CompStat/map screen, hold L1+R1 and enter the following cheats:
Infinite Ammunition: circle,square,x,square,square,triangle.
Infinite Endurance: circle,square,x,square,x,circle.
$1 Million: square,square,triangle,square,triangle,square.
Super Cop: triangle,x,triangle,x,triangle,triangle.
Easy Mode: circle,square,x,x,triangle,circle.
All Music Tracks: circle,square,circle,square.
Fights Open: square,square,circle,circle,square.
Races Open: triangle,triangle,x,x,triangle.
Puma Tracksuit: triangle,x,circle,square.
Double Damage: x,x,square,x,x,x.
Redman Mini-game: triangle,x,x,circle,triangle,square.
City Crime Gone: x,square,x,triangle,triangle,triangle.
Marcus With No Limbs: circle,triangle,square,x,square,x.

Tired of police

If you are tired of worries.first activate (supercop) cheat then kill
2 or 3 cops then let the cop kill you.they will handover you to the police mam.then beat crime patrol and remember. Don't change you're cloths .if you change you're police cloths they will again kill you.don't change your police cloths so cops will never harm or kill you.enjoy gaming tcny

Get some money easy-I'm a 1st rank on this game ..

Get some money easy-
I'm a 1st rank on this game and I am not sure if you get less money the lower rank, but this is what you do, you get any kind of evidence from anywhere and you frisk anybody. If they do not have anything then at the top left part of the screen ( if you have evidence ) it should say PLANT EVIDENCE. If you do, you will get bad cop points, but then the game considers them a suspect, so the yellow bar above there head should be there. Then you press circle to arrest them. Notice you get 3 career points, that means money! And if you are 1st rank you get $300 each time, but you might get less if you have a lower rank. ( 5th 4th 3rd 2nd ) You have to pick the money up at the police station or a police booth.
Hope it helps!

2 big meele wepons

Get your car and throw away your nightstick now open your boot and you can equip 2 big meele wepons happy gameing

To get easy career points go into any car dealer..

To get easy career points go into any car dealer shop and frisk everyone in it 9/10 times you'll get evidence
So keep going back.

All Guns

Press srart then at the map then put in the Debug cheat, then go all the way to the bottom of the screen where it say cheat menu, then click turn on all the stuff that say off to on then press start
Note:By turning on everything you get unlimided ammo and more you will see every thing u get
Note:Look at everythin in the debug cheat and u will see alot and u don't have travel no where have fun with your Guns don't have to much fun with it doe

A million dollars.

Go to the comp stat/map screen. Then hold L1 and R1, and enter
Square, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square

Police attack

If you are sorting some city crime, some cops might attack you. To stop this simply flash your badge (select).


This is for fun
When coming up from a subway jump when it's loading he'll fall and he'll comit suicide

Hostage situation

If you get a report of a hostage situation: make sure you have then beanbag gun and go to where it is. Go into precision mode so you don't hit the hostage and then shoot the criminal. This way you can arrest him and earn more career points.

Unlimited ammo

Go to the comp stat/map screen.Then hold L1 and R1and enter.
Circle, Square, X, Square, Square, Triangle.

Unlimited endurance

Go to the comp stat/map screen.Then hold L1 and R1and enter.
Circle, Square, X, Square, X, Circle.

Beat Patrol

When you're on beat patrol you have to (arrest 3 suspects via good otherwise you lose your rank). The first part is true about arresting 3 people but you can never lose your rank.I went on beat patrol and went crazy again and never lost my rank- so when you get to rank 1 you will always have this rank.

Best Gun

Ok if you are a Miss goody two shoes the best gun for you is really the Stun Gun it's amazing it will take badguys down in a shot.
But if you are a ultra bad cop who just loves to kill always take the 50 handgun it can blow a badguys head clean off with one shot
Peace out and I hope this helps.

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