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Follow the dark path or use the light

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 2 cheats on PlayStation 2
We also have cheats for this game on:   Xbox   GameCube   PC   Gameboy Advance

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Graphics Codes Ect...Added 2 Jul 2007, ID #27065

Summon EchelonIngredient.eF2000

Summon EchelonIngredient.eAmmoF2000

Summon EchelonIngredient.eFn7

Summon EchelonIngredient.eAmmoFn7
Summon EchelonGameObject.eOldTV
Summon EchelonIngredient.eRingAirFoilRound

Summon EchelonIngredient.eStickyShocker

Summon EchelonIngredient.eStickyCamera

Summon EchelonIngredient.eDiversionCamera

Summon EchelonIngredient.eSmokeGrenade

Summon EchelonIngredient.eFragGrenade

Summon EchelonIngredient.eWallMine

Summon EchelonIngredient.eDisposablePick

Summon EchelonIngredient.eLockPick

Summon EchelonIngredient.eLaserMic

Summon EchelonIngredient.eLaserMic

Summon EchelonIngredient.eOpticCable

Summon EchelonIngredient.eFlare

Summon EchelonIngredient.eChemFlare

Summon EchelonIngredient.eNightGoggle

Summon EchelonIngredient.eThermalGoggle

Summon EchelonIngredient.eMedKit

Summon EchelonIngredient.eAmmo

Summon EchelonIngredient.eAntennaSwitchAba

Summon EchelonIngredient.eBreakerBoxSwitchKal

Summon EchelonIngredient.eElevatorButton

Summon EchelonIngredient.eElevatorPanel

Summon EchelonIngredient.eKeyPad

Summon EchelonIngredient.eKnob

Summon EchelonIngredient.eLightSwitch

Summon EchelonIngredient.eTurretController

Summon EchelonIngredient.eBreakerBoxMTown

Summon EchelonIngredient.eBriefCase

Summon EchelonIngredient.eGenerator

Summon EchelonIngredient.eRappelingObject

Summon EchelonIngredient.eRetinalSafe

Summon EchelonIngredient.eRetinalScanner

Summon EchelonGameObject.eBallBasket

Summon EchelonGameObject.eCanCoke

Summon EchelonGameObject.eKolaVodka

Summon EchelonGameObject.eCompMonitor

Summon EchelonGameObject.eMoniteurExplode

Summon EchelonGameObject.eMoniteurExplode1

Summon EchelonGameObject.eCompSony

Summon EchelonGameObject.eCompClv

Summon EchelonGameObject.eCompLCD

Summon EchelonGameObject.eCompMs

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLapTop

Summon EchelonGameObject.eOldTV

Summon EchelonGameObject.eTVDinnerExplode

Summon EchelonGameObject.eVideo

Summon EchelonGameObject.eVideoTape

Summon EchelonGameObject.eChanderler

Summon EchelonGameObject.eChanderlerPart

Summon EchelonGameObject.eSmallChanderler

Summon EchelonGameObject.eGlassLamp_PAL

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLantern

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgt1Flurescent

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgt1Lamp

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgt2Flurescent

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgt2Lamp

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgt3Flurescent

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgt4Flurescent

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgtBodySpot

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgtBurmaLamp

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgtCellingTBI

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgtGeorgiaA

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgtGeorgiaB

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgtGeorgiaC

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgtGlobe1_blue

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgtGlobe1_yellow

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgtGlobe3_yellow

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgtKolaLantern

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgtSpot

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgtSquare

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLgtTallSpot

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLightCelling

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLightCelling_Blue

Summon EchelonGameObject.eLightCelling_Green

Summon EchelonGameObject.eUS_Exit

Summon EchelonIngredient.eAlarmLight

Summon EchelonIngredient.eMuzzleFlash

Summon EchelonIngredient.eProjector

I have more but there's just too many! I MIGHT put them on the forums! Please Rate.

UnlockablesAdded 21 Sep 2006, ID #23526
Unlock Bonus Missions:
Beat levels 1-5 with a completion rate of 60% or higher to unlock the first Bonus Mission. Find all the safes in Missions 1-9 to get another Bonus Mission.

Unlock Level select:
Enter !lamaudite! As a name to unlock ALL levels. You must enter a ! Before
And after lamaudite.

Keypad Codes:

Police Precinct: 5929

Depression Chamber: 2019

Training Level Code: 28469

Backdoor in House: 091772

CIA Headquarters: 7687

CIA Headquarters (2) CODE: 110598

CIA Headquarters (3) CODE: 110700

CIA Headquarters (4) CODE: 0614

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