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Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero

We have 8 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero please send them in here.

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Easy $1,000,000

At menu go to car select and press left,left,circle,up,down,up,square,x

shutokou leader

There are only two cars that you can use to beat him they are the emperor (jintei's car), and god's estuary's car(the ford gt).
You are going to need these cars because they are top 2 best cars out of the top 3, you probablyly already know that shutokous car is the best! they also put out the most hp....and have the best handling.


# 401 is by far the hardest racer in this game. he is good at everything.
His car is an 80's style 240z and it has massive upgrades to it and it has unbelievably light weight and has the most horse which is about 3000 hp. the only way to beat him is to race him in the turns with speed kings car, DO NOT let him pass you.
If he tries to pass just put him into the wall and ride him on it until his points go down to extremely low then get ahead of him and stay ahead of him doing whatever to keep him behind you.
If he gets ahead of you the race is over. OHHH yea one more thing his name i think that it is SHUTOKOU LEADER! this is all that I could find on this guy so good luck he is the FASTEST!!!!

Thing's to help you're chances of winning!

1. When you're going round a corner try to stay on the inside of a turn.
2.Try to block you're opponent from getting infront of you.
3. If there are two cars infront of you one on the left side and one on the right, try to go in the middle of them.
4.Make you're car(s) lighter,because you might have a good engine but you sill go slow probably because you're too heavy.
5.Make you're cars better before you make them look good.
6.If you and you're opponent are at the same speed hit you're opponent into the wall and keep them there,until you are infront.
7.Add weight to you're car for better turning but don't add to much or you'll slow down see number 4

I did all theese and my car can go 274MPH

Skyline car

To unlock the Skyline car defeat the Speed King to get $3 million.

As you progress in your quest faster racers will..

As you progress in your quest faster racers will challege you from behind. try to keep them behind you for a guaranteed win.

Be sure to watch you speed points.

Avoid hitting other cars and walls.

You can also use turns to catch up if your behind or widen the gap if your ahead.

Your opponent will always slow down in the turns.

-When going around a curve, keep in mind that ce..

-When going around a curve, keep in mind that centrifical force will "add weight to your car" as you turn, therefore try to turn on the inside, most rivals tend to hit the brakes on a turn, thus giving you an oppertunity to pass them.

-if your car handles great, but it lacks speed and your opponent seems "unbeatabul" because of their speed, take them into an area that has alot of turns in it.

To race #401, your going to have to have a reall..

To race #401, your going to have to have a really fast car and you will need to beat all of the other 400 racers. Make sure that you save about $1 to $3 million because you don't get money from #401 and his car is extremely fast. I recommend that you use either Speed King's car or Red Devil's car and tune it to the MAX.


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