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The Punisher Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for The Punisher


We have 20 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for The Punisher please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : PC

You can also ask your question on our The Punisher Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Comic Covers

When you complete 'Challenge' and 'Punishment' modes ALL the comic covers from the different Punisher comic book series' will become unlocked.

Unlock Punisher Costumes

Create a new 'Profile' and enter the following case-sensitive passwords without the quotes as a name to unlock the corresponding costume.
Unlock Classic Punisher Costume:
Enter the password 'NAILGUN'.
Unlock 90's Punisher Costume:
Enter the password 'WOODCHIPPER'.
Unlock Modern Punisher Costume:
Enter the password 'CEILINGFAN'.

Unlock Alternate Opening Sequence

If you're getting bored with the same opening sequence then at the 'Press Start' screen let the game remain idle for about 20 seconds and an alternate opening with different dialogue and scenes will beging to play.

Cheat Mode

If you haven't got the time to play through the game and just want to unlock ALL missions, challenge modes, armory, war journal items, flashbacks, movies, comic covers, concept art, skins and cheats then create a new 'Profile' called 'V PIRATE' (case-sensitive and without the quotes). When this code has been enabled you will not be awarded Style points. You can also unlock cheats by getting a Gold medal rank on the following levels, this will unlock an apartment sub-menu where you can enable the cheat but if they are used you will not be able to progress in the game.
Crack House:
Unlock Gun Splitter mode.
Pier 74 Revisited:
Unlock Infinite Ammo
Stark Towers:
Unlock No Reload mode.
Lucky's Bar:
Unlock Crazy Deaths mode.

Unlock Concept Art

Get at least a Bronze medal rank on each of the different levels of the game to unlock a piece of concept art.

Unlock Weapons

If you need more weapons to fight crime then complete the following levels to get the indicated weapon.
Unlock Revolver:
Complete Lucky's Bar Level.
Unlock Hand Cannon:
Complete Gnucci Level.
Unlock Machine Gun:
Complete Grey's Funeral Home Level.
Unlock 5.7mm Submachine Gun:
Complete Fisk Industries level.
Unlock Machine Pistol .45 cal:
Complete Chop Shop Level.
Unlock Machine Pistol 5.56mm:
Complete Grey's Funeral Home Level.
Unlock Sniper Rifle:
Complete Grand Nixon Island level.
Unlock 5.56mm Assault Rifle:
Complete Central Zoo Level.
Unlock Auto Shotgun:
Complete Takagi Building Level.
Unlock Battle Rifle:
Complete Stark Towe..

The Punisher Cheats

On the indicated level from the list below, you must get a Gold Medal to unlock the corresponding cheat
Ryker's Island Level:
One Shot Kills
Lucky's Bar Level:
Crazy Deaths

Crack House Level:
Gun Splitters
Pier 74 Revisited:
Unlimited Ammo
Every level:

Unlock Everything

Enter the profile V Pirate to unlock everything in the game.
Cheats are under EXTRAS:
Crazy deaths
No reload
Unlimited ammo
Unlimited slaughter mode
One Shot, One Kill
Gun Splitters
Cray Deaths

Unlock every cheat

The code is V PIRATE is case sensitive.

Unlock everything [except upgrades]

Unlock everything [except upgrades]
V Pirate as profile name

NO Lt. Snowball, listen, you answered my questio..

NO Lt. Snowball, listen, you answered my question below but I'm NOT talking about when I'm at my apartment facing The Russian.
What I'm talking about is when your somewere else when you have that skull paint on when your in a jungle or something.
When he lights these barrels on fire, I shoot them and then his life goes down. When it's about half way down, a clip goes on and shows me shooting the last one and sets him on fire, he jumps down, chases me, and I don't know what to do.
He's a bullet proof man which means when I shoot him, his life doesn't move. So if enyone knows how to kill him, tell me.
P.S. The Eagles were robbed Sunday

To kill the russian in Kriegkopf's base, you lur..

To kill the russian in Kriegkopf's base, you lure him past the barrels on the side of the area and shoot the one that catches on fire so it explodes, repeat until he's dead.

Get lots of points

Everyone wants to get all th upgrades and it is possible, I've got em, just go through each level and hold shields in front of you all the time and do interrigations all the time, also on some levels there is a glitch where people keep coming back so you can kill them and get as many points as you want, one is where you face the tank, there are two people on either side on balconys and they keep coming back, if you stand up the back where the ammunition case is the tank can't hit you but you can hit the people.

Classic costume

To get the classic punisher costume enter NAILGUN as a case sensitive name.


Just thought some people might want to know this!
If you complete the inicated level you will unlock the gun written in front
.40 caliber submachine gun: Gnucci Estate
.45 caliber machine pistol : Chop Shop
.50 caliber semi-automatic pistol: Igor Baltiysky
5.56mm machine pistol : Grey's Funeral Home
5.56mm assault rifle: Central Zoo
5.7mm submachine gun: Fisk Industries
7.62mm assault rifle: Pier 74
Anti-tank weapon: Pier 74 Revisted
Auto shotgun: Takagi Building
Battle rifle: Stark Towers
Flame thrower: Igor Baltiysky
Grenade launcher: Pier 74
Hand cannon: Gnucci Estate
Machine gun: Grey's Funeral Home
Revolver: Lucky's Bar
Sniper rifle: Grand Nixon Island

Easy points on the funeral home level

Instead of sitting up in the coffin and shoting everyone get out and quick kill them. No one in the room has a gun so it is easy points. It is best to keep one guy for a shiled so you can contiue getting more points.

Easy points on the stark industries level

When you are at the end witht the helicopter instead of destroying the helicopter wait in the littl are with the three doors. The one you have just come from will keep having guys coming through if you stand next to the door then you can quick kill them and build up your score. The helicopter will not be able to hit you in the area so don't worry and another guy wont come untill you have killed the first guy so you can interigate first before you quick kill them.

Grenade launcher

The grenade launcher in the m16 is not useless.It can throw frag grenades and flash bangs farther away.Without grenade launcher we have to hold L1 to the grenade far away.Enjoy....

90's Punisher Costume

To get the 90's Punisher costume enter WOODCHIPPER as a case sensitive name

Modern punisher costume

To get the modern punisher costume enter CEILINGFAN as a case sensitive name

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