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Suikoden IV

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Easy Level Up (with Ted) and Easy Money hints and tips for Suikoden IV

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Easy Level Up (with Ted) and Easy Money


Well, if you still don't have Ted in your party, here's to get him. Remember, this only happens once.

After the event in Na-nal (Koolook invaded it, Axel & Selma joined you), here's what you got to do:

Anchor your ship and enter the War Room to trigger a scene involving a ghostly vessel that has pulled alongside yours. Form a strong party of 3, with Lino being a mandatory member, then follow the robed man on board. Fight off some Dead Blades as you move forward on the foggy path. When you encounter a Prophet enemy, the robed man will ask a question about your rune. Answer as you see fit then continue forward.

At the end of the path, a scene takes over, in which you meet the Fog Ship’s “captain”. When he asks you to join him, pick the 1st option (“I don’t want to stay here all my life!”) and the robed man will reveal himself as Ted. He joins you in fighting the ghostly captain.


Strategy: The Fog Ship Captain uses two principle attacks: an area attack that hits all party members for medium damage and one that leeches a substantial amount of HP from individual members to heal himself. The second attack can kill you so make sure to use Ted’s water rune liberally to keep the party healthy. Have others cast their most powerful spells or use combos if possible. Once you’ve depleted the boss, he will stop the battle.

Watch the scene that follows in which Ted acquires an awesome Soul Eater rune. Open the chest up ahead to receive a PIRATE KING VEST then head north to get back to your ship. Once there, Lino asks Ted to join the group. Pick the 1st option (“Join us”) to recruit Ted. When you regain control, re-enter Nay.

Easy Level Up

For the easy level up, put only your main character (equipped with Rage) and Ted in your party. Equip both party members with at least 3 speed rings, and any other equipment that increases Speed. If you don't do this, well you probably just lose every 4th battle. Go to Reinhold's Place and train. The key to this battle is to Spam your Runes. Here's one way to do it:

Round 1 :Hero - Rage lvl 2 Ted - Soul-Eater level 2
Round 2 :Hero - Rage lvl 2 Ted - Soul-Eater level 2
Round 3 :Hero - Rage lvl 3 Ted - Soul-Eater level 2
Round 4 :Hero - Rage lvl 3 Ted - Soul-Eater level 2
Round 5 :Hero - Rage lvl 4 Ted - Soul-Eater level 4 Or Flame Array *with Hero

P.S. : Ted's Soul-Eater Rune level 4 only hits one of your enemies, so choose one wisely. It could either be Reinhold or a spell caster. Remember, when your HP gets low, Ted has a water rune and use it to heal your members. If someone survived the Flame array or Final Flame, just use Judgement(lvl 4 Soul-eater)again if Ted already has 2 lvl 4 Spells. Then after every 5 Rounds, go to sleep then go back. You can do this upto level 99. After a high level about 65, add one more member then always remember to put him/her in defense. Then when the 3 characters have already high level, add another one.

Easy Money

After getting a high level about 65-99, go to the deserted island (northwest Mordo) with Basil in your support, A prosperity rune(You could get one in Mountain Mass Island, North of Razril) & slash rune equipped. Go to the Hill where you will see a Ancient Crab. Battle it and use the Slash Rune. The Crab will be instantly dead and you will have instant money about 60,000potch. Do this repeatedly and you will have about 2 million potch. You could also equip a champion orb if you want to easily go to the ancient crab.

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