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Sly 2: Band of Thieves Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Sly 2: Band of Thieves

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Lots of cheats for you to look through and includes unlocking the mega jump gadget and Time Rush mode. We'll also tell you how to get the keys from Contessa.

More Sly 2: Band of Thieves Cheats and Tips

We have 20 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Sly 2: Band of Thieves please send them in here.

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Unlock Mega Jump Gadget

After you get 100% on a name pause gameplay and press Right, Left, Right, Left, R1, Left.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves Cheats

Time Rush:
Press start and enter: DOWN, DOWN, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT and Time Rush will be available when you press select.
Get Tom Gadget:
Press start in the game and press LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT
Spy Fiction Unlockable List:
Successfully beat the game with Billy to unlock the 3rd costume.
Successfully beat the game with Sheila to unlock the 4th costume
Successfully beat the game to unlock Scarface Mode and the special option.
Successfully beat the game twice to unlock a second ending.

Cheat Codes

TimeRushGadget:While playing the game,pause then press:down,down,up,down,right,left(with the directional buttons)
TomGadget:While playing the game,pause then press:left,left,down,right,left,right(with the directional buttons)
MegaJumpGadget:While playing the game, pause then press:right,left,right,left,R1,left(with directional buttons)NOTE:this gadget can only be unlocked after you complete the game 100%

Glitchy Guards

Note: Before you do ANY of this, make sure you have "Atlas Strength" and set it to a button. (L1, L2, R2) First, go to episode 2. Second, play as Murray, pick up a guard, and take it back to your base. Third, jump into your base and you will see a guard on Murray's head. Fourth, go back outside. Fifth, find a special surprise in the base's doorway...


When facing Dimitri he fires bolts of electricity. To not get hit hide behind an object. Keep hiding until he stops for a few seconds he'll try to spark his bolts up. While he tries to spark back up run towards him.
If you don't get to him quickly hide behind an object and wait again. When he stops again hurry to him and whack him with you'r cane. When you do he'll immediately go on the offensive and try to whack you with his claw dodge him and charge an attack.To do this he'll have to be very close to you. Reapet these steps and you'll win easily.
PS. When he bolts objects collect the coins for THIEF NET.

Once you unlocked everything...

Once you unlock everything just press the R2 orL2 button to check what you got. The best item sly cooper has is the time distort. It's like the matrix.

Time rush gadget

During gameplay pause and press:
Then assign it to a button and there you go.

Find all clues easy; )

When you need to find more cluues just do this little trick to help
Press start go to options then go to music volume and turn it all the
Way down that way you can hear when you`re close to a clue
(you`ll hear a little ding ding ding ding)this work best when doing
A job.
P.S. Go to my forum and tell you your favorite job for sly1&2; )

Murray's Insides

Play as Murray, make it so that you're looking down at his head, then use the high-jump and you will see murray's insides.

Characters and Bosses

Sly: The Master Thief
Murray: The Muscle, Brawns
Bentley: The Brains
Episode 1: Dimitri
Episode 2: Rajan
Episode 3: Rajan
Episode 4: Contessa
Episode 5: Contessa
Episode 6: Jean Bison
Episode 7: Jean Bison
Episode 8: Arpeggio/Clock-La/Neyla

Episode 7: Menace from the north, eh?

When you fight Jean Bison as bentley, he's invincible to any of your attacks. So use the fire, the logs, and the saw blades to defeat him (as there is no other option to defeat him).

Mega Bomb for Bently

Press Start to pause game play, then press Left,R1,R1,Down,Down,Left.A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Enter Paris Safehouse (Sly and Bently)

Sly: (You need 100% to do this) First you need the mega-jump power-up (find the cheat), then go to the side of the safehouse and find a bench. Then use the mega-jump power-up at the window above you. If done correctly, you should be holding on to the top of the window. Then you just jump in from there and BOOM, you're in the safehouse.
Bentley: (You need the jet-pack power-up). Locate the same bench as you did with Sly. Using a double jump, activate the jet-pack and fly into the top right-hand corner of the middle window. If done correctly, you will be inside the safehouse.
Note: Look at the table in the safehouse and read the blueprints with your binocucom.

Stand on the mountain in Episode 6!!!

OK! If you know where the train is that passes over the creek and by the bear (the bear that's walking around), closest to the mountains and enters the mountains, get on that train and go to the second to last cart. Stand in from of the second "line" part spot that's on the cart and try to stay there. (I know this'll make your health go down but it's fun) Stay there and when you get electricuted you hit the caboose hatch and you fly up. Move forward and you're on the mountain! It takes a few times and sometimes it won't work but just keep trying. I found it out while running away from Carmelita. Good luck!

Any amount of coins you want!

In the first episode on the mission where Murray is in the water pump room, think of any amount of coins you want, then wait till the rats come out of the door, don't THROW THE RATS IN THE WATER PUMP , just keep killing the rats and every time you kill a rat, the rat will drop some coins (all of the rats drop coins when killed) and enjoy!

Help Pickpocket

There are 2 ways I use to get the guards pickpocketed.
1) Sneak up and press circle. (Sly the only charater that pickpockets)
2) Get a guards attention, run away and sneak up press circle( Sly the only charater that pickpockets)

Dimitri's Hotel

When you need to bug Dimitri's Office, head for the table with a painting and nab it. Then go to the Water Tower and jump off andspin over the ropes. Walk right to the window, then stealth sneak over to the large frame and open it.
Wait for the janitor to get in the boiler room on your right before following him. Do not touch him when he is active. Take a break at the fancy room right of the boiler room's exit. When you are ready, jump in the water. Jump onto the laser grid, dodge the lasers, and move to the curled bar. Climb it and walk to a ledge. Then stealth walk on the light ropes until you reach a waterfall. Stealth sneak behind it and whack the vent with a cane. Crawl and swap the bugged art with the real deal( and I mean deal as in dough deal). Try to get the art back ..

Follow Dimitri

When Dimitri turns to put in the code to the aquapump room, make sure you're on the oppisite end of the walk way so you can watch him put in the code.If there is a gaurd in front of you, you can still complete the job by moving to his side without him seeing you.

Invisible Rope Slide

First go to the Paris level. Make sure you have beaten the game 100% because you'll need the mega-jump power-up. Climb up the body of the fallen peacock sign. Mega-jump and ninja-spire to the nose of the peacock. If done correctly, you should slide on an invisible rope. When you touch the building at the end of the rope, you'll slide on the invisible rope backwards.

how to get the keys from contessa

On the 4th episode go to the point where it says close to contessa there will be 2 gourds on the first round. For the second round there will be 3 gourds. Okay on the third round there will be 3 gourds just lik the second will need a powerup for this cheat hit the gourd up then hit him again .repeat this cheat and you will complete this mission

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