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Road Trip Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Road Trip

We have 10 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Road Trip please send them in here.

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How to get a lot of money on roulette

On roulette if you choose the number 2 to bet on and play. Now get your car as close to the edge and look for the single zero and double zero wait till the double zero and go and if you go early enough you will land on the 2 and get a 17x the amount you betted

Climbing up mountains

If you want to climb up mountains, first you have to drive up to a hill then get the two of your wheels on the edge, then reverse and slowly turn to go up the mountain. It is easier to use a jet engine to jet up the hill.

choroQ coin locations

Here are a few of the choroQ coin locations: Behind quick-pic shop #36 in Sandpolis on the grass where the roundabout is in Peach Town next to the Peach Farm building in Peach Town On the Ski slope in White Mountain

Maze in a moat

In Fuji City, there is a HUGE castle with a moat around it. In the moat is a hidden entrance to a "Treasure Hunting Maze." Instead of just going around in circles without having any idea where you're going, just follow the green on the ground. If you don't see any green in the entrance you went in, turn around and go to the next entrance. Just remember, green is your lucky color.
"S-R-S" is over and out.
Peace :-)

Goldy-yelow coloure

The best coloure I think you can get on road trip!go to a paint shop and use these numbers of amount: red 15,green:11,blue:0

How to open the milioners safe

How to open milioners safe: enter these numbers: red:8, blue:3 ,green:1 ,orange:6

How to get lots of cash with out doing anything!!!!!!!!!

Recuirments:2 team mates , 2 sign to put on the 2 team mates(the signs are giving from cars to you ,you get 40-50 cash per kilomiter)my city.put the signs on the 2 team mates now go to my city and enter edurance race then just stay there for as long as you whant,(the trick is that the 2 team mates with signs gain lods of kilomiters for every lap) then go to the cars that gave you the signs and they will give you easy cash


This game is actually called Road Trip Adventure
Scotland By Nature

Shortcut on Lagoon raceway

If you have a very fast engine you'll love this shortcut.
First off on Lagoon raceway you will come across three waterfalls.
Further on go across the wooden plank and ram at the waterfall, and you will find a hidden tunnel not located on the map.
Drive strait through the tunnel, I think the rest will explain itself.

Treasure Move Directionsforward, forward, right,..

Treasure Move Directions

forward, forward, right, forward, forward, right, forward, left, forward, forward, left, right, forward, right, left, left, forward, forward, left, forward, forward, right, forward, forward, right, right, left, left, forward, forward, left, forward, forward, left, forward, right, forward, forward, left, forward, right, left, right.

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