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Red Faction Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Red Faction

We have 12 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Red Faction please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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Unlock God Mode

Pause gameplay and enter the code 1234 566678 to unlock God mode.

Unlock Everything:

1. Go the 'Main' menu
2. Press 'Select' then Left, Right, Up, Down, Circle, Triangle, Square, X.
3. If the code has been entered correctly then the screen will appear blue!

Unlimited Health

During game play, hold select and press up, left, down, right, up, up, down, down, circle, circle. ( note it sometimes does not work)

Waste Disposal Point. It is possible to get behi..

Waste Disposal Point.

It is possible to get behind the grills in the “Waste Disposal point” multiplayer level. There are two of them very conveniently placed next to the rocket launcher.

To get into the pipe (and behind the grill) you have to blow away the wall on top of the pipe with your rocket launcher or remote charges (You may have to destroy a bit of the wall next to the pipe so that you can jump up onto it.)

Follow the pipe while tunnelling further into the wall.

The pipe bends up after a little while and once you have destroyed the rock at the end of the pipe you should be able to drop down into it.

Once you are in it is ..

On the multi player level "warlords" if you get ..

On the multi player level "warlords" if you get the rocket launcher you can make a tunnel from one base to another. All you have to do is get a rocket launcher and shoot the ground in front of you base until there is a small hole then get in it and shoot the wall of the hole torwards the other base. You will die a couple of times from the explosions but it's really fun to do.(It also helps if you have a friend over to help).Also you can just dig a big hole or make trenches with the same process.

Have Fun!!!!!!!!!! Smile

in multiplayer go to the badlands. get the rocke..

in multiplayer go to the badlands. get the rocket launcher when u have it go foreward to the wall. then shoot it going downward leading down to the bottom of the pit. jump into the path and easily fall down. but dont jump off.

P.S. make it deep or u will keep on bouncing off

P.S.S. get gun and fall down so u will have ammo while ur down there.

also in the badlands get the rocket launcher. go to the bottom level (not the pit)at the ends of all the path on top shot them so then the uppper level fall apart. this is also good for the hint on top so the bots will die and give u guns to

in the lobby blow up all the grifiti and then u can get health and guns. u can also get to the roof of the lobby

This cheat works in Multiplayer Only and in New ..

This cheat works in Multiplayer Only and in New Game Sometimes. When you see a Grafitty in walls you can brake it with a Rocket Launcher or a Remote Bomb to go to secret areas to get some pistols.

Cool cheats

Go to the main menu and type these codes
NOTE:you must complete the game and save it it will unlock a cheat menu you can access to type....
All weapons at start of game:BULLETOFYOURLIFE
Those are the only ones I know because I figured them out myself I was entering all sorts of codes I only came up with them but they are usefull aint they!?
Not to worry soon ill think up some more

When playing in either 1 or 2 player mode if you..

When playing in either 1 or 2 player mode if you have a remote charge ucan throw them on your enemies back, now your enemies will run around screaming.

When you are ready push the trigger a blow him up.

when your at the guy in the bubble part, you wil..

when your at the guy in the bubble part, you will see just before he pops out of the roof eos will blow a hole in the wall across from the door you came in and up the ramp. run over there go in the hole in the wall and get all the ammo do it quick or eos will die and the game will be over. you should have the sniper rifle by this time. if you sneek down the ramp and stay behind the first post in front of the hole you can look through the scope and see the bubble guy with out him seeing you. start shootin. the sniper rifle is real powerful and will burst his bubble after a few hits. once he is down on the ground open up on him with the assault rifle.

While playing in multiplayer mode choose the lob..

While playing in multiplayer mode choose the lobby find the rocket laucher shoot all signs, posters, and spray paint on the walls to reveal secret rooms. Each containing different weapons and heath on suit options. One room even contains a fusion rocket laucher that is like the BFG in Doom.

Unlimited Energy

At the Title screen/menu screen hold x for five minutes then start the game.

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