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Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

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A large collection of cheats that includes how to beat Protopet fast, how to get past 'Mega Challenge' in the Maktar Nebula arena and unlocking the Insomniac museum.

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We have 43 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3

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Unlock Insomniac Museum

This feature which is a collection of things like comics, pictures and concept art which didn't make it into the game and is accessed when you have collected ALL the weapons, upgrades and ALL their mods. When you have everything this feature will then become an available option at the 'Shortcuts' menu.

Black Sheepinator:

To aquire the 'Black Sheepinator' - beat game on 'challenge mode'

Mini Game:

1. Play a 'mini game' - go to Clanks apartment, and use Dynamo.

2. A game will be played with a Synthanoid.

3. Press x to shoot the swarming sheep.

Start the Game with More Weapons and Items

If you insert a Memory Card which has a 'Save' file from the original Ratchet & Clank game with it completed you will be able to start Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando with more weapons and items.

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando cheats

Paint Jobs

Get skill points and visit Slim's.

Paint Jobs - 3 skill points

Super Paint Jobs - 10 skill points

Space storm - 10 skill points

Warp Streak - 10 skill points

Supernova - 10 skill points

Silent Strike - 15 skill points

Solar Wind - 15 skill points

Dark Nebula - 15 skill points

Scoop Nose 18 - skill points

Neutron Star - 19 skill points

Star Traveler - 19 skill points

Lunar Eclipse - 25 skill points

Clowner - 25 skill points

Plaidtastic - 29 skill points

Prepster - 29 skill points

Insomniac Special - 29 skill points

Split Nose - 29 skill points

Skill point ..

Giant wrench

Get on a portal at maktar nebula and throw your wrench right when you teliport and you will have a giant wrench.

Quick throw with Chopper

With the chopper, it has a time, when you throw it, you are totally open for attacks. If you jump and shoot while jumping, it eliminates that problem.

Geez. How many times? People, The R.Y.N.OII is t..

Geez. How many times? People, The R.Y.N.OII is the best weapon. Use it on the dumb prohto pet and he'll get kill in less then 10 seconds. Use it on B2 Brawler abd he gets killed in less then 10 seconds. That's my proof.

Box Breaker = cash

This is a very valuble hint for all you people who want to get the most money that you possibly can. Whenever you get the gravity boots on planet joba, go directly to planet oozla and then use the teleporter to go to the building where you got the dynamo.

Once there go back through the hallway where you had to dodge the blocks and at the end of that make a left turn. Go up the gravity walkway, REFILL YOUR AMMUNITION, and then slide down the chute. Fight the giant monster and win and you will get the BOX BREAKER.

The box breaker is an item that breaks all the breakable objects (lampposts, mailboxes, boxes, trash cans, lights) around you when you do an overhead attack, and you will get tons of monet this way.

The best way to beat the game.

I truely believe that the best way to beat the game is by destroying everything in site, anything that moves, take it out, keep saving up until you can get the most expensive item at the vendor then get the cheaper stuff, after that do not get the R.Y.N.O. 2 until you have beaten the game at least 1 time, and save your zodiac ammo (it costs 10,000 bolts each time).

Beating The Protopet Fast

To beat the protopet fast, get the bouncer, upgrade it to the heavy bouncer, and shoot it at him, it takes out a huge chunk of his health.


While your fighting the Protopet Boss at the protopet HQ, you can stay on the second floor by using your tractor beam to hit him with one of the bombs.

He won't trash the floor but he will start to come after you.

P.S. You should use the bombs these will do the most damage

Two skillpoints and a platinum bolt

On the planet todano (missile silo) on the tour with the four rockets go with the tour people, and along the way blow all the rockets up and kill all the squirrels to save the tour people.

Recommended to blow up rockets-Megarocket tube (minirocket tube upgrade) At the end of the tour activate the elevator.

When you go up and walk 2 the vendoru will see one of tha rockets fall and blow up alot of squirrels.

If u saved all the robots at the end of the tour u will git a skill point.

If you set off all the rockets you will git a skill point.

And if u follow the robot fizzwidget into the room u will find a platinum bolt.

P.S.- Hope I helped

Insomniac Museum Cheat #1

You could either do the fountain thing or here's an interesting way to get to the mysterious Insomniac Museum:

>Go to the level with that fountain

>Hop on the grind rails

>Grind until you are by the jump right before the construction site

>Purposely get hit and when you jump/flinch in the air glide down to the left until you land on the ground.

>You should in on a secret part of the city, which is like a street

>Walk down this "street" until you reach a gray building with a blue circular design at the top.

>Go onto the grass next to the building (Which is really The hallway where you teleport to the museum)

>Walk around until you fall in to the ground

>It will look like you are underneath the floor of someplace.

>Jump up until you ..


When you're in any of the races always look for shortcuts, there is at least one shortcut on EVERY track so keep a sharp eye out for them.

P.S. In the first race after you go across the water make a right instead of a left where you're supposed to go and you will get a platinum bolt.

A quick way of upgrading the flux rifle

First go to planet tobra and get out of the underground tunnels, you will see a old man go to him.

Once you have talked to him get out the flux rifle and another powerfull gun, start exploring when you get to the enemie with the electric tentrils

shoot it with the flux rifle with the small ones use the other gun (double tap triangle)keep doing this until it has upgraded.

Flux rifle-vapriser

Hope I helped

Last Boss

Before the last boss when your beside the weapon vendor you can shoot him.Really it works. Hope I helped.

Insomniac Museum

I noticed that the cheat to get in the Insomniac Museum said get everything. When if you go to planet Boldan and follow the grindrail abit you will find a part where there is green grass and one of the rails end, hit the end and glide over to the grass. Go over to the building and walk along side it, untill you fall into the ground. (I suggest the one to the right because it brings you up where you are not in front of the thugs.) Then move towards the center of the building and jump up. If you have first person, you can use it to see, but if not jump around and stuff while hidden from the thugs, untill you can see more than the floor. There will be lots of thugs and if you have a good weapon use it, if not you can run and jump to get past the thugs.

Once past the thugs and on the te..

Weapons and upgrades

Lancer-200 ammo - Heavy Lancer-300 ammo

Gravity Bomb- 8 ammo - Mini-Nuke- 8 ammo

Chopper-35 ammo - Multi-Star-35 ammo

Blitz Gun-40 ammo - Blitz Cannon-40 ammo

Seeker Gun-25 ammo - HK22 Gun-25 ammo

Pulse Rifle-8 ammo - Vaporizer-8ammo

Mini-Turret Glove-20 ammo - Mega-Turret Glove-20 ammo

Synthenoid-12 ammo - Kilonoid-12 ammo

Lavagun-200 ammo - Meteorgun-200 ammo

Bouncer-15 ammo - Heavy Bouncer- 15 ammo

Plasma Coil-15 ammo - Plasma Storm-20 ammo

Hoverbomb gun-8 ammo - Tetrabomb gun-10 ammo

Mini-Rocket-25 ammo - Megarocket Tube-25 ammo(u can shoot 4 at a time)

Spiderbot Gun-8 ammo - Tankbot Gun-8 ammo

Sheepinator- no ammo - Black Sheepinator-no ammo

Clank Zapper-30 ammo - Clank Shocker-30 ammo

Shield Charger-5 ..

A skill point and a easy way to beat Chainblade

After you get the improved wrench at planet Tobaro (the place where you get the crystals) go back to Maktar Nebula and fight Chainblade.

After you choose to fight Chainblade DO NOT USE A WEAPON just keep doing comet or hyper strikes (x then square) and you will kill him in no time and you will get a skill point if you don't use a weapon.

If you have the shield charger: don't train it w..

If you have the shield charger: don't train it with Squirrls it takes long time before they die and you get almost no XP.

Fun with the sun

Its not much of a hint o well. If you have a dynamo go the lvl were you get clank then to clanks apartment. On the table there is a triangle pull the dynamo and into a weird game. U have 2 try 2 hit the other sheep in sun weird hun.

P s. Rachet and clanks the best.

Help with impossible challenge

Ok, heres a lil' tip 2 help you with your impossible challenge completeing

Items needed: all items you use in impossible challenge and decoy glove

Tip: ok, basically, fristly, battle through the first 9 stages trying not to lose much hp. When you get onto level 10, lay a decoy, and protect it from harm until you go back down onto normal ground. now all the monsters will flock to under the decoy, but cannot kill it leaving you to pick them off 1 by 1, (perfect for training)

Ok, soon fireballs start coming up during cage matchs, try laying more than 1 decoy just incase. finally on level 59 (2nd last round) lay all your decoys or as many as you want to not get hit by fireballs (you can have any amount, it's just more for safety measures) once you beat round 59, y..

Monsters on Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando: Aranos - Notak

Planet Aranos: MSR 1-Chainsaw Model|MSR 2-Flamethrower Model|PX6 Blade Ball Planet Oozla: Mutant Muckdweller|Mutant Swamp Beast|Mutant Firefly| Boss: Swamp Monster I|Second Visit:Boss: Swamp Monster II Maktar Nebula: Thugs-4-Less Brute|Megacorp ChickenBot|Arena:Megacorp Gladiator| Bosses:Chainblade|B2 Brawler Planet Endako: Megacorp Sweeper Bot|Megacorp Laser Bot|Megacorp Rivet Bot|Boss: Thugs-4-Less Leader(Helicopter) Planet Barlow: Vukovar Tribesmen|Balowian Saur-Beast|Gadgetron Hound of Cuddly Death Planet Notak: Thugs-4-Less Henchman|Thugs-4-Less Attack Ship

Easy final boss

Here's an easy but expensive way to kill the Mutant Protopet.First, to the spot where you can see the Mutant Protopet and your near the last vendor. Then unload all your medium to long range weapons on it when the Mutant Protopet is in range and when your out of ammo and reload and keep repeating until you think you have done enough damage to it and jump down.

Killing the Big Dragon-looking monsters in the desert.

When you awaken one big dragon-looking monster, go back until it goes where it came frome. Equip the Visibomb and shoot at it. It will take 3 to 4 shots to kill it.

Get through planet boldan fast

Go to the grind rails on planet boldan and ride until the 7th railthen grind into the electrical post on the left and then glide onto the platform below on the left then line you're self up with the road and walk strait you will see a building in front of you WARNING: do not fall into the front of the building or you will have to quit and come back fall to the left side of the building and you will land in the place where there are lots of boxes to smash. You will also notice that most of the enemies in that room have disappeared only their guns remain they will not harm you.

Get a lot of raratanium

Go to the first ship level (not the one after level 3)

You need the nuke weapon for your ship at the beginning switch to the nuke weapon and fire it it is supposed to destroy all ships it will go to round 2 there is a lot of raratanium left over collect them and keep doing that to get all the raratanium you want.

Play as a Snowman

Win the "Impossible Challange" at Megacorp Games in the battle arena.

Note: Turn the cheat on/off in the "Special"menu.

Insomniac Museum (the easy way)

Difficulty: a bit hard

You'll need The Visibomb gun, R.Y.N.O.II (if possible) or the Gravity Bomb/Mini Nuke

Any strong armor. Shield Charger/ Tesla Barrier. Heli- pack/ Thruster- pack

Step# 1: Go to Planet Boldan.

Step# 2: After you deactivated the barrier, head straight to the Elavator then to the grinding rails.

Step# 3: When you see a place with no entrance to any of those buildings, try to get hit by the elctric thingy and glide down to that place!

Step# 4a: When you get to that place, look to the left and walk towards the edge. try not to fall off the edge!

Just follow the edge then you'll fall in the room where the teleporter is. the only problem is its guarded by some thugs!.

Step# 4b:Bring out the visibomb gun ..

Chainblade and B-2 Brawler Amazing Weakness!!!!!!

Upgrade the Lava Gun into a Meteor Gun, then fly back to the Maktar Nebula. When your fighting either Chainblade and/or the B-2 Brawler use strafing (hold L2) and the Meteor Gun cause it bites away they're life faster than the R.Y.N.O. 2!!!!

Protopet strategy

When you get up to the final boss make sure you have alot of money for ammo you might die a few times. When you get up to him take out either the the plasma coil/storm or the minitube/mega rocket and start shooting him. If he eats an ammo case strafe and dodge the missiles or whatever he shoots at you and keep firing at him. If you break the case before he eats him you either have a choice to take out the synthanoid/kilonoid and black/sheepinator and take out the other protopets. I recommend saving the synthanoids/kilonoids for later though. Oh and make sure you go to slims weapon modification shop to get upgrades for your weapons. They help cut down his health even more. And the person who submmited the 2nd floor glitch was right. You don't want to go down to the third floor. There are ..

Blue and Green

If get the shock mod for a weapon and use it on a boss a lot,they will turn BLUE!!

Same thing with the acid mod but they will turn GREEN!!!

Wrench flying

Ok to do this go into first person camera,look straight down at the ground,

Jump,and throw your wrench,very fast.Keep throwing it and you should levitate.

This is very helpful because you can go over water and climb walls with this.

Cool Cheat While Flying Your Ship

Press Rl and L1 at the same time and you will be teleported to a different area of the place you are flying your ship.

Quick weapon select

1-take out one weapon

2-take out another weapon

3-double click triangle and you should go to the last weapon used

This does work, and it a useful way to switch from 2 weapons really quickly!

Tons of easy bolts

In megapolis knock down light poles and lights hanging in rooms equals about 1000 for most of them some are only about 500

Insomniac musem

Wait till 2:00am go to planet bolden after you get to the tunnel behind the force field go down the path towards the glass door push the button and go left kill all the people there and jump on top of the fountian there is a portal up there us it and you will be in a long hallway kill the two guys that appear there use the teleporter at the back and you are in the musem.

Upgraded weapons' names

Lancer - Heavy Lancer Gravity Bomb - Mini-Nuke Chopper - Multi-Star Blitz Gun - Blitz Cannon Pulse Rifle - Vaporizer MiniTurret Glove - MegaTurret Glove Seeker Gun - HK22 Gun Synthenoid - Kilonoid Lava Gun - Liquid Nitrogen Gun Bouncer - Heavy Bouncer ..

A fast way to get bolt's.

1.Go to the planet where your ship gets smashed by Mr. Fizzwidgets ship and you have to go around and find crystals to fix it. When there get ALL the crystals and not just the ones needed to fix your ship. If you do, go to the guy standing by your ship, get it fixed, then DO NOT leave, stay there and talk to him again and however the amount of crystals you have, you should get 20,000 bolts for one crystal (or 2 I forget) and you should have a lot of bolts in a little amount of time!

2.Go to the planet where you have to get moonstones for the big rock to get moved and do the same thing there but this time you should get 30,000 bolts for 1 moonstone!


Pkmn master100

How to Get Past "Mega Challenge" In the Maktar Nebula Arena

Rounds 1-9: Just pull out your Gravity Bomb and "bomb" every group, kill the crap

Out everything else with your Blitz Gun(if you have it). Round 10(Chainblade): Use your Bomb Glove(If you got it from Barlow) on him when HE IS ON THE GROUND not when he is in the air throwing his swords at you. Speaking

Of throwing his swords at you, jump when he DOESN'T throw his sword and finish the double jump when he does throw his swords at you. You should have at least 23/40 ammo when you beat him. Otherwise, shoot him 4 times with the Vaporizer.

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando FAQs

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