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how to get every created charcters level 10 weapon

the lord azza asks:
Added Apr 27th 2008, ID #116553

how to get every created charcters level 10 weapon

How do you get you're create officers 4th weapon coz I'm stuc plzzzzz tell

I need to know hot to get the holy avenger to level 10

Any other weapons you know how to get tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz (created characters only)


Guest answered:
Added 13th Mar 2014, ID #619612


4. Weapon Level Info (Level 10 weapons Per Muni Shinobu's GREAT guide!):
NOTE: The game must be on HARD mode to get 10th level weapons.
also do not use an elemental orb that does damage (Fire, Blast,
lightning or Vorpal cause damage. Ice and Poison do not.) If you do
use an orb that does damage, and the element kills the general it
may not count as you killing the general. Same goes for bodyguards
don't use them because if they get the kill it does not count. So if
you do take bodyguards into the level, leave them with your
commander. Also before attempting the get the level 10 you MUST have
the level 9 weapon already.

*** 10th level weapon verified personally

Level Experience Power Attacks Name
1 0 4 Sword
2 1000 17 4 "
3 3000 20 4 "
4 6000 24 5 High Sword
5 10000 27 5 "
6 15000 30 5 "
7 21000 39 6 Phoenix Sword
8 28000 42 6 "
9 35000 45 6 "
10 N/A 54 6 Phoenix Tail
Stage = Yellow Turban Fortress
Side = Allied Troop Scenario
Method = In under 6:00 into the stage, defeat in order Po Cai, Zhou Cang,
Chen Yuan Zhi, or defeat in order He Yi, Pei Yuan Shao, Chen Yuan Zhi ->
Lv10 weapon earned message.
AllPainful Comment = Another easy one. It sounds difficult, but here is
Another way of saying the above. There are 2 paths to the main castle at the
Bottom. Each has 2 generals guarding it. Pick a path and kill both generals
And the general guarding the main gate of the castle in under six minutes. It
Took me 2 minutes and 15 seconds into the level to get the message that I had
Earned the weapon. Took a total of 3 minutes and 7 seconds to beat the level.
Also note, when I played it I didn't have Po Cai, it was Bo Zhang, so I killed
Bo Zhang then Zhou Cang then Cheng Yuan Zhi then waited for the message to
Say I got it, then I went after Zhang Bao and finished the level.

Level Experience Power Attacks Name ***
1 0 15 4 Spear
2 1000 18 4 "
3 3000 21 4 "
4 6000 25 5 Force Spear
5 10000 28 5 "
6 15000 31 5 "
7 21000 40 6 Sonic Spear
8 28000 43 6 "
9 35000 46 6 "
10 N/A 55 6 Typhoon
Stage = Battle of Si Shui Gate
Side = Allied Troops Scenario
Method = Defeat Fan Chou and take over the enemy food supply fort, defeat
Hua Xiong, defeat Li Jue's two sub-generals, Zhang Liao appears as back-up
Troop general, defeat Zhang Liao -> Lv10 weapon earned message.
AllPainful Comment = EXTREMELY EASY TO OBTAIN. To make it easier so you don't
Have to worry about your commander, kill all but 1 other general on the stage
(don't kill them all because if you do Li Jue will retreat) and then go after
Hua Xiong and Li Jue's 2 subgenerals then kill Zhang Liao and wait for the
Message that you earned the weapon before killing Li Jue. NOTE: DO NOT KILL
Hua Xiong until your commander says "Is there no one who can challenge Hua
Xiong". My character was not even close to being maxed out on ANY stats.

Level Experience Power Attacks Name ***
1 0 16 4 Pike
2 1000 19 4 "
3 3000 22 4 "
4 6000 26 5 War Pike
5 10000 29 5 "
6 15000 32 5 "
7 21000 41 6 Star Pike
8 28000 44 6 "
9 35000 47 6 "
10 N/A 56 6 Eclipse
Stage = Battle of Hu Lao Gate
Side = Allied Troops Scenario
Method = Defeat Lu Bu -> Lv10 weapon earned message.
AllPainful comment = Surprisingly easier than I thought it was going to be.

Rapier ***
Level Experience Power Attacks Name
1 0 4 Rapier
2 1000 16 4 "
3 3000 19 4 "
4 6000 23 5 Swift Rapier
5 10000 26 5 "
6 15000 29 5 "
7 21000 37 6 Celestial Blade
8 28000 40 6 "
9 35000 43 6 "
10 N/A 52 6 Nu Wa's Rapier
Stage = Yellow Turban Menace
Side = Allied Troop Scenario
Method = Defeat enemy ambush troop generals He Yi and Yen Zheng -> Lv10
Weapon earned message.
Muni Comment = Defeat any three enemy generals or reach the area to the top
Of the castle to trigger the heavy rain event, which will lead to the
Appearance of He Yi's ambush troop inside the castle.
Yen Zheng's ambush troop will appear a short time after He Yi is defeated.
Allpainful comment = Yen Zheng appears when Houngful Song himself exits the
Castle through the north exit which will only happen after He Yi and ALL his
Troops are defeated. This has got to be the easiest weapon to obtain, even an
Unleveled up character can do the requirements on hard mode. My Rapier player
Edit character was still weak in attack and defense, only Life and Musou were
Even past the half way mark. I didn't need to, but if you are having trouble
Beating Zhang Liang on hard after obtaining the weapon, then try beating all
The other generals (including his sub-generals) and letting him retreat.

Great Sword ***
Level Experience Power Attacks Name
1 0 17 4 Great Sword
2 1000 20 4 "
3 3000 23 4 "
4 6000 27 5 Crush Sword
5 10000 30 5 "
6 15000 33 5 "
7 21000 42 6 Holy Avenger
8 28000 45 6 "
9 35000 48 6 "
10 N/A 57 6 Fu Xi's Sword
Stage = Yellow Turban Rebellion
Side = Allied Troop Scenario
Method = Defeat all enemy generals -> Lv10 weapon earned message.
Muni Comment = Defeating enemy sub-generals is not necessary.
AllPainful Comment = I ran up the left the middle to the left and came down
The right side. Easy weapon to obtain even for a non maxed out character.


5. Leveling up weapons:

If you Haven't unlocked Yellow Turban Rebellion - Yellow turban's side:

A fast way to level up characters weapons (in my opinion) is play Battle of
Jian Ye (even on easy mode this works good) and defeat (in any order) Taishi
Ci, Zhou Tai and Cheng Pu (even on easy they are still worth 409 Wep EXp a
Peice). Then find and defeat all the fake Sun Jians. There are 4 total, 1 in
The middle fort, and one at the enterances to the Southwest and Southeast
Forts, defeating any 1 of these causes the 4th one to appear in the top middle
Fort (even on easy they are still worth 409 Wep EXp a peice as well) Zhuge
Jin appears with the on in the top fort, he is also worth 204 Wep Exp. Then
Defeat IN THIS ORDER Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan then Sun Shang Xiang. They
Are each worth 818 Wep Exp a piece on easy. So excluding any charge attack
Bonus Wep Exp, the total Weapon Experience obtained is 6339. NOTE: Taishi Ci,
Zhou Tai and Cheng Pu do have subgenerals worth about 204 Wep Exp each as
Well so thats another 1020 if you kill them as well. But if you plan on
Killing the subs then you should kill ALL the subs BEFORE you kill any of the
Other generals because killing one of the other generals will trigger the sun
Family's attack. Killing the last general (in this case Sun Shang Xiang) does
Not show you on the screen that it gives you weapon experience, but if you
Run through a level and ONLY beat the last guy you will notice you stil get
Wep exp. 7359 Weapon Experience for what can take just a few minutes if you
Have a horse. Not bad in my opinion. My average Weapon Experience earned is
About 7007, it's lower than it should be because I was playing it on easy
Because I was using an unpowered up Meng Hou, so some of the generals on my
Side ended up killing some of the enemy generals and also every now and then
When I got a general to low life somene else would get the final hit in,
Sometimes it was one of my bogyguards. But the nice thing is that bodyguards
And other generals can't get the last hit in on what is considered "The last
Guy" so you don't have to worry about someone getting the last hit in on Sun
Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan or Sun Shang Xiang. Average time it took was about
17:12. Now if that ain't enough incentive to try this level then think about
This, this level has a ranking of 3 difficulty (when on easy) and it has 4
ITEM drops, I have gotten rare items on this level as well (Herbal Remedy).
The Dim Sum snack and Musou Wine are easy to find as well, the Dim Sum Snack
Is on the northern second floor of the inner castle of the middle fort, the
Musou wine is located to the east of the middle building of Sun Jian's fort
(bottom middle one). Another note on the times and experience, the above
Were with Meng Hou. With the player edit rapier who was even lower level then
Meng Hou my average time was 10:51 and average weapon experience was 7812.
Best Path to take:
A good path through the level is the following. Start off going south and kill
Cheng Pu's subgeneral, then kill the Sun Jian that is near him, then go north
And kill the Sun Jian and Zhuge Jin. Then head west and kill Taishi Ce's
Subgeneral and another fake Sun Jian, then head south and catch Taishi Ce's
Other subgeneral. Then head east PAST Cheng Pu without attacking him (if you
Attack him the Sun family will leave thier main fort, and you don't want that
Yet.) And kill Zhou Tai's subgeneral, and if his other subgeneral is still
Alive go north and kill him and another fake Sun Jian too. Then head south
And kill Zhou Tai, then west from their and go for Sun Jian, north from there
And kill Cheng Pu and Sun Ce (they should be right near eachother now), then
Head to the southwest and kill Sun Quan and Taishi Ce (they to should be near
Eachother now) and then head east and kill Sun Shang Xiang.

General Location Experience Drop
------------- -------------- ---------------- ----------
Taishi Ci Southwest Fort 409
Zhu Ran Southwest Fort 204 Attack +1
Ding Feng Northwest Fort 204 Item
Zhou Tai Southeast Fort 409 Item
Xu Sheng Southeast Fort 204 Defense +1
Sun Shao Northeast Fort 204
Cheng Pu Central Fort 409 Item
Jiang Qin Central Fort 204 Attack +1
Fake Sun Jian 1 North of Central Fort 409 All Recover
Fake Sun Jian 2 North of SW Fort 409 All Recover
Fake Sun Jian 3 North of SE Fort 409 All Recover
Fake Sun Jian 4 North of N Fort 409 All Recover
Zhuge Jin North of N Fort 204 Defense +2
Sun Jian South Central Fort 818 Attack +2
Sun Ce Moves to Center Fort 818 Item
Sun Quan Moves to SW Fort 818 Defense +2
Sun Shang Xiang Moves to SE Fort 818 Level over

Item in a crate just West of the bottom central fort. In one of the alcoves.

Another level I like for leveling weapons is Lu Bu's Revolt. You only get on
Average about half the exp of Jian Ye, but it can be done in half the time and
It doesn't have NEAR as much running around to do because it's a small indoor
Castle level. On HARD you almost the same amount of experience as Jian Ye on
Easy. And it takes less time if you have at least leveled your character a

If you Have unlocked Yellow Turban Rebellion - Yellow turban's side:

There are MANY generals on this stage. Defeating certian main generals seems
To make certain others show up, but I believe they have a time trigger as well
So if you don't beat the trigger general in certain time, the general will
Appear anyway. Also some generals (Like Cao Cao) seem to have multiple
Triggers as I have had him appear right after beating Sun Jian, and also right
After beating Yuan Shao, unless his trigger is a Kill "#" Generals. You must
Defeat ALL main generals to beat the level. But if your trying to level up
Your weapons then I suggest defeating the subgenerals as well. As listed in
The following chart (This is on easy, and the level is still not a great one
To use for a brand new character, you might have some difficulty beating some
Of the generals if you are not leveled up at all. Don't get me wrong, it's
Can be done, I did it with a sword and spear Character, I'm just saying it
Won't be easy to do.) NOTE: If your character is not leveled up you have a
Better chance at a duel than just a head to head fight, becuase in a duel your
Character and the enemy are changed so that you are close to equals. Also note
That when I say "MAIN FORT" I mean the fort that your commander starts in that
Is located top middle of the map:

General Location Trigger Experience - Drop
----------- -------------- ------------ -----------------
He Jin South Fort Start's There 614 - Item
Gongsun Zan South of wall east side Start's There 307 - Def +1
Zhao Yun East of Gongsun Zan Start's There 614 - Item
Zhu Jun South of wall center Start's There 307 - Def +1
Huangful Song South of wall west side Start's There 307 - Def +1
Sun Jian North of wall west side 614 - Def +4
Huang Gai North of Sun Jian 614 - Att +2
Liu Bei North of wall middle Walk near Zhu Jun 614 - Def +4
Guan Yu West of Liu Bei 614 - Item
Yuan Shao Southeast of Main Fort Defeat Liu Bei 614 - Item
Yan Liang East of Yuan Shao 307 - Att +1
Wan Chou East of Yan Liang 307 - Att +1
Cau Cau North of wall east side Defeat 3 MAIN Gens 614 - Item
Xiahou Yaun South of Cau Cau 614 - Def +2
Xiahou Dun West of Cau Cau 614 - Att +2
Dong Zhuo Main Fort NE corner Defeat He Jin 1228 - Att +2
Hua Xiong Main Fort NW Corner 307 - Att +1
Lu Bu Southeast of Main Fort Defeat Dong Zhuo 1228 - Att +4

Musou Wine - Northeast corner of map (not main fort)
Dim Sum Snack - Northeast corner of main fort

Max Totals: Att+13, Def+13, Item+5, Lif+10, Mus+10, Weapon Experience +10438
As this is a "Kill Everyone" level, you must decide who's drop you don't want
And kill them last.

A note on Cau Cau appearing. You must defeat 3 MAIN generals, 1 which starts
On the map and 2 that were reinforcements, beating 2 that start on the map and
1 that didn't will not make him appear, you would have to defeat 1 more
Reinforcement general.

My average weapon experience from this level is +11561 (I use alot of triangle
Attacks and I don't usually end up getting all the kills or it would be

If you think one of my triggers is incorrect, or if you know a trigger I don't
Have listed, feel free to e-mail me. DO NOT E-MAIL ME FOR NOT LISTING A
TRIGGER FOR A SUBGENERAL, all the subgenerals appear at the same time as the
General they are a sub to. If you would like a listing of the TIMES of the
Events that happened in my trial runs to see if you can figure out Sun Jian's
Trigger then e-mail me. REMEMBER credit will be given to those who provide
Info that I use in this FAQ. Sun Jian 4 out of 5 times appears when Gongsun
Zan is killed. But not always.



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