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NHL 06 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for NHL 06

We have 9 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for NHL 06 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : PC : Xbox

You can also ask your question on our NHL 06 Questions & Answers page.

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Sweet Puck Move

To do this AMAZING move simply press L1+the right directional stick whichever way you want. The player will do an insane move on the gaolie. Make sure you are not too close to him though

general hints

1. Gameplay Tip #1 - It's all about the one on one battles. NHL06 has some terrific new additions to get down the ice and fake out the goalie. Similar to the classic NHL games of the early to mid 90's, the left analog [or the D-pad in those games] controls your player's deking abilities. Quickly move the left analog back and forth and your controlled player will do the same. You can use this to turn opposing defensemen or to fake the goalie out of his jock. Another way to turn the goalie into swiss cheese is to use the skill stick [right analog]. Tap the skill stick up, down, left, or right for some amazing goals like between the legs shots or spinorama shots. Be careful though, only players with star indicators can pull off the shots successfully. Here is something most of your opponents will not know: Hold down the shift control while doing these moves for bat-in shots. You can do these moves behind the net as well. When skating or stopped behind the net, tap the skill stick with shift held down to flip the puck over the net or try a lacrosse style goal.
#2 - Get the puck back to your point men in the offensive zone. You will notice that the goalie comes out to above the top of the crease. Shoot the puck low to the side that your teammates are on. Chances are the rebound will come out to that side. Because the goalie is so far out, he will not have time to get into position for the rebound. Rapidly tap on the shoot button for a one-timed rebound.
#3 - Get used to the new speed burst. Are you one of those gamers that holds down speed burst until it is depleted? Well, if so you are in for a new speed burst learning curve. Holding speed burst in NHL06 forces your player to have one hand on the stick with a head down get down the ice attitude like when a player is backchecking [without puck] or trying to push away for a breakaway [with puck]. During this time, the player has a wider turning radius and less control of the puck, so it is wise to lay off the speed burst when you want to make a check or an offensive play. Each player on the ice has a set amount of speed burst per period when user controlled, so save some for the end of periods

Player With 99 Overall

When you go to the create player menu, name your player "Wayne Gretzky" and he will have an overall of 99. fuck

Realy easy goals

If you want to make goals easily put shots on auto then in the game go behind your oponents goal then come out ethier side and wait till your past the goalie.
Shoot it and it has a 90% probobility of going in if you do it rite it's not a wraparound.
If you do this online you have a harder time.

Happy cheating.


Joe thornton has a great slapshot and creating a team is the best way to win

Get easy goals

To get easy goals do wrap arounds

To change players attributes and outfits, go to ..

To change players attributes and outfits, go to creation zone. Then click on edit player. Now just go to the team you want and choose a player. Hope you can use my information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easy scoring

When your coming down on a two on 1with the puck, take your guy to the outside, and thanks to the new NHL where the guy always goes to the net you should be able to pass it across to him and do a 1 timer, it works every time (dont do it too much online or people will get madd :P)

Unlock Wayne Gretzky

Enter 'Wayne Gretzky' as a case-sensitive name when you create a player and his stats will all be 99.

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