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Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition REMIX Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition REMIX

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We've got cheats for taking no damage, getting more cars in Career mode and going faster on a bike. There's also a cheat that will unlock everything.

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We have 44 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition REMIX please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox

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Vehicle Moving on Train Tracks Glitch

Start a cruise in Tokyo, San Deigo, or Detroit. Then push a generic car on the middle of the tracks. After A few moments the car will start moving on the tracks. It will take a few tries to get the car moving.

It works with a car, van, or truck. In Tokyo the car moves off the tracks and straight through the wall and floating through the air.

When the train comes it will hit and the car,truck,or van will fip off the tracks at 55 or 75 mph.

Just to let you know

If your racing with other cars have a car
never race in a motorcycle cause odds are you WILL fall off
And if your racing with other motorcycles race with a car so you can knock them off!
Please rate up!!!!

Glitch: Break through garage door in Tokyo.

Go to Arcade and select Cruise mode. Once you begin cruise mode, use nitrous and run into the SPEEDWAY garage door. If you hit it hard enough, you will go right through it. You will be inside the SPEEDWAY garage and can stay there unless you go outside the walls, EXCEPT the farthest wall from the door. You will be able to enter into another building through there. (Note: This only works in multiplayer mode. Otherwise, you will just enter the garage, exiting cruise mode.)


this cheat works for choppers and crotch rockets only. when in a race, pop a wheelee (L1+left analog stick down)and when you get going fast enough, you can let go of the left analog stick, but hold down L1 and you will still be popping a wheelee. this will make you go faster in a race, but turning will be more difficult.


In the cheat menu type in meteor, if done correctly meteors will fall from the sky if they hit a car the car will burst into flames, if you get hit you will go flyng across the map, building can be destroyed after three meteors hit one (every level).

No Damage

If you want to have no damage on the roadz type: ontheroad

Cool and luxurious

Whene you get get 100% in the game they will give you a sixteen,it is a class "b" cool and luxurious.

More cars in career mode

To put more cars on the streets during cruise in career mode, type in the cheat: hyperagro (remember, no caps)

Drive 'n Scrape

In tokyo, in the water thing with tunnels, around the surface area, press L1 and whatever direction the slanted wall is or when you on the wall, then if your not on the wall, get on it and you'll be on your side scraping the wall. TIP: if your not moving or not going atleast 20 mph, it wont work:


At the 'Main' menu select 'Options' then 'Cheat Codes' and enter the folloing case
Sensitive codes to unlock the correspoonding.
Unlock Agro (Special Move for SUVs and Trucks):
Unlock Bunny Ears (On MotorBike Rider):

Unlock Chrome Body:
Unlock Faster Pedestrians:

Unlock Flaming Head (On MotorBike Rider):

Increase Car Mass in Arcade Mode:

No Damage:

Pumpkin Head (On MotorBike Rider):
Roar (Special Move for Choppers and Muscle Cars):

Unlock Skull Head (On MotorBike Rider):

Unlock Smiley Face (On M..

Add $1

Go to options menu then go to cheat codes and enter KUBMIR and you should have a dollar extra

No Damage

To activateno damage cheat go to the cheats menu and type in ONTHEROAD if you typed it right it should work.

P.S. It won't work if you fall in the water

No damage. Ontheroad

No damage. Ontheroad


Go to the options menu and select cheat codes, then set kubmir as the first hot key cheat, to mak lots of money fast put a piece of tape over the x button and a rubber band over the R2 button.

Best starting car

The best starting car is the dodge neon srt4. It has a top speed of 175 but the acceleratin it so high it seems faster and it has a good cornering speed and a ok handling

To unlock all Exotic cars

Start or continue your san deigo/atlanta/detroit career. Look for racers. (NOT checkpoint ones) Then try to beat the racer to the starting line. You will earn $20,000 for it. Then instead of doing the race to unlock them, you will unlock all of the Exotic CARS!


In every level meteors will fall from the sky, if they hit a car, the car will burst into flames.

The best cars to use.

Here's a list of what I think are the best cars to use.
Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS
Toyota Supra
Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R
Lexus GS430
Cadillac CTS-V
Mercedes SL500
Mercedes SL55 AMG
Dodge Ram SRT-10
Gemballa GT-750(Porsche Cayenne Turbo)
Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 '81'
Ducati 999R
McLaren F1 LM
Lamborghini Murceilago
Pagani Zonda C12 S
Infinity G35 (V35 Skyline)
Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 VT

going faster on a bike

When you are driving a chopper or a crotch rocket, pop a wheelee and you will go faster (but make sure you have the no damage cheat on which is "ontheroad") hope it helps

Even more rides to unlock

Here are some more cars you might want to get
Pagani Zonda C12 S: Win Class A tournament in tokyo
Hummer H3T: Win Big Playas Tournament in tokyo
Ducati Paul Smart 1000: Win Original Riders tournament in tokyo
Kawasaki Ninja ZX 12R: Defeat the Original Riders Bike Club
Hotmatch Skully: Defeat Choppers Of America Bike Club
Cadillac Sixteen: Get 100% Career Completion
Police 1000: Defeat All Car clubs
Lamborghini Murceilago: Become The U.S. Champion
Tokyo Police Car: Win All Tournaments In tokyo challenge mode
Mercedes SL55 AMG: Win the final dub tournament in San Diego
SD Cop: Win all races and tournaments in San Diego
Atlanta Cop: Win all races and tournaments In Atlanta
Detroit Cop: Win All races and tournaments in De..

IS 300

When the is300 dub tournament opens up it may be hard to beat because you have to make a lap in a certain amount of time and if you are not realy good this will be verry difficult. Instead wait until the Ducati ss1000 bike tournament opens, win it, then go back and get the is300. It is much easyer to manuver around the turns with this. Remember to use the lean button.

Unlocking New Rides

When selecting a new whip you'll notice that some cars say the word "PRIZE" underneath them, You have to win certain challenges in order to unlock these rides. ( some cars i dont know where you get them so forgive me if i don't mention all of them)
Chevy Cobalt SS: Win Unbeatable street racers tournament in tokyo
Gemballa F355: Win B.I.O. Tournament in tokyo
Hotmatch Chingon: Win Choppers of America Tournament in tokyo
Dodge Magnum R/T 'Dub Edition': Win Wharf Tournament in tokyo
Dodge Charger SRT8 'Dub Edition': Win 'B Class only' tournament in tokyo
Nissan Skyline GTR R34: Defeat the Unbeatable street racers
Lexus IS300: Win City tournament in San Diego
1957 Chevy Bel Air: Win Stage tournament in San Diego
Chrysler 300C 'Dub Edition': ..

exploding cars

At the cheat menu type in crash, if done correctly hit a car while using nitrous and it will explode into peices(if you hit an oversized oncoming vehichle you will burst into flames).

Having Trouble With Class B when you are racing Class A but cant

If you want to get class A extra early, then finish the Tokyo purple races as soon as you can. Then use a class B sport bike to beat the bikes only tournament to get a class A sport bike, the Ninja ZX. Then use that on the class A only tournament to win a class A exotic, the Zonda C 12 S. Then use that to beat the exotic only tournament to win another class A exotic, the Gemballa. Now you have 3 class A extra early so in career the part where you first race class A, you will now have a class A to.

Pumpkin Head

Select "Cheat Codes" from Options screen and enter "getheadk".

Zone Special Move

Select "Cheat Codes" from Options screen and enter "allin".

Import profile

In Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition REMIX you can import a profile from Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition. So if you got 100% on the profile you're impoting you have 100% in career mode, also you have all the cars you have unlocked for career mode, arcade mode, and Tokyo challenge.

More rides to unlock.

Here are some more cars for ya all.
Chrysler ME Four Twelve: Defeat B.I.O. Car Club
1968 Corvette: Defeat American Royalty Car club
Mercedes G55 AMG: Defeat Big Playas Car Club
Mercedes CL55 AMG: Defeat Luxury Rollers Car Club
Infiniti G35: Win Luxury Cars Tournament In Tokyo
Nissan Sports Concept: Win C class Tournament In Tokyo
1966 Cadillac Deville: Win Muscle Car Tournament In Tokyo

How to drive faster on a motorcycle

If you pop a wheele on a crotch rocket (sport bike) and push the left analog stick halfway down instead of all the way, you will go faster than you would if you were just driving regularly. Now go win lots of races!!

Yellow Smile Head

Select "Cheat Codes" from Options screen and enter "getheadj".

All Cities and Races in Arcade Mode

Select "Cheat Codes" from the Options screen and enter "urbansprawl", "roadtrip" or "crosscountry".

Roar Special Move

Select "Cheat Codes" from Options screen and enter "Rjnr".

Snowman Head

Select "Cheat Codes" from the Options screen and enter "getheadm".

Argo Special Move

Select "Cheat Codes" from Options screen and enter "dfens".

Flaming Head

Select "Cheat Codes" from the Options screen and enter "trythisathome".

No Damage

Select "Cheat Codes" from Options screen and enter "ontheroad".

Chrome Head

Select "Cheat Codes" from the Options screen and enter "haveyouseenthisboy".

Bunny Head

Select "Cheat Codes" from the Options screen and enter "getheadl".

Subtract $1 Of Career Money

Select "Cheat Codes" from the Options screen and enter "rimbulk".

Winning city races

The hint to winning city races is to use a street bike as often as possible, because if you use L1 when you go around turns, you barely even need to hit the brakes. If you race enough with the street bikes, you will come to love the handling of a bike. The best bike is the FACTORY, the A class street bike once you get the upgrades for it, it will fly, not literally though.

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